Best Car Seat Headrest Cover

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1. BDK PolyCloth Black Seat Covers

BDK PolyCloth Black Seat Covers

The LATCH attachment from In Right can be used for quick installation. These are the perfect seat covers for your new car, or even a car that is just new-to-you. Their car seat covers are designed to protect against spills and stains in your vehicle. They useBREATHABLE MATERIALS for maximum comfort during your commute. The high-quality poly outer layer gives you better air quality so that you stay comfortable during your drive. It is advisable to refresh the look of your vehicle and turn heads along the way. The two-tone design of the seat covers makes it easy to add a splash of color to your interior. The best investment for a new vehicle is easy to install. The installation process for the front seat covers and rear bench seat covers is simple. Their seat covers are designed to fit most vehicles. You can see their images for fitment examples. There may be more work required to create a perfect fit. Their seat covers are designed to fit most vehicles. You can see their images for fitment examples. There may be more work required to create a perfect fit.

Brand: Bdk

👤This item would fit my car. The back bench seat has a 60/40 split, so I was concerned about it fitting. Allow me to talk about the bucket seat covers. They interfere with the seat adjustments controls. The passenger seat has levers instead of electric controls. The lovers don't operate because of the seat cover on the passenger side. There are issues with the back bench seat cover. The first thing I had to do was cut holes in the back of the car for the entire head rest to go through, which meant large holes instead of small holes for just the poles. The directions show attaching silver clips to the elastic straps, but I have no place to heat them on the back of my seat. I can't attach the bottom elastic straps to the bench seat. I can't connect them to the other side of the elastic straps because of the design of the seat. The back part and the large holes for the headrest do not fit in the same place around the bottom of the rest. The lower Corners Bunch up and the entire bottom of the backrest want to pull off. This is the worst $23 I have spent. I cut holes in it so it is no longer resellable. Nobody should purchase. I don't think I would be able to make my own seat cover. This would fit my car, but not this one.

👤New seat covers cost 24 bucks. For front and back seats? I was very skeptical. If they didn't work, I could always send them back. I'm keeping them. The back seat is not easy to install. The back seat installation instructions could have been a bit more detailed. They look nice. There might be a few things here and there, but they are not noticeable to write home about. The head rests in the back seat were too large. I left the head alone. The covers are worth 24 bucks.

👤Does not fit a Camry. My husband is my husband. I have been working on this for several hours. It doesn't fit. I wish I had known that. I thought the function that allowed you to plug in your vehicle information and only be shown items that will fit would work, even though I normally check the reviews. The seller tells the truth, but no one at Amazon is checking that. I am angry and disappointed. The straps broke as we were attaching them. There is a hole in one of the headrest covers. I understand that you can't expect much at low prices, but this doesn't meet my expectations. It's changing my seats so that I can see daylight through the gap in the trunk.

👤Not high quality. Too lazy to come back. Not expensive. I should have known the quality of the fabric. There is an update. The vendor credited back my purchase. I didn't even try to get one. I have to give them a couple stars. Buy something else from them if you don't like what they sell.

2. FH Group Bright Cloth Covers

FH Group Bright Cloth Covers

The set is not compatible with the front and rear split functions. The package includes 2 front bucket covers, 1 backrest cover, 1 bench bottom cover, 4 headrest covers, and a dash pad. The top of the bucket covers has a mechanism to help you put the headrests back on. The bench covers are 52 inches in length. The materials are made from a Breathable high quality fabric that is easy to clean and air dry. Almost all seats are compatible with the universal application. The set is not compatible with the front and rear split functions. The set is not compatible with the front and rear split functions.

Brand: Fh Group

👤It took a long time to get there. I ordered a different color after cancelling my order of beige. They shipped quickly after that. Not received communication from the merchant. It's not a great fit for a VW Tiguan. I can't say they are easy to install. 3 is more than fair.

👤I like the look of them. They fit perfectly in the interior of my car.

👤I would have bought it for a long time if I had known that it was easy to install. The seats are not that clean, and my auto is used, so I have been carrying passengers with me.

👤I liked how they looked at the end. It's easy to install and the fit is nice.

👤It took a while to put them on but they look good. They are soft to the touch but hard to clean, and I work a very messy job. What else can I ask for, my car looks better, I am more comfortable, and my seats are protected?

👤I liked the look of these. I read the reviews in my car. 2010 Ford Focus SE They said they would fit my car. Not true. The front seats fit. The back seat is not at all. I don't recommend this product because I don't like to send things back, but I will keep them. This is the first time I have been disappointed.

👤The seat covers were great, but the packaging and seat covers were not. I noticed that the plastic had large holes in it when I opened the box. When I opened the seat covers, I found a few spots of what looked like sweet and sour sauce on the fabric and the slip free mat that was included in the order. Thankfully it was easy to clean with a damp rag, but the fact that someone was eating and grabbing my order with sticky fingers is both disgusting and annoying. The seat covers worked well, but the fact that they were covered in something gross was very offputting.

👤It was very confusing and didn't fit seats well. They fell off over 10 times in a week.

3. COOLBEBE Car Seat Covers Accessories

COOLBEBE Car Seat Covers Accessories

The package includes 2 front bucket seat covers, 2 rear split bench, 2 low backrest covers, 1 headrest cover, and an armrest pad. Each product has an installation guide. These covers are easy to install with a combination of S-hooks, chuck and elastic straps. The Leopard pattern blends perfectly into your interior, protects your car's interior and extends the life of your car seat. The auto seat covers fit most cars, trucks, vans or SUVs. The front seat covers are compatible with the headrests. 3mm foam padding is easy to fit and feels nice on bare skin. "S" Hooks to Hold Seat Covers in Place for a Secure Fit are easy to install and clean. Every product and service they offer at COOLBEBE is to make your life easier and more enjoyable, and that's their goal. Every product and service they offer at COOLBEBE is to make your life easier and more enjoyable, and that's their goal.

Brand: Coolbebe

👤I love these! They are soft and cute. The quality is the same as expected. They have some weird straps on the bottom that I am not sure if I strapped correctly, but they stay in place and don't slide when you get out of the car. I didn't have to remove my head covering to get them on. They add a new element to my Jeep.

👤My brand new SUV's headrests do not come off, so I made a slit and it is still high quality and beautiful. The chair ones for driver/shotgun seats come with a foam piece to tuck in so it's not flimsy or move around. It looks like you have custom made seats. I don't need any of the clips, but they are kept in case. You should have no issues with this because it comes with directions. It took about 10 minutes to install since I improvised the slit, just tuck everything in and it was a custom look and feel. The steering wheel cover was the same as the one I got.

👤It was easy to put on.

👤The only seat covers in my price range that were good quality were these leopard print ones. I have returned a few because of the quality, but not these. If you don't own a vehicle that has arm rests, you can keep the opening closed. They look great and are sturdy.

👤The product arrived on time. I like the material. It's soft and doesn't look cheap. I would like to know how long it will last with my dog and kids in the car. Cute! Came with no signs of aging. It's easy to install. It took me less than 20 minutes to put the bench back seat on, thanks to the videos I watched. I rated this 4 stars because I couldn't use the backseat due to my headrest not being replaceable. I think it looks cute. It was definitely worth it.

👤They fit the front seats on my minivan but had to modify the arm rest slot to fit it. The thumbs up are for quality. The head rest covers fit well. It was easy to install. This was a great purchase. The fit would be perfect for my middle seats, which are a little smaller. The whole back seat set would be even better.

👤It has happened again with a great product from AMAZON. If it's not purple or leopard, I don't want it, so these seat covers fit my 2010 Ford Edge perfect. The fabric is thick and soft. I'm enjoying my seat covers. Always thanks!

👤Awesome product. It's easy to install.

4. Model Cover Leather Season Protection

Model Cover Leather Season Protection

TanYoo specializes in automotive accessories for 15 years. The quality of the car seat covers is guaranteed. You can return for any reason, 10 days, 10 months or 10 years. They will refund the full purchase amount if you return it via Amazon. Buy without risk. The rear seat cover does not fit model Y, so please choose 5 Pcs if your car is model Y. There are 4 front seat covers, 5 back seat covers, and 2 back door side covers. Wear-resistant, anti-static, sweat free, drape-resistant are some of the functions. No ammonia, benzene, hydrogen sulfide, or formaldehyde were found in the airbag. The quality of the non-woven fabric is high. The quality of the non-woven fabric is high.

Brand: Xipoo

👤The seat covers are easy to install. Don't worry, watch the video. The original seat of the model 3 is not durable and can get stained easily, so you need these. The plastic near the seat buttons will start cutting into the seats. The covers prevent that from happening. I got 4 stars because of the stain on the front lower seat overs. Will change to 5 stars once seller sends a clean one. I couldn't use multiple types of cleaners to remove the stain. The seller got 5 stars for quick service. 2/22-20 The white was worn off in a few months.

👤Love this upgrade. The fit is good, but it is not perfect, and it is difficult to install, taking me 2.5 hours to do it alone. For the money there is incredible value with this upgrade, so if you don't have someone to support you will likely take longer. The car is red and black. I recommend that you watch the video before you dive in, it will save you time and embarrassment. The fit in the front seats is very close to the original one and the rear seats tend to give trouble when you change them. Highly recommended!

👤It took us 3 hours to get it all installed, but once we got it it looked great. Please get more instructions and a better video and this will be the best out there.

👤I was very impressed with the quality. The fit is amazing. I didn't believe the reviews that I read that they were covers. You can't tell if they are covers. They tuck in the plastic covers around the seat and add a nice upscale look. I had the video on the screen in the car and was able to install it quickly. I like how they turned out. I like the white ones for the price and ease of installation. I am floored by the quality and fit of these.

👤The PROS were installed on 10 February 2020 and will be used for 1 month. After. They are in the car for a while and it is easy to install. The feel is similar to the original seats in the helpful video on YouTube. There are some things that could be improved on the Worth the money covers. The rear armrest/cup-holders do not work well. To use the armrest, you have to zip off the middle section. The sides towards the middle are loose. It would be better to have a piece that fit over the armrest and attach the loose sides. The rear seat covers could be a little longer. The instructions in the video helped a lot. The result is worth it, even though it takes time.

👤The installation video is must watch. It will take time to install. The seats look great and give a lot of protection. If you see a lower star rating, please take into account that the reviewer didn't have the time to watch the video. The look and feel of this product is amazing. These aren't for you if you just want a wiggly seat cover or if you want reviewers. They will add value because they don't look like seat covers and look like original covers. Someone who knows the seat options for the car will know that the seat has been recovered. That is how the covers fit. If the instructions are very precise and they do a move a second time in the video in slow motion, they will be totally satisfied and nervous. These are made to fit the car and last. I'll be back with more pictures once I get up the courage to help with the back seat.

5. FH Group FB068BLACK115 Universal Compatible

FH Group FB068BLACK115 Universal Compatible

The package includes 2 front bucket covers, 1 rear backrest cover, 1 rear bottom bench cover, 5 headrest covers, and 1 bag of snaps. The rear seat cover is designed to fit split benches. 3D Air Mesh fabric has 5mm foam padding. The material is clean. Special stitching on the side allows the deployment of the airbag. It was officially tested! Installation and removal are easy with the concealed hook and loop opening. It is semi-customized to fit most vehicles. Will not interfere with heated seats. It is semi-customized to fit most vehicles. Will not interfere with heated seats.

Brand: Fh Group

👤I own a 2008 Toyota corolla and was looking to upgrade it. The seat covers did their job. I tucked as much as I could to get the best fit. The fit isn't perfect, but I was able to tighten them just enough to make it a good fit. The quality is not the best and you get what you pay for. The front seat covers were easy to install, but the rear seat covers took a lot of work. I recommend these seat covers. You can watch the installation video. It does help. I wouldn't have figured it out on my own, so I would like to think I'm someone who can do it. Things without having to read instructions. If the white tags on the inside of the front seat covers are used to designate the driver seat, then the brand name tags on the outside are used to designate the passenger seat. The tags are small and barely stick out from the side seam, so I first had them facing toward the center console. I switched the covers so that the tags faced the sides of my car, because I didn't like it. If you think this will bother you, keep that in mind. - Pull hard when you remove the rear seat because you need the white latch on it. I feel like I was getting nowhere for the longest time because I wasn't focused on the part that kept the seat locked in. Don't worry about putting the seat back in because it's less complicated. I couldn't figure it out after hours of searching, so I didn't remove the back rest of the seat. I was able to install the cover by putting down the seats I would use to extend the trunk. I had to remove the felt on the back of the seats because they were buttoned to the trunk. I used a knife to make a small hole in the felt for each of the straps so that I could attach them to the buckles. Hooked the side loops to the straps to tighten the fit. I tucked a little more and put the seats back up.

👤I was excited when the product arrived. Even though the covers are small, they went on without a hitch. The product description did not include this. The product was useless because the back seat's zippers didn't stay in place, which resulted in the zippers splitting apart and breaking off a chunk of the teeth. 6 days after the 30 day return window, this happened. The cost of this product is not worth the time it takes to break it. The covers were large. I couldn't put them on without them slipping around. I regret buying this item and do not recommend it.

👤It was easy to install, and without removing the seats. Didn't except to fit so well. I own a Honda Pilot. The second row seats are split, but with the zip up, it is convenient. There is a small pocket on the back of the front seats. I liked my bigger pocket on my seat, so I didn't pull it completely over. I think they look good for $60.

6. FH Group Universal Fabric FH FB050114

FH Group Universal Fabric FH FB050114

It's not just hype, they are known for having top products and customer service, so read their reviews and see what Moms say about Kids N' Such. There are 2 front buckets, 1 set rear bench, and 4 headrest covers. Almost all seats are compatible with the universal application. The materials are made from a Breathable high quality fabric that is easy to clean and air dry. It helps protect a nice seat. Only theremovable headrests are compatible with. Every product and service they offer at FH Group is to make your life easier and more enjoyable. Every product and service they offer at FH Group is to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Brand: Fh Group

👤I decided to buy these because I can't commit to spending more than $300 on seat covers. When buying universal car seat covers, I was a bit hesitant but once I read reviews and seen photos, I was confident enough to buy them. IRONING was the first thing I did after receiving these covers. The seat covers need ironing. I laid a thin towel on top of the covers and used lots of steam to get rid of the wrinkling. They do crease easily if you lay them flat. I used an incense burner stand to pull the covers tighter and to tuck areas that were too narrow for my fingers to go. It took me a little while to do this alone. Installation was easy over an hour. I put the rest of the fabric at the bottom of the head rest because it is flatter and not wide. I did not remove my bench seat to install it. It doesn't come with pre-cut holes for seat belts and headrests, so be prepared to have to cut into the fabric. I will have to cut out more fabric to expose them because this is not side airbag friendly. I don't know how long they will hold up, but they are affordable enough to buy again if necessary. I will be getting these in black next time, it seems like they are prone to staining, so black will hide that. Hope they hold up!

👤I received the seat covers and installed them within an hour, even though the reviews said they would tear when pulled, but they didn't, and I didn't have to make jokes about it.

👤I bought the black version for my Honda Civic four-door five years ago. It has held up well for me. I did not install the covers on the headrests. The fit was a bit large and the head rests acted as a color accent that matched the car when exposed, so I thought it looked better that way. The material will have folds after you install it. The appearance will improve after a few months. The black fades over time. It bleaches in the sun. The color is off-black in some parts. It took a couple of years for that to happen. The fabric ripped easily, but I did not find that to be the case. The material held up well. One time I pushed a heavy object with a sharp corner across the back seat and it created a small tear. The material was a few years old. It didn't have any other rips. The covers worked well for me. They were black in the sun, so I didn't have a problem with them being hot. I think it's because of the cooling nature of the material they used. I will be giving my car to my parents and I want to make it look better for them. I remembered it was a bit confusing to install. You have to tie the straps together. I am not looking forward to that part. The back seats were difficult. The material had to be pulled through the cracks. I might be able to unhook the back seats easier this time. The covers are great for the money. I couldn't ask for more, they provide full coverage for all the seats.

7. Aierxuan Waterproof Leather Protectors Universal

Aierxuan Waterproof Leather Protectors Universal

If you have any questions, please contact their customer services. 99% of cars are suitable for the Two Line Zipper, which is designed to fit 50, 40, 60, 40, split rear benches. High grade leather materials are used for maximum comfort during your drive. It is easy to clean and waterproof. The diamond seat cover has rich vision with stitching. It adds a splash of color to your interior and protects your seat. There are compatible absorbers. The air bag will not be blocked since they have kept enough space for it, and two pockets on the front seat back are convenient for storing small stuff. It is easy to install, just 25 minutes. Installation instructions are included in the package. It will not slide after installation. It is easy to install, just 25 minutes. Installation instructions are included in the package. It will not slide after installation.

Brand: Aierxuan

👤I was hesitant to buy them because they were so much money. I decided to buy them after reading the reviews. I was going to send them back for the smallest of improvements, but I ended up loving them. They fit the seats well and are comfortable. The directions were very good. There is a If you're thinking about buying them, just do it.

👤When my son went to put on the back seat covers, he realized he was supposed to remove the bench seat which he was not willing to do. I agreed. We put them on the seats because few people ride in my back seat, but I was not happy with that. The front fit well and looked comfortable. I was concerned that the covers on the car wouldn't affect the air bag since they were installed properly, but I was reassured by the dealer that since the back of the seats were covered, it wouldn't affect the air bag. My money was immediately returned by the seller.

👤I reached out to the seller to see if it would fit my vehicle and was told it would. It was difficult to return a huge box with two kids and masks to the store. The seller should have looked into it before saying it fits my vehicle. The covers are thick and high quality.

👤So far, so good. It has only been a few hours. The back seat headrest covers are attached to the top cover, which I didn't like. If people need to adjust their head rest, this isn't a low for them. I'm afraid that the stitching will be damaged or undone. It makes my car look organized. I drive a car that fits well. I am able to install the booster seat on any side or in the middle. That was important to me. Will investigate, but don't know about the warranty yet. Will update in a few months.

👤The seat covers are great. Definitely recommend buying. Quality is worth the money spent. Instructions on how to install were included in the zip bag. Absolutely love them. They are a dark black and nice red, but I picked them up on my phone as a gray. I gave them a 4 star because they are not a perfect fit for my car, but they are good enough to fit in my car and look good. A universal seat cover. It is really great. My husband got them for me. Aierxuan 5 car seat covers are waterproof.

👤We want to make sure the captain seats are covered for our new car. We ordered one set first because we were a little worried about how it would fit in the second row. We were surprised at how nice it was. It is very easy to install. The video is helpful. It took me about 10 minutes to put them on. The covers look nice. It fits perfectly. It is very easy to install. I put the cover on and the dog jumped in the car, leaving a muddy print. It is easy to clean. I like how it covers the side. A plus for dog owners. The front row of the 2021, Subaru Ascent 2nd row has a headrest cover, which is not a big deal to me. The cover needs to be folded a little bit to fit the hand grab next to the captain seat. There is a If you are putting this on your 2nd row, I want to mention the main thing. You have a car seat. The seller could pre-cut 2 holes for people who need to install a car seat. That's a good thing. The second row has a car seat. There are no holes in the middle of the cover that will allow you to install your car seats without difficulty. Since we are keeping them, we cut 2 holes on the cover to make sure the car seat is tight. An extra step is not hard to do. We ordered a new set for our seats.

8. Upgrade Universal Steering Separate Headrest

Upgrade Universal Steering Separate Headrest

Their car seat cover is made of full surround design, so that it protects your car seat against dirt, spills, stains, and pet hairs. There are a lot of things in this combo, including a piece of steering wheel cover, 2 pieces of shoulder pads, 3 pieces of rear bench seat covers, and 3 pieces of seat covers. The car seat cover set with steering wheel cover has a black background with stars and white moons, making it look like a painting. Humanization design: the back side of the seat has a waterproof seating pad to keep water away from your seats, and a non slip back seat cover to keep you safe. The star car seat covers are easy to install and clean, they are made of quality micro fiber fabric and can be washed by machine. The steering wheel cover can be stretched to a diameter of 14-16 inches, which is convenient for you to use. The steering wheel cover can be stretched to a diameter of 14-16 inches, which is convenient for you to use.

Brand: Frienda

👤They were pretty. I had to remove part of the back seats to install the seat covers because they were easy to install. After some trial and error, I have come to the conclusion that the smaller key chain is for the Apple air tag.

👤It is pretty, but I can't put it in my car after airing out and three washes. The smell is terrible. It smells like tires and chemicals. It's worse than those cheap shower curtains. I was having a bad headaches in the room with them. I washed them before I asked for a refund.

👤I was trying to get one strap locked for over 30 minutes, but it snapped after I moved to the 2nd one. I own a Dodge Challenger. He said it wouldn't fit my car. The back won't fit in the front seats. I had to remove my back seat. The steering wheel cover and cup holder liner are very cute. Very cheap. Some of the hooks were already broken.

👤The set was cheap. The seat covers are very thin and don't fit in the car. It's a shame that overall is not good. Love the pattern.

👤I couldn't get it to hook good and one strap broke when I put it on the back of my car.

9. SPEED TREND Universal Accessories Automotive

SPEED TREND Universal Accessories Automotive

No need to return any piece for a free replacement within a year. The seat cover can last at least 3 years with normal use. Classic leather seat covers add a touch of elegance to your car. This modern design is the perfect addition to any vehicle and will make you proud to show off your car to friends and family. Their seat covers are simple yet elegant. Premium leather car seat covers are waterproof anddurable to last a lifetime. The leather simply wipes clean to leave your seats looking pristine for years. Quality leather. Their car seats are made with the highest quality PU leather and look exactly like the real thing. PU is even more durable than pure leather because it doesn't absorb water and dries out over time. There is nothing not to love about it. Their seat covers have an advanced universal fit design, which means you can install them easily. Seat covers can add a little sophistication to your car in a matter of minutes. Money-back guarantees. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on their leather car seat covers. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can get a full refund. Money-back guarantees. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on their leather car seat covers. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can get a full refund.

Brand: Speed Trend

👤The passenger with the seat cover already looks like the original driver. The front seats are covered. The seat covers give a classic look. I chose grey and my seats were light grey. The bench part of the back seats are beautiful and the recliner back seats are high and wide so the ends are not completely covered. The majority of the seats are covered. The seat covers are made of Poly Urethane Leather, which is a nice grade vinyl with foam and other materials. There was no strange smell or odor. I chose the covers for their ventilating and breathable qualities. The instructions were easy to understand. I did the tuck method instead of removing the back seats. The seller was quick to respond and well packed in a box. I would definitely recommend this seller. I will update the post if necessary. I'm happy with my new seat covers.

👤You can see the side of the cover if you ignore the crumbs on the carpet. The straps hold it in place. There are straps in the front and back of the seat. The covers fit well and leave enough room for seat controls. The back and sides of the seat are very soft. They stay in place because they wipe clean easily. I did not use the covers, but they are in the packet. Excellent product. For those with heated car seats, you can still enjoy the warmth with the covers on.

👤Installation is not easy. The hooks and disks used for installation are not very useful for my car. I had to use a heavy cord to connect the two because the passenger seat does not have a metal bar that I can use to hold the clips. The seat bottom is a bit large and the disks that keep the seat in place fall through the seat opening. The fit is loose but so far so good, I can see myself getting them tighter in the future. The wedge shaped headrests were too large for the headrest pieces. They are more suited for large headrests. I left them off. The texture and color look good in most interiors.

👤It took about 30 minutes to fit my Mazda. The price is 10% less than what I would have paid if I had bought it from the dealership.

👤These are very comfortable. I seem to fit in better with the raised parts and Warmer than my original cloth seat. The seat seems to be warmer because of the foam backing. It wasn't hard to install them. The instructions for the discs weren't well explained, but you can figure them out. The metal hooks were cheap and holding up. The cover wasn't wide enough for my seats. The strap barely reached the other clip. The strap should be adjusted along with the clip straps to make it better. The pieces of the headrest complete the look. There is a Some things could be done better.

👤This is the second set we bought. They look good. I can't say it's high quality until I use it for a while. It is comfortable.

10. Motor Trend SpillGuard Waterproof Front

Motor Trend SpillGuard Waterproof Front

Almost all seats are compatible with the universal application. This is the perfect bench seat cover for a new car, or even a car that is just new-to-you. It protects the rear seat of your vehicle from spills and stains. It is important to know that your rear seats are protected in the event of an accidental spill. The inside of their bench cover is made of waterproof neoprene foam. BREATHABLE MATERIAL is specially selected for maximum comfort. The Poly blend outer material they use has a high level of ventilation. Their rear bench seat covers are designed to fit most vehicles. The cover is 55" wide and 44" tall. Before installation, please check dimensions and product images. The best investment for a new vehicle is easy installation. You'll be good to go within minutes if you follow the simple 4-Step Installation Guide. The best investment for a new vehicle is easy installation. You'll be good to go within minutes if you follow the simple 4-Step Installation Guide.

Brand: Motor Trend

👤Looks good. It's not cheap to have material. I didn't like that it didn't have the hooks for the child safety seats.

👤There was no access to the middle seat belt without a hole in it and no zippers. I selected beige because it said there were three colors and it came black.

👤I ordered gray and black. Even though it's only the rear, it says front and rear. I had to throw it in the washer because it went through and smelled bad, and I'm not even close to being waterproof. My car has fixed head rests in the back, so the top straps don't have anything to hold onto, so it keeps falling off. There is no explanation for the loops on the front corners. After only one day, there was more dog hair than I anticipated.

👤I put this on the back seat of the Toyota 4Runner. It was perfect. I didn't use the clips under the seat because they don't seem to need them. It seems durable enough to keep my dog from damaging the seats. It uses a method of attaching a seat cover that is better than other methods. It looks good. Can't beat the price.

👤Exactly what I needed. I like to take RC cars on the seat instead of the bed. The cars stain my interior very easily. The seat cover was easy to install and protect my seat for a very reasonable price. I buy the Motor Trend front seat covers as well. The rear bench has the same stitching color as the front bench. Excellent purchase!

👤The center arm rest in the back seat was broken after the installation of the zip up. Cheap product.

👤I thought the product was beige, like the interior of my truck. So disappointed. Why is the product called Beige?

👤It's not very confident of its water porof, but it will see. It fits the seat. It's not a tight fit. Even with the small metal hooks they provided to tie down the bottom strap-on, it still comes off if you drive with windows down or have a dog in the back. I will come up with a different way to tighten it.

👤I fitted the bench portion underneath to get a snug fit. It is a good thing that the material is heavier than expected. The hair and mud makes it easier to clean the car. The Jett wagon has split rear seats.

👤I ordered a model and year but it doesn't fit. They wanted to charge me for return shipping and a 20% restocking fee when I tried to return.

👤Great product. My dogs hair and paws are protected from my back seat.

👤If this can cover the legs area, it would be perfect.

👤If you are looking for a complete seat cover, this isn't for you. Top both sides are not completely covered.

11. Goodyear Resistant Protection Compatible GY1600

Goodyear Resistant Protection Compatible GY1600

Money back within 90 days. The warranty period was from the date of purchase. If you have a problem with their item, you are covered by their guarantee. You can order it from CAR PASS. The water isROOF NEOPRENE This seat cover is made from a material that doesn't absorb liquid and will bead up on the fabric if you spill it. The seat cover and the headrest cover are constructed of the same waterproof and sweat-proof materials so you get the same protection across the entire seat cover. It is easy to install. The two-piece seat cover is one of the practical solutions designed by the company. You don't have to worry about installing this one-size-fits-most cover because you just slide the cover into place along the edges of the seat. There is a 92 percent fit of cars. No more guessing! Most car makes and models are compatible with the Wetsuit Seat Cover. There is no need to buy a different seat cover for each car or shop by brand. You should not have to go to the car wash every time something spills in your car. If your coffee lid pops off and spills over, you can simply toss the car seat covers in the washing machine. You should not have to go to the car wash every time something spills in your car. If your coffee lid pops off and spills over, you can simply toss the car seat covers in the washing machine.

Brand: Goodyear

👤I looked at the list if it had a warning and it didn't. It had one on the box when it found the item. They looked nice, so that makes me sad. The box was returned the next day. This is listed on the list. I did research on neuperene to see if it causes cancer, but I didn't find anything. I decided not to buy any more. The seller needs to warn people who shop from California about the dangers. The car seat covers.

👤If Good Year wants to promote their product, they should lower their price and pay me to display their logo. It's seriously. If it wasn't for the bright yellow Good Year on the left side and another Good Year tag on the right, this would have been a mediocre 4 stars. I thought it was part of a copyrighted picture. They never thought they'd label each seat cover with their name. The design is hiding. No woman came up with this design. You should have just left the one tag with your logo on the road and done away with the yellow stitching on the left to gray or black, instead of changing it. Why should I pay to promote something? The product was not free. I don't like the large yellow lettering. It looks ridiculous.

👤There is a review for a pack of seat covers. It was easy to install the covers. The covers fit perfectly. I don't believe they will be water proof since they are still made of cloth material, but they look and feel like they will be resistant to liquids if you can get it wiped up quickly. Very happy with the purchase.

👤It fits! People, listen up, you bucket seat people. I needed some protection. I have spent a lot on covers that don't fit. I know I am not alone. I put these in a 3500 and moved them into a 350 because it was about to go into the field. I was surprised that they fit. Trying to fit a car is one thing. I thought the Ford was a lost cause and the last covers were so snug that they reformed the leather with folds. There is a They did more damage than good. I put these on after a few days and they are still holding and have straps to make sure they stay. The padded one is just as good, but my butt heater is not as good because of the padding. The Chevy seat was a lot more comfortable.

👤Products arrived on time. The under strap is always a pain, no matter who's cover you buy. My car is perfectly fit. Look great. Pick up your tail when exiting the vehicle, it will slide a bit if over leather seats. Try to stay in the seat. The air bag tags are a contrast to the black color of the seat covers. I guess the logos are okay.

👤There's no instructions for installation, and there's an elastic on either side that has something on it. I'm not sure how one affixes this part because there's no part of the seat that's narrow enough to have the straps meet comfortably, and if you pull it too far, it snaps immediately. The last seat protector had the same thing happen. Otherwise, it's fine. I want my seats to be covered. Some may not like it, but it covers the seatback pocket. There are bumps and ridges that stick out because it isn't specifically for my car. It's good enough.


What is the best product for car seat headrest cover?

Car seat headrest cover products from Bdk. In this article about car seat headrest cover you can see why people choose the product. Fh Group and Coolbebe are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat headrest cover.

What are the best brands for car seat headrest cover?

Bdk, Fh Group and Coolbebe are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat headrest cover. Find the detail in this article. Xipoo, Fh Group and Fh Group are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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