Best Car Seat for Dogs 50 Lbs and Up

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1. Booster Materials Comfortable Disassembled Cleaning

Booster Materials Comfortable Disassembled Cleaning

Small and medium-sized dogs and cats under 35 pounds can easily be accommodated in the pet booster size. It's suitable for almost all types of vehicles. The advantages of a pet car seat are: easy to machine wash, large Oxford cloth storage pocket for easy loading of the dog seat, and space saving. The dog car heightening seat is made from high-quality Oxford and is bite resistant. The dog car seat safety belt/belt ensures pet safety and does not have to worry about pets disturbing you while driving; it's easy to install and it's suitable for all types of vehicles. If you are not satisfied with their dog car booster seats, please don't hesitate to contact them, they will solve your issue within 24 hours, they strive to make you feel value for money.

Brand: Bochao

👤The Akita is not a size comparison in the main photo. My dog is 1/3 the size of an adult Akita and can't fit in the booster. There is false advertising. If you zoom in to the photo, you can see the sharp seams around it, which is a result of the Akita being scaled down in size to fit into the booster. The seat booster is 20”W and that is including the cushion plushness, so if your dog is larger than 12 inches, good luck.

👤I love it! I was going crazy trying to figure out what to do about my dog's fear of vehicles. He was a rescue so he has not been exposed to riding in cars. He would freak out when I started the car, jumping from front to back, then standing up and falling in the direction I might have been going. No leaning in the turn or bracing. A 43lb dog on my lap was shaking in fear as I drove. I was at the end. I am not going to mention that it is extremely unsafe for us. The dog/car bed is insane. He was right to take right to it, and now he is safe and secure with his seat belt. If you have a large dog that doesn't like car rides, get him this one. He or she will say thank you.

👤I ordered a second seat for my 2nd Boston pup and the company has changed the style of the straps that Buckle around the seat, go over the head rest and clips to your dog and I am very pleased with the new quality. The first seat I bought was not as strong as the ones I bought today. When the old one needs it, I will replace it. We will use for now. I am changing my review to 5 stars. This seat is very nice. I love this for my dog. She would not always be completely relaxed on a ride. She feels safe and secure in this bed. It is very easy to install and has rubber sections on the back. The strap that connects to your pet is the reason I am leaving a 4 star review. It seems a little flimsy and could be stronger. I use my seat belt to hold it in place. My girl loves her new seat and that makes me happy.

👤This was great until it wasn't. I ordered a second one for our other car, but it didn't happen. I canceled the order and am returning it. We headed to the dog park after our dog was buckled in. I opened the car door and my puppy jumped with joy, ripping the seat belt off, and my boy ran out of the car and saw the other dogs. We got him back, but a 20lb dog shouldn't be able to break a buckle that is designed to keep dogs in their place in the car.

👤It was exactly what I was looking for, my dogs were very comfortable going for a car ride. They have a small bed when they want to chill. They can lay down. It was easy to put it together and they delivery was fast. It is our first ride on them and so far so good.

2. FAREYY Booster Travel Storage Washable

FAREYY Booster Travel Storage Washable

The material is warmdurable. FAREYY dog car seat is filled with cotton that is thick and soft, and the surface is high-quality fluff, which provides a comfortable sleeping surface for the dog and also protects the dog's joints. The Oxford cloth is waterproof and scratch resistant, and the stitching is very firm. Safety first. FAREYY dog car bed has a nylon belt with a buckle and can be adjusted. The puppy is kept in the bed without jumping out with a safety belt. The dog booster seat is fixed on the car seat with rubber dots under the bottom. The dog can enjoy the journey if you don't have to worry about it. It's easy to install. The dog seat on the car seat has two straps that can be adjusted. It can be installed quickly on all car seats. Daily Use and Maintenance is where you can free your hands. The whole one can be thrown to the washer. Better hand wash, machine wash on gentle cycle. There are two pockets on the side of the puppy car seat, which can hold your dog toys and daily dog supplies. The FAREYY Pet Carriers Booster Seat is only suitable for small pets.

Brand: Fareyy

👤Charlie the pug was a nervous car rider and could never seem to get used to being held. This bed changed his travel time by 5 hours every summer weekend. He climbs in and sleeps before we leave. The bed is soft and well made, and the side pocket makes it easy to find his bones, leash, and treats whenever we stop. The bed has a tether to keep our guy out of harms way, but I don't feel like it would keep him safe in an accident as it is only sewn to the bed. My solution was to purchase a tether that clicks into our seatbelt clip, or another clip that could hook to an anchor point. I plan to open the back of the bed to allow my tether to go through. For now it works well to go over the side of the bed. I would love to see an update with a built in opening for a seatbelt/anchor style tether for increased safety, all in a great bed.

👤I bought this car seat for my french bulldog because it says the weight limit is 35 lbs. I thought it would be a good option for him. The car in front of me slammed on their brakes, forcing me to stop. My puppy fell on the floor of my car after the leash strap on his harness snapped. I am so disappointed that my dog would have been badly hurt if I had gotten into a wreck or rear ended with it. This product is not safe for dogs and is very cheap to make, as it snapped easily from the force of braking. The company should be ashamed for claiming that it can hold dogs up to 35 pounds, because I wouldn't recommend this product for any dog. I will return the car seat for a refund and do further research to find a safe and reliable one for my dog.

👤I was surprised how well these beds worked out. My dogs usually jump around in the car, but with these beds they just sunk into them and slept. I put a pillow between the beds so they could sprawl out if they needed to. I put the beds in my apartment so they could sleep in them before they left. My cat likes them. The beds should be a few inches longer. My dogs are 25 lbs and can fit into the bed.

👤The car bed has been a great solution for our puppy who is anxious in the car, and he is very active. I brought it to the house for our puppy to get used to, and it became her favorite bed in the house. It is so easy to install that it is not a problem to shift it between the house and the car. I got the red because it was a deal of a day, and it is more of a deep red/cranberry than an in-your-face shade. I take one star off because I can easily see why it has ripped for so many other reviewers. The red fabric isn't the best. If you have a dog that chews on everything, this bed is not going to hold up. The car bed is a win.

3. Kurgo Impact Harness Seatbelt Charcoal

Kurgo Impact Harness Seatbelt Charcoal

The dog car harness is crash tested for dogs up to 112 pounds at the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety facility in Buffalo, NY. The dog seat belt harness design reduces pitching forward in case of an impact, it's lightweight and integrates with the car seat belt system. The dog harness has a padded chest plate and all-steel buckle system for extra protection. The size large is suitable for dogs up to 50-75 pounds with 18 for 30-inches neck, 24 to 34 inches chest, and is recommended for measuring the dog before purchase. The dog car harness is included.

Brand: Kurgo

👤There are some big concerns around safety design, but I really like the concept and want this to work out. I followed the instructions in the videos for fitting my dog and attaching to the seat belt, even though we tried both with locked and unlocked seats. Each time my dog was unlocked, he was able to twist himself around in ways that wrapped the seatbelt around his limbs and neck. My dog was able to get the harness out of his neck when he tried to back out of it twice. I would have been terrified if I had been alone, as my wife has been riding in the back and able to immediately remedy these concerns. After. I had to re-fit the straps after every ride because they were loosened. I'm contacting the manufacturer about these issues, but they raise a lot of concerns about the safety and design of the product. I will keep you updated with any new information. Our dog is a 60- lbs mix, and we are using the large size (indicated for 50-80 lbs).

👤The zip ties didn't work. The harness will not stay on. She gets out of the car and it gets tangled on her legs or just falls off as soon as she does. It is very frustrating and unsafe. I have had to bend her legs and neck to get her out of the car. Very disappointed for the price point. * I had to zip tie the bolts to stop them from opening. It would fall off my dog while I was buckled in the car and outside. The zip ties have worked well since they were added. Doesn't fit right. Springer-Brittany is a chubby person. I don't think this harness is reliable. My dog doesn't run, but if he does, this isn't a harness you want to rely on. If your dog likes to try to walk in a circle while buckled in, this harness isn't for you. The harness from this brand is great for the lower weight range. They have similar slip issues, but I have been happy with them.

👤I don't think it's a problem that this harness keeps my Diana safe in the car. It's difficult for me to get her in and out of it. It's still very stiff, but it's mostly metal that causes me problems. The design with little "ears" gets caught up. The last harness she used was much easier to use and had rounded edges. I am sad that I have to spend another $80 on another harness because this hardware is too difficult to unfasten. She's still wearing the GoodToGo car harness if it goes up to 80 lbs.

👤It works great once you get the hang of the "nested" buckles on the rear strap. I had to buy a different type harness for dog #2 because of two problems. 1. The straps tend to loosen when the seat belt is removed. You have to re-tighten between rides. 2. You can't use it to walk the dog outside the car for a rest stop. The chest and belly straps are loosened by the rear ring. The product is not sold as a dog walking harness as the front and rear plates are stiff, but it is promoted for short walks.

4. BLOBLO Carrier Travel Booster Storage

BLOBLO Carrier Travel Booster Storage

Pets are kept warm and comfortable with Oxford cloth. It is easy to install and can be quickly installed according to the model car. The seat belts keep your pet out of harms way. It can be installed in the rear seat of the car, or in the front seat if you want. The dog seat cover is easy to disassemble and clean, and the booster seat has a good warmth function. The Booster Seat is only suitable for small pets.

Brand: Bloblo

👤I moved from PA toWA and took the dog with me. She needed a bed that she could rest her head on and also have a leg room in. The bed was perfect. My weight is 20 lbs. The pug was perfect in it. The bed had padding for the bumps in the road, as well as not worrying that she would hit the door or anything. She slept most of the time. The bed was kept in the back seat with the straps.

👤When I took the bed out of my car, I cried. It ruined my upholstery. The bottom of the bed has black rubber that left a pattern on the bottom of the bed. I will have to pay to have the seat fixed when I turn my car in. I tried to clean it. If you have light seats, you will need to put something under the bed so it doesn't ruin your car seats like mine. Very upset and disappointed. The photo looks better than it actually is. You can see where it wasn't exposed to the bed on the one photo.

👤Sneakers jumped into my car when I put the car seat in. He loves it! It was easy to install, and it was very good. I have a Mazda Miata that fits nicely because it's squishy. There are straps around the base of the passenger seat. To keep him secure, there's a clip towards the back of the inner cushion. The medium size Sneakers is 20 lbs and can be laid down nicely. The side pockets of the carseat are large enough to hold toys, leash, treats and other items. The seat doesn't raise the dog up high, but it's a good thing for the car I have. If he sits up, he can still see out the window. Great purchase! As far as the company itself. I am very happy. They followed up right away to make sure everything was as they expected. Customer service was great and would buy from them again. Win a purchase.

👤I had to change my seat because my daughter is car-sick. I decided to pay the extra money for something that was comfortable and durable after going through other less expensive products. It was worth it! The small dog rating was something I was worried about. The person is 42 lbs. The bumpers of the BLOBLO car seat are large enough for my 4Runner front bucket seat, but not too large. The basket part of the seat has a cushion on which to lay her head, while the bumpers give her a cushion on which to rest her head. The seat is anchored with 2 tethers. The built-in dog restraint leash is not very strong, but my preferred leash/restraint is sold by a different manufacturer and is secured around the 4Runner head rest. You can see it in the picture. The walking leash is the only strap on the bottom right of the picture. The BLOBLO butt cushion is padded and provides an extra boost to help her see over the dash when she's sitting up. The padding pulls out so you can wash it. I got two thumbs up and 5 stars.

5. Lukovee Adjustable Harnesses Breathable Connector

Lukovee Adjustable Harnesses Breathable Connector

The Breathable Mesh Chest Vest Harness Strap is made of double mesh fabric with a flannelette edge attached to four PP material strap, which will absorb sweat and feel breathable when your pet dog wear it. The elastic safety seat belt is made from nylon and can be adjusted for the car. Breathable mesh chest vest harness would relieve the pressure. It fits perfectly if you need to plug into your car seatbelt in a different way. The seat belt was long enough to allow him to lay down. The harness wraps around the dog's neck and body to keep it safe. The straps are tightened so dogs can't jump into the front seat, but they don't pull against them. The harness is easy to put on and no need for dogs to step in. The four adjust buttons on the harness strap can be adjusted to make dog pals feel comfortable, and is suitable for all small, medium and large size dogs. The seat belt is easy to use in the trunk and car. The harness can be used as a travel harness in the car to prevent dogs from jumping out the window. A regular harness can be used with the retractable dog leash.

Brand: Lukovee

👤I always check the size chart when ordering things for my little dog. The sizes are not what you get. I was not sure if the XXS would fit. This little harness was a perfect fit and I was happy to have it. Another surprise was that the color was the same. It was very well made. There were no strings to clip off. The stitching is done perfectly. Good craftmanship is rare. I usually take my little one to the vet in a cute little bag, but she hates it. All the way there and back. The vest arrived in time for the vet visit. I put it on her, buckled her up and she lay down on the seat and enjoyed the ride. No crying, no fussing. I think she liked it. The width of the belt is something I like. I had one for my other dog but it was too wide and she had trouble navigating. This one is the perfect length. I put it in the glove box until the next time, when we get back home. I am very happy with my purchase and my little Molly girl is too. I am sure she will grow a bit more as she gets older. I'll be back to purchase another one when that happens. Thanks for the accurate size chart! The price is correct. Happy dog, happy mom!

👤The puppy is 4 months old and around 4 lbs. I bought the XXXS based on the size chart. I have to tighten the harness as tight as possible, but he can't chew on it. This harness may be the only one I need for my small dog. I bought it for the car, but I plan to use it with a leash too. The paw print is cute. It's very soft. It has two hooks on the back so you can adjust the seatbelt. I've tried this in older and newer Honda Accords and it works great. None of the harnesses I looked at fit an xs dog. It all worked out because this was much cheaper. I recommend this to anyone who wants to keep their dog safe in the car.

👤The design of this harness is beautiful. Sammy is very secure in the event of a sudden stop or accident. The safety strap is semi buggy and we wish we could order another strap. He is secure on both sides.

👤I just purchased a second harness and I love it. It is the only car safety harness that I have been able to find that is sturdy and fits my Maltese perfectly without weighing her down as some of the higher priced ones did. It is not long for her back as most other harnesses are. It doesn't come up too high and dig in her throat like others have, and it has 2 rings on the back to attach a leash or car safety strap.

👤King Ramses, my cat, visits the vet frequently for congenital heart defects. The King doesn't fight the carrier, but he does chew a hole through one to get closer to me. The King has some issues. I decided to look for a sturdy seatbelt harness. This was perfect! It doesn't fit like a dog. It's easy to put on, the straps adjust well, and it appears to be well made. Ramses enjoyed the sense of freedom. I can't recommend every cat for a seatbelt harness, but The King is a special boy. This is 10 toe beans.

6. Greenies 10161937 Original Regular 54oz

Greenies 10161937 Original Regular 54oz

The dog dental treat is all it takes for clean teeth, fresh breath and a happy dog; these irresistibly tasty treats feature a delightfully chewy texture that helps fight plaque and tartar. The chewy texture helps clean teeth, maintain healthy gums, and make mouths happy. They make GREENIES Dental Treat for every age from puppy to mature, and every dog size from small to large, plus they offer Grain Free, Weight Management, and Fresh Flavor varieties. Greenies dental treats are made with natural ingredients and provide balanced nutrition for adult dogs. These dental treats are made from high quality ingredients and are great for your dog.

Brand: Greenies

👤My dog has eaten these for a long time and loves them. When I received the latest order a couple weeks ago, he had a couple and began to have loose poops that were loose with blood and mucus. I couldn't rule out anything else, but I wondered about the Greenies. It happened again last week. He introduced greenies to his diet on a regular basis. His gut is ok without them. Has anyone else experienced this?

👤The regular size is too big for a 30 lbs dog. A week and a half ago, one of my dogs had a medical emergency after I gave them a Greenie. I suspected the Greenie had something to do with it, but my vet told me otherwise. I gave another Greenie to each dog because my dog had been getting better. My dog can barely walk after an hour of eating it. I think she stands there because her system is so upset that it's too uncomfortable for her to lie down. I will look into suing the manufacturer if she dies. I've seen reviews from other owners who have had similar reactions to their dogs. Don't give to animals.

👤My dogs have never had any issues with the stomach. I gave both dogs Greenie's the day they got them, and both of them had black, tarry stools within four hours. We were all miserable for about 24 hours. I feed my pups rawhide treats and Bully sticks, and they have never had a problem with any of them before. These treats deserve a review.

👤I have to warn future buyers of this product because I usually don't write reviews. I'm not the first to report receiving expired Greenies, so please check your contents. I have been giving my dogs 1 daily since I received the treats, but I didn't think to check the contents. There are little white worms near the opening when I open the bag today. I dump the entire contents and I see a lot of these guys in the bag. Vendors should take extra time to not send out expired products, especially ones that are designed for consuming. Consumers, please check your bags because you may have sick dogs on your hands.

👤My dog was sick. She had a bad case of diarrheal for 2 days. This is the only thing that could have caused it. The whole package has been thrown away. I will not purchase again. I am not sure if the bones were expired or just the ingredients. My dog has eaten bones and treats but nothing has made her sick. Never again. Please be careful.

👤I used to give my dog greenies only when she had breath from eating. I didn't see any reason to give them to her every day. She hates brushing her teeth because her teeth became stained as she got older. I can do it, but it's always difficult. Last year, I started giving her one greenie every day, and the stains have mostly disappeared from her teeth. I am happy to have found that greenies work well to clean her teeth, as she can be affected by tooth decay.

7. Beewarm Booster Puppy Small Clip

Beewarm Booster Puppy Small Clip

The dog car seat bed should be installed in your car so that your baby won't fly when you brake. Large pockets on both sides allow you to carry more items for your dog. PP cotton and fine wool are high quality. The cloth is waterproof and resistant to bite. The material is durable and gives love. It is easy to install the pet booster seat in the car. Attach the buckle to the top and back of the seat and adjust the straps. It has a strap that you attach to the puppy's harness to keep him in place. Dog supplies need comfort and safety. The unique design of the cover made it easy to remove it from the dog car seat, which supports hand and machine washing, reducing the chance ofbacterial growth. There are large capacity storage bags on both sides of the dog car carrier where you can put your daily necessities to save space. The Beewarm dog car seat is suitable for dogs or cats under 25 pounds. If you have a question about the dog booster seat, please contact them and they will give you a free replacement.

Brand: Beewarm

👤My dog was skeptical at first since it was a new thing. He'd sleep on the floor. He fit in the bed like a snug glove once he warmed up to the idea that it might be more comfortable. The bed is very well made, the outer material is soft to the touch, almost like a faux fur coat, or a freshly washed dog. My dog loves the bed and the pillows feel a little out of place, but I won't disagree with him because he loves it. The price is within limits but is a bit high. I've seen beds like this on Amazon and other pet websites for less, but be sure to choose the right size for your dog. It was easy to put the pillows in. It is always good to have minimal packaging. The material of the pillow has pros and cons. I think it's a better choice for what you pay for, it's very springy and doesn't mold to what is laying against it, so it's a better choice for what you pay for. I can't speak for my dog so he lays in it, falls asleep in it for hours on end and seems fairly comfortable. That's a victory. I'll update my review if anything gives me information on how the materials hold up. It's a good thing.

👤My cat has been using this for over two weeks so it's time to write a review. My cat loves this bed when it's cold. My cat loves it, it is his favorite place to sleep, it is very soft, and I love the ability to take cushion out with 2 separate compartments. The color is nice. The price is reasonable for the quality of the product and it allows you to wash it without having to watch the cushion. The bottom of the cushion is a bit wobbly because it was packed tightly. You may want to spread it and pad it before you insert it.

👤I like how this bed is round, it comes apart for washing. My dog leans her head on the side. I ordered the smaller one because it would fit a dog up to 20 or 25 lbs, and it was easy to fit. The pieces come out with strong zippers. I can wash the cover so it will last and not be thrown away. 100% reccommend!

👤I bought this for one of my cats who continued to make her bed in the dirty laundry basket. The other cat took it over, so I need to buy another one. The bed cover is soft. It was easy to put together because it came in 3 pieces. When the time comes, it will be easy to clean. It's perfect for a cat or small dog.

👤It would have been great for my puppy. She had the bed for a short time and broke it. This is not the bed for a dog that chews. My puppy dragged the toy around, breaking the zipper which can't be fixed.

8. Utotol Booster Carrier Removable Washable

Utotol Booster Carrier Removable Washable

The pet seat cover is resistant to wear and tear and the Utotol dog booster seat is made of sturdy Oxford fabric. The raised parts on both sides of the pet car seat provide a comfortable support for the dog's head. Utoto choose sturdy belt and nylon strap with buckles for this pet car seat, a strap inside the seat bed attaching to the pet's harness. The pet dog booster seat needs to be fixed. Ensure that your dogs are safe in travel. Installation is easy. The puppy booster seat is installed in the car's front or rear seats. There are bags on both sides that can hold pet necessities. It can be quickly installed on most standard car seats, suitable for a variety of car types. The Pet Carriers Booster Seat is for small dogs or cats. Can be used as a small pet bed indoors. Machine wash in a washing machine mesh bag on gentle cycle to avoid scratches and entanglement, better tumble dry with low heat in dryer.

Brand: Utotol

👤I love it! My mom's dog also lives it. When I got the small booster seat, I thought it would be a little smaller, it was a nice size and I liked it. To secure the seat, you need a security leash to hook to your dog's collar and belts to strap around the seat. The pocket on the side keeps items in. I put his leash in it because I don't have anywhere else to put it.

👤The review was written by the wife. I never thought my dog would need a car seat. This seat is perfect for a little under 15 lbs. I bought it because it is a secured dog bed for the car. The seat has straps that can be attached to a collar or harness. Content for the price.

👤My little girl loves her new car seat. I just got a new car and she jumped back and forth in my lap and I am worried about her safety as well as mine and I do not want the inside of my car scratched up so this is perfect! Highly recommend and very sturdy.

👤I bought a bed and a memory foam one. Guess which one he likes. I don't think this will make it into the car. I carry it around whenever I'm sitting and he climbs right in. I am happy he found an alternative to my lap because my calls are not nearly as awkward. I might have to buy a second one. It seems sturdy, heavy, and very comfortable. The bottom is perfect and the pockets are useful. Loving this!

👤We know that our golden dog is safe when we travel. She won't fall to the floor if she suddenly moves, instead of lying on a blanket on the seat. She crawls right in, lies down, gets "buckled" in, and cuddles up in amazing comfort. She can sit up, look out, and watch the world. This comes highly recommended and gets 5 approval.

👤Rosie is my daughter's dog. I bought her a carseat. Our main concern was that Rosie could be secured in the seat and that the seat itself could be secured firmly with the seatbelt. The carseat has two safety features. The seat has a hook that secures Rosie's harness, but I don't think it would be as comfortable hooked to a collar. The seat is secured with two straps behind the back of the carseat. The seat is comfortable. Rosie is only 7 lbs. In my picture. We expect her to be about 15 lbs. She will fit in this seat easily. It's not for big dogs. I think it's up to 25 lbs. Rosie had a visit to the vet. It was cleaned up with Nature's Miracle spray. Rosie loves her carseat and Emma loves taking her for rides. Great purchase.

👤I bought this for my dog because she slides all over when she drives next to me, so it doesn't slip on the leather seats. The seat straps are too long and even if you shorten them, they don't stay locked in place. The purpose of these staps is to hold the seat in it's position. I would like it if it were not too bad, my girl loves it and is comfortable in it as a bed. I don't recommend putting the clip on a dog collar as it could hurt the dog if you stop short.

9. Pet Products Bucket Booster Small

Pet Products Bucket Booster Small

A dog with a view. The firm foam bolster around the edge of the booster pet car seat keeps them in a safe and controlled spot for a distraction-free drive. First of all, safety. The seat belt hidden under the booster cushion is compatible with any car seat belt and comes with two security tethers attached to the dog harness. Installation is quick. The front of the house should be quick to install and uninstall so that your pet can easily climb in and out. The plush quilted fleece cover is easy to clean up. SIZING: The back of a car is designed to fit in the front or back seat. The small bucket booster can fit up to two small pets or one medium sized breed, while the large bucket booster can fit up to one medium sized breed. K&H has over 20 years of experience in creating innovative, quality products. The inside cushion is 13 deep. The outside bottom is wide and deep. The front is 11" high. The back is high.

Brand: K&h Pet Products

👤I like to take my dog with me to run short errand, but she always sat on the center console to see out the window, and eventually tried to climb in my lap. I didn't feel safe with the two young kids in the car. I purchased the large for my dog after reading reviews and answering questions. I have a small dog. My dog loved it. I don't like the way it took up my front seat. I decided to buy the small and return the large because she had more room in the large. The small was delivered before I processed the return. I wanted to post these comparison photos. My dog still has enough room to lay down, even though she could not lay down on the large one, because of the cut out in the front. She sits up to look out the windows during car rides, but she mostly sits up to look out the windows when the kids are at school. I'm going to keep the smaller one since she rarely lays down. I've taken pictures of the two sizes next to each other so you can see the difference. They are the same height and width. The small size has a width of 5. It's easy to install and remove if I ever have someone sit up front, but it will be rare that I need to remove it.

👤It was perfect. I hit an animal on the highway in a car accident. My pups were secured in their harness and pet booster seat. I fractured my arm and wrist blocking the elk that landed in the driver's side window and also from the air bag. The car was totaled. They got a ride in the ambulance in their pet seat. They were waiting for my husband to arrive and slept next to my hospital bed.

👤My pom loves this seat and I am very hapy with it. I have 8 lbs and 4 lbs of poms. I drive with my dogs most of the time and am very concerned with their safety. I got the small and it's perfect. This is my third dog seat. I have the Pet Gear Luxury Booster and the Snoozer II Lookout, but don't use them. The tips are too shallow. I bought this for my 4 lbs pom, but the 8 lbs one also fits. Sparkle decided that she no longer wanted to share the Large Snoozer Lookout with her sister and she decided to edge her off the edge of the seat. See the photos. My girl is 4 lbs and has plenty of room in the small. There is still more room. My girl is 8 lbs but not much extra room. I will get the large if I get her one. I prefer this seat over my snoozer. I'm very happy with the quality. What is it that makes you wonder? Not styrofoam as people claimed. It has a high density. It is a type of foam used to protect electronics. It's very difficult to break the stuff which is molded to fit the product. It has a bit of give. I paid $200 for my other Snoozer Lookout 2, but I feel this foam offers superior protection to my dog. The high back and sides offer superior protection. My girl can't fall off the side as she does in the Snoozer. The back seat of my SUV is very easy to install. I wanted the seatbelt to be as close to the back of the car seat as possible, so I didn't put it through the loop attachment on the bottom of the seat. It seems more secure to me. I tried to test it's tipping forward potential by pushing on it after installing, but it did not move at all. I show you photos of me trying to pull it forward. I attached the teather to my car seatbelt with a carabiner as it seems to be the safest way of attchment. I keep the tether short to prevent her from falling out. I tied it in a knot to shorten it and to prevent the adjustment slide from shortening in case of an accident. The clip part from my Snoozer is more sturdy than the one I prefer. I use both tethers attached to her harness rings for added protection. See the pictures. I can leave the bottom cushion in the deep seat. I removed the cushion from the snoozer because it made the girls fall out. The snoozer doesn't offer any protection from impact. The high sides of the chair give it more protection. The sides of the Snoozer are not connected to the back of the seat and are softer than my weight. I wrapped a belt around the sides of the Snoozer to keep it from falling apart. This won't be an issue with this chair. See the pictures. The cover is warm. It will be easy to clean. There is still one seat left for a passanger in the back of my car, but I have both the large Snoozer and this seat in the back. My small girl can still see out the window if she sits up, even though the snoozer is taller. I'll most likely retire my Snoozer and get the large for my other girl because I'm so happy with this purchase. I would like a way to attach a food bowl to the front side of the car so that I could secure it in the back of the car. The seat wouldn't tip forward at all. I paid for my seat and was not asked to write a review.

10. Leash Boss Seat Belt Restraint

Leash Boss Seat Belt Restraint

If you put your dog in the back seat with a nylon seat belt, it can be destroyed in seconds. Not anymore. The nylon coated steel rope used in their dog seat belt is the same material used in dog tie-outs. Their seat belt can be fastened to one of your car's 4 safety latch bars, instead of being clipped into a regular seatbelt which could be accidentally unfastened. This size has a locking link for attaching to your car's latch bars. Attach your dogs harness to a vest harness for added safety for your pet. To determine the best size, you need to measure from your pet's clip attachment point to the floor. There are five different sizes for different pet sizes. The clips are less heavy for smaller dogs in their 16 inch size. Your purchase is protected by "The Boss Promise" a 5 year manufacturers warranty that protects against defects and product issues.

Brand: Leash Boss

👤Picked him up to go home for the weekend. He did not mind it at all. He had two TPLO surgeries after a car accident. Since our car accident, I have been more focused on his safety when I come to stops and take off. This has helped me with my anxiety and made me feel better. I can focus on the road. Pitbull is 27 inches tall from top of head to floor. From top of head to floor, she is 29 inches tall. I brought the extra length so he could sit comfortably, not get tangled, and lay down. The size and length were perfect. It worked out perfectly. I connected the seatbelt to the metal clips in the cargo area of my car. Each clip can hold up to 150 lbs.

👤My dog ate my nylon restraint and I bought the x-large/31" for him. This product does its job. I've owned dogs for over 30 years, but recently started to be more safety conscious. I was horrified when I found the Pet Safety Council's page and watched product after product fail on test dummies. I had a long conversation with the founder of the council, who gave me even more info. There are no standards for car pet safety as there are for child seats. The woman, bless her heart, has been fighting the battle that we all should be fighting for years. She has been working with Suburu, but has been unable to get funding for the testing. They claim to be "safety testing" or "crash testing". Testing is too expensive for manufacturers. The founder of the Pet Safety Council received a lot of negative responses when he sought to learn more about vehicle safety standards. It seems that no one is interested in funding because it isn't for people. Pet safety in the vehicle is more important than people's safety because a dog flying around in a crash is like a missile. Dogs can fly out of windows and cause harm to other people. If we are going to make the argument for improved vehicle pet safety, we have to make it from the potential human risk, because we worry about our pets' safety as well. The website for more info is the Center for Pet Safety. I hope that we can work together to make changes in manufacturing for our fur babies and families.

👤I don't want anyone to buy this product unless they can replace the clip that's supposed to attach the restraint to the seat belt. My dog jumped into the front seat as though he'd never been clipped, because the clip is so flimsy. It's only a small piece of metal that's supposed to protect my dog. Someone might have thought this was a good choice. He would be in traffic in an accident. The cable is so good that it's worth buying and replacing the seat belt clip. I used a steel locking carabiner to grab the nylon part of the belt just behind the receiver and through the loop of the restraint. If you close the nut, your dog will be as safe as possible. He can't step on the seat belt release to get up front, and he can't bite through this one to get up front.

11. PetSafe Certified Crash Tested Comfortable Durable

PetSafe Certified Crash Tested Comfortable Durable

CRASH-TEST IS CERTIFIED. Small, medium and large size safety harnesses are crash-tested. It is safe and secure. To ensure the best protection for your dog, please refer to the sizing chart to confirm the correct fit. It's cool and convenient. The harness has a vest area with a liner to keep your pet comfortable. Driver distraction is a condition that has beenEASED. The safety harness keeps your pet secure in their seat so you can focus on the road. There are a number of options for alabaster. The seat belt tether is attached to the safety harness at one of the multiple connection points, keeping your dog safe while giving them mobility in their seat.

Brand: Petsafe

👤The process of buying a car harness for a pet was difficult. I only saw bad reviews. One is not as good as the one before it. The other one isn't right for you. I almost didn't buy one because it was so bad, but I bought this one because I thought it would fit my boy, Gumbo. We left for a 7 day trip in the car the same day it arrived. Fortunately, Gumbo is chilled about things like this and wore it just fine. It did well. I have not been in an accident with it, but I have been in traffic where I needed to hit the brakes quickly, and it held him in the back seat. He can stand, lay, sit, or even come up and stick his head up near me for a petting. He stays where he is when the seatbelt inertia mechanism is used. I was not sure how it all worked. The dog is wearing a harness. You put the strap on the part of your seatbelt that covers your chest. You put the seatbelt in a locked position and the other end of the strap has a D ring. That goes through the nylon straps. This is easy to use and seems very secure in keeping Gumbo in place if I have to stop quickly. I have a small car with a small back seat and I have a poodle in it. He and I like it. This is still a great harness for Gumbo after a full year. The negative reviews must be from people who work for the other manufacturer, or maybe they have too much time on their hands. I don't think this harness will save my dog if I hit a brick wall. That is not the reason I bought it. I bought it for quick stops in traffic. Gumbo is prone to getting thrown around in the back seat. He has learned that when he has his harness on, he can lean forward and not worry about getting thrown into the floorboard. After a year, I recommend this product more than before. I don't work for the Solvit company and I have not been given a penny. I'm a consumer like the rest of you. Enjoy.

👤We ordered it based on the advertisement. An independent safety organization tested the 'Solvit PetSafe Deluxe Car Safety Dog Harness' and found that it was not as safe as Solveit claims. Solvit should be removed from sale by Amazon until it changes its claims or improves the safety of the product. Corporations profits are more important than a pets life.

👤I bought this because I believed it was crash tested, but I learned that it was not crash tested for all of the ways it can be used, and that it was not recommended for vehicle pet safety. I decided to buy another harness that was suggested by theCPS. I can't wait for the day when pet car safety products are regulated and companies can't market something that isn't safe. I wish I'd done my research before buying this.


What is the best product for car seat for dogs 50 lbs and up?

Car seat for dogs 50 lbs and up products from Bochao. In this article about car seat for dogs 50 lbs and up you can see why people choose the product. Fareyy and Kurgo are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat for dogs 50 lbs and up.

What are the best brands for car seat for dogs 50 lbs and up?

Bochao, Fareyy and Kurgo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat for dogs 50 lbs and up. Find the detail in this article. Bloblo, Lukovee and Greenies are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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