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Evenflo 8 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Evenflo LiteMax Infant Seat Riverstone

Evenflo LiteMax Infant Seat Riverstone

4-35 lbs weight rating and 4 shoulder harness positions are extended use. It's easy to carry lightweight. The handle is more comfortable to carry. The canopy provides full protection from the sun, wind and rain. The canopy provides full protection from the sun, wind and rain.

Brand: Evenflo

👤I was worried that the seat wouldn't come with the base, but I'm happy that it did. I bought this car seat from Amazon Warehouse and it was very good. The car seat was in perfect condition, even though the box had seen better days. The tags are still on in the original packaging. It seems like he will be quite comfortable in there, even though he isn't here yet to test it out. The seat fabric is cushiony and there is a headrest. The seat feels sturdy and lightweight. It is easy to adjust the elevation of the seat and the straps. The strap holder is one of my favorite features.

👤The car seat is light. It is very tight around my baby's shoulders. The car seat was good for my baby for about 2 months. It was almost impossible for her to be buckled in at the biggest event by the time she was 3 months old. We bought a new carseat. It's hard to believe that this carseat could hold a child of 35 lbs.

👤The padding on the car seat is very good. My twins are comfortable. I like the fact that there is a slit to put the buckle in to hold the straps in place so they don't slip behind the baby. I bought it because of the light grey color, despite reviews that said it was narrow. We live in a hot climate and I can't imagine using a black color scheme for babies born in July. My 5 month old girls fit in the car seat very well. I would recommend it.

👤The cushion is soft and comfortable. Very strong. Installation is not more difficult than any other carseat. We are pros by now because this is our 4th baby. The lever on the top back side that releases the carseat from the base is not easy to use. I have to use both hands to get it to release because it catches. I have a carseat. Maybe it's a small mistake by the manufacturer.

👤The canopy attachment is cracked after about 6 months of having the seat. Sometimes it would come apart. I just reattached it and it's starting to come apart more often now. The original review was great. The seat is easy to install and unlatch from the base. It seems like my little guy will have plenty of room to grow into.

👤This is a great car seat. It has been used for 3 months. Our daughter loves it. She is very comfortable in the car seat. When we left the hospital, she was 10oz and was 6lb 10oz. She was on the second strap hole so it could sit a smaller baby. The base is easy to install in a car. I don't have to worry about messing with the seatbelt or making sure she's in the correct position. I am happy with this purchase. I would have liked to have gotten it for my other two.

👤The canopy/cover is the only thing I don't like about this car seat. The canopy or cover is difficult to adjust and won't protect the baby if it's raining. I thought I could use the canopy the same way I use the other Graco carseats, where you can place it over the baby. My baby can get so wet just walking from the grocery store exit to our car in the parking lot, I'm disappointed. The material is easy to clean and the clips are easy to use. It's easy to install. Love everything but the cover.

2. Cosco Light Infant Elephant Puzzle

Cosco Light Infant Elephant Puzzle

Rear facing up to 22 pounds. It's easy to carry. The seat pad is safe to use in the dryer. Infant insert has a snugger for small babies. Side impact protection. Side impact protection.

Brand: Cosco

👤I like this. I had an infant seat that was heavy when I had my last baby. My little guy enjoys his time in it because it is so light and easy to carry. The base is easy to install and the seat is easy to use. The sun cover makes a lot of noise, but has done the job thus far! When the seat is behind the driver or passenger, it's a bit cramped in my 2010 Jeep Liberty, so they have to move it almost entirely forward.

👤You get what you pay for. Theawning broke in 2 months and I can't get it to stay on. My baby is barely 5 months old and the straps on her waist/thighs are so tight that she screams from pain and there is no way to adjust them.

👤It is easy to install and detach from the base. If your car has a car seat, you can choose between a seatbelt or both. My kids were going to use it as a carrier, but they decided to use it as a car seat. It's convenient to leave the base and carry on. When ready to go, it clicks back in to the base. They ordered an extra base so they could leave one in each car. Excellent value.

👤It is difficult to install in older model cars.

👤It was bought for our daughter and new baby. It was perfect!

👤The canopy was broken. I can't exchange it without the carseat. I've dealt with it.

👤Para el precio, se ve resistente, ideal para ensamblarlo, la verdad me gust mucho, aparte es un accesorio. No se ve un recistente, pero su funcin.

3. Evenflo Pivot Xpand Second Moonstone

Evenflo Pivot Xpand Second Moonstone

Schedule an appointment to have a Certified car seat safety technician show you how to install a car seat. The parentlink customer service experts are online in real time. It's compatible with Evenflo pivot. The travel system and stroller are modular. The SensorSafe application keeps the parent/child connection strong. Simply flip out and slide up the integrated seat mounts to click on the second seat. Simply flip out and slide up the integrated seat mounts to click on the second seat.

Brand: Evenflo

👤I brought this seat to use for our twins. The base of the additional car seat is different and it's hard to adjust. This doesn't go into every position for the bottom half. The recline of the bassients seat is different. I would rather have an actual twin set from evenflo instead of the parts for the second stroller and car seat.

👤This was a gift to someone. The princess is traveling.

👤It works great. My 3 year old is a bit tall for it, but it's perfect.

4. Evenflo SafeZone Base SafeMax Infant

Evenflo SafeZone Base SafeMax Infant

It was designed to fit the Even Flo Safemax Intart car seats. Transferring your Evenflo SafeMax Infant Car Seat from one vehicle to another is easy with this convenient base. It was tested and trusted. This car seat also passes Evenflo's comprehensive Side Impact Test Standards, and it also meets or exceeds all applicable federal safety standards. Installation is safe. The SafeZone Infant Car Seat Base has exclusive safety features such as SureSafe Installation, which is an accurate installation. For an easy and accurate installation of the belt lock off, use the vehicle lap belt. The child's height is 17 - 32 inches. For an easy and accurate installation of the belt lock off, use the vehicle lap belt. The child's height is 17 - 32 inches.

Brand: Evenflo

👤The pivot system fits the second base.

👤The one that came with my stroller is a bit different. It does the same things. It's easy to install. I needed a second one since the price kept changing and I kept looking at it until it was at its lowest. I got it for a good price.

👤The base should hold the car seat. It snaps in with a loud click so you know it is secure. I am not sure what the piece is for or how it would increase the child's safety. It seems unnecessary.

👤It was very easy to install. It is very expensive compared to regular bases. It was almost the same price as the stroller bundle.

👤I needed another base for the second car. This is different from the cane with the carseat, but it works perfectly and was easy to install. It was easy to secure it with a seatbelt. It was a necessity so I can't complain, as others were cheaper.

👤It fits our safe max car seat perfectly, we brought the pivot evenflo travel system. The original is in my husband's car, so we brought it to have a second base.

👤I am pretty sure you judge these things on how they perform in a car collision.

👤This was ordered for the second vehicle. It is easy to take the seat out. I like the fact that she has her seat in the base instead of the seatbelt.

5. Evenflo SensorSafe EveryStage Smart Convertible

Evenflo SensorSafe EveryStage Smart Convertible

You can schedule an appointment to have a certified car seat safety technician show you how to install a car seat. Online chat with ParentLink customer service experts. The smart chest clip and wireless receiver are connected to your phone, so you can get real-time updates on your child's well-being. You will receive a real-time alert if your baby gets unbuckled from their car seat, becomes too warm, or spends too much time without movement. It is important to know that your baby's car seat has been tested for side impact and rollover, as well as for structural integrity at 2X the federal crash test standard. It is important to know that your baby's car seat has been tested for side impact and rollover, as well as for structural integrity at 2X the federal crash test standard.

Brand: Evenflo

👤I am very happy with my car seat. The design of the seat in the second car is nicer than the design of the seat in the first car. It is sturdy and comfortable for my baby. I cleaned the infant pads before using them. It was easy to take them off, you can machine wash them, but I hand washed them and put them back together. It is great to know that the soft parts of the seat are dishwasher safe and I anticipate a lot of spills and messes. The installation was easy to do. I used it in the back. The Easy Click adjustment was helpful to create a snug fit for the lower anchor connectors, which were easy to find and connect in my car. There is a recline lever to help adjust the angle of the seat, and a guide on the seat that tells you how it should be positioned, and a level to visually show you if it is positioned correctly. Two cups on the seat is what I like. My baby is too young to use them yet, but in the future, they will be great for a drink, snack or a toy. It is very useful. I love the idea of the SensorSafe feature because I don't know if the car temperature is right for the baby. It is difficult to assess the baby's comfort since the seat is in the back and I am sitting up front. I will update my review once I connect with the app. I downloaded the app and after plugging in my receiver in the car, I put them in the app. It recognized my car and immediately told me that the temperature in my car was very high as it was a very hot day. It's cool. I like it. I can be sure that my baby won't get overheated. I will be notified if he was to unbuckle the seat. February 2021. This is the best care seat and I wanted to update it. I have been using it for a while. I love it. We have a different brand seat in the other car and they are having issues with it. It is easy to out baby in and out. Just love it.

👤I will always recommend these seats to people. We went around and around trying to find a seat for our toddler. She outgrew a lot of seats because of her long torso. We got these and they are wonderful. The easiest way to install the easy click latch is with seatbelts. When our son was 4 months old, we got this for him because he outgrew his infant carrier. His crotch buckle was shorter than our daughter's. I got a part number from my daughter's from Evenflo/Parent Link and they sent me one for free. After we were rear ended, I contacted them again to get a letter for insurance stating that the seats needed to be replaced, but she pulled up my account and told me that since I had the gold seats, they would replace them themselves. They arrived in one day, and I see so many other people who don't want to pay. I highly recommend these seats.

6. Evenflo Every Stage All Canyons

Evenflo Every Stage All Canyons

For 10 years of use, the rear-facing harness, forward-facing harness, and belt-positioning booster is a universal use. The toddler can stay rear facing longer, without the need to extend the seat or other passengers. A cradled fit is a comfortably angles child to help minimize head slump and keep airway open. 10 positions allow you to position the seat for a growing child. There are 3 rear-facing leveling options for improved vehicle fit and 2 forward-facing recline options for comfort. There are 3 rear-facing leveling options for improved vehicle fit and 2 forward-facing recline options for comfort.

Brand: Evenflo

👤I was very excited to see this car seat in person since it seemed to offer more than an all-in-one seat. I like the things about the seat. Even people with limited dexterity or strength can get a good install with the ratchet type latch, which is hard to come by with most seats available today. The recline for young babies is awesome. There is no way that you would get head slump in this seat. It feels a little flimsy and cheap right out of the box, which is something I don't like. I was expecting a nicer seat and fabric for the price. My son ripped the cup holders off in about 5 seconds and threw them across the room because they were pointless. The chest buckle is sticky and hard to open and close, but it could be my seat. The highest harness strap height is too high. Most kids will outgrow the seat rear facing at the same time they outgrow the seat forward facing since the harness straps have to be at or above the shoulders. The highest strap height is still tall. I hope the car seat manufacturers make seats taller to go with the higher weight limits they offer. The seat is decent and offers some nice features, but I can't recommend it to others for the money.

👤I bought this reluctantly because my 2 year old can easily open his car seat and I needed a solution asap. The car seat is great. It is very good quality and easy to install. My toddler has yet to figure out how to open it, but I think it's a win. Very happy with the product!

👤This seat is very easy to install. Attaching to the seat anchors is how it works. I don't have to sit on the seat and push my legs against the driver's seat to get it to work correctly after I tighten it. The seat is tightened with the help of the lever. The motion is simple and the length of the lever helps with the Torque needed. You pull on the red straps with very little effort to release the sides. There is a 10/10 attachment mechanism. 50 stars. Yes, please. I've seen a couple of negative things. If I'm not careful, I can get the mechanism against the seat. This can be fixed by adjusting the mechanism. 2. My child doesn't lean back a lot in rear facing mode. The first few rides were not comfortable for them. It's fine and safe, so that's what matters. It may be a bit awkward for your child to sit in the seat at first.

👤The car seat is awesome. Excellent quality! It is rear facing for up to 50 lbs. Love the fact that Evenflo tests their car seats higher than the average, and that they test their car seats in a way that makes them roll over. My son is going to grow up in a perfect car seat.

7. Evenflo Revolve360 Rotational Convertible Rotating

Evenflo Revolve360 Rotational Convertible Rotating

There are some bold moves. It's easier than ever to get your child in and out of the car with the innovative rotating car seat. The Sure360 Safety Installation System with Lock Strong and Tether360 keeps the Revolve360 safe and secure, so you can install it once and done. Grow with gold. 10 years of use and 3 modes,Rear Facing, Forward Facing, and Booster. It is possible to adjust your child's seat for maximum comfort without having to change it. It is possible to adjust your child's seat for maximum comfort without having to change it. It is possible to adjust your child's seat for maximum comfort without having to change it.

Brand: Evenflo

👤The lap belt is very awkward. My daughter's legs are being dug into. I was very excited about this seat after reading reviews. It was easy to install, but if the belt is shaped like that then I can't use it. It really digs. So disappointed. It was difficult to unclip. It took a long time to unclip because it was so stiff. I felt terrible.

👤Our daughter is just 3 years old and fights me when I get into the car because she wants to be in charge. It leads to fights and head bumps. "To TIGHT" is the constant refrain, often because I'm leaning into the car to get her set. The Evenflo Revolve is a car seat. I wanted to be ready for daycare pickup after the canton showed up. I unboxed and un-bagged the seat and the company had the manual at my finger tips. The set removes from the base so that you can focus on getting the belts threaded properly and secure with the arm that they provide which is used to tighten the LATCH. The life of the seat is dependent on the seatbelt. I used the LATCH connectors for a quick swap on day one, but will need to update the seatbelt this weekend. I got it tight as a drum on the first try, and was ready for pickup after watching a quick but easy to follow install video on YouTube. The little lady was curious and it took me a few minutes to wait for her to finish her inspection and let me put her in with the seat facing toWARD the door. We're really excited for this seat, it will work for years in a booster mode as she gets bigger, and we'll be ready for easy in and out no matter which side of the car we're on. There is a genius. We have other little ones in our family, so I've stowed the butt pad and infant extra infant head pad in the trunk in case we need to tote anyone else's little one around, with the easy rotation feature we'll be able to accommodate kids of any age in There are recline positions that are backward facing. The EveryStage is a level up for our primary vehicle and is one of the reasons why we had another all in one Evenflo Car Seat. It's a new seat to the market, but so far it's been great. Highly recommended.

👤I was against the car seat but I love it! The other brand has a giant thing on the bottom, but I like the rotating concept. It fits well in a Honda Civic. My kids are still rear facing and it looks very comfortable. I wish it had an option to recline in the reclining position. It is great, except for that.

👤I was worried that my Honda Civic wouldn't fit, but it does! It took some time to fit my son, but now he is safe and comfortable. It was easy to install in the car. I like it so far. The update was 2 months later. I love this thing. It's so easy for my son to get in and out of the car.

8. Evenflo Pivot Xplore Infant Adapter

Evenflo Pivot Xplore Infant Adapter

With infant in tow, you can quickly and easily transition your infant car seat from car to evenflo pivot Xplore using the car seat adapter. The elevated level leaves plenty of room for a second rider below. There is a resurrection. There are both parent and forward facing options in the modular design. Easy assignment. Click the adapter to get to the frame. Place the car seat with ease. The push button release is simple and safe. It is comparable. Evenflo SafeMax and Evenflo Gold SecureMax are car seats. It is comparable. Evenflo SafeMax and Evenflo Gold SecureMax are car seats.

Brand: Evenflo

👤I hated that the carseat sat on top of the adapter. I returned it because it didn't seem safe to me.

👤The only thing we bought was an accessory for car seats. We have a keyfit 30 that does not fit the car seat, but we were able to remove the hooks on the adapter and voila, our Chicco clicks into it!

👤If you remove the two pillars in the front of the 35 car system, we will just bend them off. The car seat clicks in.

9. Evenflo SensorSafe Modular Travel 53212310

Evenflo SensorSafe Modular Travel 53212310

Schedule an appointment to have a Certified car seat safety technician show you how to install a car seat. The parentlink customer service experts are online in real time. The Sensor Safe Technology is a smart chest clip and wireless receiver that can be used to keep an eye on your child. You will receive a real-time alert if your baby gets unbuckled from their car seat, becomes too warm, or spends too much time without movement. To get your baby's ride just right, you need a 3-position reclining seat and 4-position footrest. To get your baby's ride just right, you need a 3-position reclining seat and 4-position footrest.

Brand: Evenflo

👤The system is great, but make sure you check the date. The 3 year old system was sent by Amazon, meaning it only had 3 years left on its lifespan. Even was kind enough to replace it for us. I will never buy a stroller or car seat from Amazon again. You can buy directly from EvenFlo.

👤We looked at strollers and travel systems and found this one. I will not say it is better than them, but it is equally equal. It is easy to clip in a car seat and remove the wheels. The car seat is very high end and padded. It was worth every penny.

👤I had a dead battery in my car seat clip, but luckily I had a new one sent to me, and it works perfectly now.

👤It handles better than the previous version, it's good for the price.

👤Estoy encantada, tiene diferentes usos.

👤There are a few things that caught my attention and would cause me to not gift this system. I put a toddler in a stroller. He was cramped and his feet were hanging past the foot rest. If the tried to let them hang past it, it would push into his calves. Not comfortable. You would have to get a different stroller for your child as they get older, but he would still need a stroller. I expected a better finish for the price. The bumper around the rhe toddler seat has a cheap foam wrap, and the push handle is thin. The strollers on other lines have rotted before the child outgrew them. The stroller is not stable. The play is shown in the upright position in the video. It's pointless to me that you're paying for the sensor. The sensor warns you if the baby has been buckled too long. Can you imagine going somewhere? It happens. You don't need an alert if they are sleeping and you're driving a long distance. Unbuckling is warned by it. A child shouldn't be in this seat if they can't unbuckle themselves. I don't know of a child that is short enough to fit in an infant carrier, but it's rated for up to 35 lbs. There is a temperature warning. The sensor does not transition for freezing outside to warm the car. The baby should be comfortable if you are comfortable. Don't put them in the 3rd row with no vent. This is marketed to anxious first time parents. I think an unbuckling sensor is a good idea on a booster. There is a The finish and quality is comparable to the other evenflo strollers, the black hides stains, but shows every bit of fuzz, fur, and dried spit up. The basket is shallow, which means that stuff falling out. Back and front. The toddler seat cannot be attached to the baby seat. If your child is sick of the carseat and you want to just use the stroller in any of its adjustments, you better keep it in your trunk. The base is not included in the 3 pieces to transport. You have to fold the foot part over if you want to fold it with the seat. If you don't have all the buttons, it's tall. Not impressed.

10. Evenflo Everyfit Convertible Seat Large

Evenflo Everyfit Convertible Seat Large

The Evenflo Every fit 4-in-1 car seat has been designed for maximum comfort, safety, and longevity. It accommodates your child by adjusting to multiple positions, so that they can ride in the rear-facing position without extending the seat. Safety is a priority. Every fit is tested to meet or exceed federal safety standards and evenflo side impact protection reduces crash forces up to 30% Installation is easy. Air flow mesh fabrics are designed to keep your child cool. You can angle your child to minimize head slump by having 3 recline positions and one forward-facing recline position. Do not use abrasive cleaners. As your child grows, the 1-hand, 12-position headrest and easy to slide no-rethread harness straps can be adjusted. Machine-washable fabrics are easy to clean. The snack tray has cup holders in it to hold drinks and snacks. Machine-washable fabrics are easy to clean. The snack tray has cup holders in it to hold drinks and snacks.

Brand: Evenflo

👤My third baby is 8 months old and I bought this for the 8th time. I'm a bit of a carseat snob. I am a freak about following rules for installing and caring for children. I have it installed and I'm trying to decide if I want to keep it or use it with my baby. Excellent recline positions, especially for bucketed seats, are provided by the plush cover and padding. This seat is good for 3 across installation, but feels a little plastic-y, flimsy on the top half of the seat. It can be done back and forth. The head support is very wiggly and there is no re-thread harness adjustment. It feels like the styrofoam would break instantly if your toddler leaned on it or yanked it hard. There isn't much room for growth with the harness straps. The overall impression leaves me underwhelmed. I purchased a wagon from Evenflo in May and it was amazing. The quality is amazing, it is a shame that this carseat didn't translate to it.

👤The carseat was filthy and the side plastic was scratched when it arrived. I got a Graco model for my older son, but the headrest is very flimsy. I ordered a replacement for my carseat, but it was filthy and didn't have a plastic covering. I got a new 4ever DLX after returning both carseats. I don't recommend this carseat for its lack of features. Take my word for it!

👤As a new mom of a 5 month old, I was happy to see that I could get a car seat for a good price. The car seat looks better in person. It is so sleek and comfortable. The instructions manual, snack tray, cups and plastic pieces were in the car seat when I took it out of the box. The padding is placed on the seat so it is easy to clean. The cup holders have liners that can be washed. I love the double cup holders. I usually have the fiancĂ© install the car seats, but I took a stab at it myself. It wasn't easy for me, but with help from him, I was able to install tight and correct. He said that the installation wasn't bad and that the manual was definitely needed. After putting him in the car seat, he took a nap in it and we were very happy with it. The straps were easy to adjust to, but the bottom buckles were a bit harder to clasp. Since our son is still a baby, we use this car seat in our second vehicle, and it's easier to use a bucket car seat in and out of the house. We are excited to use the 4 in 1 car seat and watch him grow for many years. I am happy to know my son will be safe in this car seat in case of an accident. My child is in a car seat. The sensor safe clip that we have in our infant car seat is not included in this car seat. I will be sad to not have that feature in the future. It would have been a great addition to the car seat. This is a great price for a car seat and I recommend it.

11. Evenflo Nurture Infant Seat Carine

Evenflo Nurture Infant Seat Carine

The canopy provides full protection from the sun, wind and rain. The handle is easy to carry. A separate, stay-in-car base is needed for easy transition of an infant carrier in and out of a vehicle. Extra bases are sold separately. If you don't have a base, install a seat even without it. A 5-Point Harness is used to hold your child's body securely. A 5-Point Harness is used to hold your child's body securely.

Brand: Evenflo

👤I will say that I don't need the most expensive items. The off brand is just as good as the high end brand most of the time. The car seat is awful. If you just need a car seat for an extra car, or maybe grandma/grandma, this will probably be the seat for you. This is not the seat for you if you need to put it in and out of the car frequently. I gave this car seat an extra star because of the price and the fact that it is not your everyday seat. The design of the fabric is cute and cheap, but the seat feels like it was made out of cheap plastic. The Canopy is not big enough and won't stay on. Baby will eventually be able to grab and pull off on their own, but this is the worst seat release I have ever seen in a car seat. You have to tilt the seat forward to get it out of the base. Imagine doing this with a newborn, or a sleeping baby. Not compatible with any universal stroller. Good luck if you need a stroller for this car seat.

👤The cheapest car seat we could find is this one. We don't have any complaints with it. It is easy to use and the baby is comfortable in it. There is no need to spend a lot of money.

👤I bought this carseat in December and thought it was a good deal. My daughter just got out of the NICU after being born in January. The car seat's straps are almost impossible to adjust and one of them was twisted when we bought it, so there is no way to fix it. The strap on the car seat was twisted so the NICU wouldn't let us leave. We had to buy another car seat just to take our daughter home after we sat there for over an hour while my daughter was crying trying to figure out how to fix it. I can't use a car seat that cost this much and I'm pretty annoyed. Since it's been more than 30 days, I'm assuming that's not an option, but we should be able to return something that was installed wrong.

👤Being a young mom with money that needs to be saved, I love this car seat. It is perfect for an infant, the only thing I don't like is that it doesn't have very good head support, but you can buy a cheap head support for $10-$14 which is great, you don't have to worry about it.

👤I love this product but it's purple and I thought it was pink, but it's not, it's a great car seat, but it needs more head support, it's cheap, and my child looks great on it, but it's not a great car

👤I bought an extra cushion for head and back support, but it is so hard that it doesn't help. The fabric is as thin as a bed sheet. The piece at the bottom bulges into the back of the baby. I gave this as a Christmas gift so my son could have an extra seat. I wish I had known. The manufacturer needs to make this more comfortable for the little babies.


What is the best product for car seat evenflo litemax?

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