Best Car Seat Divider Pets

Divider 3 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Bushwhacker Mid Sized Hatchback Crossover Partition

Bushwhacker Mid Sized Hatchback Crossover Partition

Barrier is made with a pet screen. The half inch metal tubing keeps the barriers shape and prevents dogs from squeezing around them. Attaches in minutes to backseat headrests, baby car seat brackets, tie down brackets, or around the seat frame. The dimensions are 46" wide and 21" tall. Refer to the last image for detailed dimensions. Measure the width and height of your interior just behind the rear seat headrests to find out how it will fit. Refer to the last image for detailed dimensions.

Brand: Bushwhacker Usa

👤This thing is great. I prefer the more expensive LEXUS factory version for a number of reasons. I like the barrier material. It is similar to the high UV protectant screen material used outdoors. I have two 90lb mastiff mixes, and this will keep them safe. It is virtually invisible. The back of the car has no horizontal bars or square wires that make it look like a dog crate. I like this feature. 2. Assembly and later disassemblement are easy. The factory versions take up a lot of space and require a lot of effort to install. The barrier is lightweight and easy to break down into sections. Sometimes I need to use the entire space and fold down the seats to take my dogs with me. I plan to keep the thin box it came in. There are no loose parts to misplace. This feature is something I love. 3. Strong, but lightweight. The barrier is very light. I think it's airline alloy or something similar. O was putting a lot of pressure on it to make sure that the ends of the poles were secured into the couplings. The outer edge stitching is very high quality. I don't think there will be any unraveling in the near future. 4. The barrier has attached straps that are heavy duty, spring loaded, and toothed. I was impressed by the quality of the metal components and the spring mechanism. I provided some close-ups of the buckles. The stitching connecting the straps to the barrier is reinforced, and the upper buckles have a nylon protective flap designed to protect the seat from the metal. I am thankful that I don't have to worry about it rubbing against my leather interior because this is a very thoughtful addition. I can add a high quality snap to the bottom straps to avoid having to thread them through the cargo rings each time I install, it's the only thing I can add to make the installation even easier. I have provided a pic of that as well and I will update after adding snaps. 5. This barrier is superior to the Lexus factory option and costs less than a quarter. I drive a 2012 Lexus RX450h, and I love everything about it, and am partial to only using factory-everything, except in this case. I was looking for something that was more aesthetically pleasing, lightweight, easy to install, and easier to store, and this barrier hit all of my shopping points with a perfect 10. What are you waiting for?

👤We have a car. This fit the space well for us and keeps our 70# gal from slipping over the seats to take refuge with our kids in the backseat. Our pups would be able to get between the sides of the car if they were smaller. The headrest and trunk tethers require you to thread them all the way through and tighten each time, which is inconvenient, and they aren't clamps that you can adjust once and release each time you take it in or out, which would be more. The separator is better than the wire one the dealer installed. I appreciated an option other than the pressure metal separators.

2. Car Seat Dog Net Barrier

Car Seat Dog Net Barrier

The barrier increases safety because it prevents animals from coming to the front seat and disturbing the driver. Most sedans, SUVs, cars, trucks, minivans, jeeps, off-roads and other vehicle types are compatible withPukiWiki. The seats have strong bungee cords under them that allow them to move independently. It is easy to clean. The mesh structure of the net barrier is very easy to clean because it is made of HDPE. Your pet won't be caught. The barrier has a mesh net that allows your air vents to blow cool or warm air more effectively.

Brand: Dogual

👤The Ram 2500 crew cab is perfect. It can be hard to find simple items that fit in a big vehicle. I have spent a lot of money on these things but haven't found one that fits my needs or my truck. This thing is great. It is easy to install and it is high quality. The width between the front seats and the seat backs is tight and the pups can't sneak through. The product stays below the rear view mirror level, which is an issue I have had with other products. I love this thing, it keeps my dogs safe.

👤This is the winner after trying many different pet barriers. We tried metal, elastic mesh and solid. They are in our two vehicles. Finding a good place to hook the lower corner hooks is the only install challenge. There is nothing under the seats that is sturdy and with a distance that keeps the corner taught so clever dogs can't nose their way up under. Wrap the seat base around and hook it back onto itself. The top clips around the posts. The net is very discreet and sheer. The back seat view and the pups' view out the front windows are unaffected by the thin black strip across the top. Human back seat passengers can feel the controls even if they are covered by the mesh. The mesh is sturdy and wide for most vehicles.

👤Our new baby loves to look out the window. She is a shepherd mix. It's not safe to have her on the console with her head between us. I'm happy that I found this screen. It works well in my car. It was installed in minutes. I had to fiddle with the top straps for a while to get the tension right at the top of the screen. That was more of a look than a function. Initially, it was a little bit slow. The dog was not moving. The bungee cords are not very thick. I can wrap them under the seat. I think it will do the job required. She can still see it because it is translucent. I hid any extra strap length to avoid the temptation to chew. I'm very happy with the screen so far.

👤I ordered it for my F350 Diesel. We use a truck to pull our RV and we have two Boxers with us. One of them wants to jump in the front seat. This seemed like a good solution. Well made and connects to the supports on the front seats. I was able to secure the attachment at the bottom of the seats because of the interior design of the Ford. It seems to be durable so far.

👤I wanted to buy a dog net for my car so I decided to buy one for my husband's truck that has split front seats. It was difficult to find a big truck that would fit him. The dog net is very strong and thick. I don't have to worry about the dogs getting their paws stuck in it. It is easy to clean if it gets dirty. Installation is very easy and we can remove it quickly if needed.

3. EC Organizer Accessories Compatible Rideshare

EC Organizer Accessories Compatible Rideshare

Quality and customer satisfaction are their first priority. If you are not completely satisfied with the purchase, please contact them and they will give you a 100% Money Back and Replacement. Bigger than competition, 15” from top to button and 13” in side by side. Universally fits in all vehicles, the product covers the space between the top of the armrest of the front 2 seats. Better customer experience will lead to more tips and good reviews for the driver. The car organizer is great for road trips and day-to-day usage, and has everything easy to find and accessible for everyone. The security barrier is a strong mesh net used as a barrier between drivers and passengers, freeing you from distraction and unwanted attention while driving. You can securely place your purse next to you on the armrest console with the purse holder. The mesh net will prevent it from falling. You can securely place your purse next to you on the armrest console with the purse holder. The mesh net will prevent it from falling.

Brand: Enam

👤I have been able to keep things out of my SUV with the mesh organizers. It's perfect for kleenex and other items.

👤The center console needs to be top opening to complete the tie down. My Honda CRV has a sliding top. I want to keep books out of the back seat area, so I will try and make it work. Any suggestions?

👤It was easy to install and the fit was wider so nothing fell through the sides.

👤Great product. The same product, a little better one, and $5 less was advertised on my Amazon account after it was delivered. What can Amazon do about this?

👤Does what I need it for.

👤To keep masks, tissues, etc. There would be a lot of stuff on the car seat.

👤I use this mesh organizer to organize my baby's items, such as food, toys, napkins, and etc.

4. Doggie World Dog Seat Cover

Doggie World Dog Seat Cover

No more dog car backseat covers that crack. Their 4-Layer Seat Protector is made from the latest materials and technology to combine amazing comfort, style, and safety into one cover that doesn't slip, slide, or leave dirt or scratches. Their seat covers for dogs are made from waterproof cotton and polyvinylchloride, which will protect your seat from punctures and pawprints. The dog seat covers for cars can be adjusted to fit all cars, trucks and SUVs. You can use their cover as a load cover with a maximum open size of 54" x 58" and extra side flaps if you want to. Their material is made of a top layer of 600D Oxford waterproof cotton and a middle layer of Oxford 210D with waterproof coating. You can either vacuum away dirt, hair, and mud or give it a quick wipe with a damp cloth. 4 heavy-duty headrest anchors and two seat anchors are needed to make sure your chair blanket is attached to his position. The non-slip base will keep your dog warm and prevent him from slipping on rough rides. The entire household can travel worry-less because of the seat belt opening. Would you like to ask a question, make a comment, or express a concern about your dog's back seat cover? Their team will be happy to help you.

Brand: Doggie World

👤This is a must do. I have a brand new 4runner and when I was about to get my puppy I was so nervous I was afraid to go. I don't know how I would deal with accidents because I have leather and poop. It's not an issue with this seat cover, it's easy to clean, and it's good for a puppy so she doesn't slide. wow Thank you! It was as easy as getting the dog in a bath, hose down the seat cover and let it dry, as I was going to the vet this morning.

👤DoggieWorld takes care of your needs. I had to swap for the bigger size because I measured wrong. They went out of their way to make sure I got what I needed. The fit of the Ford Super Duty was perfect and I was happy to get the XL. It is a tough product that will protect my back seat for a long time. I will not hesitate to buy from the store in the future.

👤As you can see, she loves her seat cover. It allows her to lie down with her back against the seat or towards the front, so that she won't slide onto the floor. I was happy with the quality, timeliness of delivery, the free seat belt attachment, the ease of installation, and the fact that it matches my orange Subaru Crosstrek. For the win!

👤I used this product with my previous car and it was great. I decided to use this product with my new car because I never had any issues with it. I took it out of the car to wash it and it was stained blue from the dots on the seat liner. My car is three months old and my protection didn't protect it, it ruined my seats. I've tried a number of products to remove the blue dots, but nothing works. Please tell me how I can fix this, as it did not protect my car at all.

👤Awesome cover! It fits my vehicle. The straps fit on my head rests. The cover doesn't shift positions while the dogs move around, and they incorporate a non-slip material. I would give an instruction manual that would detail the installation of the cover. It's pretty easy to figure it out, but I would suggest giving a detailed instruction manual. Great product!

👤Absolutely love it, it's very thick, durable and perfect for my Chevy extended cab.

👤The flaps on the side are my favorite part. This wouldn't fit a large car. It fit perfectly in my Mazda.

👤I wish I had read that the dog seat cover would leave black marks on my seats, which I was not able to get out of. I took my new car back to the dealership to have the detail guy get them out. He could not. The back of the cover has black plastic on it that rubs on the seat. Had I known that, I wouldn't have chosen it. I wouldn't recommend this product.

5. F Color Waterproof Protector Non Slip Universal

F Color Waterproof Protector Non Slip Universal

This cargo cover for dogs is Universal Fit and can be used in a full-size SUV, a compact SUV, and a minivan. To fit specific vehicles. Extra Large Non-Slip Net. The 45*54 inch anti slip rubber backing is twice as much as the average product for more stability, no worries about quick turns and speed bumps. Water resistant cargo liners are easy to clean and protect your car seat from spills, mud, and water. If there is a pee accident, please clean immediately. The Bumper Slits design for easy leveling of the cover makes it a good choice for a cargo mat or outdoor picnic mat. It is easy to install and clean. It's easy to clean by vacuum or by wiping the dirt away. Can't be washed. The dog cargo cover is new.

Brand: F-color

👤This is easy to install and take down because we have a Mazda. It seems that materials are durable. We've done a few moving trips with boxes and metal objects and it protected the car. It was used for ski day trips. When the rear seats are up, we leave it in the car. It's not as pretty as a cargo liner, but it can be used to protect both the trunk and the rear seats when folded down, so I went for it. You can protect the sides of the door and the back of the seats if you carry a lot of stuff. It's a good recommendation!

👤I like this liner. The back of a vehicle. I use it as a general cover to protect the carpet, but I don't use it for my dogs. The back of the second row seats were not protected by the rubber mat I bought. I think they could add to set this apart from the others by adding a slit where the rear seats are, and then adding a piece of Velcro. If you needed to put on seat folded flat, you could split it and put it on your back seat. This has been working well.

👤I bought a cargo liner from Treat-A- Dog. The product they advertised was still more expensive than the liner. One of the reasons I bought this cover was that it did not fully cover my bumper. The bumper of my Dodge Journey is covered with a bigger cargo liner from F-color. The sides are higher along the cargo area than the Treat-A- Dog cover. The clips and straps around the head rests are stronger. If you are on the fence, I would highly recommend this product.

👤I live in a mountain town and my Golden retriever is very lucky to live outdoors. It's just about every day. I'm always tossing snow, mud, and gear in the back of my SUV. Not to mention the dawg! I've used carpets before but this one is specifically designed to help protect the interior. It's rugged, certainly durable, because it's a great fit and it's perfect size. I think it's a great value after some use.

👤I put this in the truck this morning and my dog ripped a hole in it.

👤When my 3rd row is folded down, I bought this to protect the back of my car. The coverage is good and easy to install. It covers most of the bumpers when it's folded out. The back has a material that doesn't slide around. I'm very happy with this purchase. The quality is very good.

👤I bought a new SUV for myself and wanted something to protect the rear when the seats were down. This works well. It's easy to put in and take out and gives me the protection I was looking for. I like the tailgate protectors for when the dog jumps in and out, as well as loading and unloading to help protect against scratches. If the need arose, I would buy again.

6. NOAMOO Vehicles Adjustable Universal Heavy Duty

NOAMOO Vehicles Adjustable Universal Heavy Duty

Enjoy safe and clean driving. The heavy duty dog barrier keeps pets out of the cargo area of the vehicle, so it's safer to drive and avoid scratches, paw prints and pet hair. The extendable size up to 66.5" is large enough to fit all SUVs, Vans, Jeeps, Hatchbacks and Truck. The measure size of the Main Panel is 38", the side panels are 18.7" and the height is 12.2". The stability of the side panel is what determines how difficult it is for the dog to get into the front seat. Only a clip for each side panel is needed for other mesh barriers. Two clips for each side panel, double stability of side panel, and double guarantee for safe driving are provided by NOAMOO dog car barrier. The mesh barrier is made of the highest quality steel wire. Even if a dog bites the steel wire, it will be fine because of the Exquisite welding process. Smooth steel surface prepared by excellent surface spraying technology will not scratch car seat covers, passengers or your pet. To install the dog barrier, you need to extend the length of the barrier, use 4 clips to fix two side pannel, then mount the barrier tightly to the back headrests with nylon straps. It's convenient for the process of dismantling. There are no tools needed for the entire process.

Brand: Noamoo

👤I am not happy with this barrier. It was difficult to install by myself. I had to get someone to help me. Regardless. The plastic pieces that hold the two parts together were cracked. I didn't think about this before buying, but I'm afraid my dog may chew through the straps that hold out to the headrests.

👤It fits well in my Jeep and is strong enough to keep my dog out of the back. It gets in the way of the Jeep's seatbelts. It will be difficult to fold down the seats. It's a good price, so I'll probably keep it and find ways to modify to make it work, but you may want to think about the seat belts and folding seats if you're thinking about buying this for your car.

👤The instructions are not clear but it is easy to assemble. I would recommend two tackles together. I installed myself. The gate is sturdy and sits flush to the ceiling and windows so it creates a complete barrier between the cargo and passenger areas. There are no sharp edges for your animal to hurt themselves. The install is difficult to complete alone.

👤It does its job. The car barrier works for me, but the clips are cheap. The one that was broken was delivered. Customer care was excellent by the seller. The broken clip is being replaced. It was shipped to me in a few days. I only needed 2 of the clips. I made it more rigid by adding the other 2. The barrier keeps my dog in the back, without the cost of a custom barrier. I have an English pointer and a GSP mix. This contains him because he can be a destructive ball.

👤My son in law was able to substitute the stripped out screw for the item. I kept the item because I needed a barrier for my dog's surgery. We did our best to fix it, since it would take too long to get a new one. I asked for a return before I knew it could be fixed. Someone needs to know this.

👤This works well in my Jeep. One of the plastic round pieces was broken during delivery. We used plastic glue to fix it. It kept our lab mix and French bulldog mix in the back during our recent trip.

👤Every piece was broken when it was received. The box was undamaged so it didn't happen during shipping.

👤I figured out how to install after reading the pamphlet 4 times. You really need a second person to hold things in place. The Barrier works well after installation.

7. Wellbro Backseat Barrier Durable Vehicle

Wellbro Backseat Barrier Durable Vehicle

The pet barrier is attached to the back of the car's seats to prevent pets from jumping into the front seats during a sudden stop and to keep pets in the backseat without distraction. There are double-glazed windows. The upper mesh window makes the dog visible to the driver and lets the dog see the front view to create a reliable environment with no scare or worry; while the lower one promotes air circulation and gives ideal temperature for the passengers and pets. It's easy to install and store. The car dog net barrier is easy to install and remove, and it is convenient to drive with your pets whenever and wherever you please. It is made of top quality nylon fabric and net and soft EVA interlayer and has nice and strong sewing stitches which make it strong enough to beclawed by your pets, durable to be cleaned by washing machine and won't get sagged over time. Fit most cars. The pet backseat barrier is large enough to completely cover the gap between the front two seats and easy to install in most vehicles.

Brand: Wellbro

👤We travel around the country with our two dogs in a 5th wheel trailer. The divider we bought to keep our animals in the back was working well until a couple of weeks ago. The divider in the truck was re-installed by my husband before we left, and that's when we noticed that the seam was giving out. While we were in Texas, we used the divider to drive around sight-seeing. We went to CO with the pups on 24 Mar. Since coming home from there, we've barely used the divider since we don't drive the truck much at home. We only used it for about 6 weeks. We were really happy with the divider and were very disappointed to see the seam start to break since the dogs don't bother it much. I don't think I can repair it myself because the cloth is shredded to the point where I don't think I can. The return date has passed since the purchase was made. We'll just wait and see how long it holds out before the seam completely gives out.

👤It took a couple of mini bungee cords and some ingenuity on my part, but I got this thing to fit between the seats of my old Astro van. I don't know how well my dog can see through the dense net, but she can use the side windows. She can not get into the front seat anymore. I had to cut out an area on top so that my dog could rest her neck and look out the window.

👤It was easy to install. There is a bit of slack on the bottom cords that I couldn't get to tighten, so it's not completely flat in my 2001 Ford Taurus. I thought it would be an issue, but it has worked out great. It's a better option to just put the arm rest up, rather than trying to keep the dogs away from the front. This is a good soft divider and my dog is on a leash. I am happy that I bought it.

👤I felt good about it as I put it in my SUV since the top loops easily went around the headsets and cinched in. I tucked the bottom hooks under the mats after giving up trying to attach them to something. There is no way I can hook them to my SUV. There are a lot of electrical components under the seat. There is no place to hook! I still think this is a decent product for the price, and it is doing the job well enough for me. It would be great if there was a redesign for SUVs with lots of components under the seat.

👤The only positive was that it kept my pups from getting into the front seat. There are no instructions for installation. My dog had her paws on the top of the barrier, and the entire barrier was ripped up in a short car ride. I was surprised that the material was destructible because dogs were not scratching or pawing at it. I would think something made for animals would be more durable.

8. PetSafe Solvit Tubular Barrier Vehicle

PetSafe Solvit Tubular Barrier Vehicle

Driver distraction is a condition that has beenEASED. The metal dog barrier keeps your dog out of the passenger seats so you can concentrate on the road. You don't need tools to assemble the metal barrier. Simple to set up. The metal barrier has a tension that keeps it in place and rubber caps that keep it from sliding. It's possible to adjust susceptibility. The dog barrier can be adjusted to fit in the backseat or cargo areas of your car or SUV. There is a back seat view. The metal barrier allows you to see into the back of your vehicle. When you don't use the barrier, it quickly disassembles so you can store it in the included pouch until your next adventure. PetSafe brand has been a leader in pet behavior, containment and lifestyle innovations for nearly 30 years, and they help pets and their people live happily together. For example, the packaging of the former Solvit brand may be different.

Brand: Petsafe

👤I was a little skeptical after reading the reviews. I read the issues and took a chance on it. There is a It's a cheap divider. It's not that bad once you fix its issues. The threads on the rod are cut badly. There are a lot of burrs that make the height adjustment very difficult to spin. The feet that secure it against the headliners will leave marks. There is a * The tubing is wobbly once adjusted for length. * The receiving brackets are too small for the quick connect brackets. There are pros and cons. It's not that bad once you re-engineer it. You'll need electrical tape and Blue Locktite. * The pain part... Everything is connected. I used a black marker. Remove the vertical supports from your vehicle. The threaded rods will be inserted into the tubes with electrical tape. This will stop the rattling. The thinner horizontal tubes should be covered with electrical tape. That rattle will be stopped by this. Wrap the quick connector brackets with electrical tape. That rattle will be stopped by this. The receiver brackets are attached to the vertical tubes. They will not be able to slide down. * Use the blue Locktite on every bolt once you get everything lined up. They will not be able to loosen up. It is a complete PAIN to have to do this. Since I figured out how to fix the flaws of the thing, I thought it would be easier to just do it and get another one that was better. It only took me 20 minutes to apply the fixes, and I stopped to drink a beer halfway through.

👤When we got a puppy, I bought this for my Jeep Grand Cherokee. The package arrived on time and undamaged. I was surprised at how much was needed. It was easy to figure out, but it seemed like a lot of it could have been pre-assembled. It worked well once it was installed in the back of my Jeep. I noticed a rattling from the back of the car after a week. The clasps that hold the horizontal bars onto the vertical bars were coming loose after inspection. I took another drive after I tightened the bolts. The rattling was still there. I had to shorten the horizontal bar to make it stop rattling because I found that the bottom left bar was causing most of the rattling. Since I have the barrier, I check the bolts every week to make sure they are not loose and the horizontal bars move down. I drive around town on the paved road. I don't drive on dirt roads or off-road, so there is no excuse for it's constant looseness. I can't recommend this barrier due to the fact that it needs adjustment/tightening.

👤I needed a barrier with at least three panels going across. The assembly and installation was easy but after a week or so the rattling from the barrier was getting to the point where I was ready to package it up and send it back. I took a good look at it and realized that most of the rattling was coming from the bottom adjustment threads. The metal on metal rattles when the adjustment rod slides into the frame. I wrapped electrical tape around the threads that are slid into the frame and now the rattling is not a problem. There was an update on 1/11/2018. The barrier started to rattle again after a few months. I noticed that one of the tubes was snapped in half. I contacted Solv-it customer service to inquire about getting a replacement part since the glue didn't work out and they offered to send a replacement part right away. Solv-it takes care of customers. Barrier is still working well and is rattle free.

9. FALCALE Organizer Stretchable Universal Children

FALCALE Organizer Stretchable Universal Children

The dog car barrier helps prevent accidents. A pet car barrier keeps naughty pets and kids away from each other. Car safety for animals. A storage bag for car can be used to keep toys and items out of the way of the vehicle. The stretchable pet net for car is durable and the barrier is four-sided elastic dual mesh, which is an extra thick and lightweight dual-mesh design. Four safety hooks that clip to your car's headrests on the top and the seat from underneath are easy to install. It only takes a couple minutes to install and use the cargo nets. Without using drilling, hammering or tape. You can store everything from grocery lists to dog toys and tablets in a car storage space, which can be found on the middle gap between the left and right seats. The mesh storage is a great place to keep bottled water, snacks, and juice. If you have a problem with their car dog barrier, please contact them.

Brand: Dykeson

👤The idea of a barrier didn't go down well with our baby. She found other ways to get into the front seat. The installation was a breeze and it arrived when it was supposed to. It was a great product, but didn't work out for us. It was too late to come back because I realized that it wasn't going to work out. Would recommend to others.

👤A picture is worth a thousand words in a full size truck.

👤We love the safety net, but she's not wild about it. She can't get into the front seat because it's sturdy. A dog on one's lap isn't comfortable. This solved the problem well.

👤The bungees along the sides have snapped and I cant retie them anymore. The mesh is getting worn out due to my dog leaning into the barrier. He can climb over it at times when he needs to get into the front seat for "guarding purposes" and a few times he has gotten tangled in it. He can untangle himself if he wants to, but I have had to help him out. This has been a good product, and after a year is over, I will be buying another one. I wish I had found this years ago. For the past ten years, having my dog in my face while I drive has been an issue for me. The passengers in the front seat have been annoyed by him. It is easy to install and it still allows him freedom to be close enough to me while I am driving that he can see what he wants to see, and knows he needs to be back there. When we stop at the dog park and he sees other dogs, he has to get out now, like yesterday, because he climbs over it. I was worried that he would get tangled in it and not be able to get untangled if I left the car for a while. That hasn't happened yet. If he gets agitated, the clips will be unhooked at the bottom and it's easy to re-hook. I haven't tried storing anything inside the two layers of mesh yet, but that's a handy feature to have. He has learned that he has to wait for me to get him out of the back seat. I think the product and design are great, and I think this has kept him where he needs to be while we're driving. I should add that he's a 90-pound affectionate, protective, active, and rambunctious 10-year-old GoldenDoodle.

👤The product was great for keeping my dog in the back seat. It is great for everyone. I don't have a large dog so I can't say if it will work for a large dog, but it worked great for my small/ medium sized dog. The product folds up to fit into a glove compartment or middle console.

👤The dog barrier is a universal product that is made for most vehicles with proper mounting points, and it creates a physical and visual barrier to help prevent pets and kids from jumping into the front seats. It does just as good as you can expect. The mesh creates a barrier between you and your pets. As long as the rope has points to mount, it creates a decent fit. The good is that the top clips are secure and do not obstruct anything beyond the center console. Only comes in black.

10. GoodStore Barrier Obstacle Backseat Adjustable

GoodStore Barrier Obstacle Backseat Adjustable

It helps drive safety. Dog car barriers can be used to keep dogs, pets and children out of the front seat when driving. For drivers, passengers, and pets, create a more comfortable and safer driving journey. Unique design. The stretch mesh construction of the netting bag prevents dog scratching. It is elastic, not easy to be broken and damaged, and does not block the air outlet of the air conditioner. The height of the barrier can effectively block pet dogs and it is not easy to fall off. It's easy to install. The pet car barrier metal hook hangs under the seat and the upper lock is set at the metal rod of the headrest. One-click disassemble and assembly, which can be adjusted according to the size of the car, can be quickly installed and disassembled without any tools. The materials aredurable. The Pet net barrier is made of durable Oxford cloth and polyester, the combination of metal hooks makes it stronger, and can be easily adjusted to fit you according to the size of your car. It's for most cars SUV trucks. If you have a problem in the process of buying a car dog fence, please contact them, they will give you a satisfactory answer.

Brand: Onmier

👤Unless you have a well behaved dog that listens when you say "stay" or "sit". This item won't keep your dog in the back seat. Our girl feels like she's part of the family so she should be wherever we are. She got tangled in the net part multiple times after walking over it. I thought I'd give it a few tries but it's too easy to mow. She looked at me with her big husky eyes and asked what I was doing. To the drawing board again.

👤This is wonderful! Excellent quality and serves purpose. I have several surgeries and treatment at home. Two fur babies love to sit up front. I had to make sure they stayed in the back. My girls are 16 and 11 lbs. I read other comments and was hesitant, but I took the chance because my girls are different. It took just a few moments for them to realize they have to stay in the back seat. The mesh at the bottom is strong enough to allow them to get the ac they need. You need a front seat head rest that is adjusted so the divider is secure. We have no problem with this and still have a couple inches on each side for more room if needed. We put it in a SUV. I would purchase this again. The price is better than the dividers at the local pet store. Happy customer! We received 2 days after purchase for shipping.

👤The photo is easy to install and the dog stays in the back of the truck. He is leaning into the barrier.

👤I own a full size truck with a crew cab and 3 small dogs who travel with me. I don't want the dogs sitting on the console or in the passenger seat because I'm using maps or the seat to hold other items. I've only used on a short trip with one dog and she respected the restriction, but it's not clear what will happen with all 3 dogs and some distance. It was easy to install the top part since it was attached to the poles on the headrests. It was hard to install at the bottom. My seats don't have an easy way to attach the straps of the barrier from one seat to the other. I had to squeeze into the floor space and use one hand to push the strap through an opening while using the other hand to grab and pull through. It was very frustrating. It seems to be secure once installed. If you don't attach at the bottom and top, I can see a large dog or an ambitious smaller dog getting through the barrier. I don't want to have to install the same item again.

👤My black lab can easily get over it if she wants to. It makes it harder, but she will easily put both paws over and have them resting on my console, like she normally does. The opening at the bottom of my AC is something I don't like. Every car is different. The air doesn't get to the back of the car because the dodge charger has the vent blowing out in the middle section. I have a baby in a carseat and I have to take it down so I can get some air for him. It was a huge pain to install the 2 bottom hooks. It took a long time and a lot of pain to get them connected. The ones that were easy were the top ones. The product won't work on the connected headrests. You need the small metal pillars to attach to. Thankfully my car has them. If I could do it again, I would get a mesh divider to allow for my rear console ac to flow better.

11. High Road Barrier Cover Padded

High Road Barrier Cover Padded

A full view of the front seat can be reduced by blocking the seat without blocking the view. The sturdy top panel won't bend or fold, it has a steel frame with foam bumpers that keep the dog gate and net upright and stable. Medium and Large dogs are kept safe in the back seat, but it doesn't cover the area between the seat and door where smaller dogs may be able to pass through. The seatback can be positioned higher or lower depending on the position of the top bar. It is easy to install and use. Since 1990 High Road has been developing innovative car accessories.

Brand: High Road

👤I mounted mine a little lower to maintain rear visibility. I could not be happier. I have a big truck and this was wide enough to fit it. I wrapped the larger straps around the rear floor mount of the front seats and used the small straps on the headrest posts. I made sure to stay clear of power sliding mechanisisms, but I feel like this worked better than the original intent. See the pictures!

👤I have 2 dogs. They want to sit in my lap. I can keep him in the passenger seat if I have one in the car. I need an extra person to hold the dogs if I have 2. It's easy to assemble, it's a bit harder to find a spot to tie down at the bottom. I was worried that one of the dogs would climb under. Both dogs stayed in the back seat. Didn't even attempt to burrow under. The dogs sat in the backseat as soon as they saw the barrier, but I don't know what they were infused with. Like they've been doing it all their lives. It would be easy. I was happy to find this.

👤This was the only barrier that worked for me and my American bulldog mix. My dog is in the backseat. There are two drawbacks to this product. #1. This took me about an hour and a half to put up because the directions were not the best, and since the directions are not the best, I have decided to keep the barrier up at all times. The way the top bar is positioned makes it hard for me to see out my mirror. I have had to change the way I tie the two strings at the bottom because of that. This is the only product that would have worked for my dog.

👤I used this in my truck. It's large enough for a full sized truck, which is hard to find. It reaches to the edge of the headrests. It fits a little funky and you have to figure out what works for you. I had to put a bungee cord through the bottom strap slot and around my center console to keep the dogs from getting up front. It worked well, but it didn't block all of my rear view mirror. There are many ways to install this, so you can see what works for you. Good sturdy pole frame and very high quality net. I would recommend putting mutts in a big truck.

👤I have a large golden retriever who was determined to put his face on my center console, and he was drooling and panting all over it. It was driving me crazy when we traveled a lot. The barrier is a good solution. I have a 2012 Malibu and it fits. Sometimes it slips down and blocks the view. You can see the view in the rear window at night, but you can't see the back seat. My dog was able to stick his head under it at first, but I also have a seat cover that goes over the head rests, so that blocked his access completely. He occasionally comes to my other shoulder, but I can deal with that. Car rides are more pleasant now.


What is the best product for car seat divider pets?

Car seat divider pets products from Bushwhacker Usa. In this article about car seat divider pets you can see why people choose the product. Dogual and Enam are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat divider pets.

What are the best brands for car seat divider pets?

Bushwhacker Usa, Dogual and Enam are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat divider pets. Find the detail in this article. Doggie World, F-color and Noamoo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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