Best Car Seat Divider for Dogs

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1. F Color Waterproof Protector Non Slip Universal

F Color Waterproof Protector Non Slip Universal

This cargo cover for dogs is Universal Fit and can be used in a full-size SUV, a compact SUV, and a minivan. To fit specific vehicles. Extra Large Non-Slip Net. The 45*54 inch anti slip rubber backing is twice as much as the average product for more stability, no worries about quick turns and speed bumps. Water resistant cargo liners are easy to clean and protect your car seat from spills, mud, and water. If there is a pee accident, please clean immediately. The Bumper Slits design for easy leveling of the cover makes it a good choice for a cargo mat or outdoor picnic mat. It is easy to install and clean. It's easy to clean by vacuum or by wiping the dirt away. Can't be washed. The dog cargo cover is new.

Brand: F-color

👤This is easy to install and take down because we have a Mazda. It seems that materials are durable. We've done a few moving trips with boxes and metal objects and it protected the car. It was used for ski day trips. When the rear seats are up, we leave it in the car. It's not as pretty as a cargo liner, but it can be used to protect both the trunk and the rear seats when folded down, so I went for it. You can protect the sides of the door and the back of the seats if you carry a lot of stuff. It's a good recommendation!

👤I like this liner. The back of a vehicle. I use it as a general cover to protect the carpet, but I don't use it for my dogs. The back of the second row seats were not protected by the rubber mat I bought. I think they could add to set this apart from the others by adding a slit where the rear seats are, and then adding a piece of Velcro. If you needed to put on seat folded flat, you could split it and put it on your back seat. This has been working well.

👤I bought a cargo liner from Treat-A- Dog. The product they advertised was still more expensive than the liner. One of the reasons I bought this cover was that it did not fully cover my bumper. The bumper of my Dodge Journey is covered with a bigger cargo liner from F-color. The sides are higher along the cargo area than the Treat-A- Dog cover. The clips and straps around the head rests are stronger. If you are on the fence, I would highly recommend this product.

👤I live in a mountain town and my Golden retriever is very lucky to live outdoors. It's just about every day. I'm always tossing snow, mud, and gear in the back of my SUV. Not to mention the dawg! I've used carpets before but this one is specifically designed to help protect the interior. It's rugged, certainly durable, because it's a great fit and it's perfect size. I think it's a great value after some use.

👤I put this in the truck this morning and my dog ripped a hole in it.

👤When my 3rd row is folded down, I bought this to protect the back of my car. The coverage is good and easy to install. It covers most of the bumpers when it's folded out. The back has a material that doesn't slide around. I'm very happy with this purchase. The quality is very good.

👤I bought a new SUV for myself and wanted something to protect the rear when the seats were down. This works well. It's easy to put in and take out and gives me the protection I was looking for. I like the tailgate protectors for when the dog jumps in and out, as well as loading and unloading to help protect against scratches. If the need arose, I would buy again.

2. DYKESON Organizer Stretchable Universal Children

DYKESON Organizer Stretchable Universal Children

The dog car barrier helps to prevent accidents and distraction by providing a 3-layer car mesh organizer, seat back net bag, barrier of backseat pet kids, cargo tissue purse holder, driver storage netting pouch, and more. Pets or kids should not be disturbing. The pet net for car is made with a four-sided elastic dual mesh design, which is thicker than a regular mesh, and is stretchable. Four safety hooks that clip to your car's headrests on the top and the seat from underneath are easy to install. It only takes a couple minutes to install and use the cargo nets. Without using drilling, hammering or tape. You can store everything from grocery lists to dog toys and tablets if you put it on the middle gap between the left and right seats. The mesh storage is a great place to keep bottled water, snacks, and juice. The item doesn't work for the car without exposed bars on the headrests or loops under the seats.

Brand: Dykeson

👤I bought this to keep my dog out of the truck. He came up and rode shotgun. The hair finally got the best of me after the nose marks on the car and the drooling. The GSD is in back now. I took him to throw the ball at the park after putting it up. He didn't try to jump up front because he was used to being sequestered. The net blocks front to back, but my German Shepherd just pushes past the center of the net where it isn't anchored. I suppose it's worth the try, but if it doesn't keep him out it doesn't keep him out.

👤I installed it in 2 minutes. I went to the dog park with all the pups, but they weren't able to keep jumping up front while I was driving. I don't worry about them being too hot because there's air movement. It has pockets that can hold treats, leashes, or anything you need. Definitely recommend!

👤I had to zip tie it to the base of my seats because it was hard to find a place to hook the bottom section to, but it worked out. We will see how it goes, it was purchased to keep my 9wk old Aussie shepherd out of my sight. I am hopeful! I love that it has pockets. It is nice to have a designated spot for my purse.

👤I installed the 2 that I bought between the front seats because my dog is aggressive about getting into the front seat. One would not have worked. It doesn't completely stop him, but it gives me the right amount of pressure so he is hesitant to try to get through the net. It has been an asset.

👤It has worked well to keep our dog in the back seat and away from the middle console. She was able to get her claw out of the mesh when I pulled over to the side of the road. The fit is good. The lower clip on the seat support does not have anything attached to it. I should have checked this before buying the item. I have it attached to something else and it seems to be working.

👤It's easy to install, it has multiple pockets so most items are easily accessible, and it keeps things visible, so no more digging in the compartment. It's a hazard for the driver when the dog is in the front seat. He hasn't tried to get past the net. He is no longer anxious when riding in the car. He was excited because he was able to climb in the front before he was blocked. He just lays down. Who knew?

👤Installation took maybe 5 minutes. I wonder why the auto manufacturers haven't included something like that already. When we bought our SUV, my wife was the biggest complainer. This product solved a problem. Most cars come with nets, why notcabin nets? Get these. You will be so glad you did because it is money well spent.

3. Pawple Barrier SUVs Vehicles Heavy Duty

Pawple Barrier SUVs Vehicles Heavy Duty

Pets are safe in the cargo area of the vehicle. The fit is fully adjusted to fit most cars. The main panel is 35.5" H16.5 and the side panels are L12" and H10. It's easy to install and remove, made of the highest quality Steel wire. Your purchase is covered by a lifetime warranty and is backed by Pawple's exceptional quality and service.

Brand: Pawple

👤Great product! It works in my 4Runner. Could fit a bigger vehicle. Assembly was easy. It is a two person job. The option with the straps around the posts was the one we chose. We may use carabiners instead of straps to install a one-person job. The product is sturdy and we can use it to barricade between the backseat and the trunk area.

👤I decided to give these a try after seeing a lot of comments and recommendations for $200 on the site. I made them work well by following the instructions. I made the three-piece barrier one solid fixed size by affixing each side piece to the center section with 4 small wire wraps. I used bungee cords that were taut and heavy to hold the barrier behind the rear seats in place, and behind the passenger's head rest, for my application. The barrier is in place. Remove the bungees easily. The barrier fits perfectly on the side panels and the windows behind the seats. It is on the top by the trim. I added a couple of pieces of clear plastic tubing with a split to fit over the wire frame of the barrier so it protects where the barrier touched the plastic molding at the bottom and top of each side. It was a perfect fit. For a custom barrier, not more than $200. Thanks. If I can get some details, I will try to show them.

👤The bolts for the seat headrest did not work after I bought this barrier. The small bolt was too short and the large bolt was too long to fit in the headrest. It was the first barrier that fit my car. My wily Malinois was able to slip through the empty spaces. I was going to return the barrier, but I remembered the bungee cords. The cords made the installation even stronger. The result is shown in the attached picture.

👤I used both of the wings to fit the dog barrier in the back of my vehicle. It took a few extra minutes with only one person. No tools were needed. It looks sturdy. I can see my dog because it doesn't impair rear-view vision. I used to have a barrier with posts that extended from floor to ceiling. The barrier to the back of the head was secured with bungee cords after the posts fell apart. I like that there are no posts.

👤I have a Volkswagen Golf and it's where the child seat is. The hooks would not have worked if I had not fit the cage there. It's a perfect fit and keeps my pitbulls out of the rear seats.

👤The Nissan Rogue is a new model. There are gaps in the top corner that make it difficult for little noses to poke through. We will see how it holds up to the three pups. It's easy to install with two people, one adult and one child. The barrier with straps seemed to have less complaints about noise and flimsiness than the hooks. We will see! Blue may look happy now. He won't be when he knows he can't squeeze through the seats.

4. Vailge Waterproof Antinslip Backseat Standard

Vailge Waterproof Antinslip Backseat Standard

SIZING: The back of a car is designed to fit in the front or back seat. The small bucket booster can fit up to two small pets or one medium sized breed, while the large bucket booster can fit up to one medium sized breed. K&H has over 20 years of experience in creating innovative, quality products. The size is small and the Sleep Surface is 13 x 12.5 inches. The product weight is 6 lbs. The Sleep Surface is 13 x 18 inches. The product weight is 7 lbs. There are two size dog seat covers. The Standard and X- Large are larger than other dog car seat covers. The dog backseat cover is easy to convert between a hammock and a standard bench cover, which allows you to share the backseat with your dog. Protect your entire back seat from dirty, hair, scratch and keep it clean with the Vailge car seat covers for dogs. The mesh breath window on the dog seat cover gives your dog a better air circulation in the summer and winter. Make sure your dog is warm and cool. The seat cover for dogs allows the dog to see you clearly through the window, which helps the dog reduce anxiety and keep calm. The backseat dog hammock has two waterproof layers. A new waterproof material called tpu can prevent your seats from getting wet. The side flaps on the dog hammock help your dog get in and out of the car easily, while preventing scratching the leather benches and doors. The dog back seat cover is held in place by four head rest straps, nonslip backing and two devices that are secured to the seat. Every time you step on the brakes, the cover could keep your dog from slipping. The dog's seat belt can be opened to prevent the dog from being injured in an emergency. The dog seat belt is free. If you have a problem with out back seat covers, please contact them, they'll help you out within 24 hours. It is easy to clean the Vailge dog cover.

Brand: Vailge

👤Where to begin? The cover is amazing. My two medium-sized dogs fit nicely inside the confines of this cover during a 12-hour drive in a little car. The side zip-down was convenient for letting them in and out during pit stops, and the mesh window was great to let air in. It was so shocking that it kept their hair in as well. The dog hair was outside the cover when we arrived. Due to heavy rain, the car hydroplaned and crashed, hitting the median twice and throwing us across the lanes and into a nearby hillside. Our two pups were safe because of this seat cover. The dogs were surrounded by the cover and it acted as a hammock. I credit the safety of my dogs to the seat cover, we all walked away with no injuries. Also, note: Thankfully our dogs didn't have neck injuries, but I don't recommend the included seat belt attachment because it would have been difficult to get them out of the car.

👤I have a hammock that fits perfectly in my Toyota 4runner. I measured everything before I bought it, the photos are the same as the actual product. I bought a hammock that was close to the measurements, even though some of them were off. The material seems to be strong and well made, just installed, so I will have to test it out before commenting on how easy it is to clean. It's easy to do everything else once you get the anchors in the hammock. As far as you can tighten the straps, you should. I had to wriggle my fingers through the seat belts, but the strap closes right around it. It comes with everything you need. I have taken ski on outings away from the house. This is a great product. My puppy likes to scratch, dig, and chew at new things and has a lot of energy. The hammock has held through this behavior even though I try to discourage it. I have given him water in a bowl and he knocked the bowl around and spilled the water on the hammock, which is actually waterproof. If ski has an accident, my seats will be safe.

👤Carrying a golden retriever with me can be a bit difficult. He sheds a lot. I have tried a lot of seat protectors, but this one covers the most area and leaves a mesh part in the front that he can see. It is not easy to install the first time, but after that you are good to go. Very pleased with the value.

👤I used this product for my boyfriends Nissan Altima. It fit our chocolate lab perfectly. I bought this product again for my car. It took 2 minutes to set it up again. If your dog isn't in the car, you can roll it over so you have a seat open in the back.

👤The back seat cover is perfect. The back seat of my husband's truck is very large. This cover is perfect. I am very happy with this.

5. XAILUFXN Barrier Organizer Netting Children

XAILUFXN Barrier Organizer Netting Children

The dog car barrier prevents naughty kids from entering the front seats while the dog is in the back seat. When you are driving, your children and dogs will stay on the backseats so that you can focus on the road. The dog car barrier helps prevent accidents. High elasticity and adjustedability. The pet barrier is made of elastic mesh. The dog car barrier is made of premium elastic stretchy net. The dog car barrier can be adjusted in width and height to fit your backseat area. Extending it to the full length of 19.68" and the width of 19.68" is possible. It is easy to adjust and large enough to fit most cars. The car accessories of the dog car barrier, design of the 3-layer elastic mesh bag, can be used as car mesh organizer, seat back net bag, barrier of backseat pet kids, purse holder. Their car dog barrier comes with 4 safety hooks which can be used to clip your car's headrests. You can remove the pet barrier without tools. The storage net opening is on the top of the dog barrier. Attach the top buckle to the pole. Be careful when they bounce back, and finally, hook on the hard edge of any object under the seat. They are committed to providing their customer with high quality Car Net Barrier and good service. If you find a quality problem with their product, please contact them. They will give you a reply within 24 hours.

Brand: Xailufxn

👤The smell is funny. It is not the easiest thing to install. It doesn't hold as much as I thought it would. It does keep the dog in the back seat, but it is not practical for storage.

👤It's not much more stretched. I tried to fit it to the seats but they didn't stretch to cover. I have a Ford F250 with bucket seats and they are not useful.

👤I bought it because I have seen these advertised with women putting a purse in them. A little evening purse would fit in a normal everyday purse.

👤Storage is too small. I can't stall in the back.

👤I bought this product because I needed to put some big things on it and it fit that well.

👤The garbage clips broke when I put it on.

👤This is great. My dog likes to move forward into the front and onto the arm rest. He stays calm and relaxed because he can still see what's happening up front with this handy product. Everyone is happy and safe. I thought it wouldn't work with my seats, but I figured it out. It is easy to connect.

6. Dog Car Barriers SUV Adventurers

Dog Car Barriers SUV Adventurers

There is a safe petpartition. The dog gate for trunk is for the animal lover who enjoys traveling with their pets. SUV bouncer for dogs. This car pet barrier is the perfect dog gate for the highlander toyota, as a Jeep dog fence, and even as a subaru forester dog barrier. There are dog accessories for small and large dogs. The Perropaw Dog barrier is versatile and can be adjusted based on the size of your pet or car. It is easy to exaggerate. The Perropaw auto pet barrier is easy to assemble. You can have your car trunk pet gates set up in a few simple steps. It is guaranteed that the SATISFACTION will be positive. The SUV Pet Barrier has exceptional customer service. If you don't like your dog car barrier, please let them know and their Perropaw team will take good care of you. Perropaw products are satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

Brand: Perropaw

👤The mess in the drivers compartment and the safety hazard are caused by the dogs jumping up front when I get out. I can now get out at the trail and air-down and not have to worry about the stress of them. My pit is 85 lbs and my lab is 75 lbs, both of them stay put. Awesome!

👤The side pieces can be moved up, down, in or out, and rotated to provide a barrier for your car or SUV. It fits an Acura. I believe it could fit a larger space. It doesn't reduce the space below the headrests. Installation took about 15 minutes. The style of gate that leaves more space for your pet at the floor level is called a pro. If you have a floor-to-ceiling barrier, you are blocking valuable floorspace below the tops of the seats that your pet could enjoy. The wayback is where he is adapting to his new space. The tradeoff is that I can't lay one seat down and still keep the 'doodle in his new space, so it's a beef. If you have a big SUV, you need a lot of flexibility. The style barrier is floor-to-ceiling. Is it better to have a smaller SUV that doesn't need maximum flexibility for pet, cargo and people? This is a good choice.

👤The fence barrier and net barrier only cover part of the problem. If you have a bench seat, which no one does anymore, the barrier fence would work just as well as it would in a police car, and the stretchy net would work just as well if you have small dogs in the back. Combining the barrier fence with the stretchy barrier to cover the lower portion of the seats was the perfect solution for our poodles. When they are in the back, you can leave the front doors open in the car if you need to get something or carry something out without the dogs jumping out of the car and running down the street. Since this product is well made and durable, it's a very good value, but plan on spending a little time installing it just because it has to be done a certain way to be secure. It is not difficult and requires a little time.

👤I can't recommend this product because it doesn't work with our Honda CRV. There are bucket seats. A small dog is between the seats. Our big dog is climbing over it. If your dog is well behaved, you probably wouldn't need it. The area shown in the picture is not covered by the photograph.

👤It was easy to install in my car. I had been using canvas dividers but my dog would try to crawl over and it wasn't much of a deterrent. She doesn't try to get past the divider and stays in the back. It held the pups back last weekend.

👤The dog was in the back of the car for our ride to the park. He was so excited to be inside the truck cab that he wanted to go to the park. He is in the back seat. No more scaring, no more sickening, no more near accidents. It works like a chariot. He is a labrador retriever.

7. Bushwhacker® Barrier Smaller Restraint Backseat

Bushwhacker%C2%AE Barrier Smaller Restraint Backseat

There is information. The PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Barrier is not meant to stop dogs from running, but it may be necessary for some pets. Barrier is made with a pet screen. The rear AC/heater vent can flow through the mesh. The half inch metal tubing keeps the barriers shape and prevents dogs from squeezing around them. Attaches to the seat belt mount or around the car seat frame. The dimensions are 50 inches wide at the top. It's ideal for sedans, small trucks and SUVs. The 56 inch model is not large enough. Refer to the last image for detailed dimensions. Measure the width of your vehicle's interior just below the headrests to determine if it will fit. If the width is more than 50 inches, it will fit. Refer to last image for complete dimensions. Refer to the last image for detailed dimensions. Measure the width of your vehicle's interior just below the headrests to determine if it will fit. If the width is more than 50 inches, it will fit. Refer to last image for complete dimensions.

Brand: Bushwhacker Usa

👤It is a bit of work to install. One sheet of basic instructions with pictures comes with the product. Not much detail. It works the same way as the poles on a small tent or sun shade. The poles intersect into the other. One right side, one left side and one center. It seems easy, but not! The poles are cut to slide into each other. One side or the other won't fit if you don't sequence them correctly. Installation of the center poles is the first tip for future buyers. This is the best way to intersect all the poles. I believe one other reviewer mentioned this and he is correct. There are two more The poles are held in place by the velcro. Yes, that is correct. Once you have all the poles in, you have to pull on the velcro to get it back together. The manufacture uses strong velcro, so once you get the two parts back together, it will hold. Again, just be ready to hit them. There are 3 more We didn't notice when ordering, but if you look at the picture, you will see the retaining screws are facing toward the backseat or cargo area. In other words, toward the dog. We were a bit worried that a dog could catch a collar, poke an eye, or something similar. Before installing in the car, we made sure the retaining screws were turned down and toward the mesh. This way, nothing is presented or facing the pet, so it's a little more challenging to tighten them. Installation of the barrier in the car will be easier with two people. One holds in place while the other secures the straps. The straps are held in place by the hardware "clamps", but you have to thread the straps into the clamps, hold the open position and then pull the straps to tighten. It's difficult to hold it up. I wanted to do one solo because we had to install two of these. The easiest way to work alone is to pre-thread the straps into the clamps with enough "play" to slide over the head rest. The product is light but sturdy. It looks like it will provide a barrier between the backseat and the front. The problem with securing our dog on a safety harness is that he has enough play in the seat belt to try and come up front. This is the barrier. Hope it is helpful, apologize for the long review.

👤I bought this so that I could take the two cats out of their cages and away from my feet. I haven't used it yet but it seems sturdy and the 50” barrier fits behind the back seats of my RAV4 perfectly, and I'm confident that they won't be able to get around it. I finished it on my own in about 45 minutes after assembly and installation. I like to have the driver's seat in front of the middle console so that the back of the seat is not too far back. The barrier is against the back of the console, so there is a gap between the front seats and the bottom of the barrier. The car will be packed full of stuff, so it's likely not an issue for me. If you are going to be using this under regular conditions and have your driver's seat far forward, I can block it off, but definitely something to consider. I am sure the mesh will hold up for a few days, but I am not sure if it will work for sharp claws. Not sure about long-term dependability.

8. Barrier Between Adjustable Installed Trucks

Barrier Between Adjustable Installed Trucks

The dog car barrier is designed to keep your dogs and kids out of harms way. They don't have to worry about breaking into the front seat. Ensure the safety of your pets and kids while you drive and make you feel safer. You and your pet will love this pet barrier that allows you to keep an eye on each other through the mesh viewing window. The lower part of the dog barrier is made of high-quality material. Will not get stuck by your dog. The dog barrier is made of top quality nylon fabric and net and soft interlayer and has nice and strong sewing stitches, which make it strong enough to beclawed by your pets, durable to be cleaned by the washing machine, and won't get damaged. The pet backseat barrier with strap clips is large enough to completely cover the gap between the front two seats and is easy to install in most vehicles. The pet net barrier is easy to install. It can be attached to the front seat headrests.

Brand: Ubrand

👤This is thin and flimsy. There is no place for the bottom straps to be secured to my car. The police have to keep these two out of the front seats since they both try to get onto my lap when I drive. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤I have a 13 week old golden retriever that is very explorative. This didn't stop him. I couldn't attach the bottom part of the barrier because my vehicle is not made with legs on the bottom of the front. He figured out how to get under on the second ride and by the end of the week he was in the lead. It is likely made more fore small dogs under 15 lbs.

👤This is perfect! I have a dog shuttle that I drive that keeps the dogs from coming back to the back, and worse, I have coffee in the back of the shuttle. It's nice and long.

👤This is a great product. The bottom straps could be longer. I was able to make the top work, but the bottom straps wouldn't touch the seat rails, so I had to wrap them around it. If they pull the top to break it stretched too far apart, you should move your seats.

👤The quality is nice, but my vehicle did not work with the bottom strap buckles. They weren't long enough for the design of my seats. I had to use bungie cords. I waited for another product to come in cheaper than buying it. The mesh is nice. Make sure it will fit your car.

👤Within a month, the bottom strap broke. I bought a net to keep my dog in the back of my van. He can fit his head in the side gaps, even though it does the job. It didn't fit my van well. Longer straps are needed to account for wider vehicles.

👤My large lab can jump over it. He used to squeeze his big old body in between the seats to make it safer to drive, but now he can't. We are working on that little trick, because he only jumps over it when I am parked. It stops my smaller dog.

👤Our SUV is perfect for keeping our pups in back. It is better than the other mesh ones I have seen, as there is no risk of them getting a nail or paw or nose caught in it, but still allows air flow.

9. Meadowlark Protector Non Slip Repellant Headrest

Meadowlark Protector Non Slip Repellant Headrest

100% waterproof and easy to clean. The dog car seat covers are waterproof and better than other covers. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth or vacuum. The highest quality materials. The hammock car seat covers for dogs use the highest quality materials that are designed with 4 layers of double stitching and extra padding for heavy-duty comfort and protection. They're also non-slip. Vehicle protection. The dog car seat cover protects your car from spills, dirt and scratches. It has side flaps to protect your doors from being ruined. It is easy to use and clean. The car seat protectors can be easily secured with seat anchors, hooks, and loops that offer extra comfort and safety. The car seat dog cover is machine washed to keep your car smelling fresh. There is a universal size for cars. Most standard cars, SUVs, and small trucks can be fitted with these car dog seat covers. The middle zip up allows you to tailor your space to maximize comfort in any vehicle. You will never have to worry about messes or scratches on your car seats again. The dog car seat cover is a great gift for a loved one who has a pet, and it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. You will never have to worry about messes or scratches on your car seats again. The dog car seat cover is a great gift for a loved one who has a pet, and it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Brand: Meadowlark

👤It fits my BMW X5 perfectly. The black color is the same shade as the black Dakota leather seats. I was worried that it would make the car look cheap. No way! It looks great on the inside.

👤I found out after the return period that puppy urine goes into the seat of my car. I am very disappointed. It's well made if your dog is broken. I enjoy many aspects of it. It is a gross misstatement to claim that it is water proof when it isn't.

👤I took my dog for a ride to the park after installing the Meadowlark dog seat cover, because I was so excited to try it out. She was at the beach and got muddy. My dog was in a car seat. She was able to look out the windows because she didn't slide around. She used to lie on the floor behind me. My car is a Mazda 3. The car seat cover was installed in 3 minutes. My dog is a mix of dogs. She is a solid 40 lbs. The cover of the car seat is well-made. I like that it is machine-washable and can fit a passenger and dog in the back seat. I did a lot of research before choosing this product. I think we will like this product for a long time to come. Thanks to Meadowlark for the great product.

👤Absolutely recommend this product. This one fits well, is easy to clean, and most important, it offers a degree of safety. I waited until I saw how my dog was doing. I bought the Meadowlark because it had the full protection line. The dog car hammock is going to protect your entire car and ensure the safety of your dog. I looked at all of the highest rated "hammocks" and only this one even considered the safety of the dogs. It will not protect your dogs as well as a seat belt would, but it is the next best thing. It is easy to install. It is easy to clean. It fits my pickup and my wife's SUV. I recommend buying it because it offers fair safety, no negatives, and other positives.

👤Good protection to the seats and vehicle doors is provided by this fit. The doors are easy to open. It has headrests covers that are easy to install and look like I can wash them, but I didn't try. The product is made of a thick fabric, which makes it very durable.

👤The product was very good. I travel a lot with my two fur babies to Philadelphia. I tested this for a week because my large rottie jumps over the seat when I get out of the car and it's difficult to get her to her backseat location. She was comfortable in the seat and did not jump out when I got out. I would have given this 5stars but it didn't fit the back seat headrests well and I had to make some adjustments. I like that it folds down quickly and I can keep moving.

10. Car Seat Cover for Dogs

Car Seat Cover for Dogs

It's convenient and safe to replace cheap dog seat covers for cars that can't protect your pet's paws and claws. This covering keeps your car clean and provides top-tier padding for the rest of your life. They made these car seat covers for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Their car seat protectors are sure to fit in any car. It is easy to clean. Do you read the shed? Their back seat cover for dogs is made with 600D Oxford waterproof cotton and is easy to clean. First, safety! The dog back seat cover is covered with 4 heavy-duty headrest anchors and 2 seat anchors, so your pet doesn't slip and slide around on the bumps. Have you had any questions about the dog car seat cover? The customer satisfaction team is happy to help.

Brand: Active Pets

👤Not a bad cover. There is no way that is the item in their photo. My item in the photo was not as nice as the one in the photo. I don't like the bait and switch photo, but I would probably buy again. You can choose between my cover on the left and their photo on the right.

👤I wanted to take my dog for a swim. I was afraid to clean my seat. I was looking for a product like that. You can see on my video that I poured a glass of water on the cover in my experiment. The back seat is dry. Rex can go with me to the lake.

👤The dog cover is great. The clips are strong. My dog would have to pull it down and make holes in it if it was not adjusted. The rubber bottom is made to prevent the dog from slipping. I am very happy with my purchase and recommend this product.

👤The cover is necessary for a pet owner like me who travels with three dogs. The seat cover is packaged in clear plastic. I have used other brands in the past, but this one has better quality from front to back. I am very happy with it. The seat cover is 58" x 54" and black with orange edges. It is made of four layers for the best protection. The top layer is water resistant, the second is soft cotton, the third is waterproof and the fourth is soft rubber to grip the car seats. The soft rubber grip kept the cover from sliding on my leather seats. It is easy to put the pet cover in the backseat. It's a good fit for my Jeep Grand Cherokee. Four straps keep it in place. Pets can't escape up to the front through the console area if they stay in the backseat. You can use it without having it come up over the front seats, but you can use it on the back seat or on the floor. It's good for when you have passengers in your car and you don't want to take the seat cover out. The seat cover has a slit to allow the use of seat belts for pets and other passengers. I like the fact that this cover has two seat anchors attached to it, which is a feature that my other pet seat covers did not have. It helps to keep them in place instead of sliding around on my leather. The rubber backing keeps them in place. The cover is waterproof if there is an accident in the car. It can be washed and even sprayed with water. My pets hair gets all over my car and onto my passengers. I don't have to worry about my pet getting dirty at the park as I can hose them down at home and the cover protects my car on the drive back home. This is a high quality cover that I would recommend.

11. LOOBANI Adjustable Universal Designed Interfering

LOOBANI Adjustable Universal Designed Interfering

The measurement of the Pet Dog Car Barrier is 38.6 in (L) * 46.4 in (W) and it can be adjusted freely, which is very flexible. Most cars, SUVs, vehicles, trucks, minivans, jeep, off-road and other types of vehicles are suitable for the pet car net barrier. Please measure the space between the back of the headrests of the front seats of your car, as well as the width and height of the front seats before you buy. Refer to the third image for detailed dimensions. Their dog car barrier net is scratch and tear resistant and made of strong and durable fabric. The top and middle of the dog car net are made of Textilene mesh, while both sides of the barrier are made of Oxford cloth. The middle mesh design allows the rear AC / heater vent to go through the dog car net barrier. The mesh buckles are reinforced to prevent them from getting tangled around your pet. The pet dog net vehicle barrier completely covers the console area and the space between the front seats. The tight and strong net prevents pets from entering the front seats while driving and interfering with the view and disturbing the driver, increasing driving safety. There are pockets on both sides of the net for storing pet toys, water bottles and snacks. One of the pockets has been sealed to prevent your pet from damaging the items. The pet barrier can be folded to make it easier to store in your car. Their vehicle car net are easy to install and remove, and can be installed without the use of tools. Just put the mesh head cover over the car and then adjust the tightness of the strap below according to your needs, and then fix the rope at the bottom on the seat, and the installation is complete. Refer to the installation video or product descriptions for detailed instructions.

Brand: Loobani

👤I was not expecting that product. I was going to get a cheap plastic that would tear easily. The barrier I received was made of plastic. Installation was easy. There is a lot of storage space for things. It can be folded easily when finished. The dog car net barrier is worth the money.

👤Traveling with my dog can be a challenge as he is large and wants to be in the lap of someone. I tried to keep him in the back seat for safety, but he would always find a way to get out of the car. This is the easiest thing I have tried. My dog likes it because he can still see through the top of the net. He can not get over the top. It's safe for everyone. It was helpful in keeping him calm.

👤The cover on your head rest is ugly and does not work, my Chi and Jack had it bent over and were given it away.

👤It was broken on the second day. There is a I only drove for 40 minutes with my dog. 30 minutes was the second day. My dog was pushing the leash net with her nose. She was not Biting or scratching. Is she a strong dog? There is a She is only 42 lbs. She is very gentle. The size of the divider was good. The mesh net to cover the head was too small. I couldn't use that. I was able to use it with a leash. I was hoping it would last for a while. I didn't think 2 days would be done.

👤I was hoping this would work out. My dogs were pushing their heads against it, and it was enough for it to tear down the middle. If you have small or medium size dogs, this might work. If you have large dogs who want to see what you're doing up in the front, find something else. It should be made of chainmail.

👤I have a Border Collie who always wants to be in between the seats. The shield is amazing. I was worried that the AC wouldn't be enough. It is perfect. I feel liberated because he can still see what's happening, it's like the backseat is his little room. I think that's correct. I drive a small SUV, the back seat is covered, I have a shield up, I have a sunshade on the windows, and a 12V fan hanging. I need to find a new hook for his water bowl because he is comfy, my car is protected, it is easy to clean and it doesn't look bad.

👤My dog is not sure how to get by this. The mesh is thick, but not as thick as it could be.

👤I am sad that this product won't work for me but I am happy that it is 46 in wide and that the pockets that fit over the headrests don't go to the edge of the product making.


What is the best product for car seat divider for dogs?

Car seat divider for dogs products from F-color. In this article about car seat divider for dogs you can see why people choose the product. Dykeson and Pawple are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat divider for dogs.

What are the best brands for car seat divider for dogs?

F-color, Dykeson and Pawple are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat divider for dogs. Find the detail in this article. Vailge, Xailufxn and Perropaw are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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