Best Car Seat Divider Between Seats for Dogs

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1. Nomee 3 Layer Barrier Space Divider

Nomee 3 Layer Barrier Space Divider

The purse holder for car is only applicable to vehicles with a front opening accessory box. The lengths of strap on top and bottom can be adjusted to fit your car. Extra space between the front seats is provided by the car mesh organizer, which is a great product to cover the interval gap between the front seats. You can put your items in a bag. Their product is right between the two front seats, so the driver can pick whatever they want. Don't worry about getting your purse off from the consolers. It has four hooks and four points of two seats. There is no big gap between the mesh bag and the seats if the front seats are adjusted at the top. The space divider of front seats and back seats is called the Pet and Kids Barrier. It can keep kids and pets out of your car. It suits universal automotive with two front seats. It can stretch to 12'' x 12'', sometimes even bigger, because it is made of elastic material. All passengers on the car can use it. It suits universal automotive with two front seats. It can stretch to 12'' x 12'', sometimes even bigger, because it is made of elastic material. All passengers on the car can use it.

Brand: Nomee

👤The universal fit worked well in my Honda Accord and we like the built in pockets. I'm sure that this works well for smaller dogs and well-behaved dogs, but our crazy lab is not one of them. It has no effect on him trying to get into the front seat with us. He ignored it like stepping over a cobweb. We have to wrestle with him to stay in the back seat, and he has his paws stuck in the net. We're going to keep it because it's better than nothing, and we're going to load the pockets with water bottles to make it a bit more sturdy, so he won't be able to climb over.

👤The idea was great. I was hit in the face by the net when the two crazy black labs fought over sitting with my mom. Not a good time. It was a better way to get this, but for the price, it was not bad.

👤The mesh part doesn't expand very much if you have to stretch to reach mounting points. It leaves a lot of room for my dogs to run around. If your dog is an escape artist, this isn't for you.

👤The golden retriever is behind the barrier. The barrier I have is smaller than the one pictured. The size of pockets is not going to hold a purse. It will keep items from sliding into the back if they slip between the seat and the side of the barrier. Great idea. Too small.

👤It doesn't fit well in my car. It is rather narrow. I can't use the pockets when I stretch it to fit. It will keep my baby in the back seat. I just got one for that purpose and shouldn't have tried to have extras.

👤I use it for both things. It's only used when I ride. I keep the cords.

👤It was much smaller than I had expected. The sellers were not to blame. It was mine. I should order a bigger one.

2. Ablechien Dog Car Seat Water Resistant

Ablechien Dog Car Seat Water Resistant

Take your pets on a road. The ELLONI dog hammock for backseat can provide the best protection to your car. Use the backseat dog cover to save time. The customer service team always gives you satisfactory service. They give a dog seat belt and string bag and a bowl as a bonus with every purchase of this back seat car cover for dogs. The cup, umbrella, and tablets are only for reference. The platform bridge has a rigid base that maximizes single backseat space. The dog car seat is recommended for dogs of 35 lbs or smaller. If you want to keep your pet in place, you can use the dog car seat to Zip up the left and right sides of the seat. The pet car seat needs to be secured with two straps and a seat anchor. The heavy-duty fabric protects your car from sharp claws and protects your car seats from damage. It can be used on the left or right side of the vehicle's backseat. It fits backseat areas larger than 23 feet. There is a lifetime warranty. Lifetime warranty and No-Hassle 100% satisfaction guarantee are offered by Ablechien dog seat covers. There is a lifetime warranty. Lifetime warranty and No-Hassle 100% satisfaction guarantee are offered by Ablechien dog seat covers.

Brand: Ablechien

👤My 3 year old blue nose pit loved this seat. It is very easy to use.

👤I was looking for a back seat that wouldn't take up a lot of room since I will have 2 car seats back there for babies. My dog likes this. She is a Golden dog. She goes to sleep in it.

👤A small dog. They are not sure why they chose the dog. We have a medium sized pit bull. The dog is hard to get into it as only one side is open. Had to come back.

👤I like the idea of a bigger car seat for my 50s. A dog. After using the last one twice, the side zip is broken. It was a little disappointing for something that was $60. The seller has fixed all of the issues I had. I was very happy with the experience and the car seat for my puppy.

👤The bottom is strong. Tougher than I expected. I think the front side of the seat would be easier to load and unload. It's easy to install and works great. Seatbelt function can be added to any part of the back seats and can work on either side. So far, it's been great!

👤It is a good carseat for my little girl. She is more comfortable in the single carseat than in the back seats.

👤I left it in my car in the winter. The stains were left in the white seats after the underside was removed. Not coming off with anything. It will cost thousands of dollars to replace the bench seat. Would not buy it.

👤I was worried about the price but I was happy with the quality. Our girl is very scared of the car and this gave her support and stopped her from sliding too much. The zips on the side allow her to jump straight in. This is a perfect fit for her, as she is a bigger dog. She can still lie down.

3. GoodStore Barrier Obstacle Backseat Adjustable

GoodStore Barrier Obstacle Backseat Adjustable

It helps drive safety. Dog car barriers can be used to keep dogs, pets and children out of the front seat when driving. For drivers, passengers, and pets, create a more comfortable and safer driving journey. Unique design. The stretch mesh construction of the netting bag prevents dog scratching. It is elastic, not easy to be broken and damaged, and does not block the air outlet of the air conditioner. The height of the barrier can effectively block pet dogs and it is not easy to fall off. It's easy to install. The pet car barrier metal hook hangs under the seat and the upper lock is set at the metal rod of the headrest. One-click disassemble and assembly, which can be adjusted according to the size of the car, can be quickly installed and disassembled without any tools. The materials aredurable. The Pet net barrier is made of durable Oxford cloth and polyester, the combination of metal hooks makes it stronger, and can be easily adjusted to fit you according to the size of your car. It's for most cars SUV trucks. If you have a problem in the process of buying a car dog fence, please contact them, they will give you a satisfactory answer.

Brand: Onmier

👤Unless you have a well behaved dog that listens when you say "stay" or "sit". This item won't keep your dog in the back seat. Our girl feels like she's part of the family so she should be wherever we are. She got tangled in the net part multiple times after walking over it. I thought I'd give it a few tries but it's too easy to mow. She looked at me with her big husky eyes and asked what I was doing. To the drawing board again.

👤This is wonderful! Excellent quality and serves purpose. I have several surgeries and treatment at home. Two fur babies love to sit up front. I had to make sure they stayed in the back. My girls are 16 and 11 lbs. I read other comments and was hesitant, but I took the chance because my girls are different. It took just a few moments for them to realize they have to stay in the back seat. The mesh at the bottom is strong enough to allow them to get the ac they need. You need a front seat head rest that is adjusted so the divider is secure. We have no problem with this and still have a couple inches on each side for more room if needed. We put it in a SUV. I would purchase this again. The price is better than the dividers at the local pet store. Happy customer! We received 2 days after purchase for shipping.

👤The photo is easy to install and the dog stays in the back of the truck. He is leaning into the barrier.

👤I own a full size truck with a crew cab and 3 small dogs who travel with me. I don't want the dogs sitting on the console or in the passenger seat because I'm using maps or the seat to hold other items. I've only used on a short trip with one dog and she respected the restriction, but it's not clear what will happen with all 3 dogs and some distance. It was easy to install the top part since it was attached to the poles on the headrests. It was hard to install at the bottom. My seats don't have an easy way to attach the straps of the barrier from one seat to the other. I had to squeeze into the floor space and use one hand to push the strap through an opening while using the other hand to grab and pull through. It was very frustrating. It seems to be secure once installed. If you don't attach at the bottom and top, I can see a large dog or an ambitious smaller dog getting through the barrier. I don't want to have to install the same item again.

👤My black lab can easily get over it if she wants to. It makes it harder, but she will easily put both paws over and have them resting on my console, like she normally does. The opening at the bottom of my AC is something I don't like. Every car is different. The air doesn't get to the back of the car because the dodge charger has the vent blowing out in the middle section. I have a baby in a carseat and I have to take it down so I can get some air for him. It was a huge pain to install the 2 bottom hooks. It took a long time and a lot of pain to get them connected. The ones that were easy were the top ones. The product won't work on the connected headrests. You need the small metal pillars to attach to. Thankfully my car has them. If I could do it again, I would get a mesh divider to allow for my rear console ac to flow better.

4. Tilfna Organizer Children Adjusting Headrest

Tilfna Organizer Children Adjusting Headrest

The seat hook is made of high-quality materials, which is flexible,durable and eco-friendly, and the storage net pocket is made of high-quality elastic nylon, with three-layer design and four-sided elasticity, which has strong flexibility. Car seat net helps to keep your items in order. It can be used as a dog car net barrier and also as a large number of items store. There is a car organizer in the front and rear of your car. A barrier is formed between them so that they can't be interfered with. Turn wasted space into storage space for groceries, handbags, bags, wallet, school bags, umbrellas, water bottles, shopping bags, wallet, etc. It doesn't take up space and can be put away. Each hook can carry 60 pounds of weight, and the anti-hook suspension design means no need to worry about hooks falling off. The dog net is easy to install, you just have to put it on the hard side of the seat. If you want to lock the hook on the car's headrest, you have to place the automatic hook on the headrest. It can be stretched to cover the gap between the first 2 seats, but the size is only 11 inches. The package is suitable for most car models.

Brand: Tilfna

👤The triple layer pet barrier keeps my pets in the back seat where they can't disturb me while I'm driving. It takes a couple minutes to install. It is long lasting and sturdy. If you have fur babies in the car, this is a mist. The value is great.

👤I bought one a few years ago and it was much stronger. They are all manufactured with a thin gauged elastic that feels frail.

👤I will get this into my car after I find the instructions online. There are no instructions.

👤It is easy to install and looks neat. It helps to keep the dog in the back seat.

5. 3 Layer Organizer Between Adjusting Headrest

3 Layer Organizer Between Adjusting Headrest

Reduce disturbing safe driving by keeping naughty pets or kids in the back seat area. You will no longer be concerned about them getting into the seats. The car net bag can be used to prevent accidents. This car mesh organizer between seats is 11.06 inches wide and has a 3-layer net with dual pockets that is great to organize and store items. It's suitable for different types of cars. The pet car organizers can hold more weight. The length of the 2 straps above has no elasticity which makes it not elastic enough to hold up if you load up the pockets with weight. The car mesh organizers seat back net bag is made of high quality material which provides safety, softness, and light weight. The total span of your car, SUV, trunk, and seats is what the length of the 2 straps above fits. The universal elastic mesh net will match your car. There are effective dogs and kids deterrents. The mesh between seats is a barrier to keep out naughty children and pets. It's a great help when you want to take your dogs or kids out. Attach the upper and lower hooks to the headrest rods, and the seat hooks to the bottom of each side. There are 4 pack car headrest hooks. The car seat hooks are made of high quality PP material, which ensures lasting reliability and enduring value, and the hanger is strong enough to hold 30 pounds per hook. It makes it easy to pick up items in your cars. They offer a 24 month warranty. They are always here to support you if you have any other questions about their car seat mesh organizers. You can buy this bag with confidence. They offer a 24 month warranty. They are always here to support you if you have any other questions about their car seat mesh organizers. You can buy this bag with confidence.

Brand: Yewaii

👤The space between the mesh is too large for things to be kept in. There are items in the mesh. Not large enough to hold a purse.

👤The barrier we purchased was for our dogs in the middle seat. It is used to deter the dogs from running in case of a sudden stop. If they really want to jump over it, they can, but still do the job. The dog seat covers were installed to protect the seat.

👤The description is not correct. This item has no three layers. There are two openings into which to place anything. There isn't more than one opening. There are only two.

👤The lower elastic is not tight enough to keep my purse from falling into the back floorboard. The bottom elastic needs to be shortened.

👤It works for those in the back of the car. Those in the back seat are likely to be more helpful.

👤It's a long way behind me to reach things or put things into them.

👤Couldn't find one long enough. It's better than nothing. I like the two compartments for holding stuff.

6. MSR IMPORTS Dog Seat Extender

MSR IMPORTS Dog Seat Extender

Your dog can ride in comfort, thanks to the back seat extender. Great for long trips, let man's best friend stretch out. The quilted top has an extra roomy compartment to hold your pet toys, bowls, blankets or other items. The seat extender is for SUVs and mid-sized cars. It is possible to support your pet with up to 100 pounds.

Brand: Msr Imports

👤I like that they are collapsible. The covers come off so you can wash them. The storage is large. You can't have a divider. If you want to shorten the box, divide it in half and then half again. The dividers are easy to add or remove with the help of the Velcro on the walls. It's good as a gapfiller. We have a car. I only had to slide my seat forward because I'm 6'3". There is still plenty of room to drive. If I wanted to move my seat all the way back, I could as the boxes are solid but the way they are put together with or without the divider gives me a little wiggle room. I would have to return them because I couldn't put my seat where it is now if they didn't give me their consent. The second picture shows a little of the give. There is a gap in the middle that is useful for things you need to take with you but don't want to pull over to get. We are going on our first road trip with them today and I will update in a few months as to the durability.

👤I liked the look of these. I bought a second one after buying the first one. If you have a small dog, they might be good. My dogs are 70 and 60 pounds. The tops broke after 4 months of use. The are made of cardboard. These inserts can be easily removed. I will be looking for something that is strong.

👤We wanted to take a weekend snow trip to the mountains with our new car. We had an inflatable seat that we didn't like. We bought two of these. The chocolate labs were able to lay down comfortably. The extenders are made well. We were able to store our items in the compartment with enough room for them as well. The other extenders fill the space. This is a great buy because it is highly functional. I can't recommend it enough.

👤We bought this for our first car trip. It was perfect behind the passenger seat of my Jeep Grand Cherokee. It was strong enough to support Toby's weight. He had a folded Hotel tote bag, his individually bagging dog food, toys, dog dishes, and room to share with me in the 6 roomy compartments that opened to the top. I could put some books and craft supplies in a bag. I was glad I didn't buy the first one. It is sturdy and can be disassembled and folded flat for storage. I left it together so we could go back south in January. It was a life saver. Toby could stretch out and sleep in a different way than on the narrow back seat. A 1200 mile trip with a calm dog is a bonus.

👤The first time I squeezed it between the front seat and back bench, one of the seams broke. The sewing work on the fabric cover is not very good. The inside works. I haven't used it for storage, but it looks like it can hold 6 liter-size bottles at once with the inner matrix installed. This is light weight and supports two dogs. The dogs have more space and can easily be picked up for passengers to sit on the back bench, which is why I prefer this design. It takes time to collapse and then rebuild, but it can be collapsed as well. I put a long bathroom rug on top of the slippery top to give it good grip.

7. Petbobi Barrier Elastic Organizer Install´╝îBlack

Petbobi Barrier Elastic Organizer Install%EF%BC%8CBlack

Petbobi dog car barrier prevents naughty kids or pets in the back seat from entering the front seats disturbing your daily drives. When you are driving, your children and dogs will stay on the backseats so that you can focus on the road. This car net bag has high elasticity and is fully adjusted. It can be stretched to 16.9in x 19.3in with its high elasticity. It can be adjusted to cover the gap between the front seats of a small car. The pet net can be used as a car partition and as a car mesh organizer. The design of the elastic mesh bag prevents items from slipping off during driving and provides more storage space for your car. The pet car barrier is made of strong materials, which are safe and non-toxic. The rope, mesh, and edge band can be stretched and maintained for a long time with a strong bearing capacity. Petbobi dog car barrier has 4 safety hooks. You can stretch the bungee cords as much as you want, no drilling or stickers are required, and you don't have to spend a lot of time and effort. One person can work well in the process.

Brand: Petbobi

👤My dog pops his head through the gaps. It doesn't cover all sides equally. I have used it in both legacies and crosstrek. He jumps over it in the car. To get to the back seat. What a person. OakZip contacted me and suggested a dog seat belt. I was skeptical that it would work, but it was made out of quality materials and sturdy. My dog stays put and doesn't jump over the barrier.

👤The seller contacted me and offered a different product that is better for our boy. Customer service is amazing. It is small, the top is low, and the dogs will chew through it. It would be better if the top straps were shorter.

👤This was bought for my Mini Cooper and is very small. It is good but small.

👤It's great for trips with your dog when they want to jump in the front seat. I can't fit a big dog in the front seat. There are pockets to put items in.

👤My dog can't go one seat to the other.

👤I have a Jeep and wish they were bigger. There are some gaps that I wish I didn't have. The plastic connections are not strong enough. I use small carabiners. The plastic ones would break.

👤It is so small that my dog could not jump over it. If the golden retriever won't hold back one, why put a picture of it on there?

👤The photo shows it is larger. I have a truck that is too small for the gap between the seats. It's ok for a small car and a dog, not a pickup truck and a pit bull.

8. DFDM National Organizer Standard Between

DFDM National Organizer Standard Between

Universal Studios. The Zone Tech universal pet net barrier can be found in almost any vehicle. The pet mesh barrier is easy to assemble and can be moved from vehicle to vehicle. The upper 2 are aluminum alloy carabiners, and the below 2 are nickel plated steel hooks. It is large enough for most standard sized cars, small trucks, and smaller vehicles. It can cover the gap between the front two seats. It doesn't block the ACVENTS. The mesh material of this car organizers is strong. Extra reinforced non elastic vertical and cross straps allow a strong attachment with no sagging. The installation of this handbag holder is very simple, you just need to click on the column posts, hook the object under the seat, and adjust the straps. The top two straps have no elasticity which makes them sagging if you load up the pockets with weight. If you have a large vehicle, please consider their front seat cargo net divider. The top two straps have no elasticity which makes them sagging if you load up the pockets with weight. If you have a large vehicle, please consider their front seat cargo net divider.

Brand: Dfdm National

👤I love this thing. I read a lot of reviews and it was spinning in my head. This was perfect for my car. It is heavy-duty. It's convenient for eyeglasses case, tissues, maps, coupons, wet wipes, etc. During a vacation trip, I put a coffee thermos, bags of snacks, battery pack, and fresh fruit in there. My purse is secured between the seats and it looks like an overnight bag. I have easy access to it. I reclined the passenger seat to sleep while my husband drove. It's easy to get to from the backseat. It's a must have item. I love it that it's similar to my cargo area.

👤I don't carry passengers in the back so I use it with the pockets facing forward. I wanted to get my purse out of the passenger seat. Works well for that. The iPad is in the rear pocket, and my small purse is in the front pocket. It's fairly easy to put items in the pockets and retrieve them most of the time. The elastic is hard to stretch to hook the hooks onto the seat backs. If the cords slip out of your hand, they can hurt your face, so be careful when stretching them. I would like the pockets to be a little bigger and not as tight, so they could hold larger purses or more items, but they work for me.

👤I like that I can put kleenex, my purse, or any other item in my car seat or floor to keep it handy. I put it in a wash machine with lots of fabric softner and it smelled terrible when I first opened it.

👤Over 2000 customers rated my one really well. It was undersized. It took me a long time to locate this large object. It covers the space between the seats completely. No more dogs running together.

👤It keeps my sunglasses out of the center console area and passenger seat, and it helps with holding my small purse. A lot of the others were small and didn't cover the area between the seats. I don't use the center tie down because we have a DVD screen that pops up back of the center console. I put it in the bottom of the net and moved it to use the screen.

👤I bought this for a road trip and it works great. It stretches to hold more items and has a lot of space for them. It was easy to install. I didn't show this on the video but I had my purse on the console and it didn't hit the floor with the mesh organizers in place. It doesn't affect the leg room in the back seat. This is a great item to keep your car organized.

👤I love this net. It was very easy to install. It keeps my purse in place. Exactly what I was hoping for.

👤Great find! I bought the smaller one and it fits in my car. I read reviews and decided to go with the smaller Jeep because I wanted to know the right size for it. Thank goodness I did. I own a 2020 Jeep Wrangler. Wanted to find a car net that was versatile yet rugged. Love the extra pockets. It was installed in 3 minutes. Great stretch, stays in place. Highly recommended!

9. Wellbro Backseat Barrier Durable Vehicle

Wellbro Backseat Barrier Durable Vehicle

The pet barrier is attached to the back of the car's seats to prevent pets from jumping into the front seats during a sudden stop and to keep pets in the backseat without distraction. There are double-glazed windows. The upper mesh window makes the dog visible to the driver and lets the dog see the front view to create a reliable environment with no scare or worry; while the lower one promotes air circulation and gives ideal temperature for the passengers and pets. It's easy to install and store. The car dog net barrier is easy to install and remove, and it is convenient to drive with your pets whenever and wherever you please. It is made of top quality nylon fabric and net and soft EVA interlayer and has nice and strong sewing stitches which make it strong enough to beclawed by your pets, durable to be cleaned by washing machine and won't get sagged over time. Fit most cars. The pet backseat barrier is large enough to completely cover the gap between the front two seats and easy to install in most vehicles.

Brand: Wellbro

👤We travel around the country with our two dogs in a 5th wheel trailer. The divider we bought to keep our animals in the back was working well until a couple of weeks ago. The divider in the truck was re-installed by my husband before we left, and that's when we noticed that the seam was giving out. While we were in Texas, we used the divider to drive around sight-seeing. We went to CO with the pups on 24 Mar. Since coming home from there, we've barely used the divider since we don't drive the truck much at home. We only used it for about 6 weeks. We were really happy with the divider and were very disappointed to see the seam start to break since the dogs don't bother it much. I don't think I can repair it myself because the cloth is shredded to the point where I don't think I can. The return date has passed since the purchase was made. We'll just wait and see how long it holds out before the seam completely gives out.

👤It took a couple of mini bungee cords and some ingenuity on my part, but I got this thing to fit between the seats of my old Astro van. I don't know how well my dog can see through the dense net, but she can use the side windows. She can not get into the front seat anymore. I had to cut out an area on top so that my dog could rest her neck and look out the window.

👤It was easy to install. There is a bit of slack on the bottom cords that I couldn't get to tighten, so it's not completely flat in my 2001 Ford Taurus. I thought it would be an issue, but it has worked out great. It's a better option to just put the arm rest up, rather than trying to keep the dogs away from the front. This is a good soft divider and my dog is on a leash. I am happy that I bought it.

👤I felt good about it as I put it in my SUV since the top loops easily went around the headsets and cinched in. I tucked the bottom hooks under the mats after giving up trying to attach them to something. There is no way I can hook them to my SUV. There are a lot of electrical components under the seat. There is no place to hook! I still think this is a decent product for the price, and it is doing the job well enough for me. It would be great if there was a redesign for SUVs with lots of components under the seat.

👤The only positive was that it kept my pups from getting into the front seat. There are no instructions for installation. My dog had her paws on the top of the barrier, and the entire barrier was ripped up in a short car ride. I was surprised that the material was destructible because dogs were not scratching or pawing at it. I would think something made for animals would be more durable.

10. Adjustable Organizer Backseats Stretchable Different

Adjustable Organizer Backseats Stretchable Different

Ensure safe driving by creating a space divider and barrier in the car to keep children and pets out of the back seat. Four-sided elastic car dog net. The nylon and elastic has been upgraded to stretchable enough to fit different cars and ensure a longer life. Its stretched size is 23.0 in. It's easy to adjust to fit for most types of cars. It is easy to install. The two bigger hooks should be put on the column of the two front seats, and the two smaller hooks on the hard edge of any object under the seats. The installation process can be done alone. It is a car net that can be installed between the two front seats or on the seat back to help organize personal belongings, such as keys, tissues, water, wallet, perfume, umbrella, keep the car clean and tidy. The package has a pc of car net bag inside. If you have a problem with the products you receive, you can contact them in time and they'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Brand: Willieshi

👤The barrier looked like it belonged in a child's truck. It's barely bigger than a plate.

👤This would work great if you don't have a very curious dog that likes to be in the front seat and you need some extra storage. My dog is too persistent and this did not create a barrier, but if you don't have that issue, then this may be for you.

👤I'm happy with it, but he's not happy that he has to stay in the back seat.

11. DEENRSEE Stretchable Obstacle Organizer Children

DEENRSEE Stretchable Obstacle Organizer Children

This product can be used as a barrier. The back seat allows your pets and children to sit in it without being distracted. You will no longer be concerned about them getting into the seats. This helps ensure the safety of you and your family. Strong flexibility and high durability. Their dog barrier is made of high strength metal hooks and elastic bungee cords that are strong enough to hold your dog's paws. When not stretched, the size is 15.75 x 11.70. It can be extended to the full length of 28 and 22 inches. Keep your car tailpipes clean. Their auto accessories of the dog car barrier can be used to organize your car and help you organize your life. Simple installation. Fasten the top buckle to the pole and hook the bottom hook under the seat, no need for punching or stickers, save time and effort. The package includes a dog barrier and car organization for SUVs and trucks. If you have a problem with their car interior accessories of dog barrier, please contact them, they will provide a one-year warranty service.

Brand: Deenrsee

👤I bought two for each vehicle. It was too small for both of them. After you hook them up, the dogs just jump up and down in the air. It was difficult to split them together. I got it done. The not being wide enough was solved by it. There is a problem. They just came over the top and kicked the cobras on one side. They're short of Jack Russells. They are not big dogs. He made a sturdy barrIER and so far it works.

👤This is more of a psychological barrier than anything else. A determined dog will be able to get past it easily, or it may get tangled in the net. It's easy to install, but you have to make sure there's something in your car to attach the bottom hooks. I had to make something out of my car.

👤I bought this hoping my dog wouldn't be able to jump over or squeeze through it on our trip. This product worked great and I would buy it again. It is worth the money.

👤It was difficult to keep our small dog from jumping into the front seat. I saw this product and ordered it, and it works great. It's a quality product. It took 2 minutes to install, and our dog is safe in the back seat.

👤It was fun. It was easy to install, and it was easy for my dogs to break. I am pretty sure that the 63# lab broke it and not the 140# great dane. It did not last to the end of the driveway. Back to shopping.

👤The added storage is a brilliant design, and the product was bought to stop the dog from putting his head in between the front seats. It's made to last and will definitely recommend to anyone who needs it.

👤Didn't work for our dog. She jumped on top of it after pushing down on it. She's medium-sized. Maybe this would work better for a smaller dog and a small car, since we put this into our SUV.

👤My dog can't climb through the barrier. It was perfect for my car. Would think this fits most cars.


What is the best product for car seat divider between seats for dogs?

Car seat divider between seats for dogs products from Nomee. In this article about car seat divider between seats for dogs you can see why people choose the product. Ablechien and Onmier are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat divider between seats for dogs.

What are the best brands for car seat divider between seats for dogs?

Nomee, Ablechien and Onmier are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat divider between seats for dogs. Find the detail in this article. Tilfna, Yewaii and Msr Imports are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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