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1. Solvit Front Seat Net Barrier

Solvit Front Seat Net Barrier

It is possible to see. The barrier is made from a see-through mesh material which is resistant to damage from your pet's nails. The dog barrier is easy to install and uninstall; two cinch straps wrap around the front headrests and a support rod and seat anchor hold the barrier in place. It is comparable. The front seat dog barrier is for cars, SUVs and trucks. It's easy to store. The barrier collapses so you can store it in a pouch when not in use, and it pops open when you are ready to use it again. There is information. The PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Barrier is not meant to stop dogs from running, but it may be necessary for some pets.

Brand: Petsafe

👤My German Shepherd likes to climb from the back row to the front seat when we are in the car. She sat down on the seat and rode like a perfect passenger after she tried to get around the door side headrests. She is smart but didn't try to pull it down. I think she knows where she needs to go. I adjusted the straps to fit my car after installation. It is odd if the two front seats are set differently, but it did not affect the performance. I folded it up and put it in the seat pocket. It is worth it if the buckles snapped or were used for easier installation. It was not expensive and will save me a lot of trouble by keeping my dog in the back seat.

👤The Honda HR-V was easy to assemble but the plastic sleeve broke on the first day. My 2 Weimaraner's put a little pressure on it to see why they couldn't come up front with us. A metal sleeve would make a difference. The straps around the head protectors work. The bottom is secured with a joke. I would suggest attaching bungie cords to the barrier with a hook under the seats to make it a good fit. If you have a lap dog, it would be fine, but a big dog is not. I have a metal one in my Honda Passport. I'm going to return to another metal one.

👤Nala is a pit bull puppy that is always wanting to love on you no matter the cost. We didn't have high hopes that it would last more than a ride, but it did. She tried to get it passed, but never acknowledged it. She can keep an eye on you as well as she can on what she is doing. I chose this one for its higher length and the fact that it goes to the roof of the car, which is one of my favorite aspects about it, because most only cover the mid section where she could still stick her head over or pull down.

👤Our dog loves to investigate in the front seat of the car. If you are trying to drive and dodge licks from your best friend who is just trying to butter you up so he can sit on your lap, it gets a little tricky. To keep our animals in the back of the car, we would try to put our arms across the entry way or shove a towel or blanket there. This is better. It was easy to put up and the dogs seem to follow it. Our 30 lbs terrier seems to be happy, even if he is a very big, strong dog. Would recommend.

👤I was hesitant about ordering it. I had friends who had a similar product and it worked for them, but my dog gets anxious in the car. She would find a way around it. Was I right? Yes and no. She stays in the backseat when the barrier is set up. It helps keep me focused on driving, it helps keep her on the seat cover, and it helps keep my other passengers from getting covered in dog hair when they get in my car. Over time the barrier loosens and my dog has been able to get into the front seat twice. This is a distraction and it is great pleasure to her. You have to check it every week to make sure it's still pulled tight. Installation was easy, but not something you would want to do often. If you need to, you can take it down fairly easily, but it's time consuming and you wouldn't want to unless you needed to. The vertical rod on mine is crooked, but this is a small, OCD thing. I'm pretty sure it's a small manufacturer's defect for me, but it does make me crazy because it doesn't look like it's in the pictures. I didn't send it back because I needed to use it immediately. I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't have to use their back seat on a regular basis.

2. Bushwhacker Barrier Restraint Backseat Divider

Bushwhacker Barrier Restraint Backseat Divider

The item doesn't work for the car without exposed bars on the headrests or loops under the seats. Barrier is made with a pet screen. The rear AC/heater vent can flow through the mesh. Half inch light weight aluminum tubing is used to maintain barriers shape. Attaches to the seat belt mount or around the car seat frame. The width is 56" and the height is 32". It's ideal for large SUVs. Is it too large? Consider their 50 inch model. Refer to the second image for detailed dimensions. Measure the width of your vehicle's interior just below the headrests to determine if it will fit. If the width is more than 56 inches, it will fit. Refer to the second image for detailed dimensions. Measure the width of your vehicle's interior just below the headrests to determine if it will fit. If the width is more than 56 inches, it will fit.

Brand: Bushwhacker Usa

👤I use reviews a lot when I buy online products. I bought this divider about a month and a half ago because my Great Danes would not stay in the back seat of my F250 quad cab. He would sit in my wife's lap or up front as I drove. I bought a big net type divider that was supposed to be a barrier and he would just realize he should stay in the back as it would stop him from giving up. Wrong! He took it down in about 3.5 ms. I said that I had to find a way to stop the 100 pound dog from getting bigger as they are very clingy and like to be with you. When I saw the aluminum structure that went around the perimeter and also had a horizontal support across the center after I searched the internet, I was surprised. I bought a wider version for my truck. He is in the back seat. He tried to bring it down but gave up. Now he knows where he is. This unit is very good. Put the center piece first.

👤I own several vehicle barriers for dogs. I think this will be the last one I have to buy. I have a golden mix who thinks he's a 10lb lapdog, and a 30lb Australian shepherd mix who thinks she's a cat. I had metal barriers with horizontal rods, which was very annoying as it rattles whenever the vehicle is moving, and my dog could poke his head through and pant all over the back seat of my Jeep. It was wasted on that. I've used bungee cord type ropes to secure it. The dog can still get over it and underneath it, even if you pull it tight under the seats and up above the headrests. Absolutely useless. It's still a waste of money even though they are cheap. Don't bother. I have hammock-type ones that go across the back seat and are attached to the front seat headrests. Those are great at protecting the seat, but they don't keep the dog from jumping all over inside the vehicle. I ordered the Paws &Claws deluxe barrier a week ago, when my smaller dog chewed the plastic top off of my bottle and ate a full box of donuts from the front seat. I couldn't wait to try it out after all this time, when the barrier arrived Monday. It was installed in my pickup truck, but one of the pieces of velcro partially ripped right away as I was stretching it, so I had to pull it really tight to get the rods in the couplers. I think I can fix that. The rods are held in place with a lot of velcro. I installed it. It is easy to install to the bottom of the seats. He says the straps have teeth in them so they will hold the straps securely, unlike other barriers that have straps constantly slip and then the barrier sagging. One of my dogs tried to get underneath it, but he couldn't get over it. It seems very sturdy. It seems to be treated with plastic so it's sturdy. It's much better than other barriers I've ordered. I have a full-size pickup truck with bucket seats and it works well with the 56 in wide barrier. I am happy. I don't have to worry about my dogs getting in the front seats because I have left food and drinks in the front seat. I have the seats covered so it will be easier to keep my truck clean in the front, and it will also contain most of their hair to the back seat. I'll probably order the smaller one for my car if this one continues to work.

3. YoGi Prime Waterproof Protectors Universal

YoGi Prime Waterproof Protectors Universal

Forget about those cheap dog seat covers that are ruined after a single use. Those days are over! Yogi Prime is introducing the latest materials technology. The waterproof barrier between your seats and mud, water or fur is made up of four different layers. Yogi Prime dog seat covers are designed to fit every car and SUV. Installation of less than 60 seconds is easy and fast. You can easily convert from hammock to bench coverage. The maximum open size is 54” x 58” Yogi Prime dog seat cover is easy to clean. Your seats will remain clean no matter what, because they are made with top layer of premium 600D Oxford waterproof cotton and middle layer of Oxford 210D with waterproof coating. If your pet has dirt on the seat cover, just damp cloth or vacuum it and it will be new again in a minute. It's safety first! Yogi Prime uses four levels of security to keep your pet safe. A whole new level of safety has been defined by this amazing pet hammock. The seat cover can be secured with the help of 4 heavy-duty headrest anchors and 2 seat anchors. The seat belt opening will allow the whole family to travel together, and the non-slip bottom will make sure your pet will never slide around. Protection and security are what your pet deserves. The best seat covers for dogs are available. They are confident that you will love your dog's car seat cover as much as they love ours.

Brand: Yogi Prime

👤I have to update this because it is a good product. When people write about the product after a while, I really appreciate it. I noticed a couple months back that one side of the cover wasn't reacting. It turns out the strap is not strong enough. The strap broke when I tried to shorten it. The seat protectors are still functioning. I don't like buying a whole new product because one strap is useless. The dog cover was large when it came out of the box. The quality was apparent. The liner stayed put because I liked the anti-slip material on the bottom. The back seat had a flap on it. I was happy that my leather seats were protected. Here is the biggest surprise... Our dog has always been afraid of traveling. He paced the back seat and never laid down. He was more calm with this liner. There is something about this product that made him feel safe. I hope this holds up for a long time, because it makes travelling with our dog so much more pleasant and safe. I don't remember if the description said it came with a lint roller. It was a nice touch for our dog. The straps that go over each headrest could be more than one down-side. The liner had to be extended to fit. I think the liner was designed for small to mid-size cars. I am very happy with this product.

👤This cover is perfect for the 2010 Lincoln MKZ. The material is easy to put on and take off, and it looks nice, as I used to use a blanket to protect my back seats before this. This is the perfect cover and is worth every penny. I originally had this rated as 5 stars, but I feel like I have to remove one star because I keep getting asked to leave a review on Amazon. I'm pretty sure I've received at least 4 to 5 emails asking me to leave a review after I've already done it. I hope they change their poor policy to a good one.

👤I was overwhelmed when I found a backseat car cover on Amazon. There were so many options that it was hard to know which to choose. I read a lot of Yogi's reviews and they were all sold. The quality of the material was better than the rest when you opened it, and it was in a small box. It was easy to install in my car. It fits perfectly. It's easier to just throw it into the washer to clean it up than it is to use a lint roller. My dog loves it. We love it! It will allow me to keep my hair out and my leather seats slobber. Thanks Yogi!

👤It works great. A dog and a Jeep are in our house. Our dog has a double coat. We ordered the seat cover to make sure he didn't leave a mess in the vehicle. He was a little hesitant at first to wear the cover, but he is a big baby and he is used to being there. There were no issues after he jumped in. It stays in place because it fits well. The design helps him avoid standing on the middle console between the front seats so he can drive a bit safer.

4. BINGPET Vehicle Barrier Backseat Divider

BINGPET Vehicle Barrier Backseat Divider

You can get a free seat belt with the high quality mesh net and bungee cords. The hook in bungee cords is durable and long lasting, and the protective cover won't hurt the dogs. Most cars, vans, trunks or SUVs have multiple holes for adjusting the configuration. There is no need to worry about your dog jumping to your seat while you are driving. It's easy to set up in a car with little bungies that will hold the net in place.

Brand: Bingpet

👤I decided to give it a try despite the negative reviews because of the good reviews. I was so glad I did. The quality of the mesh nets, the binding and the grommets are excellent. The bungees are strong. We have a Honda Pilot, and the net is attached to the hand hold levers on either side above the doors. Getting in and out of the front seats is easy, and the seats do not have to be aligned, as there is enough play with the product to accommodate forward and back seat motion. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to secure the bottom edges of the net to the car. I secured the bungee around the outside edge of the seat mounts, then connected them to the nets. It was a snug fit. There is a We have a large cat. There is a small gap between the seat and door when the netting is side-to-side. If it's an issue for your pet, this space could be filled with a soft pillow. I can't imagine my cat being able to get underneath it because it fits so snug along the bottom edge. The center console is completely covered in the large area between the seats. If my cat decides to leap high over the mesh barrier, the net will open all the way across, and the height may be a problem. I'm really happy with this product and I hoped for a strong see-through barrier.

👤This barrier seems to work well so far. One of my 60 lbs rescues jumped to the front seat to bark at the cat as I pulled into my garage. He grabbed my arm and pulled the steering wheel, causing me to tag the front fender. He decided he had first dibs on the center console. Every time I went to the park, I tried to push him back or block him with my arm. He was stopped from trying to muscle his way up front after just a few minutes of installation. The cords are tight, and I am a little concerned about how much strain they put on the handles overhead. The barrier on my car is pretty good. Visibility is not impaired, but the cords attaching to the grab bars brush my head when entering or exiting the vehicle and also interfere with the use of the car's sun visors.

👤This item was used and returned. The presentation leaves a lot to be desired. The bag was dirty and dusty, there was no hardware, one of the grommets was partially ripped from the material, and one of the bags was laying in the ground. A muddy smudge was left by a pet. I have purchased 1000 items from Amazon and have never received anything worse. It almost feels like a camera is in the room. The quality of these things is very low.

👤Three small dogs want to be in the back of the car. We bought this barrier to keep them in the back. We made it work despite the fact that the barrier was almost too small. It is more durable than I anticipated. The materials are not cheap. It left a space above and on either side for my dogs to sneak past if they were more persistent. A large dog could probably get around it if it was determined. It worked for us on our 55 hour trip, so it was worth the money.

5. Petsfit Barrier Adjusting Children Universal

Petsfit Barrier Adjusting Children Universal

Save the potential danger. The dog barrier for car is a great way to set boundaries with your dog, keep him safe, and keep your eyes off the road. If you like to take a car ride with your fur baby but don't want him to disturb driving and put both of you at risk, please recommend. Long Lasting and durable. Petsfit car divider for dogs has high strength, great elasticity, and good wear resistance, and is made of durable and fine mesh. It is recommended to hand-wash this car net barrier. The design is user-friendly. Petsfit car dog barrier can be larger to prevent pets from crossing from the side or the top. The fine mesh construction is scratch-resistant and prevents the dog's leg from being stuck in the mesh, as well as allowing air back to him and not blocking your view to each other. Convenient installation. Petsfit dog car divider is easier to detach and reattach than metal barriers. Attach the 2 sturdy hooks to the front seat rails or bottom grooves by fastening the 2 durable top buckles on the headrests. You could put it in storage when not in use. It is universal fitment. The dog net barrier is a universal fit for most cars and SUVs with separate headrests. Please measure the width of your vehicle's interior just below the headrests to determine if it will fit.

Brand: Petsfit

👤My two young labs will not be in the back seat of my truck. Both pups want to be with their humans. The pups can squeeze between the truck seat and the barrier. These two labs are the only naughty ones I have had. The baby chewed the straps. I'll be using a dog seat belt next. If you have an adult large breed dog or a small dog, this barrier is good.

👤This is a simple device for a car ride. It keeps our little guy out of the way of the driver. We keep it up all the time because it installs in a minute and is very economical. Our dog is 20 lbs and very well behaved. It's not sure how it would work with a large dog.

👤The puppy is kept in the back of the truck, instead of being flung into the front of the truck. It is easy to put in place and sturdy enough to make the puppy notice the barrier.

👤I am very happy with the assembly and the strength. The top of the barrier was sturdy enough that it wouldn't bend if the dog put her feet on it. She likes seeing through the net.

👤It is light and flimsy, but I wanted that. It is enough of a deterrent to keep the dog in the back when we are not in the car.

👤On the first try, my Golden retriever-German Shepherd mix jumped over it. Smaller dogs may not be able to jump over it.

👤Basenji was able to figure out how to get over this in about a minute. Too short.

👤I wish it had a pocket to put stuff in.

👤We have three Pugs. The pups are trying to come in front of the car and make a mess. This is the best solution ever. The dogs stay in place, no more of them trying to get out of the way of the car, as we tested it out for 3 car rides. It's easy to install and resistant to scratches.

👤The bottom hook clips are flimsy and the gap at the bottom of the dog's mouth is too small. They bend and let go.

👤It's perfect for my back seats. It is easy to put up and take down.

👤ma voiture wasconvient. passer par dessus!

6. EC Organizer Accessories Compatible Rideshare

EC Organizer Accessories Compatible Rideshare

Quality and customer satisfaction are their first priority. If you are not completely satisfied with the purchase, please contact them and they will give you a 100% Money Back and Replacement. Bigger than competition, 15” from top to button and 13” in side by side. Universally fits in all vehicles, the product covers the space between the top of the armrest of the front 2 seats. Better customer experience will lead to more tips and good reviews for the driver. The car organizer is great for road trips and day-to-day usage, and has everything easy to find and accessible for everyone. The security barrier is a strong mesh net used as a barrier between drivers and passengers, freeing you from distraction and unwanted attention while driving. You can securely place your purse next to you on the armrest console with the purse holder. The mesh net will prevent it from falling. You can securely place your purse next to you on the armrest console with the purse holder. The mesh net will prevent it from falling.

Brand: Enam

👤I have been able to keep things out of my SUV with the mesh organizers. It's perfect for kleenex and other items.

👤The center console needs to be top opening to complete the tie down. My Honda CRV has a sliding top. I want to keep books out of the back seat area, so I will try and make it work. Any suggestions?

👤It was easy to install and the fit was wider so nothing fell through the sides.

👤Great product. The same product, a little better one, and $5 less was advertised on my Amazon account after it was delivered. What can Amazon do about this?

👤Does what I need it for.

👤To keep masks, tissues, etc. There would be a lot of stuff on the car seat.

👤I use this mesh organizer to organize my baby's items, such as food, toys, napkins, and etc.

7. Rabbitgoo Stretchable Obstacle Organizer Children

Rabbitgoo Stretchable Obstacle Organizer Children

The dog net barrier keeps your dogs and kids out of harms way. They don't have to worry about breaking into the front seat. Ensure the safety of your pets and kids while you drive and make you feel safer. It's better to spend less time cleaning after a ride. Bring Tideness and more storage space, not just a barrier. The dog car net barrier can be used to store bottles, umbrellas, tissue, books and other small objects. Make stuff stay in place while driving. The dog car net barrier with 3 layers can help you to classify the items in the car, as well as expand the storage space. It's a practical and effective way to keep your car clean. The materials are made of stretchy cords and metal hooks. The pet barrier is stronger than single stretchy cords and plastic hooks. The hooks are larger to fit most of the sidebars and the bottom of the car's seats. The barrier is fully adjusted and can be tailored to fit your backseat area. Extending it to the full length of 27.9" and the width of 25.2" would be possible. It's large enough to fit most SUVs, vans, jeeps and hatchbacks. It's convenient for quick removal and storage. It's easy to install, just clip the big hooks to the sidebars and clip the small hooks to the bottom, stretching the bungee cords as much as you can. No tools are required. One person can work well in the process.

Brand: Rabbitgoo

👤I have an amazing little dog that hates being a backseat driver, and wants to drive when we go down the road. We use a harness and a seatbelt, but smart blonde can get into a car wreck in 10 minutes, and busted her dog hammock in the process. She tried it one time and realized it was best to stay in the back. Her water bowl is held in the 3 layers. Used in a car.

👤Product was simple to stretch between seats and has a variety of places to hook it up if the stretch is not taut enough. If you need to separate a portion of the backseat, clip to different parts of the car. Pocket is a bonus. It is very effective for how cheap it is.

👤The net is in the Mini Cooper S. I put my dog in the back of the car because she wants to be in the front. This was bought to be a barrier for our road trips. This is not ideal because of the close proximity between the front and backseat. She easily reaches her head over the net, she is a Pug/Boston Terrier mix.

👤It's necessary to keep our 100 POUND BOY so that he can be easily moved and not have to worry about it.

👤Our dogs are 15 pounds each. We couldn't figure out where to attach the bottom, so we had to attach it to a part of the seat, which broke off. I own a Toyota corolla. The dogs were able to crawl under it or jump over it to get to the front. We still have it in the car, even though it doesn't deter them much.

👤The top part was easy to install, but the hooks on the bottom of my car seats are small and not compatible with a small leg. The cord had to be wrapped around the whole thing. This is strong. A small dog could climb over it. The rope net is not very stretchy and a small dog can get stuck if it gets its head through.

👤The net does not restrain the dogs, but it gives them a clear boundary. It's stretchy enough to be used in small or large vehicles, and you can put it in the microwave for about a minute when they come down to the last bit. It will stink, but it will blow up like a potato chop, so your dog can finish it off.

👤This is very easy to install. A small to medium dog is kept in the backseat. If your dog is not afraid to jump over things, this may not work for you. It's best for dogs of different sizes. This serves its purpose well and is trained for large dogs.

👤Excellent product for my Honda Odyssey. It was perfect as described. The space between the two front seats is covered. I added a hair elastic between the hook and the seat sliding tracks to make it work better, but it was only at the bottom of my seats. I recommend. I have to put the dog in the car to see if she can go in front. The review will be updated after.

8. Organizer Organizer Organizers Adjustable Dividers

Organizer Organizer Organizers Adjustable Dividers

The handles of their car organizers make it easy to carry around in and out of your car. The Smof car storage box can be used in a variety of ways, from being used in the car to being used in the office for storing office supplies. There are more pockets, more storage options. There are 6 pockets on both sides of the car storage box, which can be used to store notebook, pens, children's books, snacks, cards and other small items. Oxford cloth material is dust-proof and dirt-proof. The reinforced frame makes the storage box stronger. It is easier to lift and does not hurt your hand. Fixed with a car seat. If you want to avoid the problem of the storage box falling when the vehicle is driving, you should fix the box on the seat. The safety belt should be passed through the two belts at the back of the storage box. Fixed with a car seat. If you want to avoid the problem of the storage box falling when the vehicle is driving, you should fix the box on the seat. The safety belt should be passed through the two belts at the back of the storage box.

Brand: Smof

👤It is very cheap and doesn't fit between bucket seats.

👤I knew I needed something to keep the car together after planning a big road trip with a big family. It will stay in my car because it was perfect for our trip. It was easy to put the seat belt through the back straps. We were able to fit all of the items in the organizer. It is a perfect size and has many side mesh pockets. The mini front zip allows me to put my wipes or tissues inside of the pouch, which is my favorite feature. I got this in the gray option and it looks great. It is nice to have a place where the kids can put their toys after they are done playing. If I need to take it out of the car, it has handles that are easy to transfer, and it has a buckles to confine it if I ever needed to store it. I am very happy with the way my family has handled it so far and I would highly recommend this car seat organizers. The price is great. I have tried other ones, but nothing compares to how well this one works and the amount I can store into it. Definitely worth it!

👤Since they started charging for carrier bags, I have found myself buying several items and putting them in my front seat or in the footwell, and then going all over the place on the shortest of journeys. When you go for a quick shop, you want to be as eco-friendly as possible, and this storage unit is perfect for that. There are several pockets on the outside where you can store cans and bottles, and four more pockets behind those mesh pockets, which you can store even more stuff in. There is a larger zip compartment on the front of the unit. It has two large compartments, one of which has a divider in it, so that you can split it into two smaller ones, so that you can cater to different sized products and objects. I'm using it for my shopping at the moment, but I can see so many uses for it that I will probably get another, as this gives you so much storage in such a small space. It has a couple of plastic clips on either side that you can click together when it is collapsed so that it doesn't open up, which is the best part about this for me. This is in the car with me wherever I go.

👤My car is affectionately known as the "turdis" as it is a bomb site. After having it cleaned and having a long trip to see my grandma. I knew I needed a way to keep it organised. I put it next to me because I needed it for the trip and it was a god send.

👤The boot organiser is of great quality and it is the perfect size. The material is strong and sturdy. It was useful to put items in the supermarket. It is good for saving space. I'm happy with the product.

9. High Road Barrier Cover Padded

High Road Barrier Cover Padded

A full view of the front seat can be reduced by blocking the seat without blocking the view. The sturdy top panel won't bend or fold, it has a steel frame with foam bumpers that keep the dog gate and net upright and stable. Medium and Large dogs are kept safe in the back seat, but it doesn't cover the area between the seat and door where smaller dogs may be able to pass through. The seatback can be positioned higher or lower depending on the position of the top bar. It is easy to install and use. Since 1990 High Road has been developing innovative car accessories.

Brand: High Road

👤I mounted mine a little lower to maintain rear visibility. I could not be happier. I have a big truck and this was wide enough to fit it. I wrapped the larger straps around the rear floor mount of the front seats and used the small straps on the headrest posts. I made sure to stay clear of power sliding mechanisisms, but I feel like this worked better than the original intent. See the pictures!

👤I have 2 dogs. They want to sit in my lap. I can keep him in the passenger seat if I have one in the car. I need an extra person to hold the dogs if I have 2. It's easy to assemble, it's a bit harder to find a spot to tie down at the bottom. I was worried that one of the dogs would climb under. Both dogs stayed in the back seat. Didn't even attempt to burrow under. The dogs sat in the backseat as soon as they saw the barrier, but I don't know what they were infused with. Like they've been doing it all their lives. It would be easy. I was happy to find this.

👤This was the only barrier that worked for me and my American bulldog mix. My dog is in the backseat. There are two drawbacks to this product. #1. This took me about an hour and a half to put up because the directions were not the best, and since the directions are not the best, I have decided to keep the barrier up at all times. The way the top bar is positioned makes it hard for me to see out my mirror. I have had to change the way I tie the two strings at the bottom because of that. This is the only product that would have worked for my dog.

👤I used this in my truck. It's large enough for a full sized truck, which is hard to find. It reaches to the edge of the headrests. It fits a little funky and you have to figure out what works for you. I had to put a bungee cord through the bottom strap slot and around my center console to keep the dogs from getting up front. It worked well, but it didn't block all of my rear view mirror. There are many ways to install this, so you can see what works for you. Good sturdy pole frame and very high quality net. I would recommend putting mutts in a big truck.

👤I have a large golden retriever who was determined to put his face on my center console, and he was drooling and panting all over it. It was driving me crazy when we traveled a lot. The barrier is a good solution. I have a 2012 Malibu and it fits. Sometimes it slips down and blocks the view. You can see the view in the rear window at night, but you can't see the back seat. My dog was able to stick his head under it at first, but I also have a seat cover that goes over the head rests, so that blocked his access completely. He occasionally comes to my other shoulder, but I can deal with that. Car rides are more pleasant now.

10. APTY Barrier Vehicle Divider Backseat

APTY Barrier Vehicle Divider Backseat

Their vehicle car net are easy to install and remove, and can be installed without the use of tools. Just put the mesh head cover over the car and then adjust the tightness of the strap below according to your needs, and then fix the rope at the bottom on the seat, and the installation is complete. Refer to the installation video or product descriptions for detailed instructions. The Universal Fit is a length that can fit most SUVs, vans, jeeps and hatchbacks. The main panel is L36" x H16" and the side panels are L16" x H12". Can be extended to a full length. The dog car barrier can be folded and stored in the carrying case which is L20.5"x W17" x H 2.5". It's convenient to travel with your pet. Superior strength. No more flimsy hooks. 2 bungee cords and 2 nylon straps can hold up the dog barrier. Even for an aggressive dog, it's Sturdy. Tools-less installation. The car dog barrier is easy to assemble. Attach the barrier to the back headrests with bungee cords and straps. They will try their best to make sure the APTY dog car barrier is of the highest quality. They will give you satisfactory customer service if you have any issues with their products. They will try their best to make sure the APTY dog car barrier is of the highest quality. They will give you satisfactory customer service if you have any issues with their products.

Brand: Apty

👤I didn't purchase similar barriers for years because of the expense, but couldn't pass this one up for the price. I could fit something larger. I put the back seat on the front seat. In about 10 minutes, it was installed alone. Simple installation. It's better than anything I've tried before to keep my dogs in the back seat. Doesn't affect my view.

👤This is a nice bar. I had to put it in a different position because my puppies can get through the console section.

👤I own a Jeep Grand Cherokee. I decided to use the large center piece. The back seats of the Jeep are folded down so my two GSDs have the back to themselves. The back of the rear seats go down flat when the bottom portion is pulled up when the seats are folded down. I secured the screen with the bungee cords that were included, by using the ledge to stand it on. The screen is secure. I am very happy with the barrier.

👤You have to put it up, take it down, move it, and adjust it. It was too small for my car. I have to raise my arm to block the bottom part. It seems to work well so far.

👤It was delivered quickly. The barrier was easy to install in 15 minutes and was used by my wife and I in our Toyota 4 Runner. I would recommend this product to others.

👤The structure and design are not up to date. It's small for my Ford Explorer. The bars have to be high enough to support the back of the seats, but there is support below the head rest mounting straps. My dog, boxer, and German Shepard can easily pul the bars if it is flexible. I had to make my own straps to support the bars. It could use more.

👤The item was not right for me.

11. LOOBANI Adjustable Universal Designed Interfering

LOOBANI Adjustable Universal Designed Interfering

The measurement of the Pet Dog Car Barrier is 38.6 in (L) * 46.4 in (W) and it can be adjusted freely, which is very flexible. Most cars, SUVs, vehicles, trucks, minivans, jeep, off-road and other types of vehicles are suitable for the pet car net barrier. Please measure the space between the back of the headrests of the front seats of your car, as well as the width and height of the front seats before you buy. Refer to the third image for detailed dimensions. Their dog car barrier net is scratch and tear resistant and made of strong and durable fabric. The top and middle of the dog car net are made of Textilene mesh, while both sides of the barrier are made of Oxford cloth. The middle mesh design allows the rear AC / heater vent to go through the dog car net barrier. The mesh buckles are reinforced to prevent them from getting tangled around your pet. The pet dog net vehicle barrier completely covers the console area and the space between the front seats. The tight and strong net prevents pets from entering the front seats while driving and interfering with the view and disturbing the driver, increasing driving safety. There are pockets on both sides of the net for storing pet toys, water bottles and snacks. One of the pockets has been sealed to prevent your pet from damaging the items. The pet barrier can be folded to make it easier to store in your car. Their vehicle car net are easy to install and remove, and can be installed without the use of tools. Just put the mesh head cover over the car and then adjust the tightness of the strap below according to your needs, and then fix the rope at the bottom on the seat, and the installation is complete. Refer to the installation video or product descriptions for detailed instructions.

Brand: Loobani

👤I was not expecting that product. I was going to get a cheap plastic that would tear easily. The barrier I received was made of plastic. Installation was easy. There is a lot of storage space for things. It can be folded easily when finished. The dog car net barrier is worth the money.

👤Traveling with my dog can be a challenge as he is large and wants to be in the lap of someone. I tried to keep him in the back seat for safety, but he would always find a way to get out of the car. This is the easiest thing I have tried. My dog likes it because he can still see through the top of the net. He can not get over the top. It's safe for everyone. It was helpful in keeping him calm.

👤The cover on your head rest is ugly and does not work, my Chi and Jack had it bent over and were given it away.

👤It was broken on the second day. There is a I only drove for 40 minutes with my dog. 30 minutes was the second day. My dog was pushing the leash net with her nose. She was not Biting or scratching. Is she a strong dog? There is a She is only 42 lbs. She is very gentle. The size of the divider was good. The mesh net to cover the head was too small. I couldn't use that. I was able to use it with a leash. I was hoping it would last for a while. I didn't think 2 days would be done.

👤I was hoping this would work out. My dogs were pushing their heads against it, and it was enough for it to tear down the middle. If you have small or medium size dogs, this might work. If you have large dogs who want to see what you're doing up in the front, find something else. It should be made of chainmail.

👤I have a Border Collie who always wants to be in between the seats. The shield is amazing. I was worried that the AC wouldn't be enough. It is perfect. I feel liberated because he can still see what's happening, it's like the backseat is his little room. I think that's correct. I drive a small SUV, the back seat is covered, I have a shield up, I have a sunshade on the windows, and a 12V fan hanging. I need to find a new hook for his water bowl because he is comfy, my car is protected, it is easy to clean and it doesn't look bad.

👤My dog is not sure how to get by this. The mesh is thick, but not as thick as it could be.

👤I am sad that this product won't work for me but I am happy that it is 46 in wide and that the pockets that fit over the headrests don't go to the edge of the product making.


What is the best product for car seat divider back seat?

Car seat divider back seat products from Petsafe. In this article about car seat divider back seat you can see why people choose the product. Bushwhacker Usa and Yogi Prime are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat divider back seat.

What are the best brands for car seat divider back seat?

Petsafe, Bushwhacker Usa and Yogi Prime are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat divider back seat. Find the detail in this article. Bingpet, Petsfit and Enam are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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