Best Car Seat Diono Radian Rxt

Diono 26 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Diono Secure Proper Reinforced Silver

Diono Secure Proper Reinforced Silver

Lock and go. The Diono Super Lock is designed to hold shoulder belts or lap belts in a locked position, so that your child's car seat is secure. Installation is quick. No tools are needed. The belts are put in the right place with the simple slot design. You will have peace of mind that your car-seat is installed correctly and securely. There is a sturdy construction. Steel reinforced material is used for the super lock. It is comparable with any car seat. The Super Lock can fit almost any seat belt on the road today. It is comparable with any car seat. The Super Lock can fit almost any seat belt on the road today.

Brand: Diono

👤I bought this to keep myself in the driver's seat of my Miata when I am out driving. I know it's not advertised, but it works well. It helps relieve back pain by keeping me more upright and back in the seat. The upper portion of the belt still works as designed, and the belt is not changed. The device that was designed for this purpose, the CG-Lock, has been out of production for several years now, and it costs nearly 80 dollars on eBay. This is a great value for two dollars.

👤I bought these to secure the two car seats I have in my jeep Cherokee, because my back seat belts don't lock. They are supposed to keep the car seat in place so that it doesn't move. Although I'm a reviewer here, I purchased this item at full retail price as a personal purchase and am reviewing it because I want to. I don't have a personal connection with the seller and I have not been asked to write a review. My opinions and experiences are reflections of my experience with the product. I hope my review helps you make better decisions.

👤What I was looking for was perfect. You need something to keep the belt off your neck when you're short and in the car. This is it. If you like it, you can take it off for the next rider. If you put it on the right, it won't slide up and down your seat belt.

👤These were bought to shorten the lap belts. I bought a few of them. One arrived bent, but I was able to use a vice without any damage to the device. The instructions on the back are useless. My first thought was to say that it doesn't do anything. I was able to shorten the device by looping the lap belt into it. It doesn't slip when pulled on the strap. It's difficult to re-adjust the amount of the shortness. It appears to be safe and effective. If you put an extra belt in a loop and then put the other side in, it won't budge. Points off for the poor instructions.

👤Car seat installations are not a joke. My kid's seat was installed in the middle back row of our car, and I had to overcome a lot of emotion. I was happy to find that the shoulder/lap belt had a good tight grip after being unable to get the latches to secure well enough. The seat was being pushed over to a tilt position by the locked shoulder portion of the belt. Thanks to "The Car Seat Lady", this locking clip was the perfect solution. It converts a shoulder/ lap belt into a lap belt, freeing the shoulder part to be unlocked, which no longer causes the tilt. If you're lucky, you'll be able to have a local expert inspect your install. I had to do a lot of research and send pictures and videos to a car seat safety web board because I don't have one near me. You still need to know how to install it. It's a good thing.

2. Rainier AXT Latch Dark Grey

Rainier AXT Latch Dark Grey

From birth, keep your little one facing 50 lbs. and travel safely. They grow to 120 lbs. Approx. 12 years. Your child is protected from facing forwards by their long-range lifespan. The Rainier 2Axt Vogue is engineered into a dual spine using super strong automotive high strength steel. This unique core protects your baby and manages energy. The design of the Rainier 2Axt Vogue allows for extra room for other passengers, without compromising luxury travel for your baby. The Rainier 2Axt Vogue is inspired by tailoring, usually found in furniture and upholstery. The wool and Merino blend seat cover is skin sensitive. Being different is the norm in Seattle and so is the Rainier 2Axt. It is FAA approved for use on an aircraft and folds flat so you can travel the world. You don't have to change your plans because Baby is with you. Being different is the norm in Seattle and so is the Rainier 2Axt. It is FAA approved for use on an aircraft and folds flat so you can travel the world. You don't have to change your plans because Baby is with you.

Brand: Diono

👤When I talked to the company about the carseat, they said it was a wool blend. I decided to buy it after waiting a year. The description on the page has been changed to say 100% wool, instead of wool blend. The label on the carseat I received said 100% wool, but only for the outer layer of the cover. There is a foam underneath that doesn't touch the baby and there is also a backing that doesn't touch the baby. I love this seat. This seat is very similar to the regular Diono 3RXT that I have. The seat is slightly wider at the top, which makes it harder to fit between the two front seats when the rear is installed. The box it came in says "2 across" instead of "3 across", meaning it might not be able to fit 3 across a backseat, although I have not tried to get 3 of these in the same car and it may still be possible in some cars and in some configurations. I would love to see them offer the wool cover in their other modals, like their new one with the rebound bar.

👤The seat was four years old. It has been sitting for a long time because the date of manufacture was last year.

👤I contacted the company to inquire about the other fiber in their wool blend, but was disappointed to find out that it is a type of plastic. I'll have to make an organic cover to protect my baby from the polyester, so I'm not buying a fancy cover. I love the seat but the chemicals smell horrible and I just got a new one. I'm going to try washing them out with dawn dish soap, but it would be so easy if they made their wool covers with organic cotton. The frame of this seat is so strong that it can fit between two larger seats in my back seat, and it's also narrower so that it can fit between my child's seat and my front seat.

👤The car seat is heavy and lacks features. Leave no room for the driver or front passenger if you are going to take a family outing. I tried in my wife's Lexus nx200 and it stinks. The money was wasted. I will stick with another brand.

3. Diono Connectors Lightweight Backless Belt Positioning

Diono Connectors Lightweight Backless Belt Positioning

The big dog has room. To grow, keep your child safe and comfortable with the backless booster seat mode now up to 120 lbs. Extra length and a wide booster seat prevent slipping and have better leg support. Light weight and portable. The lightweight design makes it easy to transfer between vehicles. Two attractive cup holders keep drinks and snacks within easy reach. Spot or wipe clean the shell and components. Installation is quick and secure. You can quickly tighten the booster to the vehicle seat with the integrated LATCH. Machine wash. The fabric cover is machine washed for easy cleaning. Machine wash. The fabric cover is machine washed for easy cleaning.

Brand: Diono

👤Diono makes great products, but please be aware that the measurements are incorrect. They are close to the seatbelt guides at the widest point. You can not fit 3 across in either 2nd or 3rd row seats in minivans or full size SUV's such as an Expedition or Suburban. I couldn't fit 2 of these booster seats with a Diono slim car seat which is dramatically narrower than these booster seats, however 2 of these booster seats plus a much narrower car seat in the middle will fit in a full size SUV 2nd row. Every time you strap the kids in, it becomes a fight because the booster seat requires its own independent full seat. They are close to the seat belt guides.

👤These are great! I bought them for my kids to have boosters to protect their backs. I was looking for something for older kids with great safety reviews. This was it! The kids love them and say they are comfortable. They fit in the seats of the captains very well. It's a little harder for my kids to find the bottom buckle since they are a little larger, but still doable.

👤I'm very impressed with the Diono Solana 2 Backless Booster. As a mom of three, I've learned what features I will and will not include on my kids' cars. I had been searching for a booster to fit my youngest, who is quite large for her age, but not tall enough to ride without a booster seat. She was uncomfortable because her chubby thighs were pressing against the armrest and she had outgrew her booster seat. I went to various stores to look at boosters that might be a little bit wider to fit her hips better, but none of them met my requirements. They were either wide enough with thin padding to hold a cup, or they had a cup holder, but none featured all. I found the Diono Solana 2 Backless Booster at Amazon. There is a The Diono is wide enough for her to sit and grow. Diono will accommodate a child up to 120 lbs, which is more than many boosters I looked at. When a child is large and not yet tall enough to ride without a booster, this is very important. The padding on this seat is good. The booster seems to have a slightly thicker padding than other backless boosters. I own a Toyota minivan, I know many people have complained about the booster being too wide for their vehicle, but this booster fits perfectly in the captain's chair, and my daughter has no issues wearing her seat belt. This booster seat had all the features I was looking for. A wider seat, slightly thicker padding, cup holders, and even more importantly, the latch system. The booster seat looks a tad taller than our previous seat, but it's not an issue. I believe the lap belt falls better across my child's thighs than across her belly. I'm so impressed that I'm going to order another one for my middle child who complains that her current booster causes her back to hurt on long car rides. I ordered another car seat because I still love it, but I'm not changing my rating because I still love the car seat. I ordered the same booster seat, but it was cheaper on Amazon. The box was damaged, but it was described as very good. The booster seat arrived with a damaged box and black markings on it. The plastic bag that was shoved on top of the seat was not the one that contained the booster seat. Amazon is sending me another one, but they need to be more careful with their description of the product. I have to return the damaged booster seat. Thank you Amazon...

4. Diono Quantum Pneumatic Rear Tires

Diono Quantum Pneumatic Rear Tires

Smooth ride is a smooth ride on rough terrain. Two pneumatic, rubber tires have a firm grip on all surfaces. Installation is quick and easy with click and go. China is the country of origin. China is the country of origin.

Brand: Diono

👤Buy the tires! It made a difference. Even though there's no front pneumatic tires, it still changed it a lot. The stroller works better on the gravel trail near my house. Please offer front tires.

5. Diono Positioner Leveler Positions Rear Facing

Diono Positioner Leveler Positions Rear Facing

The levels of rear-facing child safety seats and positions of infants at the proper angle ensure complete well-being and safety for them, and peace of mind for you. It's easy to use and fits the vehicle seat. Use in any car, it's easy to cut to fit any seat. Multiple sit-rites can be used at the same time. Rear-facing infant seats can be used with the rear-facing car seats. The Sit-Rite is perfect if the brand instructs to use a rolled towel or pool noodle. Sit-rite is made with a high density foam that won't flatten under the weight of the car seat. Sit-rite is made with a high density foam that won't flatten under the weight of the car seat.

Brand: Diono

👤This did a great job elevating the recaro seat. It's a big problem. The lettering DIONO will not come off the leather seats. Our seats seem to be branded with this noodle. If you buy this, make sure to orient the lettering away from your upholstery.

👤This is a small section of "pool float noodle", which is usually sold at Wal-mart as "fun-noodles" or similar. I noticed my son's head was on his chest when he was in the rear-facing baby seat in the back of my GTI. The angle was corrected by this. I wish I'd bought a pool noodle at Wal-mart instead, because these are solid throughout, unlike the pool noodles which are usually hollow in the middle. Since it was the middle of winter, I don't think I could have found a pool noodle anywhere else.

👤This is perfect. I didn't find pool noodles but I did find this gem. The rear facing convertible car seat wiggled too much for me. I tried a lot of different things but it was not solved. It was fixed perfectly by this. The foam roll is strong and the car seat barely wiggles. Being too short is not an issue.

👤My daughter's carseat was not safe because it would move. I bought this because I had to put multiple towels under it. My daughters carseat does not move at all. Definitely worth it!

👤The Britax base broke during the flight. I put this thing under the base, tightened it down with the anchor straps, and it worked perfectly. The straps were not tightened in the two weeks it was installed. It's a happy day.

👤I told my husband that the Britax infant bucket seat moved too much for him. He told me it couldn't get any tighter. I looked for a solution and found it. This little foam works well. I tightened it where the car seat no longer moved after I installed it outside. When we first installed the seat, I wished we'd gotten this.

👤It barely touches the base of the car seat. What is the point if it is free to move under the base?

👤Helped elevate our car seat to the correct angle. The product was torn open when I received it, so it was an obvious return that was resold to me. The product is new enough.

👤These work well for leveling out the seat base so that the rearward facing car seats sit at the right angle. Many Stage 1+ seats sit bolt upright when used in rearward facing mode, causing babies' heads to loll forwards. The solution to the problem is to raise the rear of the base off of the seat squab and keep it stable. The price for a piece of foam might seem high. You might have something similar lying around. I want to be sure that it would survive an accident. It's important that your base is compatible with this. Many bases have a button underneath that allows for the adjustment of the two prongs at the rear of the car.

6. Diono Backless Lightweight Washable Charcoal

Diono Backless Lightweight Washable Charcoal

Belt-positioning baseball players. It can be up to 63" (160 cm) tall. Convenient and convenient is the seat base for big kid comfort and lightweight design to move between vehicles with ease. Easy removal covers for easy cleaning. Two cup holders are perfect for road trips. Diono booster are tested over and above safety standards. Diono booster are tested over and above safety standards.

Brand: Diono

👤I read the reviews and buy it. My kids were happy. The parents are complaining. It is easy to install and educate the kids. Responsible driving and proper use of your car are important. If you're not sure about the belt sash, buy a harness clip. Place a gel pad insert around the sore bottom of your child. If you have a problem with it moving, tighten your seat belt harness and make sure your child's backside is flush to the back rest. If you're not ready for a booster seat, keep your child in a harnessed seat and stop complaining about the carseat, it's one of the best out there. If you're worried about child safety, then you must be a wreck less driver, don't know how to properly use this seat, or transfer your big kid into a booster because you're so picky!

👤There are three Diono car seats in the back of our Honda Accord. Our oldest child is old enough to be in a booster now and so we bought this thinking we could just swap out the old Diono car seat for the new one. The booster didn't fit. The seat is too wide because of the wings on both sides. The quality is high and it is giving it a 5 star.

👤My daughter was in a booster seat for a long time. I love that booster and spent a pretty penny on it. I have another one for her younger sister who is 8. My 9 year old is very tall and her booster was digging into her shoulders. I found this gem for $25 and it was delivered the next day. My daughter is happy in the car. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a booster that she will outgrow in a year or so. This booster was perfect for the job. The seat belt on my daughter's chest does not fit properly and she still needs a booster at 9 years old. She has it on her neck. The booster supports children who are heavier. My daughter is 100 pounds heavier than me. Check her booster seat laws in your state. Keep your babies safe!

👤The seats are small for the price. There is a cupholder, but not the kind that takes up room.

👤I don't know why I didn't read the reviews, but this doesn't fit 3 across. Not with any other brand as the third. They are very comfortable. I thought they would be smaller since the cupholder is soft. I got two for 40. I need to keep looking. The car size wasn't an issue for me because I drive a Santa Fe SUV.

👤I ordered two. The one that came was covered in mold.

👤I liked the price. I needed two more. The quality is not great. Cupholders are too small to hold a water bottle.

👤My daughter says the booster is very comfortable. It is strong and lightweight. It doesn't have alatch. When my daughter isn't in the car, I make sure to wear it. There is no need for a separate latch.

7. Diono Quantum Snack Roll Stroller

Diono Quantum Snack Roll Stroller

The cup and tray can be interchanged for easy use. Food grade silicone is easy to clean and safe. Matching or contrasting fashion colors are available. The room for dessert was created for the generous seat unit.

Brand: Diono

👤I don't know if Diono makes a snack tray for the stroller, but this tray fits that stroller badly.

👤I like Diono brand. The quantum stroller is perfect. I own a carseat that is very comfortable. The tray is very easy to use, but I think my little one is too small right now because he just plays with the tray and it detaches very easily and the cup and tray fall to the ground from time to time. The product is ok. Good material. It is possible to wash it.

👤The description doesn't fit any pram.

👤Don't like this product, don't have a pram, it's only a problem.

👤The Diono Quantum stroller is a great addition. It's perfect for outings with our child.

👤Not very strong and not as large as I had hoped.

8. Diono Radian Convertible Children Pounds

Diono Radian Convertible Children Pounds

As your little one grows to 100 lbs., keep them rear-facing for 40 lbs. Around 10 years. Your child is protected by their long-range lifespan. Threes are not a crowd. The sleek and slim design of the Radian 3R allows you to fit three across in most mid-size vehicles. The family can travel together. Lovingly ENGINEERED: The radian 3R is built with automotive-strength steel, which is engineered into a dual spine, to protect your baby. Installation is easy with their audible click SuperLATCH system. Business class competition The bright fabric covers and memory foam seat bottom are inspired by the best in European style. The comfort and safety of the foam go hand in hand. They are from Seattle, a city where being different is the norm and so is the Radian 3R. They are from Seattle, a city where being different is the norm and so is the Radian 3R.

Brand: Diono

👤These are awesome. The back of my F-150 is still big enough for my 2 year old and 11 month old twins. I have tried rear facing and forward and they fit well. My two year old is very comfortable with them.

👤I got this to be a toddler rear facing seat. The seat has no head supports for younger babies. I am not sure how they can advertise this as a seat for new borns. I would expect more head protection, but I appreciate the steel safety.

👤My new car has 3 grandsons in it. The design of the seats and the placement of the seatbelts make them difficult to fit in the new car's "wider" back seat. The seat I bought is the narrowest on the market. It wasn't cheap. It was not the most expensive on the market. No lie first. It's heavy. The instruction manual is small. This is a car seat that you want to leave be. For a long time. The kid can't fit in the car until you sell it. It's not the most ideal carseat for a "Grandma car", but I needed it for the size. It can be difficult to install. Many carseats can require a lot of effort. The instructions are easy to follow, and you can find online videos to aid the process. My grandson likes it. He can easily climb in and out. I'm happy that the 5-point harness can transition to a booster seat when he becomes more trustworthy. It's a sturdy, well-built carseat. It will give me years of reliable service. I wish it was a little bit easier to navigate.

👤I love these seats! We have 3 boys. We have a car. We bought 2 Diono car seats for the toddlers and the Uppa Baby Mesa for the infant. The car seats fit perfectly. There is a The Diono car seats are very easy to install. They are very small for the kids. So comfortable! I am not sure how they could figure that out. Highly recommended! Not only to fit 3 car seats in a row, but also in general!

👤I recently got into a Honda CR-V and have a third on the way so I decided to go with Diono because I had been trying to find car seats that would fit 3 across and be safe. The new baby installation was ok, but the Honda CR-V's latch system was not good, so I used the belt with all 3.

👤3 kids under the age of 9 are always in my car with me. The youngest 2 are still in their seats. The middle seat of my car is on the smaller side. I had to find a car seat that fit in the middle so my older 2 could sit in the side seats as they got bigger. I was amazed when I put his seat in place. I am happy that it fits in the middle. The car is set up so far. Very thin and cushiony. It fit in my car very well. I was looking for a carseat that was good in the reviews.

9. Diono Everett High Back Booster

Diono Everett High Back Booster

The slim fit design of the booster seat is designed to be safe and comfortable for your child. The easy click RIDGID LATCH CONNECTORS can be used to secure the booster seat. There is a super light weight. The super light car seat is able to be moved between vehicles with ease. The 7-position headrest adjusts to provide head support for your child with reinforced side impact protection. The seat back is narrow for better access to vehicle buckles. The seat back is narrow for better access to vehicle buckles.

Brand: Diono

👤After a lot of research, we decided on the Diono Everett NXT for our 8yr old. The quality and comfort of the car seats has always impressed us. I was completely disappointed when I unboxed the Everett. It is easy to assemble and install, but not very comfortable. There is no padding under the fabric of the seat or the backrest. We love to travel, but we can't see our daughter being comfortable in this seat for long drives. It is not what you would expect from a booster seat. Sorry, Diono. You missed the mark on this one. I will return this product.

👤I don't know what it is about the chair that is designed, but if there is a child sitting in it or not, it's ragged. Every time. Second. Your. A car. Is. It is time to move. It is slightly muffled with a child in it, but it still rattles. Do you drive down the road? RATTLE. Are you sitting at a stoplight? RATTLE. Engine off, no movement? silence Until the wind blows. If you don't mind the rattling in your car, then the rest of the features are a great selling point and you will love the safety and security that this chair provides. If the constant, mind grating, water torture of RATTLE every second of every drive sounds like it would be Hell on earth, skip it. Buy something else. I'm surprised that I've had the restraint to not leave this seat on the side of the road when my wife isn't looking.

👤My son doesn't like the booster seat. The back has no foam padding, just a slim cover over hard plastic, and it has limited foam padding on the seat. It is very east to install.

👤I decided at the age of 6 that it was time for my child to leave her harness. The old Recaro should have done this, but it turned out to be a nightmare in the seat belt set up. The Diono is narrow enough at the base to make it easy to clip in the seat belt. The seat has a shoulder belt so that it stays in place when my daughter isn't in it. My daughter said she liked it when we took it to school. I will update this review if there is a change. I plan on buying a second seat. Diono, could you offer some more feminine colors? Or may it be water? The daughter was content after an hour in the car. She is able to operate the seatbelt with ease. Just ordered two more!

👤We have had this seat for a year. We brought it back to the USA this summer after buying it for our car. The seat is not suitable for high speeds and long trips back to the US, even if it is fine going 35mph. The seat is cheap. The thing doesn't feel strong enough for high speeds. My child complains that it hurts her back and bottom when she is in it for a long time. If you live in the city and need a seat to toss in a cab, it is fine. It is worthUpgrading if you drive for any period of time.

10. Diono Radian Convertible Design Extended

Diono Radian Convertible Design Extended

Newborn positions are safe and convenient. The newborn travel high wedge is used to create a lie-flat travel position. The innovative technology helps to keep the airway open. Remove the wedge as your baby grows to allow the infant positioning liner. Rear-FACING FOR LONGER. The slimfit convertible car seat is designed to keep your child's rear facing up to 50 lbs. Approx. 7 kilo. 4 years old. A car for 10 years. As your child grows, the radian 3RXT will adapt to fit your child up to 120 lbs. The ultimate protection for your child is created by the reinforced steel core, made from automotive grade high density plastic and steel. The original 3 Across is built with a radian slim fit convertible design to fit 3 across in most vehicles without compromising child or passenger comfort. It's a good idea to have your children in the backseat. The original 3 Across is built with a radian slim fit convertible design to fit 3 across in most vehicles without compromising child or passenger comfort. It's a good idea to have your children in the backseat.

Brand: Diono

👤We bought a radian for our second child and loved it. It is the most secure car seat I have ever strapped my kid into, and we have owned a lot of Graco and installed in several different models and types of car. I had to fight for more than 30 minutes in my mom's Ford Explorer with Graco and wanted to set the car on fire after she made me move it over in the hot Texas weather. I install mine and won't move it for any force in heaven or hell unless I am flying, so it's not like I do a daily ruck march with it. Diono is giving you a crappy, thin car seat cover and charging the same price as they did before. The difference between the two year model and the 3RXT is so large that you can tell they have changed their minds. I don't see how it isn't going to pill in the wash because it has less padding and is thinner. My child is going to destroy it. Most of the pics are in the "feel", but I have included a reference to old versus new. The fabric in the upper trim series car seat is supposed to last 10 years and cost $300, but I find this very disappointing. It's the same microfiber that I use on a couple of wal-mart $30 booster seats, or on universal car covers. I think it will turn green in the sun. The color of my radian ixt is the same as when I bought it two years ago and it has been washed a lot. I thought the car seat I received was the wrong one, because it said "Radian R" and the fabric was not stamped with the words. I think my confusion is reasonable because it shows on the box as "Radian RXT". They have pictures on their website and on Amazon. Nope. They are all the same fabric. Diono, car seats are expensive when you have to replace them constantly as you have kids, or have more than one so you aren't dealing with the logistics of changing cars with your spouse or parents just to get kids from point A to point B. Parents can easily save a lot of money by buying something less expensive. I wonder if they are as innovative as Diono claims, because I see a star there for the cheapness. If a company wants to repeat business, they need to do things well across the board. I came back because I loved it so much. I'm not sure if I need another one or if they'll go back to better covers. For reference, these install amazingly well in Toyota corolla, Sienna and Highlander and even the tiny Prius, but rear face in a Prius puts the front seat up too far for anyone over 5'6 to sit comfortably. You will still be angry if its leather, because they really didn't want anyone to use them and they are set too close together, so cranking down and getting the seat tight enough is a hassle. Don't let the entertainment package on a Ford Explorer fool you, not a young family with car seats.

11. Diono Summer Cover Radian Rainier

Diono Summer Cover Radian Rainier

It was designed to fit Diono Radian and Rainier Car Seats. Comes in two separate parts. The AXT and RXT models only have one head support cover and one seat cover that is suitable for most types of child car seats. The Summer cover is only intended for forward facing use. It helps to keep your child cool and comfortable in their car seat during the hot summer months. The 80% cotton toweling fabric is soft against sensitive skin and is backed with a mesh to promote good air flow. It is made from a light toweling cotton blend that provides high absorbency and great breathability, helping to keep the baby cool. In the hot summer months, a car seat protects it from messes and fading colors. There is no need to worry about spills or accidents. It's easy to secure in place. The cover to the car seat can be secured with a plastic clip and a piece of Velcro. It's easy to secure in place. The cover to the car seat can be secured with a plastic clip and a piece of Velcro.

Brand: Diono

👤The design is terrible, but the idea is good. If you have the straps on the highest setting, it will work. The straps can go through the bottom holes if you have them on the lowest two settings. There is no opening for the straps on this cover if you have a baby toddler that is 30 inches tall and 25 pounds and you need the straps for the car seat on the 3rd or 4th setting. You either have to thread the straps through the lower setting on the cover, or you have to pull the cover up on the seat so you can't get to the strap adjusting part. I don't know why the company didn't make a middle opening in the pad for the 3rd and 4th setting of the straps. If your child is under 24 inches tall, then you have to put the pad away until your child is at least 3 years old. It's useless for people who have toddlers.

👤The seat cover is very popular with my twins. It feels like a soft towel and is soft to the touch. It helps prevent sweating when they are in the car seats. It's easy to put on and remove, and it fits on the Diono car seat.

👤This is the dumbest designed cover. I have to remove the car seat from the car to put the cover on. Absolutely stupid.

👤When I received this product, it was washed and shrunk.

👤The product was not compatible with where the straps needed to be. The elastic cover wouldn't stay in place at the base of the seat.

👤It was poorly designed. There are only two options for where the shoulder straps come through, either low or high, and there are no slots in between for older infants or younger children. I was surprised that the cover for Diono car seats does not work well. It's hard to put on the carseat.

👤It had holes from poor stitching. The material feels nice and it doesn't bother me to re-tether the harness, but I'm wondering if this cover would fall apart under my child. This is the first time that the rxt has a shoulder strap. Not impressed by my current car seat and accessories.


What is the best product for car seat diono radian rxt?

Car seat diono radian rxt products from Diono. In this article about car seat diono radian rxt you can see why people choose the product. [brand2] and [brand3] are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat diono radian rxt.

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