Best Car Seat Diono 3rxt

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1. Diono Quantum Pneumatic Rear Tires

Diono Quantum Pneumatic Rear Tires

Smooth ride is a smooth ride on rough terrain. Two pneumatic, rubber tires have a firm grip on all surfaces. Installation is quick and easy with click and go. China is the country of origin. China is the country of origin.

Brand: Diono

👤Buy the tires! It made a difference. Even though there's no front pneumatic tires, it still changed it a lot. The stroller works better on the gravel trail near my house. Please offer front tires.

2. Slimfit Design Redmond Amazon Exclusive

Slimfit Design Redmond Amazon Exclusive

The 3-in-1 car seat can be used in a rear-facing harness, forward-facing harness, and highback booster. The seat is 10% slimmer because of the dual cup holders that rotates away. The child restraint criteria for a frontal crash test are met. A combination of the most rigorous crash tests helps to protect your little one in crashes. The Simply Safe Adjust Harness System allows the head and harness to adjust in one motion. The safest fit for your child is to choose the perfect height for their headrest. The safest fit for your child is to choose the perfect height for their headrest.

Brand: Graco

👤We were in a car accident at 60mph. A 2 year old child walked away from an accident after biting his tongue. He was thankful for the protection this seat gave him.

👤I've been wanting to get a second car seat for a long time. I went to the local stores to try out the Slim Fit after seeing the price drop. The Slim Fit and the Milestone are both on sale at Walmart for the same price. My primary car seat is a Graco 4Ever. Both the SlimFit and Milestone have the same features. My daughter and I chose Slim Fit because of the two cup holders. The seat is very comfortable. There is a good amount of cushion in the head and butt area. Ours has been in use for several years and feels more comfortable than the 4Ever. The beams are reinforced with steel like the 4Ever, but they are not as thick or wide. The SlimFit is a bit lighter because of this. The in Right latch system is a must have for the Slim Fit. The installation is easy, but the in Right belt is a bit harder to get as snug as I want. That could be because it is brand new. The harness adjusts when you raise and lower it. The seat is a bit larger than the 4Ever. I am testing out the Slim Fit in my Mazda CX-5 and I feel like there is more room for passengers than when I have the 4Ever in the same place. There are only 4 "recline" positions. I would like to see 5. The 4Ever has two recline positions just for forward facing, which is a plus. It's a little more comfortable with the added recline. The SlimFit is definitely comparable to the 4Ever. If you can purchase below retail, I would recommend it. There was a photo added for asthetic comparison.

👤Ok. All of the pictures should be forgiven. Seeing comparison pictures of new car seats helped me make my decision. We are getting a new car seat. I drive a small car, the 2015 crosstrek from the Subaru line. If I could do it all over again, I would buy a minivan that we didn't need and I wouldn't want a teenager sitting in the back for family outings. The seat is a bit slimmer on the slimfit due to the lack of armrest and cup holders. The back and headrest are the same on both seats, but the back of the slimfit is a solid panel as opposed to the extend2fit with an open back. Both of these differences are functional and mearly. The recline option is the same, the padding is the same, and the wonderful sliding headrest to adjust height is the same. The water under the bridge made it difficult for me to get the latch through the rear pass. The seat is heavy and not a good choice if you want to carry your car seat through the airport or move it on a regular basis. I don't like the fact that the infant seat insert is not included, there are a lot of cracks in the fabric and it is hard to get gummy snacks out of it. The seat is sturdy and well built, which is a bonus since I won't need another car seat for the kids down the road. It is nice. Installation was ok. 10/10 would buy again.

3. Diono Radian Convertible Engineering Protection

Diono Radian Convertible Engineering Protection

The next generation 4-in-1 radian convertible car seat is here. The award-winning 3QXT slimfit convertible car seat has been improved in safety and features. The 4-in-1 newborn protection from 4 lbs includes the Safe+ newborn insert, which provides the secure travel position, and the anti-slip harness and anti-rebound bar, which reduces rebound rotation by 50%. There are three different ways of security - rear-facing, forward-facing, and high back booster mode. Safe Plus Engineering. A combination of the most rigorous crash tests ensure the safest car seat possible. The radian 3QXT has high density plastic and steel reinforcement. A car for 10 years. As your child grows, the radian 3QXT will adapt to fit your child up to 120 lbs. Rear-FACING FOR LONGER. The slimfit convertible car seat is designed to keep your child's rear facing up to 50 lbs. 7 lbs. 4 years old. Rear-FACING FOR LONGER. The slimfit convertible car seat is designed to keep your child's rear facing up to 50 lbs. 7 lbs. 4 years old.

Brand: Diono

👤I am a professional nanny who has done hundreds of car seat installations for a variety of seats and cars and has taken multiple car seat classes. These seats are tanks. They require a few tricks of the trade to install. I was able to get a safe install while nine months pregnant in the Florida summer heat, but I would not recommend this seat if you are going to switch it between cars or have someone unfamiliar with car seat installations transporting your child. My son is two years old and he is in the middle seat of my Honda Civic. I needed a slim seat to maximize back seat usage. I wanted something that would last from newborn to booster. I was excited about the new seat because it addressed some of the issues I had with the previous ones. My baby is in the rear passenger seat. The bar is anti-rebound. The older Dionos have a strap that you attach to the front seat tracks which decreases rotation in a crash, but it can be difficult to set up and leave excess strap laying everywhere. Due to the design of the seats in my car, the anti-rebound bar does not completely brace against the seat, which is why it is supposed to be the replacement. It will not reduce rotation in a crash. There is a My first son was two weeks late and a decent size, so the RXT worked well from birth but would not be ideal for a small baby. The QXT has newborn features that make it great, such as keeping the new baby at a perfect angle and keeping his head from flopping around. The foot attachment at the bottom of the rear seat can slip into the back seat crack to achieve the desired angle, but some vehicles do not have a suitable crack for this to be positioned in. I have a spare seat for my mother's car because it is hard for me to get a safe rear facing install in her car. The issue hasn't been fixed in the new QXT. I am quite happy with the seat so far. My older RXT has held up well. I expect nothing different from this new series. I love that I can have both boys in the back of my little car with me. The seat has passed extensive safety tests and will hold up well in the event of a roll over crash. Give yourself plenty of time to get a safe install after reading the manual and looking up videos online, and be sure to research compatibility with your vehicle.

👤I have purchased four of these seats, one for each grandchild, and a replacement after an accident. This is the seat you want to sit in. The kids that I treated did well. This seat will help absorb the energy from an accident and help to protect your loved one.

👤The wife ordered three overpriced monstrosities for our cars. Installation in smaller vehicles is a nightmare because they weigh 50 pounds. Due to our situation, I will have to take these out and replace them several times a year. I will lose even more time when I have to remove and reinstall them because they have already cost me over 1000 dollars. I have one installed correctly, one that I gave up installing, and one that is still in the box after spending 4 hours. These things will haunt me until my kids grow up. The box they came in was loaded with trendy phrases so I guess it is all good.

4. Diono Monterey Original Expandable Booster

Diono Monterey Original Expandable Booster

The Monterey XT is the next generation of car. The fabrics that cover the entire vehicle seatback are automotive inspired. The side impact protection is made from high impact aluminum and has 3 layers of enhanced protection. Breathable side panels are designed to keep your child cool while on the move. As your child grows for a high back booster seat, the attic provides a 69% increase in space. It is important that your childs car ride is safe. 3 seats in 1 can be converted into a backless booster seat with a wide seat base and two cup holders. 3 seats in 1 can be converted into a backless booster seat with a wide seat base and two cup holders.

Brand: Diono

👤The car seat is terrible. When you try to carry it, it falls apart. The back piece is large. There is no way to secure the back of the car, and it's only the thing that holds it in place that makes it possible for me to Buckle my child in. It's too big to be safe and it's annoying to move. Don't buy.

👤I like the idea of my child being safe and comfortable, but the back of this thing is big. I got it so that it would fit my child, but be prepared to leave a seat open next to them.

👤I would give it a 4.5 out of 5. My son is older than me so he doesn't need a super padded seat, so I think the padding could definitely use some improvement. I don't have any issues with him. I have a midsized SUV that has room for this large seat. If you have a smaller vehicle, this may not be for you. My son is very happy with it.

👤It's bulky and makes it hard for the kids to go all over the place when sleeping.

👤We couldn't find a booster that our daughter didn't fall over in or complain about her legs falling asleep until we got this one. It is very comfortable for her.

👤It is easy for my daughter to get in and out of it. This will be our last seat for her.

👤The seat and diono products are great. I have been a diono consumer for 10 years. We love the new addition to our car. It was very comfortable. It's easy to install.

👤When we put the seat in the car, we could hear liquid coming from the bottom portion. We don't know why this would be in the seat and we are communicating with Diono. I will update when Diono responds. Something is not right.

👤We have been using the seat for a while. Most of the high back booster seats were only tested to minimal requirements, even though they can be used for 4 years. We were pleased to find a seat with a lot of head and side protection, it is a big seat and gets wider when the back is extended. diono is known for its rigorous testing. My daughter is very comfortable in it, with lots of space and a good seat belt. The material is nice, but the seat is not very padded, and the cup holders are nice. It's worth it for peace of mind because of the decent seat, but it's pricey.

👤The chair is in my Mazda. The back seat area is not much bigger than a Honda Civic. My friends said that this is much larger than the ones they had a few years ago. The chair is large but it is not as big as the child seat I just replaced. The Evenflow Symphony took up more space than this one. I recommend this chair, and hope these pics give a better idea of the size.

5. Diono Carry Strap Radian Black

Diono Carry Strap Radian Black

You can carry your child's car seat over the shoulder with a single strap. Just like a backpack, you can purchase two straps and carry the seat hands-free. It was designed for fortifications. The Carry Strap from Diono has a padded shoulder strap for a comfortable way to transport your child's car seat from place to place. The Diono car seat is comparable. It's compatible with Diono Radian and other convertible car seat models. It has never been easier to transport a child's car seat. Strong and hardy. Their Carry Straps are strong and durable, with clip attachment for an ultra-strong hold to confidently carry through the airport, train stations or wherever your journey may take you. Strong and hardy. Their Carry Straps are strong and durable, with clip attachment for an ultra-strong hold to confidently carry through the airport, train stations or wherever your journey may take you.

Brand: Diono

👤I bought 2 straps to use for my stroller. The straps are for 2. The price and prime were better. There were separate shipments of the straps. They were in different boxes. I think 1 was newer than the other. I can put my stroller on my back if I need to while I'm overseas because they fit it perfectly. The straps are wide and have good padding. I like that the latches are metal and not plastic.

👤It was easy to travel with my son. My boy and I traveled through different airports. I noticed that if you lift your car seat fast and by one handle, you have a higher risk of breaking it since it is heavy, but once on your back it didn't feel as bad. I recommend these straws. Lift the car seat with common sense. I picked it up by the straps and threw it on the ground. I didn't have trouble or feel heavy.

👤They allow you to carry your car seat like a backpack, which is convenient, especially if you use them on the airplane, like us, and it keeps the kid in their seat, but also because it's safer. The straps are not very comfortable, and there is nothing special about them. If you were willing to spend a bit more, you could find some with more padding. You need two in order to carry it like a backpack, because this is for one strap. They came with no instructions for how to attach them. I was glad that I took the time to figure it out before we left, because I would have waited until we got to the airport to put them on. I attached one strap to the wrong spot and carried the seat all the way down the road. My recommendation is to look for padded straps that have clips on each end.

👤I recommend this product for your car seat. I bought the diono car seat bag just in case this was too uncomfortable for getting through the airport, because I tried this for a recent trip. I am a small frame with some weight on my shoulders. I am willing to go backpacking with a 25lb pack. I travel alone with my child. The straps were very comfortable and convenient. You can leave them on while using the seat, so they are ready to go. It would be a hassle to take on and off the bag in a tight space where everyone around you is in a hurry if you were using this for an airplane. Your active child is loose on the plane when you are bagging and unbagging. I will never fly with a toddler without a car seat again, and these straps really did the trick. I could carry a stroller, diaper bag, car seat, and jackets under my body at the airport. I could bring a carry on bag if I wanted to push it. But I did not. The clips on the ends of the straps are nice. If you like, you could use them for another application. They fit into the fabric loops on the seat. You need to buy quantity 2 for the backpack configuration. I have a version of Diono radian that has the cover and these straps work well. The attachment points for the straps were not impeded by the cover. If you are still using the foam and recliner attachment in the rear facing position, you should get the bag. The rear facing of the airplane doesn't work well. If your child can sit up, I recommend forward facing in the plane. I think it is more important to make sure they stay in their seat than it is to be safe in crashes.

6. Diono Radian Convertible Children Pounds

Diono Radian Convertible Children Pounds

As your little one grows to 100 lbs., keep them rear-facing for 40 lbs. Around 10 years. Your child is protected by their long-range lifespan. Threes are not a crowd. The sleek and slim design of the Radian 3R allows you to fit three across in most mid-size vehicles. The family can travel together. Lovingly ENGINEERED: The radian 3R is built with automotive-strength steel, which is engineered into a dual spine, to protect your baby. Installation is easy with their audible click SuperLATCH system. Business class competition The bright fabric covers and memory foam seat bottom are inspired by the best in European style. The comfort and safety of the foam go hand in hand. They are from Seattle, a city where being different is the norm and so is the Radian 3R. They are from Seattle, a city where being different is the norm and so is the Radian 3R.

Brand: Diono

👤These are awesome. The back of my F-150 is still big enough for my 2 year old and 11 month old twins. I have tried rear facing and forward and they fit well. My two year old is very comfortable with them.

👤I got this to be a toddler rear facing seat. The seat has no head supports for younger babies. I am not sure how they can advertise this as a seat for new borns. I would expect more head protection, but I appreciate the steel safety.

👤My new car has 3 grandsons in it. The design of the seats and the placement of the seatbelts make them difficult to fit in the new car's "wider" back seat. The seat I bought is the narrowest on the market. It wasn't cheap. It was not the most expensive on the market. No lie first. It's heavy. The instruction manual is small. This is a car seat that you want to leave be. For a long time. The kid can't fit in the car until you sell it. It's not the most ideal carseat for a "Grandma car", but I needed it for the size. It can be difficult to install. Many carseats can require a lot of effort. The instructions are easy to follow, and you can find online videos to aid the process. My grandson likes it. He can easily climb in and out. I'm happy that the 5-point harness can transition to a booster seat when he becomes more trustworthy. It's a sturdy, well-built carseat. It will give me years of reliable service. I wish it was a little bit easier to navigate.

👤I love these seats! We have 3 boys. We have a car. We bought 2 Diono car seats for the toddlers and the Uppa Baby Mesa for the infant. The car seats fit perfectly. There is a The Diono car seats are very easy to install. They are very small for the kids. So comfortable! I am not sure how they could figure that out. Highly recommended! Not only to fit 3 car seats in a row, but also in general!

👤I recently got into a Honda CR-V and have a third on the way so I decided to go with Diono because I had been trying to find car seats that would fit 3 across and be safe. The new baby installation was ok, but the Honda CR-V's latch system was not good, so I used the belt with all 3.

👤3 kids under the age of 9 are always in my car with me. The youngest 2 are still in their seats. The middle seat of my car is on the smaller side. I had to find a car seat that fit in the middle so my older 2 could sit in the side seats as they got bigger. I was amazed when I put his seat in place. I am happy that it fits in the middle. The car is set up so far. Very thin and cushiony. It fit in my car very well. I was looking for a carseat that was good in the reviews.

7. Diono Positioner Leveler Positions Rear Facing

Diono Positioner Leveler Positions Rear Facing

The levels of rear-facing child safety seats and positions of infants at the proper angle ensure complete well-being and safety for them, and peace of mind for you. It's easy to use and fits the vehicle seat. Use in any car, it's easy to cut to fit any seat. Multiple sit-rites can be used at the same time. Rear-facing infant seats can be used with the rear-facing car seats. The Sit-Rite is perfect if the brand instructs to use a rolled towel or pool noodle. Sit-rite is made with a high density foam that won't flatten under the weight of the car seat. Sit-rite is made with a high density foam that won't flatten under the weight of the car seat.

Brand: Diono

👤This did a great job elevating the recaro seat. It's a big problem. The lettering DIONO will not come off the leather seats. Our seats seem to be branded with this noodle. If you buy this, make sure to orient the lettering away from your upholstery.

👤This is a small section of "pool float noodle", which is usually sold at Wal-mart as "fun-noodles" or similar. I noticed my son's head was on his chest when he was in the rear-facing baby seat in the back of my GTI. The angle was corrected by this. I wish I'd bought a pool noodle at Wal-mart instead, because these are solid throughout, unlike the pool noodles which are usually hollow in the middle. Since it was the middle of winter, I don't think I could have found a pool noodle anywhere else.

👤This is perfect. I didn't find pool noodles but I did find this gem. The rear facing convertible car seat wiggled too much for me. I tried a lot of different things but it was not solved. It was fixed perfectly by this. The foam roll is strong and the car seat barely wiggles. Being too short is not an issue.

👤My daughter's carseat was not safe because it would move. I bought this because I had to put multiple towels under it. My daughters carseat does not move at all. Definitely worth it!

👤The Britax base broke during the flight. I put this thing under the base, tightened it down with the anchor straps, and it worked perfectly. The straps were not tightened in the two weeks it was installed. It's a happy day.

👤I told my husband that the Britax infant bucket seat moved too much for him. He told me it couldn't get any tighter. I looked for a solution and found it. This little foam works well. I tightened it where the car seat no longer moved after I installed it outside. When we first installed the seat, I wished we'd gotten this.

👤It barely touches the base of the car seat. What is the point if it is free to move under the base?

👤Helped elevate our car seat to the correct angle. The product was torn open when I received it, so it was an obvious return that was resold to me. The product is new enough.

👤These work well for leveling out the seat base so that the rearward facing car seats sit at the right angle. Many Stage 1+ seats sit bolt upright when used in rearward facing mode, causing babies' heads to loll forwards. The solution to the problem is to raise the rear of the base off of the seat squab and keep it stable. The price for a piece of foam might seem high. You might have something similar lying around. I want to be sure that it would survive an accident. It's important that your base is compatible with this. Many bases have a button underneath that allows for the adjustment of the two prongs at the rear of the car.

8. Diono Radian Convertible Engineering Protection

Diono Radian Convertible Engineering Protection

The next generation 4-in-1 radian convertible car seat is here. The award-winning 3QX slimfit convertible car seat has been improved in safety and features. 3-in-1 Newborn Protection from 4 lbs: Provides the perfect lie flat travel position, anti-slip harness pads, and Safe+ steel anti-rebound bar to reduce rebound rotation by 50%. There are three different ways of security - rear-facing, forward-facing, and booster mode. There is a safe number of 12 position headrests. One hand adjusts the headrests 22% increase in comfort and protection. SAFE+ ENGINEERING. A combination of the most rigorous crash tests ensure the safest car seat possible. The radian 3QX has high density plastic and steel reinforcement. A car for 10 years. The radian 3QX can be adjusted to fit your child from birth to 120 lbs. A car for 10 years. The radian 3QX can be adjusted to fit your child from birth to 120 lbs.

Brand: Diono

👤I have purchased Diono carseats before and they are very familiar with me. When you get the carseat, sit down and read the manual. The manual says to keep the headrest up for babies, even though the review said the baby was uncomfortable with it down. I had no issues installing the carseat. I thought the new design was easier. It does not lean as far back as the 3rxt, so in my opinion, the adjuster is optional if in the middle seat. For reference, I have a subsaru. Anyone buying a carseat knows how heavy it is. It's made of metal. Why would anyone buy a carseat to take on an airplane? If you need to travel, it folds up easily, and it has a long strap that keeps it in place. Is there anything in the crevices of this carseat? Yes! Does my one year old like pulling the fabric off the chair? Yes! He is comfortable and I think the quality and safety of Diono carseats is more important than either of those things.

👤The car seat is very comfortable for my baby. It was easy to install and you can easily fit 3 across the seat. The reinforcement bar is my biggest concern. The idea seems amazing, but I live in Arizona where it is 116 degrees outside, and the bar left a burn mark when I strapped my baby in. It was me and not my baby's foot, that would be a huge problem. I wrapped it with a blanket but I wonder if this was a thought or concern for manufacturing?

👤The car seat has a lot of great features. This is an upgraded version of the 3RXT that I own. Safety is the top of my list. The seat has an anti-rebound bar that helps it be more secure in a crash. I wanted this feature for my child because I don't have a place in my car to tether a rear-facing car seat. The fabrics and colors are very pretty and soft, and I like that my child has extra padding on the seat bottom with the memory foam cushion. My other 2 car seats of different brands do not have this extra cushion. The headrest on this car seat has been improved by Diono. My daughter seems to like her new seat. I haven't owned this seat for a long time, but I am very happy with it.

👤I wish we had purchased this a long time ago. The car seat from Diono is heavy. It's not so heavy that you can't move it. It makes our Britax and Graco car seats feel weak. I spent about an hour studying the manual and taking the Diono seat out of the box. The color is vibrant and matches my wife's car interior. We had to lift our daughter out of her position in order to get her out of the car. The design of the Diono is sleek and everyone is amazed at it. We can fit the car seat and 2 adults in the back of the SUV without any issues. It's a must if you can get a deal on this seat.

9. Diono Backless Lightweight Washable Charcoal

Diono Backless Lightweight Washable Charcoal

Belt-positioning baseball players. It can be up to 63" (160 cm) tall. Convenient and convenient is the seat base for big kid comfort and lightweight design to move between vehicles with ease. Easy removal covers for easy cleaning. Two cup holders are perfect for road trips. Diono booster are tested over and above safety standards. Diono booster are tested over and above safety standards.

Brand: Diono

👤I read the reviews and buy it. My kids were happy. The parents are complaining. It is easy to install and educate the kids. Responsible driving and proper use of your car are important. If you're not sure about the belt sash, buy a harness clip. Place a gel pad insert around the sore bottom of your child. If you have a problem with it moving, tighten your seat belt harness and make sure your child's backside is flush to the back rest. If you're not ready for a booster seat, keep your child in a harnessed seat and stop complaining about the carseat, it's one of the best out there. If you're worried about child safety, then you must be a wreck less driver, don't know how to properly use this seat, or transfer your big kid into a booster because you're so picky!

👤There are three Diono car seats in the back of our Honda Accord. Our oldest child is old enough to be in a booster now and so we bought this thinking we could just swap out the old Diono car seat for the new one. The booster didn't fit. The seat is too wide because of the wings on both sides. The quality is high and it is giving it a 5 star.

👤My daughter was in a booster seat for a long time. I love that booster and spent a pretty penny on it. I have another one for her younger sister who is 8. My 9 year old is very tall and her booster was digging into her shoulders. I found this gem for $25 and it was delivered the next day. My daughter is happy in the car. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a booster that she will outgrow in a year or so. This booster was perfect for the job. The seat belt on my daughter's chest does not fit properly and she still needs a booster at 9 years old. She has it on her neck. The booster supports children who are heavier. My daughter is 100 pounds heavier than me. Check her booster seat laws in your state. Keep your babies safe!

👤The seats are small for the price. There is a cupholder, but not the kind that takes up room.

👤I don't know why I didn't read the reviews, but this doesn't fit 3 across. Not with any other brand as the third. They are very comfortable. I thought they would be smaller since the cupholder is soft. I got two for 40. I need to keep looking. The car size wasn't an issue for me because I drive a Santa Fe SUV.

👤I ordered two. The one that came was covered in mold.

👤I liked the price. I needed two more. The quality is not great. Cupholders are too small to hold a water bottle.

👤My daughter says the booster is very comfortable. It is strong and lightweight. It doesn't have alatch. When my daughter isn't in the car, I make sure to wear it. There is no need for a separate latch.

10. Rainier AXT Latch Dark Grey

Rainier AXT Latch Dark Grey

From birth, keep your little one facing 50 lbs. and travel safely. They grow to 120 lbs. Approx. 12 years. Your child is protected from facing forwards by their long-range lifespan. The Rainier 2Axt Vogue is engineered into a dual spine using super strong automotive high strength steel. This unique core protects your baby and manages energy. The design of the Rainier 2Axt Vogue allows for extra room for other passengers, without compromising luxury travel for your baby. The Rainier 2Axt Vogue is inspired by tailoring, usually found in furniture and upholstery. The wool and Merino blend seat cover is skin sensitive. Being different is the norm in Seattle and so is the Rainier 2Axt. It is FAA approved for use on an aircraft and folds flat so you can travel the world. You don't have to change your plans because Baby is with you. Being different is the norm in Seattle and so is the Rainier 2Axt. It is FAA approved for use on an aircraft and folds flat so you can travel the world. You don't have to change your plans because Baby is with you.

Brand: Diono

👤When I talked to the company about the carseat, they said it was a wool blend. I decided to buy it after waiting a year. The description on the page has been changed to say 100% wool, instead of wool blend. The label on the carseat I received said 100% wool, but only for the outer layer of the cover. There is a foam underneath that doesn't touch the baby and there is also a backing that doesn't touch the baby. I love this seat. This seat is very similar to the regular Diono 3RXT that I have. The seat is slightly wider at the top, which makes it harder to fit between the two front seats when the rear is installed. The box it came in says "2 across" instead of "3 across", meaning it might not be able to fit 3 across a backseat, although I have not tried to get 3 of these in the same car and it may still be possible in some cars and in some configurations. I would love to see them offer the wool cover in their other modals, like their new one with the rebound bar.

👤The seat was four years old. It has been sitting for a long time because the date of manufacture was last year.

👤I contacted the company to inquire about the other fiber in their wool blend, but was disappointed to find out that it is a type of plastic. I'll have to make an organic cover to protect my baby from the polyester, so I'm not buying a fancy cover. I love the seat but the chemicals smell horrible and I just got a new one. I'm going to try washing them out with dawn dish soap, but it would be so easy if they made their wool covers with organic cotton. The frame of this seat is so strong that it can fit between two larger seats in my back seat, and it's also narrower so that it can fit between my child's seat and my front seat.

👤The car seat is heavy and lacks features. Leave no room for the driver or front passenger if you are going to take a family outing. I tried in my wife's Lexus nx200 and it stinks. The money was wasted. I will stick with another brand.

11. Diono Quantum Snack Roll Stroller

Diono Quantum Snack Roll Stroller

The cup and tray can be interchanged for easy use. Food grade silicone is easy to clean and safe. Matching or contrasting fashion colors are available. The room for dessert was created for the generous seat unit.

Brand: Diono

👤I don't know if Diono makes a snack tray for the stroller, but this tray fits that stroller badly.

👤I like Diono brand. The quantum stroller is perfect. I own a carseat that is very comfortable. The tray is very easy to use, but I think my little one is too small right now because he just plays with the tray and it detaches very easily and the cup and tray fall to the ground from time to time. The product is ok. Good material. It is possible to wash it.

👤The description doesn't fit any pram.

👤Don't like this product, don't have a pram, it's only a problem.

👤The Diono Quantum stroller is a great addition. It's perfect for outings with our child.

👤Not very strong and not as large as I had hoped.


What is the best product for car seat diono 3rxt?

Car seat diono 3rxt products from Diono. In this article about car seat diono 3rxt you can see why people choose the product. [brand2] and [brand3] are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat diono 3rxt.

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