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1. DMoose Activity Toddlers Waterproof Stroller

DMoose Activity Toddlers Waterproof Stroller

The fun, kid-friendly travel play area is the ultimate car seat tray for kids travel, airplane travel or this small lap desk for kids lets them draw, color, play games, watch movies on a tablets, or enjoy drinks and snacks on the go. Their tray for kids travel has a soft, wool padded base that is lightweight and supportive and has reinforced walls to keep snacks, toys, or crayons from rolling away or falling on the floor. The DMoose kids car tray has a waterproof surface that makes it easy to clean up spills. Remove it with the one-click buckle and wipe it down with a wet wipe or rag. Long rides and trips give children an opportunity to stay mentally and physically engaged while promoting independence and creativity, which is why it is supported by early learning adventures. The stretchy pockets of the travel tray for kids car seat help keep your child more organized and prevent things from rolling around on the play surface. They are perfect for small books, toys, pacifiers, bottles, sippy cups, snacks, or other essentials.

Brand: Dmoose

👤My 3 year old and I traveled for 3.5 hours with this tray table. It was very easy to set up. It was stable for the whole ride and has plenty of compartments for snacks, toys, water bottle, etc. She didn't ask for the iPad because it was good enough to color on, play and eat off of. I put it in the sleeve on the way back so she could watch it. I am happy with my purchase. The princess theme pattern is very sweet.

👤Our 3 year old grandson plays away the miles with the DMoose Kids Travel Tray, even the best travelers get bored. It worked well for eating lunch on the road as well as for playing with toys. The size of the tray was right and the clips on either side made it easy to remove. There is enough lip to prevent toys and food from spilling. We didn't use the easel feature to prop up the tablets, but it will work well when that time comes. Very pleased with the purchase!

👤It's perfect for long drives. I don't have to hear it. My toddler's life is held by it. There is a place for her water bottle, snacks, crayons, toys, and tablets. It's helpful and keeps things organized. It's hard for her to take it off on her own if she wanted to, so I couldn't give it 5 stars.

👤This product is designed to do something. The reviews mentioned that it is not very sturdy. This is true to some degree. I'm pretty sure it's a safety issue. If you were in an accident, you wouldn't want a hard tray in your child's abdomen. That makes sense. We placed a small travel pillow between her legs to give her more support. There are places on the tray that a sippie cup can easily slide into, but the tray also covers the cupholders in the carseat. It wouldn't be that great for a cup with a lid from a restaurant, but if you take a sippie cup to pour those into, your golden.

👤We haven't used the travel tray yet, so I need to revisit my review. I will be going to Minnesota on 3/22 to put it in the car and see how it goes. My grandson loves it and I am very happy with it.

👤This is for our 3 year old to have on our cross country move. It is easy to set up and pack up. It was nice for her to have her own table with everything accessible so she didn't have to stop and grab her things every 5 minutes. It was a great holder of tablets. She could watch movies when her toys were dull. We would get a second one for my youngest when she is old enough.

👤I wanted to like this for my rear facing toddler. It's huge for her. Very heavy. The iPad holder did not stay upright. It was in her face when I got it to stay up. It was too big for a 2 year old lap. It may work better for a 3-6 year old. We will try later.

2. Kids Travel Play Lap Tray

Kids Travel Play Lap Tray

Allow your child's life to be expanded. The kids lap tray is one of the must haves on the road trip market. Can be used to draw, color, or even eat on. The strap is for safety. The leather material is padded for comfort.

Brand: Motorup America

👤The strap was small enough to fit around the seat. The toddler didn't stand up to the thin piece of cardboard between the fabric. I would return it if I hadn't thrown it.

👤Other reviewers say it's very flimsy and not worth the money. If you want it to work, upgrade to something more expensive.

👤Poor quality. Not strong in the least. The sides have never stood up straight. The tray is closed so it can hold anything.

👤Things slide if they are tightly strapped. I am satisfied with this tray if you tighten things up.

👤Our kids loved eating on these trays, they could color them, and eat on them. Without dropping things everywhere.

👤If you have a younger child, the tray doesn't fit right for them, and they have trouble getting their stuff to sit on it. My 4 year old didn't have to worry about her iPad falling or her crayon cup sliding around.

👤I wish I would have bought something different.

3. EcoZen LIFESTYLE Entertain Essential Comfortable

EcoZen LIFESTYLE Entertain Essential Comfortable

We take a lot of pride in the quality of the products they produce, so they offer a full lifetime warranty on every tray that leaves their door. If you need them, they will always be there. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any issues, they'll be here to help. Anna have a stress free relationship? Keep your kid away from you. Their tray is sturdy and easy to use while on the go. They have side and front pockets that hold everything they need at their fingertips, as well as an integral cup holder to make sure drinks are always close to hand. Unique design with kids in mind. The 'Soft Flap' is simple and effective in preventing things from falling off the tray. The front buckle straps help support and keep the tray level. The tray is made with a design that makes it easy to remove and put it away. Their design has a flexible base and long straps to ensure comfort. Their Travel Play Tray is easy to clean and has been extensively tested to fit most car seats. Premium nylon with top quality craftsmanship is made of non-toxic and PVC-free. It is designed to be strong and resistant to the love of small toddlers. Their tray surface is waterproof, making it easy to clean. They back their product with a 100% Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty because they believe in the quality of it. You can buy with peace of mind. Add to cart now to start the journey! They back their product with a 100% Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty because they believe in the quality of it. You can buy with peace of mind. Add to cart now to start the journey!

Brand: Ecozen Lifestyle

👤It was a game-changer when I took it on a road trip. The pockets are big enough for different items and the lap area is not flemsy at all. The side areas keep on the lap and don't roll everywhere. None of the sides came apart. The strap is long enough to fit around a carseat. I expected the pockets to fit more items. I didn't stop my kid from falling asleep either, so it doesn't appear to be uncomfortable. Even though the car sits across the lap, getting in and out of it was very easy, you just have to unbuckle one side and get back in the car. I looked for a soft material so that if we were in a severe car accident, there was not a chance of hitting the chest orabdomen with hard plastic or metal. My daughter was small when we used this and it worked well for her.

👤The car seat tray is sturdy. I liked the plastic holder for my phone on the car seat I purchased for my daughter. Her car seat is designed to slightly recline until she reaches the right weight to be seated upright, which is why the mini tablet tilts forward. The reclined position makes it easier for snacks and cups to fall toward her. I wish it had a cup holder in the corner of the tray. She is too small to reach the side pockets of the cup holders and the tray covers them. I found it convenient that the strap was long enough to pass through the seat belt opening in the back, so I could adjust it. Buckles and adjustments are on both sides so getting her out is easy from either side. It folds flat under the seat.

👤The quality of the tray was very nice and we were very happy with it. There was no funny smell. Not flimsy. It works perfectly with our Graco Extend-to-fit. Our daughter has an iPad mini. Her princess thermos is heavy and filled with milk. My 4 year old was able to move the tray whenever she wanted, we didn't make it as tight so she could do this. She had a lot of room to play with her figurines and color her masterpieces. This tray is wonderful! Along with the design, quality impressed us. This tray was well worth it at all costs. Even though we have no issues, the customer service has been outstanding.

👤I bought two trays for my kids because we have two kids. They liked playing with it at home and setting it on the floor. It's nice that there are a lot of different storage compartments with one for a water bottle. They have side pockets that can hold smaller items. The tray sits at an angle towards my kid when I put it on the carseat. The tilt will cause the toys on the tray to go towards my kid's belly. There is a lip at the end of the tray that holds the item in place and doesn't let it fall out of the tray and into the car. It's hard to find things that have fallen between the seats when you're a parent. This design was appreciated a lot. The tray was hard to put on and take off from the seat, which I didn't like. I have to wait until my child is in the carseat before I use the strap. The side flaps have a buckle at the bottom that makes it hard to reach both sides. My kids can't remove it on their own if it's buckled in, because they can't reach it. When the tray is on my son, he gets a little bothered. I pulled over on the side of the road to help him take it off. My daughter seems to enjoy it more if we use it in the car, but she tends to look down a lot if we use it in the car. It hasn't worked out well for us and I love the idea of using this in the car. My kids were able to use it at home and place it on their laps.

4. Pillani Kids Travel Tray Car

Pillani Kids Travel Tray Car

The backseat organizer is the perfect accessory for long road trips, family vacations, or extended rides in the car. Keep your child entertained even on long drives. Their kids travel tray is designed to hold up their iPad or tablets so they can easily watch their favourite shows while giving them the freedom to play, make drawings, and enjoy their food comfortably. It has a mess-free design and comes with 5 original printed games kit and 4 colourful markers to let them explore their creativity through art. The car seat tray for kids is a small size of 16 x 13 x 4.5 inches with easily accessible organization pockets. It sits securely on a child's lap and allows kids to enjoy road trips while drawing with their art supplies, having snacks, or playing with their favorite toys. Parents will be able to enjoy a quiet ride with this tray, as their kids will stay entertained during flights. Premium Quality for Long-Lasting Use is made of high-quality materials to give your kids a travel companion that will last a long time. It is a lightweight and tough material that can keep up with road trip activities for kids. It has a padded shoulder strap for a comfortable carry and a collapsible design for convenience of storage when not in use. The safety of the kids travel tray is guaranteed by the combination of the straps and buckle. Kids won't have to switch places when they get hungry because the Mess-Free & Multipurpose Entertainment gear has a food tray that doubles as a drawing platform. The water bottle holder on the car seat tray is easy to reach. It has a shoulder pad for a comfortable and strain-free carry. The extra high side walls are perfect for kids, measuring 12in in length and 4in in height. If you can't find a special gift for your kid's celebration, give them something that's designed to support their active imaginations. Show your love and care to your kids, nieces, or nephews and get them an ideal present with their car seat table tray for preschoolers. If you click 'add to cart', you will get a table that fits any car seat or booster and can be wrapped up for Christmas or other celebrations. If you can't find a special gift for your kid's celebration, give them something that's designed to support their active imaginations. Show your love and care to your kids, nieces, or nephews and get them an ideal present with their car seat table tray for preschoolers. If you click 'add to cart', you will get a table that fits any car seat or booster and can be wrapped up for Christmas or other celebrations.

Brand: Pillani

👤It was a lifesaver when I bought it for my nephew on our recent trip to Disney World. He doesn't want to sit in a car seat for 7 hours as we travel to Florida. Because of the weird position of the booster seat, it is almost impossible to play on his tablets. It creates an even level or table where my nephew can put his favorite toys and snacks. There were no things falling on the car's floors in front of him. The table is collapsible and takes up no room at all, but it also has plenty of leg/ feet space underneath, so that it isn't uncomfortable at all. I plan on getting a second one for when he is sitting on the couch or on the bed. Excellent product, would recommend it.

👤My child likes the tray. It's easy to keep everything in the tray in the car. Kids should be occupied while traveling. The material is sturdy and has pockets for storage.

👤The table works great as a travel table but the pictures are not accurate, the sides are not rigid as they appear to be, and the child's lap supports it up. It's easy to carry and fold up.

5. Steering Headrest Eating Writing Notebook

Steering Headrest Eating Writing Notebook

This size accounts for 90 percent of all steering wheels. You are parked on the side of the road. There is a narrow gap between my seat and the center console. They can keep a clean space in their cars with this portable car tray. The portable car tray can be used by driver for food or as a notebook support or desk providing convenient place for notebook, grocery food, drinks and etc. When not in use, the portable car tray can fit into the back of the car seat. It can be installed on the seat headrest. Headrests that can't be slid are not available. Headrests that can't be slid are not available.

Brand: Nothers

6. Lamela Kids Travel Tray Activities

Lamela Kids Travel Tray Activities

The Sheriff star, dark blue denim and road print are perfect gifts for any kid. It could be used as a snack tray table, travel snack tray, car back seat tray, stroller tray, and plane travel tray. Lamela Back Seat Lap Tray is ideal for keeping your kids entertained. For your kid to have fun on a long trip. The tray needs to be fixed. In their lap, they can play, color, or watch cartoons. Parents love it because of its quality. Lamela Toddler Travel Activity Tray has safety Buckles on both sides to quickly fix it. Remove it according to your child's needs. Lamela Activity Lap Tray is comfortable for your kids. When your kids are happy, you travel smoothly. And happily. Lamela Hanging Table Tray is light and portable. It's lightweight. It has a padded surface that is great for your kids. It is easy to clean. Carry it with your kids. The Kids Stuff Organization has different pockets on the sides and front of the car seat tray. It also has a cup holder to keep their favorite drink close by. TILE ACTIVITY Lamela On The Go Travel Tray is perfect for almost all car seats. It is the result of their designers outstanding craftsmanship.

Brand: Lamela

👤My daughter is in a wheelchair and needs a tray. The trays for her wheelchair were expensive and interfered with her wheeling herself. The tray is small and has an edge in front to keep items from sliding off. I gave it 4 stars because I'm not sure how sturdy it is, but she loves it and the independence it provides for her.

👤My three-year-old loved the tray. She didn't use the holder because I have a TV in the van. When she is older, that may change. My two-year-old was tolerant for a short time, he threw a fit and wanted it off, but he doesn't tolerate things on or around him for long. They were easy to set up and take off. I would recommend them to friends and family.

👤When our daughter was a toddler, we used another brand and model, but it was foam and the buckles broke, I was not interested in having another one, but we are about to travel. We haven't used this yet, but a replacement is being sent because of a malfunction on the top storage bins, but that doesn't affect its function for the most part. This is awesome. I could tell the difference from the bag. What a pleasant surprise! My 3yo old son has nothing on this. The cup holder on the side allows for more workspace, and the surface is sturdy enough to draw or eat and play. It fits my husband's iPad Air perfectly with room to spare. It is secured to the table top and I would not have a problem if it disconnected while on the road. I will need to help our littles, but for the quality, that is not a deal breaker. The product is superior. I will update my review after our trip.

👤We have yet to use them but we frequently travel to see family and I have been eyeing this for awhile but finally made the move since my next trip with the kids will be me alone. I will be watching how they work on our long drive next week and hope it makes traveling with little kids easier.

👤I received this today and I think my kids will love it. They get bored on the car for a long time when we travel. They're going to have fun with this. It is made of good material and will last. I will be updating in a few months. Got here quickly. Thanks.

👤It works great for my kids. They can eat on the road and not make a mess and they can play toys on the floor. It is hard for them to play in their car seats because they are strapped in so they can't move to reach. I like the table top, it has pockets and a raised edge, and the belt is easy to remove. I don't own a DVD player and we live out in the country so it's a long drive to get one. I have a lot of kids. The laptop table makes it more enjoyable for everyone.

7. AUCD Organizer Charging Toddlers Accessories

AUCD Organizer Charging Toddlers Accessories

It's very easy to clean it up with a cleaning cloth. Most cars, vehicles, jeeps, trucks, vans, SUV, etc. are suitable for the Car Seat Back protectors. You can put the cup, umbrella, magazine, ipad, drink bottles, snacks, baby supplies, and some other common travel accessories in the multi-pockets designed, it's a perfectly stylish and practical necessity for family trips. It can be used as a table after folding. The material is made of high-grade PU leather. With waterproof backing, soft and comfortable, anti-scrape and wear-resisting, bear up to 4 kilogram items, take your eating on the go more convenient and safe, and protect your seat back pocket from wear traces. It's a perfect car seat saver. It is fixed by long enough straps. The driver and passenger don't feel the bottom strap because it's tucked under the seat back. The backseat organizers won't slide off of your car seat, which can hold items stably, and it's not easy to shake or drop down. The most versatile and portable organization bag for cars, trucks, SUVs, vans and minivans has a unique design that makes it more lightweight and convenient to fold and place. It is an attractive car seat back organizers with charging port for friends who want to play games or watch videos together, it is also a great way to satisfy your charging demand. It is an attractive car seat back organizers with charging port for friends who want to play games or watch videos together, it is also a great way to satisfy your charging demand.

Brand: Aucd

👤I got this for my wife, who now rides in the back seat with our baby. It was hard to find in black, didn't like the other options for the insides of our vehicles, but the black ended up shipping much faster than the estimated arrival date! It was worth the wait. The tray and the hub were selling points for us. The tray is made of wood, so it doesn't move when you put things on it. The rest of the organizers can move with the added weight. The cup holder isn't stretchy, so you can only put certain size bottles or cups in it, but it's better than what she had, because the car seat blocks the vehicle cup holders. A cigarette outlet plug is not used to power theusb hub. You will need either a factory thing or a 12v cigarette power source for your vehicle'susb port. If you're going to have multiple devices connected to it at the same time, you'll want a highamp source to power it. The majority of the car ports are only 1 Amp. The split to 4 devices isn't much power and might overload the power source. You can get 2.1, 2.4, or even 3amp ports. One of these will be the best. The higher the rating of the power source, the more power it can give to your device.

👤It was really well made. The tray is sturdy and the straps are all changeable.

👤This thing is great. I wanted to tidy up the back of the seat. The kids can plug-in their stuff in the second row if I just run the cord under the seat. It works well.

👤Very disappointed. Thin, cheap and floppy. It's nearly impossible to make a table usable. It was purchased for my grandson as we took a 10 hour drive to get him a snack table or to color on it. Completely useless. $38 was wasted.

👤It is okay. The trey is not very strong. It works but wouldn't put a lot of weight on it.

👤It doesn't fit an iPad. It's about an inch wide. I have a thin case for the iPad but it doesn't work.

👤Really like the way it organizes things. I hold my iPad pro 12.5 without falling. It would be perfect if they could make the fold down more solid.

👤Works for what I want. I have a place to hold all the toys and snacks. It has a bad smell and is ugly. I would like the tissue holder to be a pocket. It is in the way. I like the tray and hub.

👤The 2 car seat organizers broke.

8. KEOLAKIDS Organizer Detachable Improved Headrest

KEOLAKIDS Organizer Detachable Improved Headrest

You can zip up the case without removing the headrest strap from it. If necessary, the trays will be completely from the top. nylon is easy to clean. Storage pockets snap out of the way when not needed. The foam used for tray support is non-stinky. The foam used for tray support is non-stinky.

Brand: Keolakids

👤The are ok, except for the fact that it must sit on the child's knees. If the child is small or uncomfortable, the table can easily slide off and spill everywhere. It would have been so easy to add a strap and a button to lock it. I'll probably just do that myself and save them, but be aware that this isn't what the photo makes it look like. That hangs off the seat. It's frustrating because it's so easy to fix on their end.

👤During our road trip, daughter enjoyed using it.

👤My son used this to help hold his iPad during our 7 hour car trip. He liked it.

👤We own a similar one that we use for traveling. Being able to hang from the headrest is one of the additional features. Depending on how far back your front seats are to your back seats, it takes up space. The lap table can be taken apart to fit better for your seat arrangement and the other part can be left hanging. My son likes this one more than the table part. He is excited to put some crayons/pencils into the pouch, but they are probably better for markers in the tall pockets. The clear pouch does not fit the Fire Tablet, so if you plan to use it, it must be less than 9.5. The cup holder is not deep. It is best not to have a tall bottle. A small plastic water bottle is tipsy. There is a You can remove the foam and wash it. The one we own is stained with sauce and oil marks, but it is stain resistant. I would recommend this for traveling. It can be used as an eating tray and holds stuff for your kids.

👤Oh! I like this. It has a strap that you can loop over the head rest and it opens like a lap table. You can zip it up and throw it over your shoulder if you want to keep kids and adults busy. It is great for kids who get bored easily and I love that I can bring it inside when we have to wait for a doctor. The nylon seems to be strong. We haven't had any spills yet, but it seems to clean up. It passed the important sniff test. It needs to sit on a relatively flat surface or a lap, that's the only downside. If it is heavy, things will fall out. I think that could have been solved with a firm foam. So, cautiously recommended.

👤This is functional. As shown, it can work for a car. Unless I really need to on the road, I don't intend to use it for that purpose. It will serve as a school portfolio for now, but eventually it will be used for holding all my sons activities. It is large enough to hold construction paper. I zip it up and put it away. This is a foam interior piece that can be made into a makeshift desk and cup holder. I can use extra drink space if I decide to use it.

9. Toddler Collapsible Storage Stroller Airplane

Toddler Collapsible Storage Stroller Airplane

Precise for use for toddlers, baby and big kids. The tray needs to rest on your child's lap because it doesn't stand on its own. Simply open the travel tray and secure the belt around your child. Simply un-attach the velcro, fold and put the bag inside. It's easy to carry, travel friendly and packaged well. Birthday, Christmas, and any other holiday gift packaging is available. The eco-friendly, odorless materials of this car seat travel tray have been rigorously tested and certified. The edge of the tray is made of soft plush material to ensure safety. The ultimate vision enjoyment. The stand is large enough to hold most tablets. Big kids can use the large car seat trays to draw, play with toys, or eat a snack. The kids tray essentials have a stronger strap and a better buckles. There is a dry erase board with a bonus. The dry erase top could be drawn directly on the travel desk by using the dry erase markers. The MENZOKE Kids Travel Tray is great for keeping your child and toddlers entertained. The lap car seat tray is made for travel and features raised edges to keep toys from rolling off. There are two pockets in the tray that can hold toys and snacks. The cooler cup holder keeps the bottle warm. It's easy to converse. If you travel a lot, this foldable kids car tray is perfect for you to create a safe and clean environment for eating and playing. The toddler travel tray is a perfect gift for any holiday, including birthdays, Christmas and any other occasion. It's easy to converse. If you travel a lot, this foldable kids car tray is perfect for you to create a safe and clean environment for eating and playing. The toddler travel tray is a perfect gift for any holiday, including birthdays, Christmas and any other occasion.

Brand: Menzoke

👤I bought 3 different ones for my family to visit. I'm trying to be as prepared as possible because it's a 2 day drive with 2 toddlers. The tray is the best. I took a chance because it was within my price range and could be delivered overnight. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, and large enough to fit all the magnets, sticker books, and various activities and supplies I have dumped in the backseat for my kids to play with. I was a little worried about the back wall on the tray table being too small, since I wasn't planning on using the tablet holder. Since it's a large plastic compartment, I can put up a picture or something else. I put a colorful alphabet chart there, and the kid loved it. It folds up nicely. This one has a cute design and looks like a bag when it's folded up. The tray tables I got did fold up, but it was more of an unimportant thing. I love this one. I highly recommend it.

👤I bought this thinking she could use it on the ground, but the image shows the tray standing up on its own, it is not that sturdy. It is similar to many other products on Amazon. I think it was different because of the picture.

👤The product didn't work for us. It wasn't big enough to fit around our carseat and was too flimsy to write on. We have an extension 2 fit. It was very upsetting to not be able to use it.

👤I bought this for my 20 year old for a road trip. The design is sturdy. This is large for my little one's lap. The side flaps are a good idea for older kids. If the child is ready, I would suggest folding the sideflaps under with a piece of velcro. It's good if you set it up before you hit the road. I tried to attach it on the road but it didn't work because the strap goes behind the carseat. It was easy to fold. It will work better when the child is older.

👤We used this on a plane and it worked great, but I wish it had more support for the IPad. Kids liked it.

👤This is a good product. A three year old has an attention span of a gnat. We usually take 1-2 long drives a month to visit my parents or our vacation house. The travel tray kept my son busy for the two hour drive back from our vacation house. My wife was able to get some quality audio book time in and the other kids were able to play with their new stuff. The quality may not hold up to young, rough hands, so it may rip in some areas. It's worth the money.

👤There was nothing in the package that held up the sides or tablets. We had to use duck tape to hold the holder and sides up on the activity table. I would recommend something else that stands up to tinkering.

10. ST80250 Waterproof Organizer Activities Adjustable

ST80250 Waterproof Organizer Activities Adjustable

TRAVEL TRAY: Kids On-the-Go Snack Tray sits over most car seats to provide a flat surface to eat, play or color while traveling. Children's toys, sippy cups and snacks can be found in the side pockets of 4 MESH POCKETS. Take anywhere with a strap that is elastic around a child. You can take your car seat anywhere. STURDY CONSTRUCTION is made of waterproof material. Clean with damp cloth. The dimensions are 17" x 13.75" x 8.87". The dimensions are 17" x 13.75" x 8.87".

Brand: Azi

👤I was quite disappointed that it was flimsy and not stable enough for drawing or holding a snack plate.

👤The fleet served its purpose. I was able to use it to eat on the go, even though I broke in the middle. The drink holder would have been helpful.

👤When we had to eat in the car for longer trips, it was purchased for a toddler and has held up. It's easy to use and he keeps the food on his lap. We have used an umbrella stroller.

👤It's perfect for kids. It is easy to clean.

👤It's perfect for my 6 year old when we stop to eat. She likes the pockets for her drink.

👤If you pay a little more you can get a better table.

11. Kids Travel Tray Collapsible Entertained

Kids Travel Tray Collapsible Entertained

We use their own products every day and they are real people. They want the same for you as they want for their family. They cut no corners when manufacturing the car seat activity tray and they will cut no corners in their support to you by providing the finest products and unparalleled customer service. Less message, more free space. The activity tray has a compartment to hold your little one's tablets, two cup holders and a storage compartment. It teaches your child to be organized, and it also provides more free space for you, as they all know it is appreciated when travelling or on the go. The toddler portable lap tray is here to take care of your kid, whether it is hunger or entertainment. It is a good idea to carry around with the little ones when travelling by car or train, as it will give them a safe place to put their meals. It works for entertainment purposes, where they can color a book, play with playdough, place their tablets to watch a movie, and many others. Take it everywhere. Hot feet? Can you keep travelling and carrying the little ones with you? This portable travel tray for kids is portable and can be stored easily, giving you a piece of mind and happiness for your kids. A little bit of acting. Their toddler's travel tray is a mini-castle, with resistant walls to keep everything in place. No toy, cup, or playdough will roll over making a mess of your car or airplane seat. You won't have to worry about your child misplacing things while on the go. The tray is secured with security buckles so it poses no risk to the kids or their travel companions. There is a one year warranty. One of the main concerns of parents is endurance, so they provide a 1 year warranty on kids toys. If there is an issue with the tray, please contact them so they can fix it. There is a one year warranty. One of the main concerns of parents is endurance, so they provide a 1 year warranty on kids toys. If there is an issue with the tray, please contact them so they can fix it.

Brand: Karimba Kids

👤I decided to leave this review because I wanted to try this tray out first before I reviewed it because my previous tray was not as good as this one. I am more disappointed with this tray purchase than my daughters. I got that tray off for only $12.49, and I used it with my 4 year old daughter every time we got in the car, even though it started losing it's charm after a couple months. I decided to look around for another tray for her to use in the car for snacks, food, drinks, coloring, or just to sit her tablets on, and read the reviews of all the other trays, and maybe pay a little bit more. I decided to buy this one for my daughter after doing research and I was really disappointed because it was almost triple the cost of the first tray and it was the same thing. After a couple of months of everyday use and wear and tear from a normal 4 year old, this tray too started losing its durability and the table/ surface can no longer hold things without stuff falling off it. The tray is no longer usable because it has caved in the middle. I'm angry because I have to find another tray for my daughter to use during car rides. I wish I could find a table top that was more durable than the one I am currently using and that was also good for a few uses. I think it's way over priced, it's cute and just like the pictures, but it's not for everyday use unless you feel like replacing it every couple of months. I would never purchase this item again.

👤Great product. In the next couple months, I'm planning to use this on a cross country move. My daughter has been using it and it's great. She will need to keep her entertained and it's sturdy and has many pockets for her things. The only issue it has is that the strap is not tight enough for carrying when not in use. Whenever my daughter walks with it, the buckle part is used. I tied a small knot in it and it was fine. I would definitely recommend it to others.

👤It worked very well for us. She used it to eat and drink. Very happy with it. She loved the design.

👤It seems like it's what we were looking for, even though we haven't used it for a road trip. It has a wide surface and lots of pockets. The color is very cute. It will be great for a road trip.

👤It's great for long car trips. It's much easier to do activities and snack time.

👤It's great for online school for my first graders when I have to do something. I put her in the desk after I popped her in the car. I can help her if she needs it. It has been a life saver.

👤A great tray! Stores are beautiful when not used. We bought this for our granddaughter. It is perfect!


What is the best product for car seat desk tray?

Car seat desk tray products from Dmoose. In this article about car seat desk tray you can see why people choose the product. Motorup America and Ecozen Lifestyle are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat desk tray.

What are the best brands for car seat desk tray?

Dmoose, Motorup America and Ecozen Lifestyle are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat desk tray. Find the detail in this article. Pillani, Nothers and Lamela are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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