Best Car Seat Desk Organizer

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1. High Road Organizer Cooler Snack

High Road Organizer Cooler Snack

Drinks and snacks can stay cooler for longer with insulated compartments. A car seat organizers and cooler for the front and back seats, on road trips or the daily drive, keeps kids entertained in the back, and organizes the essentials in the front. The insulated car cooler has a side panel that can be used as a kids travel tray, please use cold packs if you want to keep drinks chilled for hours. The front compartment of the cup holder converts from a car cup holder to an easy to reach storage bin. Sturdy, Strong and Stable - rigid side and top panels keep the organizers open and upright, a seatbelt strap secures it to the seat and it's booster seat height makes it reachable for kids of all ages. The portable design has a weight limit of 15 lbs. and a shoulder strap that folds down for storage when not in use. High Road is based in Maine and develops car organizers that put everything you need in the right place. The portable design has a weight limit of 15 lbs. and a shoulder strap that folds down for storage when not in use. High Road is based in Maine and develops car organizers that put everything you need in the right place.

Brand: High Road

👤It arrived! The shipping was slow, but the bin is great. I can't be happier about it. It has many pockets and bags to keep small trinkets organized. I put it between two car seats in the middle row of a minivan. It fits. You can place the space divider anywhere you please. Cup holders are usually too small to hold 21oz bottles, but this one is big enough to hold them. I used to own a Diono car storage box. This one is much stronger. I love it!

👤This shouldn't be called a cooler because it isn't. It doesn't keep anything cooler than sitting in a car. The top is flimsy and doesn't secure well, so it's a joke to use it as a table. The bag's bottom is flimsy and weak. I would expect it to tear with any significant weight added inside. I should have put my money in a plastic bag and taken up less space. Since it is the same size, use an actual cooler. Would not recommend it.

👤My family just took a road trip to Arizona and I thought it was a great idea to have some sort of storage between my kids for their stuff. The size of this caddy was a pain. I had to shove it between the car seats of a Ford Expedition because it was too large. The side pockets that I was pumped about became useless. It was a pain to get the top to work. The front cup pouch and the top to keep it connected to the bottom was too small for the space. The top was firm and the sides were easy to flip up to make a tray. The middle divider is not strong. The width of the caddy is a little small, but the amount of stuff I was able to put into it was nice. I was a little unsure of how the cup holders would hold up, but they did a good job holding onto the drinks. I plan on making this a staple accessory for my kids' cars.

👤This is a good caddy to have on top of the seat. There are large pockets on both sides, cupholders in front, and a large compartment that can be closed. I'm hoping that some ice packs will keep drinks cold. It's not what I wanted, first it has some incomplete stitching along the top, and then it has poor assembly quality. It's about 4 inches long and didn't get finished. It's not as rigid as it looks in the pictures, I think it will be flimsy, and need some other type of support, with some kid stuff in it. I would order another for our daughter. I'm a little picky about quality issues.

👤I bought this and paid for a large one, but the lid doesn't fit, and I need someone to fix it.

👤I have used this cooler on three separate road trips since May and I am happy with my purchase. To get the most out of the cooler, I put a couple of Dollar Store ice packs in it to keep things cold for a long time. There were three road trips from southwest FL to Atlanta, GA. I used the ice packs I refrozen to put items in the fridge and then replaced them on my return trip home. The cooler holds a lot. There were six 16oz water bottles, six 8oz bottles of grapefruit juice, six 6oz cans of cranberry juice, four containers of small cannon yogurts, and a flexible lunch cooler with grapes, cheese and crackers. My best friend wants one for her car because it held up well. I think she'll be getting that for her birthday gift. I keep my cooler on the back seat since I like having drinks and snacks in my car to prevent me from ordering fast food when I'm out and about. I will post pictures of how full this cooler can get when I travel again in a few weeks. I don't use ice packs when I'm not traveling because my items stay chilled for over four hours.

2. Kids Backseat Organizer Crayons Electronics

Kids Backseat Organizer Crayons Electronics

The car backseat organizers are easy to install and adjust for all types of vehicles. Their design is non-toXIC and lead free. Get the original! There are many ways to make the perfect fit for your child. The perfect experience for your little passenger can be created by raising or lowering the height, adjusting the seat back angle, or moving the seat forward and back. The product description has information on whether this will work in your car. When it's time to watch a favorite show, there's a place for everything, even your iPad or Kindle. If you want to make it your own, just poke a small hole in the cover to make a headset. There is room for markers, crayons, toys, and more in the multiple easy-access pockets. It is easy to bring with you when you are not in the car, it is a great carrying case to take everything you need to grandma's house or a play date. They invented this product and tripled Amazon's guarantee. If you're unhappy with your purchase, just return it within 90 days of purchase, and they'll give you a full refund.

Brand: My Specialty Kids Shop

👤My 8 year old daughter has been using this review for 9 months. For a long road trip, I bought two of these for each of my kids. My child used his for the trip but hasn't used it in a while. Every time we are in the car, my daughter keeps her permanently installed. The only thing that makes this product three stars is that it is the only thing I found that was similar to it. It has some major flaws. The fabric is not water proof and it is lined with a heavy cardboard so any spill will soak through to the board. It is the nature of kids to spill anything that is remotely spillable so her tray is gross and stained and there is not a thing I can do about it. See the photo. That's just an ice cream spill. Who knows? It's a good thing. The other design issue is that it's hard to zip closed because of the short zip pull and it gets stuck in a crease. It's not easy to close it when you want to leave the car. It's always in the way because we have given up on closing it. She uses it a lot and it helps her do the things she wants to do while we are driving. This is helpful because we spend so much time in the car. It is not sure how long it will hold up. I'm hoping for at least a year of use.

👤Where were these all my children? I have two children, a five year old and an eight year old. We take a road trip at least once a year. We don't screen time for our kids during road trips, but we do give them different travel activities like books, hidden pictures, little white boards, sticker books, and so on. The trays were very helpful. It was convenient to have a surface to use. We knew where the pencils and crayons were in the pockets because they were handy to keep their masks in. These made great tables for fast food. I posted a photo of the kids with these on my Facebook and all my friends were asking what they were. I wish I'd found them a long time ago.

👤This review was done after a coast to coast drive. The product has great potential, however it is lacking in a few areas, which makes the rating really low for me. The backseat was a good place for the kids to play, eat, and do homework. It kept everything fairly organized, which was nice. Others have stated that the zipper is cheap. It's very difficult to zip up, and you get hung up in both directions. The kids were angry. Within 30 days of use, the tab broke. The handle used to attach the organizers to the backseat could use reinforcement or a different design. I had to cinch it down to make sure it was the right height for my children, and the strap tore away from the organizers. I think this would have happened anyway because of the stress on the strap when attached to the seat. It pulls even if there is a lot of pressure. I will have to sew the strap and find a way to reinforce it in order to use it again. Did it serve its purpose? Yes. I would have liked to see this as a long term accessory to our road trip adventures. I like the idea, but I wish it was more durable.

3. AutoExec AEFile 02 Efficiency FileMaster Desk

AutoExec AEFile 02 Efficiency FileMaster Desk

The dimensions are 12.5"W x 16.5"H. The cart seat organizer makes your trunk look organized. It is made in the USA to give you more space to store your files, so you can see them and access them. You can set your mobile devices on the desk without worry because of the nonskid material. The large built-in storage area is great for office tools and accessories and also for keeping a laptop out of sight. The smaller storage compartments keep things organized. L x W x H is 25.25" L x W x H is 25.25"

Brand: Autoexec

👤I mostly like this thing. I would caution you to make sure this model fits your needs. I can't give it 5 stars because there are a few things I am less happy with and wish were explained before purchase. This is broken down. I use this in a law enforcement capacity first. This sits in my passenger seat and holds paperwork, warrants, odds and ends, Kleenex, a travel size hair removal tape roller, and such. I have modified mine slightly by supergluing a neodymium magnet right where the half circle has been cut out of the rubber mat. I have a small cup of paper clips that I have taped to the bottom of a magnet, and they sit securely in that spot now. If I put a clipboard on the table portion and knock the cup loose, it will hopefully be saved in the computer, so I don't have to clean it up. It's important to make sure they are cleaned up, because you know what's perfect for picking the lock on a pair of handcuffs. I'm happy with my modification, but the part of the desk that has a recess could have been better. The desk has a file on top of it. There is not a contained bottom to the opening. The plastic portion sticks up. The cubbies give you a place to hang the hanging folders, but they don't have the space to hold everything. It leads to folders being too far up, being closed against the wall, or not opening wide enough when you want to stick something in them. If you don't put hanging file folders in there, then they will slide out the hole for the cubby and end up in your lap. I would love to have a box that is completely contained on the bottom. This is the biggest gripe I have with this model. The back edge has a small recess. I haven't found much use for them. They are deep and oddly shaped. Just like in the picture. If you put pens in there, they disappear deep enough that you would have to dig one out. There is a file along the backside. I don't have any issues with that part. If you don't want to use hanging folders, you don't have to. The paperwork will stand above 3.5-4 inches if you stick it straight up. You don't have to use your seat belt on this. There is a 4 inch gap between the front of the desk and the dash of my car. I have a metal clipboard in the floorboard, but it's just enough to sometimes stick. . I can't get to the duty bag quickly, but it's not completely cut off. I have an Uncle Mike's seat organizer on the passenger seat. I'm trying to find the best fit. I zip tied it to the roll bar on my prisoner partition because it will cover the back receptacle if you hang it on the seat headrest. This keeps it up and out of the way, but doesn't give the back support it needs to stay flat backed. It is starting to eat a little bit. I will figure it out. Sometimes the cubby becomes a hole for junk. If you put something in that doesn't touch the bottom, it will slide right out and on your lap when you turn, but I am using a police center console, so you may not have that problem. The wood portion is strong. If I need to grab a weapon quickly and I'm off duty, I might put a holster on the bottom of the cubby. The desk has a rubber coating on it. Whatever is on top of that thing will most likely end up in your lap or on the console. I can't think of anything else to say about it. Sometimes the desk is a big help, but sometimes I wish it stuck out more. Make sure it fits your needs, other models don't. I need a computer and printer in my car. I have to find a way to modify this one or else it won't be cheap.

4. Organizer Foldable Leather Babies Storage

Organizer Foldable Leather Babies Storage

The backseat car organizers use high grade premium quality PU leather, which stays useful for years and makes your car elegant. It was soft and comfortable. The car seat organizers are easy to install. You can easily clean the mud, candy, milk and other items. STURDY FOLDABLE TRAY & ADJUSTABLE -- car. The back seat has a hard board that can hold up to 2 kilogram items. The Backseat Organizers won't slide off of your car seat. Sturdy foldable tote and adjusted backseat car organizers are made of hard board and bear up to 2 kilogram items. The car organizers won't slide off of your seat when driving. This car seat back organizer will protect your seat from getting scratched. The backseat car organizer protects your seat from getting scratched and keeps your car organized. There are 9 different size compartments in the multi-pocket back seat organizers that give quick access to iPad,phones, bottles, umbrella, papers, magazines and more. The backseat organizer has 9 different size compartments, which allow quick access to iPad,phones, bottles, umbrella, papers, magazines and more. There are 9 different size compartments in the multi-pocket back seat organizers that give quick access to iPad,phones, bottles, umbrella, papers, magazines and more. The backseat organizer has 9 different size compartments, which allow quick access to iPad,phones, bottles, umbrella, papers, magazines and more.

Brand: Hereinway

👤This was installed for my car. It was easy to install. One of the straps snapped back and hit me in the eye when I was trying to attach it, but that is user error. It looks similar to the one in the losting picture, but not exact. After additional use, I will update the listing.

👤The price was the best part. The product was a knock off. Most modern vehicles arch in the middle of the seat, so if you mount this there is nothing to support it from the center. It was easy to mount from top to bottom. The straps holding the table part broke after a month. It wasn't a good value at the end.

👤I wanted a sturdy tray for my kids to be able to do homework or draw in the car, so I bought these initially. It's a great place to keep their drinks, headphones, and other items. The compartments are nice, but I wish the tray was more stable. My son's iPad doesn't seem to hold up well enough when we put it on. Maybe I need to adjust it more. He was able to put his lunch on the go, but I would only recommend a light snack. It's not stable enough to write or draw on. The organizers are thick and durable. The seats are protected from the kids kicking them. There are straps that connect the organizers to the seat. I had to put it in the seat so that it wouldn't be seen. The value is there for the price of these organizers.

👤The items arrived on time. I have the black color. It did not come with an instruction sheet or book of any kind. It is pretty self explanatory when you look at the items. It is easy to install for me. It was flushed to the front seats. The flap table that the kids are eating in hasn't been tested yet. All of the compartments on it work well for their intended purpose so far. We are going on a long road trip across the US and I hope my children use the table well during meal time. It is pretty sturdy when installed. It is a good price for a 2 pack if others only sell one for a higher price. I will post again after our trip to let everyone know how it went.

👤The item smelled bad when it arrived. I put it out of the wrapping for a few days before I was going to give it to my mom for her car, but it still smelled. It smelled like shrimp. The tan colored item had a black mark on it. The top flap has a strap that doesn't stay in place, so the table part isn't sturdy because of that. You would need a small box or package of tissue. It is not good for a standard box size. Unfortunately, I will be returning it.

👤I have been wanting these for a long time and I can't believe I waited so long. The tray is perfect for many things. They love the fact that they can eat their Happy meals in the truck. There's no mess in my back seat. These are great for kids. Even if you only have one child, the 2 pack is a no-brainer.

5. FORCTIBULL Organizer Passenger Office Storage

FORCTIBULL Organizer Passenger Office Storage

The car seat organizers were very nice. This car organizer will become your mobile office organizer or a practical police/ patrol and law enforcement bag. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact them via e-mail and they will send you a full refund immediately. SturDY and resilience. The car front seat organizers are made of 600D Oxford fabric and are very long lasting. There are multiple pockets and cubbies. The car seat holder has a cup holder, document holder, laptop holder, clipboard, makeup, and other items in it's multi pockets and compartments. It's easy to access from the driver's seat. The passenger seat organizer makes it easy to keep everything organized when you're on the road. It can be used for real estate agent supplies or police patrol bag. It's easy to use the back of the passenger seat as a seat back organizer when you have a passenger. It can be put on the backseat to be used as a back seat organizer. It's easy to remove it from the front seat and carry it around. It's easy to remove it from the front seat and carry it around.

Brand: Forctibull

👤My son is a truck driver and he has a lot of things to keep track of. This was perfect for the traveler who was disorganized.

6. Organizer Toddlers Activities Stroller Waterproof

Organizer Toddlers Activities Stroller Waterproof

Kids can play with toys, eat and drink while you can focus on driving, shopping, or resting on the plane. It can be used for a lot of things. The iPad and table holder is stylus-based. The large transparent holder is for tablets. The front panel of the iPad has hooks and loops on it. It's not necessary to keep it in place on the go. Their car tray is easy to clean and protects your loved one. The dry erase top makes it easy for parents to clean up after the kids. Simply wipe messes away with a wet rag. Storage for toys, baby books, pacifiers, crayons and snacks can be found in the spacious mesh pockets. The extra bottle holder makes it easy to reach the water bottle or thermal cup. The car tray is made for traveling and easy to fold flat. Go anywhere with one easy to install activity tray and you will have room for all your child's travel needs. The car tray is made for traveling and easy to fold flat. Go anywhere with one easy to install activity tray and you will have room for all your child's travel needs.

Brand: Buenavo

👤The product saved my daughter from boredom on the road trip. She happily colored and played on the little desk. She had a place to keep her toys and markers. We loved it when it was in the car. I put toys and snacks in the side pockets. The holder is not strong. It wasn't practical for us because of the tablet's position. It was better to use the normal case. My daughter was 800-273-3217 All over her. The desk helped contain the puke, which was priceless. The plastic on the tray was very convenient. I was able to wipe it down and get it clean after I vomited. A quick soak in the sink at home took care of the rest. My daughter got sick and we had to use the side pocket for vomit bags. She did. She threw up in the bread bag instead of all over herself as my husband pulled off the highway. My daughter outgrew it and now it is a permanent place in our car.

👤I bought this for a trip to South Carolina. My daughter is big for a rear facing car seat. My child was not okay with it sitting on their lap. She tried to throw it off of her while we were driving and it created a bigger mess.

👤I expected this to be better. My granddaughter used it in your car seat while traveling. She stopped using it after she was so excited. She couldn't use her seat if I didn't put it over at the beginning because she needed help. I gave it back with her approval.

👤I bought this for my son to use. It was perfect. He had his own zone and all his toys were contained. It doesn't secure to the tray. It was fine to move the tray because the seats were always reclining back and upright. I have a second one in my cart for my youngest son.

👤I bought these for my children's road trip and they worked perfectly. The kids were playing with toys and doing crafts on them. I am very happy with these.

👤He plays with his cars and watches his tablets. I contacted them to get a new bag because the one I got had a come apart at the seam. Right away. The customer service is great and I gave it to charity because they didn't want the other one returned.

👤My toddler kept the legs up to support the table as it slid off the car seat. It only took one trip to realize that it wasn't going to work.

👤The travel tray is amazing. We used ours for the first time and it helped keep our son occupied the whole time. He colored it and ate lunch on it, he used it to hold his iPad, and he had pockets for all the markers. I am very happy to have found this.

7. FoxBox Organizers Passenger Organizer Enforcement

FoxBox Organizers Passenger Organizer Enforcement

The dimensions are 18 x 15. There is a rain cover. Do you think it's a good idea to use it as a front seat or passenger seat organizers? If you want to go out of your car, put the cover on and turn it to the back of the seat. Very large. Use this law enforcement molded car hanging seat organizers as a mobile office organizers for car. Put files in a car work organizer. Strong seaMS, high quality POLYESTER D600. It's great as a police seat caddy, truck office organizers, patrol car organizers, cab commander truck organizers, and molded seat organizers. Stays in place. The straps keep it in place. Good for all cars, vans, trucks, as front seat car organizers. Big car holder for all types of beer. It is easy to clean. If someone wants to ride with you, spin around to the back of the seat. Business bag organization for drivers. Big car holder for all types of beer. It is easy to clean. If someone wants to ride with you, spin around to the back of the seat. Business bag organization for drivers.

Brand: Foxbox

👤I don't like it. It should have a hard piece for the bottom to make it easier to add items and hold it open while twisted sideways in the driver's seat. I realize that it is too soft for the intended purpose, but I want it to be easier to carry with the shoulder strap. The strap that secures it to the seat is too short. I have all the slack let out and it barely buckles, so it will leave wear on my seat. If you are going to be getting files, notebooks, etc in and out often, you should consider a hard case type. This will help me keep my files and notebooks out of the floorboard. It is a good value for the money.

👤I use this on the passenger seat of my truck. It has a lot of stuff. The straps are large enough to fit around the seat. The straps don't move while driving when they are pulled tightly. It has a cover that protects the bag. I didn't find anything wrong with it. You will be happy if you choose this one.

👤You have a mobile office. There is plenty of space to carry all of your documents and your laptop. I love this item. Highly recommended.

👤An on-the-go person would be very pleased with the organizers they have. It would work for someone with a mobile business, moms and dads who need access to paper, pens, laptops, tablets and more while out, and for someone with a mobile business. It's a great feature that you can carry it along or grab to go inside. Everything is in one place. I love it!

👤This was the first product I had to return. They sent a different version of the same thing to me. The process was very easy for me. It is wonderful that this product clipped onto the back of my van seat and has a strap to keep it in place so it doesn't swing around when I drive. It is large from all my files. I am not sure if I would work as a messenger bag. It works well for a car organizer.

👤The product holds most of the things I need in my vehicle. I work out of my company truck so having this thing has been a lifesaver. I put my papers in a safe place. Everything can be reached with one hand, with easy access to the bag. I used to put everything on the passenger seat and when someone came to get in, I would have to tell them to hold on. I can flip the whole thing to the side by my elbow or completely back without interference from the passenger.

👤I've been looking for a seat organizer. Travel requires quick access to documents, maps, a place to stuff sunglasses, and a flashlight. Unless I roll over on my roof, a seat organizer keeps things from shifting. I've only been using this for a few weeks, but it appears to be durable, and I can take my bag off the seat and bring it indoors to work on the organizers.

8. SANMITTI Backseat Organizer Protectors Accessories

SANMITTI Backseat Organizer Protectors Accessories

You will get great backseat organizers, please contact them if you have any questions, they are always here to satisfy you. Installation is quick. It takes less than a minute to install the car backseat organizers, just put the bottom buckle under the seat. Installation is quick. It takes less than a minute to put the organizers in, just put the bottom buckle under the seat. Waterproof leather is a material. It is easy to clean and water resistant. There is an extra story. The backseat organizers is designed to hold your travel necessities in place. size: The back of the front seat is covered by the organizers. You get 1 car backseat organizers for most cars and SUVs. size: The back of the front seat is covered by the organizers. You get 1 car backseat organizers for most cars and SUVs.

Brand: Sanmitti

👤My daughter likes to kick my backseat. Just put them on today and they will update in a month. Since she loves to bring toys, I had to get something to cover the red leather interior seats so she wouldn't see them. It was easy to install. It's pretty much a piece of the seat. I like that it doesn't get in the front of the driver and passenger seat. The straps are soft and I don't think they will leave a mark on them. If you have kids, they have a lot of pockets. The tray is okay, but not very sturdy, I wasn't planning on putting anything heavy on it. I gave it 4 stars because of the tray. It doesn't take up a lot of room in the backseat since it technically "hugs" it. The price was not bad at all.

👤I bought these for my niece and nephew to have a place to eat and place their tablets in, and to help their parents out with backseat organization. I wouldn't put a lot of weight on the fold down table because the product was sturdy. The leather was nice. I bought this for them. I am waiting to hear how they make out in the car.

👤The backseat is a great organizer. The shelf will not hold up to a lot of weight without tipping. Yes, the table. Not so much, laptop. The pockets are solid, the form and fit are great, and the function is what I was looking for.

👤The backseat organizers seems ok. The seller sent a dog hair covered one that had worn straps and receipts from the previous owner still in the pockets. The pleather has areas of leftover food on it. Try another seller.

👤It was installed for the use of my granddaughter. She likes it. She is able to put her things on it and be more comfortable with it. It's great when she has her snacks and meals on the road.

👤The top strap broke in the first week of use. The packaging was already thrown away so it was a waste of money. Good idea.

👤My kids love them for road trips and short trips in town. They are new after almost a year of use.

👤Happy with the design and quality.

9. Penobon Organizer Storage Protector Accessories

Penobon Organizer Storage Protector Accessories

Headrests that can't be slid are not available. The perfect size for most vehicles is 26 x 18'', with multi storage pockets for more stuff and hidden top and bottom straps. The back seat car organizers could hold up to 12'' of tablets. You can control your devices with your fingers, which makes it easier for you and your family to enjoy the road trip. The Kick Mats Back Seat Protection is more than just for your stuff storage. You could just need a wet cloth. Car seat storage has 10 pockets for your snack foods, children toys, water bottles,drinks, books,magazines,CDs, which has more and bigger storage pockets. The car seat storage is easy to install. The middle one is elastic and the top and bottom are changeable. The installation takes less than 5 minutes. You can enjoy a more peaceful environment because there is no noise or movemet. The car seat storage is easy to install. The middle one is elastic and the top and bottom are changeable. The installation takes less than 5 minutes. You can enjoy a more peaceful environment because there is no noise or movemet.

Brand: Penobon

👤It fits my car very well. It is suitable for families with children like me because I can organize a lot of things in it. My two children are very young. There are two drinking water bottles, paper towels, and various toys in this locker. Two children will not be bored in the car if there is an iPad in the middle. It's great.

👤They fold in on themselves due to a lack of tension because they don't secure well to the bottom of the seats. It would benefit from a longer strap or a middle strap. I threw the whole thing away because I couldn't wipe it out. It would be great if all pockets had a waterproof layer. Otherwise, worth what we paid for them.

👤The material is good and there is a lot of storage spots. A small hole could be used to get a charging plug for a phone or tablets. It was difficult to strap it on the bottom since the strap didn't work with my seats, but I made it work either way.

👤Did not fit our seats correctly. Our child had an iPad that was below eye level.

👤My son's toys and stuff can be found in the many pockets. The back seat is free again.

👤The straps are short for my head rest in my truck. They worked well, other than that.

👤Extra storage is easy to use for a long road trip.

👤I don't recommend it to BMW owners because it might not fit.

10. Tidify Organizer Dedicated Stabilizing Adjustable

Tidify Organizer Dedicated Stabilizing Adjustable

3rd Generation Revolutionary Car Organizers. Every 6 months there is a new generation. One of the leading brands on the organizers market in Europe is SUR DOCA. The 2nd Gen. 4 Robust Net Pockets have 8 pockets, double the capacity of the 3rd Generation trunk organizers. 2 of the Oxford Pockets work with caps to keep your privacy better. They know you will love it. Larger than most other organizers, it has a secure and padded compartment, large binders in the deep pocket, and internal mesh storage for quick access to frequently used items. The side straps at the bottom of the bag are very stable and can be used to secure the organizers. The bag will be tightly coupled to the seat and won't cause any problems for passengers on their way in or out. There are lots of storage, including 2 bottle holders, 2 deep compartments, 2 open pockets, a pen pouch, and a phone-sized pouch. Their organizers have a padded sleeve that wraps the strap and makes carrying it extremely comfortable, even when heavily loaded. The strap length can be adjusted for convenience. The main body is made from a high quality 600D fabric. The straps are made with tough X shaped patterns to resist strong forces and prevent tears over time. The main body is made from a high quality 600D fabric. The straps are made with tough X shaped patterns to resist strong forces and prevent tears over time.

Brand: Tidify

👤A deep, padded compartment with a lock is needed for storing and securing laptops and tablets. No. Not even close. Anything larger than the padded pocket is going to stick out. A 17" machine is not something to be trifled with. My i7 machine won't fit. They protrude from the top of the main pocket. The "Velcro lock" is a nylon strap with a hook and loop. It is still a nice bag with sturdy, usefully-sized pockets. I have a big Targus laptop case. I can add more observations after a few months. Large tablets do well in the "laptop"/tablet pocket. It easily swallows my Tab S6 with a very bulky case. I would have been less disappointed if the seller had left out the word "laptop" in the description. The two side pockets are large enough for my Starbucks water bottles, so they have helped improve my water intake throughout the day. Most sports drink bottles and 1L soda bottles will be held by them. These pluses are enough for me to increase my rating to 4 stars but I'm still annoyed by the laptop issue and I won't stop mentioning it.

👤So far, so good! When I moved to the 1st shift and didn't have a partner anymore, this was the new patrol bag. There are plenty of pockets and storage. I have everything I need next to me. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product.

👤I am giving this to my brother because he is going to love it. I think that this will help him because he always has stuff rolling all over the place and sliding in to the floor in his car. It is sturdy and well made. I was impressed with the padding and how thick the material is. It can be wiped down if it gets dirty or spills on, but don't put electronics in it, because there is no way to close it. You can easily access things from the driver's seat if it is hung on the front seat. I tried it in my car and it was convenient, but I had to keep it out of my car when I drove my kids to and from school and activities. I tried it on the back of the seat, which worked well, but it made it hard for people in the backseat to keep their stuff organized, because it was almost in their lap. It works well for someone who is driving a lot and is alone. If you have to move between jobs, it has a lot of pockets and storage so you can easily organize your work materials. It can be pulled off and carried in the same way as before. I'm eager to see how my brother likes it.

👤I put it on my car. The cargo bag is in the third row, so I wanted only one seat. It's nearly impossible to keep stuff behind the seat that doesn't fall out when opening the door because there's so little room between the third row and trunk hatch. Until I found this! I can finally use that small space behind the third row. There is room for groceries. I have children. This is huge. I wanted the weight to rest on the floor so I left it a little lighter at the top. The back door is leaning on the headrest, so instead of pulling it down, it is leaning on it. Not leaving. I will list what I kept. I have a trailer hitch and pin in the main compartment. There are 4 straps and 2 bungee cords. There is a bag with rubber straps. A set of earmuffs, a sun reflector, and a laptop pocket. A halo bolt power pack is in a box. I have a small pouch in the back. I use nose filters at the indoor gun range. There is a compartment. I don't know what to put in there. It is pretty snug. Maybe a manual. There is a pouch in front of me. Two cup holders have an umbrella. If you want to take the whole thing out, it clips off easily and can be thrown on the shoulder. It seems sturdy and made of good material. Definitely 2 thumbs up!

11. Tsumbay Organizer Foldable Protectors Accessories

Tsumbay Organizer Foldable Protectors Accessories

The canopy has a better finish and Foot cover in the same fabric has better protection. Premium PU leather:Tsumbay car seat organizers are made of high quality PU leather and have good waterproof property. Your car looks very nice. It protects the back of the car seat from dirt and dust. A foldable dining table can be used as a work desk and also as a place to hold your tablets. It is made of hard board and can hold up to 2.5 kilogram items. The car organizer will make your family's car trip more comfortable. The Multi Storage Pockets is a car seat organizer that will give you a tidy and spacious environment in your car. 2 pockets for storing bottles, 2x pockets for storing phones, 2 pockets for storing magazines, and 3 pockets for storing snacks are included. The great stability of the backseat organizer is ensured by theAdjustable buckle strap, plum buckles, aluminium hook and strong straps. The installation takes less than 5 minutes to complete. It's easy to clean it up with a cloth. sumbay wants you to be happy with the car back seat organizers. Customer support for this car organizer is 100%. If you have any questions, please contact them. Order with no fear. sumbay wants you to be happy with the car back seat organizers. Customer support for this car organizer is 100%. If you have any questions, please contact them. Order with no fear.

Brand: Tsumbay

👤I like how it fits, and the compartments. I chose this one over the tissue holder because I was going to put wipes in it. The tray is tight against the seat so you have to push your fingers down to close it, you don't want to scratch your leather, but it is annoying. Normally I would take a star off for that, but I can't think of a better way to make it better. I still give it 5 stars because I am very happy with everything else.

👤Great product! The seat is black. It's perfect for a family with kids that need more space in the car. Definitely a must have.

👤I got two of these and I absolutely love them. I had to convince my youngest that the tray was not a foot rest. They fit perfectly. The square pocket at the bottom holds a small CD holder, while the long skinny pocket holds a switch lite. The extra strap that comes out of the side middle and tucks into the front seat between the butt/back cushion is even better. I like buying items with free returns so that I can return them if I don't like them. I was not disappointed.

👤Keeping the backseat clean is pretty helpful. Can hold baby bottles, books, thin layers, glasses, and of course electronic devices. The one in the airplane can be converted to a table. During a long trip, I can put food and tablets there for kids. It is not sure if it is leather. It doesn't make sense to make it with genuine leather that doesn't tolerate water, but it feels like it is. The classical brown is a color I like. A big bottle works well for bottled water.

👤The items look new and good. The material feels good. It works on the back of the car seat. There are lots of compartments for kids stuff. So far, so good. My vehicle has two, so clearly she needed it, and anyone with one child needs it. My niece is almost 11 years old and she always wants to do something new in the car when she goes out to eat. She has put the DVD player, her iPad, toys, coloring books, hair stuff, sunglasses, hats, and snacks in this place so she can easily grab it herself.

👤This is the perfect place to keep my stuff. I don't have to toss my kid's toys and snacks all the time because I have lots of pockets to hold them. The folding tray has a lip. I didn't have to search the whole car for my son's coloring utensils when he put them there. I was a bit skeptical of the tray's strength, but it was able to hold our Surface Pro tablets. It's a great addition to my car's floor to help organize my stuff.

👤It fell apart about a month after I installed it. The tray is so small and flimsy that it doesn't reach my son even with the seat in his legs. The pockets are flimsy and can't hold a child's water bottle. I missed the return window because it was going in the trash.


What is the best product for car seat desk organizer?

Car seat desk organizer products from High Road. In this article about car seat desk organizer you can see why people choose the product. My Specialty Kids Shop and Autoexec are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat desk organizer.

What are the best brands for car seat desk organizer?

High Road, My Specialty Kids Shop and Autoexec are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat desk organizer. Find the detail in this article. Hereinway, Forctibull and Buenavo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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