Best Car Seat Covers for Dogs Tan

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1. FH PU001102 Leather Front Bucket Covers

FH PU001102 Leather Front Bucket Covers

Oasis promiseCover up your old interior. Protect your seats. Make your vehicle unique. Their high-quality, universal fit car seat covers will transform your interior, giving your vehicle a fresh, unique look. The covers are engineered to accommodate traditional and heated seats. The hook and loop opening on the top of the bucket cover makes it easy to put the headrests back on. Only compatible with the removed headrest and armrests. The materials are easy to wipe clean and air dry. Almost all seats are compatible with the universal application. The set is not compatible with front side air bags. Just wipe clean. The set is not compatible with front side air bags. Just wipe clean.

Brand: Fh Group

👤People are complaining about the $25 seat covers because they aren't as nice as their original seats or require more work than they expected. It was very fun! The seat covers are great. They look nice, don't smell, and come with instructions and a link to a video. My kids are driving. I mean vehicle to learn how to drive. We wanted to cover the front seats. It took about an hour to install them, the covers fit well. The color is off, but they look good. If you want the best seat covers, you have to spend a lot of money. If you want to be close to perfect, you need to spend hundreds of dollars on custom fitted covers. These are the seat covers that do the job.

👤I was impressed by the covers when I opened them. I didn't like the fabric on the back and sides. I was not impressed with the hole that appeared when I first put the cover on, I hope this isn't a sign of how long these will last. The top of the cover is too wide and stiff and not allowing the part to lay nicely. I like how the straps are secured to the underside of the seat. The look is nice. I am terrible at this kind of thing and there is a website that you can use to help you along. It was helpful, but still a pain. The first one took me at least 30 minutes to figure it out, and the second took 10 minutes to put on. Overall, it was decent for the price. If there wasn't a hole. I like the look of these. They are so hot. During the summer, my legs and behind are soaked in sweat. These are terrible. They are leaving.

👤The seat covers are a good value. They are generic, even though the description says they will fit your make/model of vehicle. Pros: good looking, comfortable and soft (feel like real leather), inexpensive. You have to be intuitive to install them. There is a link to a 1-minute video on installation instructions in the package. Installation of these will take more than 2 hours. I have replaced seat covers on several vehicles and they were not difficult. The side straps are supplied with clips. I had to use small bungees because my package didn't have enough clips for the straps.

👤When I opened the box, I could immediately tell the difference between the types I've purchased in the past and the ones I'm about to purchase. This was better than the others. I was able to resolve the issue because the part wheat was unstitched. The straps underneath the seats were a nice addition to help keep the cover in place. The seats can be protected. Thanks!

👤The set covers don't fit my car at all. The seat cover is made of vinyl and nylon and is very flimsy. A very flimsy material is used to make the separate head rest. I used the seat for the first time and it started tearing at the top. The picture makes it look like two pieces, which is not what I thought it was. This is not a winner for me.

2. DKIIGAME Covers Hammock Waterproof Anti Slip

DKIIGAME Covers Hammock Waterproof Anti Slip

Waterproof and non-sLIP are included. The surface is covered by 600D Oxford fabrics made of waterproof fabric. It is easy to clean your seat because it is free of liquids, dirt, scratches, and hair. The dog car seat has a non-slip back that keeps it in place. The quality of the product. The dog car seat cover protects the rear seats, the lower seats and the front seats. The mesh breath window on the dog seat is great for the air to flow into the back to keep the dog cool. You will feel safe taking your pets with you. The seat width is suitable for most passenger cars, trucks and SUVs. It's perfect for the average small dog and also large dogs. This car seat cover can be used for trunk camping, where a mat is required. It is easy to install. Come with installation instructions. The plastic clips can be hung on the headrests of the front and rear seats. You can travel with your pet. Time savings: The dog car seat cover is very easy to clean, it only takes a piece of cloth or a vacuum. There is a laundry bag needed.

Brand: Dkiigame

👤The mesh for the AC is one of the few that is not black, and that is something I like. I don't like the Velcro. The more dog hair sticks to the Velcro, the less it stays closed. The seams around the Velcro just gave out. We have a 3' gap that does not close anymore. A 75 pound dog is very active. It's not for us for this to work for smaller dogs. This needs a sturdy zippers. Those that are on the beach should not be useless.

👤I shop and shop. I am glad I chose this one, I love the seat pads cover. My interior is the same color. Doesn't show the dog hair or the dirt my baby loves. She's happy with it. Let's go for a ride, she's ready. The only thing I don't like about these covers is the scream in between the seats, they should have a strap across the top. I'm going to modify mine, with a strap across the top other than that. I think I found the right one, I have looked at a lot of them. The cover is very nice. Charlie.

👤I decided to upgrade the cheap hammock I've had for the last few years. This one is not black, that drew me to it. It wouldn't get as hot, it's a quilted, reinforced material to last longer, it's optional sides to protect my doors and it has mesh for better air flow. It lived up to all the expectations. I drive a Chevy Cruze with leather seats, and this fit in just fine. It was small so it could fit larger vehicles, but my dog is very chill in the car, so that wasn't a problem. He's very comfortable and cools down faster than when I had the other hammock, thanks to the mesh. The last perk of this thing - groceries! I put up the sides of my items so I don't have to worry about them falling out. The pockets are the perfect size for wine bottles.

👤We bought this hammock for our greyhound to fit in the Camry hybrid. It fits well and seems sturdy, so the dog can roll around when he is laying down. The mesh between the front window and the back seat is our favorite part of this, because our clingy dog can still see us from the back. Cute idea! Thanks!

👤I got a new SUV and wanted to protect my seats from my dogs. It prevents them from jumping up on the windows and doors. The material is strong and thick. I like the screen because I can still see them and blow air into the back for them, but it prevents them from jumping into the front seat, which one of them likes to do. I am very happy with my purchase so far.

👤The quality of this product was really good. The cheapest seat cover I have purchased for my car is for the 500L, and I have purchased it for the third time. The first cover I purchased from Petsmart was for $70 and the second one was for $50. I had to replace them because of wear and tear from washing and use. The quality of this product is better than any of the ones I have owned and it is easy to clean. I like how it has a zip up on the corners so that hair doesn't get into the car. It protects your doors from scratches. The mesh is not going to be easy to damage. My dog likes that he can still see me and see what is going on, which makes the car ride better for both of us. I didn't know how nice this feature was until now, but I did have it on my other two seat covers. After my first car drive with my dog, I removed the seat cover and didn't see any hair on my seats for the first time. I used a small cloth to wipe the seat cover off, and it looks like it was never used. I will definitely recommend this product to my friends and family.

3. Flow Month Pet Front Seat Waterproof

Flow Month Pet Front Seat Waterproof

You can easily install this car seat cover with 2 quick release buckles and 1 seat anchor. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth, vacuum, or water shower. 2 in 1 car seat cover with a free pet safety belt is used for dogs and cats. All the products have seat belts. It came with a pet seat cover. Please contact them if you did not receive it. It is easy to clean. Their pet seat cover is easy to install and fits most cars and SUVs. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth or vacuum. No washing machine! There is no slip on the rubber backing, seat anchor, or strap. High quality quilted material for your pet. The Oxford fabric material has a water resistant technology. The seat is protected from mud and water. Seat protection works for both leather and cloth seats and protects from scratches, dog hair, and muddy paws. The back seat has extra side flaps. The seat belt with the slit with the Velcro closes is easy to get through and keeps pet hair out. The pet seat cover can be used for all cars and SUVs. If there is a passenger at the back seat, fold it in half. If you have a question, please contact them. You don't like what your pet leaves behind when he goes for a ride: mud, wet spots, shed hair and dander, and other hard to fix damages to your car's upholstery. The seat cover will keep both of you happy, with plush comfort for him and a back seat that stays good for you. If you have a question, please contact them. You don't like what your pet leaves behind when he goes for a ride: mud, wet spots, shed hair and dander, and other hard to fix damages to your car's upholstery. The seat cover will keep both of you happy, with plush comfort for him and a back seat that stays good for you.

Brand: Flow.month

👤I absolutely love this product. I have two of them, one in a car and the other in an old car. If the ride was too long, my 50lb terroir mix would get sick. I can't just move my car from the garage to the driveway without her jumping in. The side walls give her a sense of security and allow her to sleep in her favorite position. She wouldn't lay down and relax before the box. She just enjoys the ride now. The sides should be more sturdy. Being 50 lbs a day is rough on the shape. Since we only use a box, I would prefer stiff sides and no reversibility in order to convert to simple seat covers. I wish the zippers weren't there after she busted 2. If a design team is looking for ideas then maybe make a box that doesn't convert and is a stronger box instead. She still likes it to be there, even though it really doesn't fit the seat.

👤The only seat on Amazon that fit my english bulldog was this one. The material on the side is a hair magnet, so if your dog sheds there is no way to get the hair off, and the other complaint is that it didn't get a perfect 5-star. The first use was broken by the side zip. We just love it!

👤I have to cover it with a blanket to make it comfortable, but it's awesome! My baby couldn't sit still at first, but he started getting used to it. There is plenty of room for him to grow.

👤I recommend these car seats to anyone who takes their dog in the car. I just saw a video showing how a dog could get thrown through the air in an accident, and it made me even more thankful that I started using the seats that allow me to keep my car clean, and also keep my dogs safe. I used these on a road trip and they made a huge difference. My two dogs sat in the seats and did not try to get out of the car. One of my dogs got caught in the seat. It was much easier to clean up the mess in my car. If you're thinking about purchasing, these are wonderful.

👤I recommend this one if you're looking for a dog seat. There's nothing special about it, but I don't know what special thing someone would be looking for in a dog seat. It's a good fabric and a good price. The lead is too long to keep your dog contained if he likes to tromp around the car. I had to sew it back together after cutting it off. It's a great dog seat.

👤This product can be wrapped around the seat or used as a basket for my baby girls to feel secure. I thought I would use it in my passengers seat, but I decided to use it in my back seat as it is easier for me to get my dog in and out of the car with me. She loves sitting in the basket version and is very deep. The seat belt leash is a great addition. It's very easy to remove the seat from the truck if I need to place large items in it. I put a small padded dog bed and blanket on top of my dog's bed to make him more comfortable on long car rides. When my dog was younger, washing and drying was easy and she got sick from it.

4. Durable Protector Against Waterproof Scratch

Durable Protector Against Waterproof Scratch

Forget about those cheap front seat cover for dogs that ruin your seats and are useless after one use. Those days are over! The front seat cover from Active Pets is waterproof, protects your seats from mud, water and fur, and allows your pet to feel as comfortable as it would sleeping on their kennel pad. It will fit, their dog cover is specially designed to fit every car, truck or SUV's front seats. With a 60-second installation, you will be ready to use this pet cover for front seats in no time at all. The maximum size is 20”x42” The Active Pets dog front seat cover is easy to clean. The seats are made with a top layer of premium 600D Oxford waterproof cotton and a middle layer of Oxford 210D with waterproof coating. If your pet has dirtied the seat cover, just wipe it with a damp cloth or vacuum it, and it will be new again in a minute. It's safety first! Active Pets uses security to keep your pet safe. The dog front car seat cover has a heavy-duty Buckle for the Headrest and a seat anchor and non-slip bottom to make sure it is always secured in its place. Protection and security are what your pet deserves. The Active Pets seat covers are for dogs. They are confident that you will love your dog's car seat cover as much as they love ours.

Brand: Active Pets

👤I normally don't write reviews, but these seat covers are amazing. I've tried many brands and none have made it past the first use. They did not stay covering the seats. The seats that prevent them from moving and exposing my leather seats are totally incase. I took my dogs to the park and the mud was wiped off as though they never existed. These seat covers are recommended by me.

👤The front does not have a way of fastening it down. The front of the car slides up and exposes my seat because there is no strap or fastening for the front that goes under the dog. The cover is needed in the first place. This item is very easy to clean if your dog holds on.

👤I wanted something that looked good in my 2006 Hummer H3 that I have owned since it was new. I chose the black seat cover because my interior is very dark gray with a lighter gray interior. It covers the sides of the bottom seat. There were other seat covers that only covered the top of the seat and not the bottom sides. Without full coverage, your seat can easily be scratched by dog claws. The sand in our yard makes it easy to clean the seat cover. If you have dogs or other pets, or a messy person riding with you, I would highly recommend this car seat cover to keep your car seats clean.

👤My review is also on the Active Pets website. I bought a new car and realized it had beige seats, which now have problems with my two dogs. I looked on Amazon and found these seat covers. I bought backseat and front seat covers. The material used on these covers is thick. These covers are easy to install, you don't have to try and connect them under the seat, they have weight and a skirt that covers around the seat to the floor level. The top has two belts, one around the head rest and the other around the back of the seat. You can watch a video on how to install them. I have carpal tunnel in my wrist and it's hard to hold things in my hand. You will be amazed.

👤I have only had this dog seat cover for a short time but it is easy to install and hold up, but my car passenger seat does not have hair on it, and it is not supposed to, but I am not sure. I put them on the corners of the car seat cover to make sure the dog doesn't lift it up.

👤I needed a front seat cover to protect the passenger seat from dog hair and muddy footprints. When I leave my dogs in the car to go to the store, one jumps in the front, because they ride in the back seat. How do I know? The first clue is the dog hair on the leather and the second is the messy windows. The orange trim matches the upholstery stitching on the seat cover. The cover can be flipped down for a clean place to sit or be easily removed with unbuckling the back straps. I have only had this installed for a short time, so it's not yet known how long it will last or how easy it will be to clean. I think it is a very good value and can give you two.

5. Knodel Waterproof Hammock Scratch Zippered

Knodel Waterproof Hammock Scratch Zippered

4Knines products are built to last. Zipper helmet with side flaps is 54"W x 58"L. It has a dog car hammock with side flaps that protects your car from any liquid, dirt, scratches, hair or mud. The side flaps help to make it easier for your dog to get in or out of the car, while also protecting your car door from scratches and hair. They designed a split zip on the hammock that allows pets and passengers to share the backseat and travel together. Knodel's dog seat cover is made with heavy-duty 600D Oxford fabric, a soft cotton layer and 100% waterproof polyester, which makes it perfect for protecting your car from messes your pets cause. It will make sure that your pet is comfortable during the ride. Safety is always their priority. The pet seat cover has a non-slip backing, 2 seat anchors, and 4 headrests to prevent the seat cover from sliding around. All of the features help keep your dog safe. It is very easy to install a car seat cover. Attach the cover with the seat anchor first. Buckle the straps around your car's headrests to attach the cover. The seat is ready for your pets. The seat cover is easy to clean, just use a damp cloth or vacuum it, and it will be new again in a minute. They are dedicated to providing their customers with superior service and high quality products. The satisfaction guarantee is on all of the Knodel Pet Seat Covers. If you are not happy with their product, they can give you a new one or a 100% money back guarantee. What are you waiting for? Order now! They are dedicated to providing their customers with superior service and high quality products. The satisfaction guarantee is on all of the Knodel Pet Seat Covers. If you are not happy with their product, they can give you a new one or a 100% money back guarantee. What are you waiting for? Order now!

Brand: K Knodel

👤I chose the dog seat cover after reading a lot of reviews. I am very happy with my purchase. It is easy to install and stays in place. The most important thing for me is that it is waterproof. I have bought similar products before, but they couldn't prevent pee from ruining my seat. This one really did it. I made a video for it, and I'm glad to recommend it to anyone.

👤The BMW 528ix is a 2016 model. It is easy to install. It's almost like a custom tailored car. It matches the interior. So pleased so far. We bought it to take our pittbull with us.

👤I finally got a chance to install the seat cover. I have an Animal Planet seat cover that I bought blindly, and it is just a piece of tarp, but it does not have any of the extra features that this one does. The side flaps that can help enclose most of the dog hair, the anti slip features, the foam bottom layer and handles that can be tucked under the back seat, and extra straps, seat belt and a free rope toy are all good things. I want to buy a black one for my other car. The cover is large and fits well for my Lexus, it has curves in the back that hug inwards, and it's also pretty large. I think Coco likes her cover. It's a good thing. She is a lab mix.

👤I run a dog hiking business and have a lot of dogs in my car. I bought a well-known brand of these and they were garbage. The material was weak and easy to rip through. A client gave me a second brand, seat protectors. It lasted a week. I saw this hammock had good reviews and was slip resistant to help dogs from sliding all over the back seat, so I decided to buy it. The hammock was a Dogsend. It is so soft and comfortable for dogs to sit and lay on, that it is the thicker of the two previous ones. The most unbalanced dogs stay in their seats because of the nonslip material. I don't like the fact that there are holes in the seat that allow dirt to get into it, and the fact that the zip is undone when dogs put pressure on it. If a human and a dog are sitting in the same place, there are holes in the dog cover. It has been helpful for my business.

👤Excellent coverage of the back seat. I bought this to protect the backseats, it works and did the job. My dogs love to put their paws up to look out the window, this product is really functional. It protects my doors from dogs scratching the panels. When my dogs are active in the car, the cover doesn't slide around at all, because it has this non slip material underneath. It has features like being able to split it so that I could fit a passenger in the back seat. This is a good fit for the price.

6. Tapiona Dog Seat Cover Waterproof

Tapiona Dog Seat Cover Waterproof

Customer Assurance: The product comes with limited coverage against material defects and may also qualify for their Worry-Free Program, but purchases from unauthorized 3rd-party sellers may not be covered by Furhaven. One of the widest on the market fits great for SUVs and trucks such as: Jeep, Toyota Tundra, Honda Pilot, Ford F-150 Crew. Before you buy a car, please check the width of the rear seat. The Large Dog Hammock For Truck has a non-slip backing so it is always firmly fixed. It will not stain your expensive leather backseats unlike the anti-slip mesh fabrics. There is a compound called puating POLYESTER. Their truck seat cover for dogs is made of quality polyester with PU coating that never gives off odor in a car. Many others use a coating that is smelly in the hot weather and has a high content of heavy metals, such as Lead and Cadmium. After a few days of use, the coating begins to wear off. A PU coating is much more comfortable. The innovative PU coating on their dog seat covers makes them easy to clean and long lasting. To clean out pet hair, you can simply wipe the pet seat cover down with a damp cloth. They use stronger and denser stitching to make the pet seat cover last longer because they know your Furry Buddy can be naughty on the go. Their pet seat cover is water resistant and soft for your dog to sit comfortably. It protects your car seats. The pet seat cover makes driving safer for you and your pet. Their pet seat cover is water resistant and soft for your dog to sit comfortably. It protects your car seats. The pet seat cover makes driving safer for you and your pet.

Brand: Tapiona

👤I told myself that I was going to leave a review because of the reviews. The Dodge Ram 2500 is in our possession. This covers are perfect. We did it both ways, with the seats down and the platform down, and it fit both ways with some extra room. We did not have to stretch it to get it on the headrests. It is wide and long. We needed two things to do before purchasing this. It is incredibly heavy duty. The quality was great when I pulled it out of the bag. Oh! It has its own bag. Overall, very impressed with this!

👤I bought this to fit in my 2016 Ram 1500 Crew Cab with the back seats up, which gives the dog more room, and it fits perfectly. The material is heavy and I like the added pockets for her leash, water bottle and whatever else I want to put in there. My only wish is for the dog to be able to see through the net panel and for the air to flow through. Even with the AC on, I think it will get warm back there, since the seat cover will be obstructing it. I am going to cut out a piece of paper and sew it together. I hope I don't mess it up. I'll post a picture if it works.

👤I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but I'm very impressed with its size. It's a perfect fit for the back of our F250. We have 3 dogs and the seat and hammock covers don't work for us when the seats are folded down. If we use it with the seats up, it doesn't cover all the seats well enough to protect it, because the hammock style puts too much pressure on the head rests. I thought it might fit because it is advertised as covering the seat and then being long enough to include the floor, instead of being a "Hammock". It covers the entire back seats from the head rest to the floor and back up to the headrests of the other seats with a little room to spare so when the dogs are in there, their weight won't be pulling on the head rests and the seats will be protected. I can't wait to see how it holds up.

👤It doesn't fit a full size FORD F250. I will keep bashing it on the review as I keep selling it on Amazon. The back seat has been uncovered. To make this work easier to adjust, change the location of the buckle to the side of the cover. This is a big pain in the ass to get behind the rear seat. It's easy to fix this product and get 5 stars, but why do you put the snaps in the most difficult area of the seat? The left and right seat covers should go to the door jamb. The plastic and carpet should be kept clean as well.

👤For the most part, it fits in the crew cab of our Chevy Silverado 1500. I would give it five stars if it completely covered the seat backs. It comes high up on the back of the front seats, which is great coverage for the bottom of the seats. It seems like it will last a long time. If you have one dog or three, it will be up for the challenge. I will come back and edit the review if not.

7. URPOWER Upgraded Waterproof Nonslip Washable

URPOWER Upgraded Waterproof Nonslip Washable

There is a window and a pocket. The mesh visual window in the center helps your dog get better air circulation and you can see them easily. The extra storage pockets can hold your pets food and toys. 100% waterproof Their covers are waterproof and protect your car seat better than other covers. It is more convenient for your pet to get out of the car. The size of 54"W x 58" L is compatibile with different vehicles. The design of side flaps can protect your car door from damage. NonsLIP and SAFE: The seat cover is not able to slide around because of the soft rubber backing and seat anchors. It's convenient and easy to clean. The seat cover is 54" W x 58" L and made of high quality polyester which gives it a comfortable feeling. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Brand: Urpower

👤I went to Kansas to pick up my next dog. This was in Covid. It required a long car ride from Denver to Kansas, and then to install the wonderful thing. Pick up the Australian Shepherd pup if you go too fast. Put him in the back. He was contained. The rental car is protected. It matched his fur. He is a doll. It folded up neatly in my suitcase when we boarded the plane, and then it was in a carrier. The car seat cover? The unfolded in the back seat of the truck was neatly folded back up in my suitcase. The dog is safe back there. He wanted to look out the window. He knows how to put his paws on it to look over, but he couldn't jump over it. If you want to store something in a pocket that has a sturdy snap, you should attach it inside. This really works. This company knows what is needed. We had a rental car and a Toyota truck, and neither of them had a problem.

👤The upgraded seat cover could have been better. I am not sure what upgraded means, but the mesh visual window is a nice feature so that my golden boy can receive the air from the back center vents. It could be that it has a pouch to hold necessities. I don't use that at all. If you have a large dog, I can see that being in the way. I accidentally spilled a drink on it and it cleaned up well, and left no stain. The seat part is almost an inch short of being perfect, so it needs to be widened. The side panels on my Lexus are not tall enough to protect the doors. The side panels are placed on the inside, instead of the outside. I have never had that in the other covers, so I have to stick my arm in to zip it up. The hooks that hold up the side panels seem cheap and plastic, so we will see how they hold up. This item is worth a try because some of what I mentioned may not matter to some people.

👤This is in the back of my car. The zip-up sides make my dogs hesitant to jump out. The cords that hold them up on the chicken handles are not installed by me. They can't jump up on the divider if they look into the front seat. It's a good seat cover. It's been working well for a few weeks, but we'll see how it holds up over time.

👤I have purchased dog seat covers on Amazon before. We live near the ocean and often take hikes with our two medium-sized Aussies. They could see us from the back seat, but I wanted a waterproof seat cover. The cover of our car is beige, which makes it much easier to find the seatbelts for our dogs, as they are mostly black. The mesh screen that we purchased was made of nylon and had a zip on the sides to allow us to access the dogs. The problem was that both brands had the same problem. The weak link was them. I wanted to avoid driving because the dogs had their front feet on the center console. The design so far is perfect. There is a mesh in the front that prevents them from coming up, but there is no broken zip. I like covers that have a pouch to hold a water bottle and bowls for drinks after our exercise. This product has something. The waterproof cover is a must for dogs that climb in after a walk on the wet sand or in the winter when we get wet in the rain. If we have a truly wet dog, we will only use the side zippers on the covers if there is a problem with the doors. The covers protect the seat from the dog's claws. So far, it's been highly recommended.

8. 4Knines Cover Without Hammock Trucks

4Knines Cover Without Hammock Trucks

The fitted option allows access to two seat belts. Heavy-duty, colorfast 600D polyester; thick UV-coated straps; durable nylon clips; no azo dyes or heavy chemicals; not recommended for aggressive chewers. The seat bottom is waterproof because of a 7 layer construction. It can be put in seconds with quick-release clips and seat anchors, or it can be washed in the washer to keep it looking fresh. 4Knines products are built to last.

Brand: 4knines

👤I bought this cover to keep my Weim out of my leather seats. The cover is nice, but it is noisy under her feet. I used to have a prier cover that I loved but wore out and was less tidy. The cover has no under the front seat straps, but most of the review is great. As soon as the dog jumps on the seat, it walks the cover off the cushion. It's a big disappointment for something that was supposed to protect the seat. I clipped the bed sheet cinch straps on the front and side to keep it from walking off the bench. I took care of the problem, however I think the company may want to have straps sewn on to avoid future sales issues. The white strap is in the photo. It will hold better if you get it behind the seat lever, and you won't have to fight to find the seat position bar. The clip style can pop open if bent. The first one has no clips, walks right off, and the last one has the clips on. No walking.

👤The car seat cover for our Honda cr-v has been great for almost 3 years now. The pieces that go down into the crevices between the seat and the back keep it in place. The fit is perfect and you can get it on quickly. We keep it in the back of the car and it takes a few seconds to get it covered. Our dog seems to like it. I was worried about washing it, but the fabric is sturdy and seems to have shed off a lot of dirt. It doesn't seem to have fur. It functions so well that I don't want to use a machine to wash it, so I fill the bathtub, add some laundry detergent, switch it around, rinse and hang on a drying rack. Very easy. There is a It has held up well after three years of daily use and still looks brand-new after I wash it. Highly recommended.

👤I received this seat cover. I was very happy. I discovered it wasn't really anti-slide after ordering. I ran a bungee cord under the bench seat to fix the sliding problem, and put some grommets on the bottom of each side. The cover is made of nylon and has a rubber handle sewn on to it. This is to be tucked in to help prevent sliding. The rubber handle is no longer secured to the seat after nylon loops snapped, causing it to fall off. I like the idea of the product, and it fits perfectly across my large back SUV bench seat, but I'm disappointed with the quality and undecided if I'll order again or look for a different brand...

👤I returned them immediately, they are not tan or cream as pictured. They are new. They seem like they sat out in the sun and got stained, also thin and low quality.

👤I decided to buy one after reading the reviews. I just bought a new car and want to keep it nice. My lab slid in the back. She was trying to stay still and I hated the noise it made. I think I will buy a fabric seat cover or blanket in the future.

9. Car Seat Cover for Dogs

Car Seat Cover for Dogs

It's convenient and safe to replace cheap dog seat covers for cars that can't protect your pet's paws and claws. This covering keeps your car clean and provides top-tier padding for the rest of your life. They made these car seat covers for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Their car seat protectors are sure to fit in any car. It is easy to clean. Do you read the shed? Their back seat cover for dogs is made with 600D Oxford waterproof cotton and is easy to clean. First, safety! The dog back seat cover is covered with 4 heavy-duty headrest anchors and 2 seat anchors, so your pet doesn't slip and slide around on the bumps. Have you had any questions about the dog car seat cover? The customer satisfaction team is happy to help.

Brand: Active Pets

👤Not a bad cover. There is no way that is the item in their photo. My item in the photo was not as nice as the one in the photo. I don't like the bait and switch photo, but I would probably buy again. You can choose between my cover on the left and their photo on the right.

👤I wanted to take my dog for a swim. I was afraid to clean my seat. I was looking for a product like that. You can see on my video that I poured a glass of water on the cover in my experiment. The back seat is dry. Rex can go with me to the lake.

👤The dog cover is great. The clips are strong. My dog would have to pull it down and make holes in it if it was not adjusted. The rubber bottom is made to prevent the dog from slipping. I am very happy with my purchase and recommend this product.

👤The cover is necessary for a pet owner like me who travels with three dogs. The seat cover is packaged in clear plastic. I have used other brands in the past, but this one has better quality from front to back. I am very happy with it. The seat cover is 58" x 54" and black with orange edges. It is made of four layers for the best protection. The top layer is water resistant, the second is soft cotton, the third is waterproof and the fourth is soft rubber to grip the car seats. The soft rubber grip kept the cover from sliding on my leather seats. It is easy to put the pet cover in the backseat. It's a good fit for my Jeep Grand Cherokee. Four straps keep it in place. Pets can't escape up to the front through the console area if they stay in the backseat. You can use it without having it come up over the front seats, but you can use it on the back seat or on the floor. It's good for when you have passengers in your car and you don't want to take the seat cover out. The seat cover has a slit to allow the use of seat belts for pets and other passengers. I like the fact that this cover has two seat anchors attached to it, which is a feature that my other pet seat covers did not have. It helps to keep them in place instead of sliding around on my leather. The rubber backing keeps them in place. The cover is waterproof if there is an accident in the car. It can be washed and even sprayed with water. My pets hair gets all over my car and onto my passengers. I don't have to worry about my pet getting dirty at the park as I can hose them down at home and the cover protects my car on the drive back home. This is a high quality cover that I would recommend.

10. URPOWER Detachable Waterproof Nonslip Washable

URPOWER Detachable Waterproof Nonslip Washable

There is a destructable mist wind. There is a new version of dog car seat covers. If you don't want to use the hammock anymore, you can remove the mesh window part with the zip up. Breathable tinted window and pockets will help relieve car-riding anxiety for your pets and create a sense of cool. The extra storage pockets can hold your pets food and toys. There are side pleats. The 54" x 60" size is compatible with most vehicles. It's easier for your pet to get in or out of the car. The design of side flaps can protect your car door from damage. It is easy to install. It is easy to install with quick release clips. The seat anchor can be inserted into the crevice to fit the cover, 4 sets of plastic clips that attach around the head rest in the front and back to fix the cover firmly, and a seat cushion cover that can be fastened with the seat anchor. The seat cover is not able to slide around because of the soft rubber backing and seat anchors. 100% waterproof and easy to clean. The dog car seat covers are waterproof and better than other covers. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth or vacuum.

Brand: Urpower

👤I wish I had this in my car when I was younger. The dog seat cover is easy to install and fits nicely in my Nissan Altima, but I haven't rated its longevity or how easy it is to clean since it's still very new to me. The baby bear is just right for us, because previous car seat covers have been too large or small. I don't think the mesh screen will come off anytime soon. If my Doberman were still with us, it wouldn't do much since he's taller than my dogo Argentino. It prevents him from trying to climb over the center console. The seat belt attachment for the leash is nice, but it hasn't been used with my 75 lbs little guy yet. We've had it for a while and will update this review.

👤I got a new truck and wanted a hammock for our dog who sheds a lot. The product is easy to install and will keep the hair on the upholstery. It's easy to clean. She can get fresh air with the side flaps and the net. We might buy another one for my wife.

👤I knew I wanted to protect the leather from my pitbull's nails when I bought my new car. My last car was cloth interior, so I didn't worry about it before. I received the seat protectors in the mail after shopping on Amazon. It is amazing. It is better than I had thought. The stitching looks good and the fabric is pleasant for my daughter who sometimes rides in the back with our boy. It was easy to install, and we love the feature that allows us to add/ remove the front piece when she rides in the back.

👤Installation; screen are things I like. It beats my old one. The installation was set tight with the addition of the barrel anchors. It will work for my 50#'er. I don't like: side flaps are not long enough, clips are flimsy, and it doesn't attract hair, it's not hard to build, and it should attract hair, but it doesn't. I wouldn't go for a big dog. It's not because the seat cover is bad, but it might not hold up to large dogs. A stronger base would be perfect. I would put something under it to protect your seats if you used this for extra large dogs. The clips don't hold well without a bit of clip adjustments. YMMV

👤This is easy to install, it fits in my car and truck. The only thing I noticed was that if you are short, like me, the seats are pulled forward a bit and the bottom is floating in the air. There is a My larger dog, 60#, walks around and lays where there is no support, and the Velcro has held up well. It is very durable in that way. One dog got sick on it, but I removed it to clean it and it came out fine. I hung it up to dry in the sun after using the garden hose to clean it. It works well in both my vehicles, even though it is a bit big for a car. I use a seat belt hook for my larger dog.

11. Waterproof Durable Scratch Nonslip Universal

Waterproof Durable Scratch Nonslip Universal

The dog car seat cover is for the back seat. The dog back seat cover is waterproof and is compatible with most cars, SUVs, small trucks. The dog hammock seat covers help your dog get in and out easily. Two seatbelts should be included. Lassie pet seat cover is made with a waterproof material and heat-pressing technology, so it is clean and odorless. The seat cover has a slit to allow the use of seat belts for pets and other passengers. The cover is held in place by the 2 side flaps straps and 4 head rest straps. The rubber backing on the underside and seat anchors keep the cover from slipping. Their dog seat cover is a free accessory for pet travel. It isdurable and convenient. The dog travel accessories are made of heavy-duty Oxford fabric and high quality material which gives a comfortable feeling. Dog claws can be torn or tears. The best protection and long lasting use is ensured. It is easy to install and clean because you just need 1 minute to install with quick release clips. Machine washing is also available, it is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Brand: Lassie

👤I was really impressed with how well it felt. I was not sure if I would like this color, but it looks nice. I wish I had a third anchor for the middle seat, but it still feels sturdy. There is a soft gel grip underneath the hammock to keep the material from scratching your seats. The seatbelt collar is a nice idea. If an accident does happen, you are going to seriously hurt your dog. Its not safe.

👤This is my 3rd or 4th dog canopy and it is my favorite. It works perfectly for the price and fits my car perfectly. The screen in the middle that allows the A/C to blow right on the pups they love and the handy pockets to store pet items are the two best things. I will order another one as a gift for a friend who is using a queen sheet in her back seat, and I would highly recommend this to others.

👤If you're looking for an amazing dog hammock for full size GM, Ford or dodge, look no further! This is the best rear seat dog hammock I have found, I get my hands dirty for a living, and I have a 100lb dog. If you want to compare, look at this pic of my 2016 Denali HD.

👤My younger one tends to get an upset stomach on car rides and though she doesn't always get sick she usually refuses to eat after being in the car for a long time. After using a mesh window. I think it was the heat that made it happen. She's been fine every time. I like the fact that you zip them in with the side flaps, which will discourage them from jumping out before you're ready, protects the window area from mud, and protects the side of the seat when they jump in and out. There are two pockets on the driver's side that hold more than they look.

👤After only two years with only moderate usage, I needed to replace the seat cover because it was too small and didn't provide complete coverage. The seat cover was great when I opened it. The fabric is very heavy and easy to install. It looks great and provides full coverage.

👤The back seat of my new Forester was supposed to be protected from my dog's fur and nails. This is a great back seat protector. It is easy to install. I use it when I put the back seats down and I have to haul plants from the nursery. My dog liked it too. He slept in his bed on the drive today.

👤The backseat dog hammock is light gray and not heat-absorbing black and will be easy to clean. I added foam padding underneath the thin padding. It was necessary to use many safety-pins in order to attach the back straps of the cover to the head-rest "bumps" on the seat because the car doesn't have large, fixed head-rests on the backseat. The dog's feet should not get caught in the spaces between the seat and the doors if the door protecting flaps are used. This Honda has a lot more miles to go before it sleeps, so it's probably easier to install this hammock in a newer vehicle.


What is the best product for car seat covers for dogs tan?

Car seat covers for dogs tan products from Fh Group. In this article about car seat covers for dogs tan you can see why people choose the product. Dkiigame and Flow.month are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat covers for dogs tan.

What are the best brands for car seat covers for dogs tan?

Fh Group, Dkiigame and Flow.month are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat covers for dogs tan. Find the detail in this article. Active Pets, K Knodel and Tapiona are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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