Best Car Seat Covers for Dogs Back Seat

Dogs 3 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Durapower Protector Scratching Waterproof Universal

Durapower Protector Scratching Waterproof Universal

The color of camouflage is very cool. It's perfect for police, hunter and outdoor lovers. It's more charming than black or other common color and could be used to decorate your back seat. You will never have to worry about your dog making a mess again if you go for a ride with your dog. The car door protectors will protect your car from dog scratching. The dog car window guard makes you feel good. The car door cover is easy to clean and waterproof. It's resistant to water, mud, and drooling. It is easy to keep the car dog window protector clean by using a wet cloth or washing it in the washing machine. The dog door cover is easy to install and remove. The windows can be rolled down and up with the tapes. No worries about scratching the window, stays in place. It's a good dog guard. Two pet car door protectors for dogs are included, one for the left door and one for the right. 31.2'' One size fits all. The side car door protectors is larger. The dog scratched the truck door. It fit all cars perfectly. There are two options to install. Either use the sticky back tapes or insert the tabs between the window and car door panel. Quality can be guaranteed with Durapower car door covers. If there is a problem with their car window protectors from dogs, please contact them. There are two options to install. Either use the sticky back tapes or insert the tabs between the window and car door panel. Quality can be guaranteed with Durapower car door covers. If there is a problem with their car window protectors from dogs, please contact them.

Brand: Durapower

👤If you want to keep your doors from getting scratched, highly suggest. I saved the car doors from dog slobber and deep scratches by buying them a new one.

👤The tabs that slide between the window and interior seal are too small and have been trimmed to a rounded end, making them unsuitable for a large pickup. They slip out very quickly. I don't want to attach the hook and loop tabs to the truck as the glue will melt and make a mess in the heat of summer. If the tabs were bigger, they would get 5 stars.

👤I was skeptical because I had no luck with the plastic devices that are supposed to slide against the glass window. They did not work at all, but that may be my car. The alternative installation process was missing from the packaging. I used my own, because I had the Velcro on hand. They work well as advertised. I will probably reinforce the Velcro, but they do the job, and the ones size fits all, well on my large Volvo wagon.

👤The doors on my truck were covered. I don't think I would roll the windows up and down with the plastic strips inside of the weather stripping as it may scratch the windows or tint up. Maybe a redesign to add felt to the area where they are resting?

👤The plastic slots are too thick to fit between the seals and the window. When you raise the window, there are plastic slots that pop out and the cover falls out. I didn't want to damage my new tint so I taped the door. The glue on the velcro didn't stick long enough and it also pulls the cover away and leaves a gap, as you can see in the pic. It is a decent product, but not engineered correctly.

👤Our dog likes to look out the window of the car. She can do that without scratching the door. They were a bit difficult to install but once installed they work well. We wipe them down with a damp cloth. They were recommended to our friends who bought them.

👤The material is strong and waterproof. The window slats are too thick for the clips to go in. They stick up high. My dog jumps on the Velcro and pulls it off, even though I switched to it. I am still using it. I have to re-stick it. I think this product would be great if the slats were thinner. I gave it three stars because of that.

👤I was able to install this item. I was a little disappointed that it didn't reach across the top of the door, and one end tends to slide a little when my little fella places his front paws up by the window. I'm glad I bought it because it protects the majority of the door from his toe nails when they start growing again.

2. Meadowlark SUV Cargo Liner Dogs

Meadowlark SUV Cargo Liner Dogs

Complete protection Their cargo liner for dogs is 41" W x 74" L and protects your car from mud, paws, water, spills, and pet hair. The bumper flap protects your car from scratches while your dog hops in and out of the car. Measure your trunk before purchasing to ensure the perfect fit. Extra-thiCKNESS FOR COMFORT: The dog seat cover is thick and soft and stays in place while you drive so your dog is always comfortable. It's a picnic mat that you can use at the beach or park. ROLL UP & UNROLL COVER. When you want to use the cargo area without the trunk back seat cover, you can install their unique car seat covers and just roll them up, instead of removing them when not in use. Do you have a messy pet? Their car seat cover is waterproof and can hold up to scratches and spills. The dog car seat cover is machine washed for easy cleaning and protects the interior of the car. It is easy to install. Their extra strong hook and loop straps provide stability and its wide, heavy-duty zippers secure the sides of the car seat protectors. The pet seat cover has double stitching to ensure longevity. Simply secure the dog cover straps around the headrests and you are ready to go!

Brand: Meadowlark

👤Not what I was expecting. The tabs won't stay in place. We are having to change. Hopefully, I bought more velcro to help. The side panels are smaller than the pictures show.

👤The cover was easy to install on the rear seatrests. It's large and can cover the entire trunk of my car. The material is soft enough for my dog to be comfortable on it. The cover can be rolled up out of the way and left hanging off the back seat headrests. I can leave it installed all the time and simply roll it out whenever I need it. It seems like I have finally found a product that is large enough and easy to roll out of the way. It will stay for a long time. I would love to buy another one in a few years.

👤I have to write reviews in this case. The product is a life saver. It is easy to assemble and does its job. I have an 80 lbs dog, 4 kids and an SUV that needs to support our active lifestyle. The coverage is great and does not move. I have used it with my dog in the back and it protects from all the messes. Would definitely recommend it! I saw someone in a previous comment say that it is meant for smaller SUVs and have to respectfully disagree. It's great that a product is well made.

👤I own a Ford SUV and have 4 dogs. I used to have to vacuum the car after every ride. The product was installed in my car on the 2nd row and the 3rd row folded. I don't worry about impact to my car. I don't have to clean the car after a ride. There is no hair on the back of the seats. This product is very good.

👤This is the second liner I've purchased from this company. The first was for my 4-door jk and the second was for my 2 door jk. The products fit like they should. It's easier to clean pet liners. Highly recommended.

👤It was purchased to protect the back of the SUV. It's perfect against the rear seats. Love the length that protects the bumper. The carpet on the sides of the house is very strong. We did not use the sticky side of the Velcro. We used it after a snow storm in Colorado and it looked new. We left it off because it tangled her legs when it was connected. It's easy to roll up and clip out of the way for easy storage. When needed, just unroll. Highly recommended.

👤It was bought for the 2020 Dodge Durango. Not long or wide, but will work. Not resistant to water. There was some snow on the skiis and poles. The mat was dry with beads of water on top, but the underside was soaked. We had a rubber liner on it. I wouldn't count on it being your only protection.

👤I bought this for my husband who has a Jeep. He loves it because it covers everything he needs it to cover. He wanted to make sure I did a good job with this product.

3. Gorilla Grip Waterproof Slip Resistant Protectors

Gorilla Grip Waterproof Slip Resistant Protectors

The collapsible bowl is perfect for on the go refreshments for your pup during long car rides, hikes, and travel because it has side flaps that are waterproof. The pocket and zip up allows for easy access to your pet while still allowing for regular use of half of the car. Spot clean with a damp cloth or vacuum. Slip resistant: textured underside grip dots on rear seat, 4 headrests, 2 seat anchors, and 2 elastic straps. The Universal Fit is easy to install and fits most cars and SUVs.

Brand: Gorilla Grip

👤I bought this last week in preparation for our weekend travels and it exceeds my expectations. I was hoping it would help keep the car clean, but the dog is more comfortable. The dog is very anxious in the car. I think she is more comfortable with the hammock up because she can't fall between the seats. The seat belt is very strong. We were able to clip it to the harness because the buckle that comes with it went in no problem. The dog was kept from going too far into the hammock during sudden stops. It was good for her. The product seems to be studying. There were no tears after the 10 hours round trip. My dog doesn't like the car so maybe she's not the best to tear it. The mess of her saliva and hair was contained and that's all I wanted. The sides of the seat have flaps that cover the whole seat. Winning all around! We use this all the time, and it is still holding up just fine.

👤It isn't non-skid. The balls fell off and made a mess of my car. It can often shift around. It protects the seats from dog fur, but there might be a bigger mess with the non skid balls on the seat and floor.

👤Each of the hammocks I have purchased has fallen apart within a few months. I try new brands. The quality difference is huge, I only had this one for a couple of weeks. I love the thick material and the rubber grips that stop it sliding when my dogs jump into it. The front seats have a zip between them. My dog likes to move between the front and back seats. I am very happy with my hammock. Cheap but not great. Also shipped quickly.

👤I am very pleased with the ease of use of my car seat protectors. I wanted to write a review about my purchase. I have 2 large dogs that I take to the park daily and a car seat cover is essential or my car would be filthy. The cover provided excellent coverage of my back seat. The protectors are secured with the 4 straps + 2 anchors. There are a number of neat features, including a storage pocket for my leashes and a non-slip underside to prevent bunching of the cover, which is always a problem I have had in the past. The quality of the car seat protectors is better than the more expensive ones.

👤The first one I received had a problem. Customer service is great. They send me a new one very quickly. This is a great cover for the seat. The dog is comfortable with both sides protected, I like the anchor on the rear bench seat. There is non slip backing to the seat. Seat side protectors are nice. If it was waterproof, it would have been at least five stars. My dog was covered in snow. The seat cover did not hold any liquid after he melted. All of it fell to the seat. There was a big puddle when I removed the coved. The seat belt was buckled and the fabric was leaking because it was higher than the seat.

4. Meginc Headrest Protection Zippered Special

Meginc Headrest Protection Zippered Special

The bottom is non-slip and easy to clean. The design is waterproof. The dog seat cover can be wiped with a wet towel. You can take your pet out for travel without worry about the bad experience caused by mud, scratches and hair. The installation method for model 3 dog seat cover is embedded in the window. The dog's view of the window, safety and more advanced will not be interfered with. The design of the pet seat cover solved the problems of model 3 without armrest. Their dog car seat cover has a retractable buckle which is accurate in size and beautiful, it is an all-inclusive headrest design. The dog seat covers for cars scratch-resistant PVC mesh is dog-head pattern, which provides better air circulation for your dog. Four layers of protection are provided by the Oxford cloth material. The glue dropping design on the bottom will not fade. You can easily take your pet out for travel without worry about the bad experience caused by mud, scratches and hair. There was no smell in the high temperature environment. The pet seat cover can be wiped with a wet towel. There is no longer a problem with stains. Within 30 seconds, this pet mat can be removed. Each function is made to be used more easily. The pet seat cover can be wiped with a wet towel. There is no longer a problem with stains. Within 30 seconds, this pet mat can be removed. Each function is made to be used more easily.

Brand: Meginc

👤I am happy with it. It is better than I anticipated. It fit my car very well. Excellent quality as well. Good purchase.

👤In the process of destruction, dogs can scratch your windows. Not satisfied with design or quality. Keep looking!

👤It's easy to put in place, it's perfect for the back seat of the Model 3. Our dog is very comfortable.

5. Waterproof Hammock Scratchproof Nonslip Protector

Waterproof Hammock Scratchproof Nonslip Protector

If there is a quality issue with WEEKSUN Cargo Liner, they will give you a 1-month refund and 6-month replacement service for free. They will reply within 12 hours if you have any questions. Buy one dog seat cover and you will get 5 different styles which is the most bang for your buck. Within 1 minute, it can be converted into 5 different styles. The universal size of the back seat dog cover for the car is 53"W x 59"L. You can install a dog cover for a car in 4 steps. Attach the 2 Durable Seat Retainers of back seat dog cover to your car and install the pet seat belt. If you need to hammocks for dogs, use hooks to lift the side wings. You can easily remove the dog seat protectors from the car when you don't need them. First, safety! There are five levels of protection for the dog car seat cover. 2 dog safety belts are free to ensure your furry friend is safe, they provide dog seat protectors with double hooks, 2 seat anchors, 4 headrests and non-slip backing. Anowlo is a dog car seat that protects your pets. The car hammock for dogs is made of waterproof and anti-scratch material and is easy to clean. Pets don't need to make a mess in the car. You can use a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner to clean the dog car seat cover. Anowlo backseat pet cover will make you happy. The patented mesh window of Anowlo back seat dog cover for car helps to provide better air circulation and also allows pets to see you through the window, which helps to reduce pet's anxiety and make sure you can check the situation of your lovely. Eco-friendly material is good for your pet. Anowlo car seat cover for dogs is by your side. The patented mesh window of Anowlo back seat dog cover for car helps to provide better air circulation and also allows pets to see you through the window, which helps to reduce pet's anxiety and make sure you can check the situation of your lovely. Eco-friendly material is good for your pet. Anowlo car seat cover for dogs is by your side.

Brand: Anowlo

👤Installation is easy and straight forward. The straps on my backseat headrests are not up. They are pulled snug, but one slipped off already. The back seat could be slightly longer. The seat belt buckles can be worked through the slots. That helps to keep it in place, along with two handle things that I wedged into the back of the seat. The passenger side has a small gap between it and the other side that runs the length of the cover. I guess you can either use the front passenger's seat or the fold down trunk in the back seat. I keep the long zipper to help keep the dog from getting to the floorboards. The jaws and paws should not be getting to it. The partition that hangs from the backside of the front seats isn't tall enough to prevent my dog from standing over it and standing on the center console, which goes from front legs only to whole dog getting up front. My dog is only 26 lbs., so it's not like I have a Great Danes that is just stepping over the divider. The side flap things are the only part of their fit I haven't gotten right. Each end has a strap with 2 clips that attach to a couple d rings, and arches up and over the "oh s#!t handles". They aren't quite to where they meet the door, which makes it awkward and floppy for the puppy to get in and out of the back seat, unless you want to unclip and reclip every time. Yes, it will protect the seat from spills and claw scratches. There is room for improvement with the other functions.

👤I was impressed with what you got for the price. It only took 1 min to clip in the cover. It kept my backseat clean. Would definitely recommend!

👤I only had it for a few days but we love it! Good quality! The dog was approved!

👤The hammock is easy to install, water and dirt proof. My dog hates laying down on it because it's a lil crinkly sound. I don't like that there isn't a barrier to keep her from jumping into the front seat. I ordered this because she is in heat and it protects my seat from her discharge.

6. Honest Luxury Quilted Backseat Trucks

Honest Luxury Quilted Backseat Trucks

Their dog seat cover can protect your car seat from scratches, hair, smell and dirt as well as keep your pet safe. There is a free pet seat belt and a pocket in the front. Pets can sit in the back seat. The quality material is waterproof, and the size 57" W x 60" L can protect your backseat very well. The seat cover can slide around if there is slip backing and seat anchors. It's easy to clean when your pet gets dirty, just wipe the seat cover with a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner and it will be brand new again.

Brand: Honest Outfitters

👤I bought this for a puppy, and I found out that it is not waterproof. I'm trying to get puppy pee out of my car. I don't like to write bad reviews, but I am annoyed by this. I pulled over when I saw my puppy pee, and within a few seconds, the pee went through to my car seat. It didn't slow it down. I've waterproofed it, but it hasn't been "pee-tested" since. It's serving it's purpose, and surviving relentless puppy teeth. I was offered a refund for this item. They didn't say they've corrected the problem. I was offered $30 more to remove the review, but I didn't accept and have only adjusted it for a month of puppy use since my original 1-star rating.

👤I went through a lot of different seat covers before I tried this one. I have a large dog. He ripped through the seat covers that I bought for him. This one worked well for my needs, and protected my seats nicely. I recommend this cover to anyone with a large dog.

👤It works perfectly in our adventure. Hopefully it will keep my paws off the armrests. It seems very durable and well constructed. The rubber on the bottom and the tubes that fit into the crevasse of the seats make them more stable.

👤Have you ever seen an insurance commercial with a guy pretending to be a puppy? Our life is that. We are taking our baby to Canada. 16 hours in a row. 3 days later. She tends to get sick in the car, but she sheds a lot anyways. While towels and sheets work for around town, I wanted something better and more durable for this major drive, and since I have only had my jeep since January, I wanted something a little better and more durable. I can't speak for water resistance and how easy it is to clean, as I just installed it. It seems like it will work, and if needed, will revise my opinion. It's great in my jeep. I think it will fit in my husband's truck, for the times when we take his truck. holly is old enough to cross the border but we make the journey frequently. It was easy to install and seems to be durable. The zip up sides will hopefully keep the nails from sticking to the leather trim. The pocket is great for water bottles, poop bags, and leashes.

👤I had high hopes for this product. It seemed like it had some extra protection that I wasn't getting in the one I bought from Petsmart. Things started off well. Here are the issues. It's a little harder to install than competitors. The buckles snap together one way. Things can be difficult in a small car. 2. They flip in the wind. This thing will be all over the place if you like your car windows down and your dog in back. I don't understand why the don't weight down the bottoms or at least make them a little more rigid. This is the same issue with every brand I have ever used, so it is a small issue. 3. This is a big problem. I bought 2 of these things and they both have rubber on the bottom. The rubber in my backseat was filled with little rubber pieces that I had to vacuum up. I didn't buy these things long ago. I don't know why there is rubber on there. The flap in the wind is held in place by the weight of the dog. It makes no sense. I like a clean car, but these things have turned into my worst nightmare very quickly. I wouldn't recommend them. I will attach pictures to the review so people can see what I am talking about. You can save money and find another brand.

7. Active Pets Waterproof Durable Protection

Active Pets Waterproof Durable Protection

The baby car seat cover is the best gift for baby. Mom can take baby to any place without worry. This is the best gift for a new mom. It's convenient and safe to replace cheap dog seat covers for cars that can't protect your pet's paws and claws. This covering keeps your car clean and provides top-tier padding for the rest of your life. They made these car seat covers for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Their car seat protectors are sure to fit in any car. It is easy to clean. Do you read the shed? Their dog car seat cover for back seat use is made with 600D Oxford waterproof cotton and is easy to clean. First, safety! These car seat covers for dogs are covered with 4 heavy-duty headrest anchors and 2 seat anchors, so your pet doesn't slip and slide around, even on the bumpsiest rides. Have you had any questions or concerns about your pet car seat cover? The customer satisfaction team is happy to help. Have you had any questions or concerns about your pet car seat cover? The customer satisfaction team is happy to help.

Brand: Active Pets

👤I ordered this and it was so happy to me. I hate sitting people in my car because they always get dog hair on them, and my dog sheds so much. This has fixed that. There is no dog hair on the back seat. It has sides that zip up by the doors so it blocks everything in. The pocket is great to keep the leash and other small items. Highly recommended.

👤My dog loves to go on drives with me and my backseat was suffering from her being back there so often. I found this item and decided to take a chance. The backseat of my car is no longer covered in hair, dirty paw marks, or scratches, because it was easy to install right out of the box. The pink stripes give it a feminine touch. The waterproof function works well. The straps hold the cover up great on all sides, it doesn't collapse or fall down, and the sides by the door help to prevent my dog from slipping into the door pockets! The mesh window allows my dog to enjoy the air conditioning when I have the windows up. I can see my dog, but she can't see me or feel trapped, but she doesn't slip off the seat and onto the floor anymore. Thank you for making a useful product for my dog.

👤We just got a new SUV and it has leather seats. We got the seat cover with the mesh insert because we didn't want them torn up. It was very easy to install, and our pup can still see us through the mesh screen, even if he moves into the front seat area. I feel better knowing he won't get stuck between the seats while we are driving because the storage pocket is great for taking chew toys with us. We can take his portable water container and not worry about it getting stuck in the seats. Our pupper loves that he can interact with us from the back of the car, instead of having to ride back in the cargo area. When I took him on car rides in our old chevy, it was a mess with all the seat damage and dog hair, I wish I had known about these seat covers. This product is very strong and well made. Even for a couple of really old people, it's easy to install and keep your dog safe.

👤I live in Hawaii and I take my dogs to the beach every day. The golden retriever is wet. I was going to test the waterproofness on these. After I installed the covers, I filled a shot glass with water and threw it over them. I slid my hand under the water to see if it was wet. I didn't. I thought my old cover was made of neoprene because it had a similar look. The seat belt holes have a little bit of velcro on them. It's nice to be able to close those up when you don't need belts, because the old model I used had a lot of water and sand in it.

8. IVY LANE Waterproof Scratchproof Anti Slip

IVY LANE Waterproof Scratchproof Anti Slip

It's easy to clean. You can install the car seat protectors for dogs in a few seconds. It can convert from a hammock to a seat cover in less than a minute. The dog car seat cover can be put into a washing machine, instead of the car bench. You can take the cover off in a second. Give it a quick shake and wash it with a damp cloth. Multi-channel waterproof! The dog seat cover uses double-layer waterproof Oxford cloth with a unique heat-pressing process, no seams or pinholes, ensuring that your car seat stays dry and clean. 1 Min! You can install or remove the seat cover on your own. No space is taken up, no time is wasted, and you can take a trip with your pet. Pets can be soothed by the invisible mist wind. The back seat cover is designed with a visual mesh window which allows the dog to feel your company all the way. It is convenient to keep an eye on the pet while also keeping the air in the car fresh. All-round protection! Pulling up the side flaps of the door will form a protection that will keep it away from your active pet and keep the dirt out of your house. The design of this dogs backseat protection is suitable for most of the models. All-round protection is offered by 1Hammock style, 2Bench style allows to share seats, and 3Trunk style gives large space. The design of this dogs backseat protection is suitable for most of the models. All-round protection is offered by 1Hammock style, 2Bench style allows to share seats, and 3Trunk style gives large space.

Brand: Ivy&lane

👤This is what we wanted. We've been using blankets for a long time and they don't stay put. We have two dogs that are about 65 lbs. Each A new car with leather interior was just bought. I didn't want my seats to be dirty. It took less than two minutes to put it in place. The dogs can't go down on the floor. Good quality. It stays in place because of the rubber on the underside. There are straps over the headrests. We have a vehicle that fits well in the back seat, but it's big enough to fit in a bigger vehicle. We didn't find it necessary to use the straps to anchor it. If we want them in the future, they're nice to have. A quality product at an affordable price.

👤The material is great and the cover is cool, I have three dogs and this helps keep them out of the front seat, it fits my car perfectly and is walk quality. I am excited for the long rides with my dogs.

👤I bought these to keep my seats clean. Thanks for cutting holes for the car seats. There are holes for the seatbelts. I like the fit. I cut my own holes and will keep it.

👤This works well. Our dog loves to chew on the cushions, so the flaps that overhang protect them. If needed, the flaps of the rily flap can be opened to expose the rear seat beltbuckles. It takes 2 minutes to put in a car.

👤It was not as sturdy as I had hoped for. I am not sure if it will hold up for large dogs.

👤It was easy to put in and it looks better than our last one. It is easy to vacuum. We haven't had any spills yet, but don't expect any issues when we do Definitely recommend this cover.

👤The seatbelts did not line up with my car. It's a nice cover. I had to go back.

👤Excellent quality and working well to keep pups in the back seats.

9. Toozey Protector Waterproof Scratchproof Backseat

Toozey Protector Waterproof Scratchproof Backseat

There is a built-in soft rubber backing and 2 seatbelts. The dog stays in place with multiple safety features. Toozey Dog car seat cover protects your rear seat and door. It has a padded Oxford surface to keep dirt, hair, and liquids out of your leather seats. The problem of not being able to pull the zip up is solved by the side flap design. All around, protect your rear seat. There is aESH WINDOW and 2 large pocket knives. The mesh window on the hammock lets your dog get better air circulation in the summer and winter, and it also helps them reduce anxiety as they can see both you and the situation ahead through the window. It has two large pockets to hold your dog's travel essentials, like a leash or some treats. Non-sLIP and optimal safety are not included. The dog car seat cover has a non-slip backing and two seat anchors. The dog's seat belt can be fastened with two hook and loop openings to prevent it from being injured in a car crash. The dog seat belt is included in the package. Installation only takes a minute. Most cars, SUVs, station wagons and vans have a universal car seat cover. The extended width dog hammock is for full size trucks and SUVs. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner. The laundry bag is needed. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner. The laundry bag is needed.

Brand: Toozey

👤This is neat and clean. I recommend this product, I have used it many times. It works well with my dogs. They are 70 lbs each. It is easy to clean hair with a wet wipe. I sleep in the backseat of my truck and use this hammock as a car camping hammock. I don't like the idea of filling air cushions to make a sleeping area. They can't use the foot area and lose air easily. The under hammock area is useful. I bring two dogs and one sleep under a hammock. I recommend using two of them. When you need to change the seat cover, you just remove the top seat cover and keep the hammock. You don't need to worry about the seat cover against paws or claws. This trick saved my car several times.

👤It takes less than 5 minutes to set it up, and my dog found it comfortable, waterproof. I think this seat cover works best for a couple or single dog owner that has a dog that is less than 50 pounds, because I think instructions could've been helpful. While it will work for my dog, she has already shown that she can get away from the front seat barrier. The product still works better than my previous bench seat cover, so I'm happy with it.

👤I should buy this sooner. I own a smaller SUV and have two golden retrievers. The seat cover was easy to fit my car. There is a mesh window in the back of the car. Since it is winter, I am happy to take my dogs for a ride since they don't have to worry about the seats getting wet. I highly recommend purchasing this product.

👤The seat cover was thought out. There is a screen in the center that allows for AC vent flow and human watching. The cover can be used for any protection you need. It is the best car seat cover we have had so far. We usually put a non slip quilt down to make it more cozy for our pups, but I would have liked a bit more seat cushion. Would recommend!

👤My boyfriend is a car nerd and a total neat freak. When we got a dog, his biggest fear was that there would be nothing but hair and mud in our cars. He swears that the car seat cover is the best thing we have done. It was easy to install and uninstall, and can be used in the washing machine when it gets dirty. I agree with him, the best purchase we've ever made was this one.

👤I love the closing side panels and they protect my back seats from dog hairs. The quality of the products is pretty good and I hung it outside of the car. I don't know what the last piece of rope was for.

👤The Toozey seat cover is amazing. You can set it up in 3 different ways. I think you will love a Toozey for your dogs, because Richard loves his new one.

10. AMOCHIEN Dog Backseat Extender Heavy Duty

AMOCHIEN Dog Backseat Extender Heavy Duty

The dimensions of the car seat storage kick mat are 18.25′′ wide and 25.25′′ long. Can cover your car. It is suitable for most of the car seats, vehicles, Jeeps, trucks, vans and SUVs. The seat car organizers fit all the car's interior colors. There is a gap between the front and rear seat. The platform bridge has a rigid base that maximizes backseat space, as well as a sturdy and secure footing for pets. It can hold up to 150 pounds and can be used in the backseat areas. Soft extended platform is built with a hardwood interior, wrapped with foam padding and made with heavy-duty cloth to support the largest breed of dogs without collapsing. There are four headrest straps and two seat anchors that should be used to make sure your seat cover is secured, as well as small openings for seat belts that can be used to tether your pet onto the bridge. The pet backseat extender has a barrier to keep the dog out of the car. It's easy to install. Extra passengers or storage can be accommodated by folding the extender. It can be installed and removed in a few minutes. Amochien backseat extender for dogs are protected by a no-hassle 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty. Amochien backseat extender for dogs are protected by a no-hassle 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty.

Brand: Amochien

👤I bought the "Amochien Backseat Bridge for Dogs" from Amazon. It arrived on time and in good condition. The product was wrapped in a giant zip seal plastic bag. 2x seatbelts for dogs were included. It felt like a quality product. The platform width was perfect for the 2nd and 3rd row seats of my Honda Odyssey van. The straps on the head rest weren't aligned with the van's headrests. Since my van is wider than a car, the straps were adjusted to extend just far enough to keep it from falling apart. The seat covers were the correct height to cover just below the headrest and all the way to the fold of the seats. The flexibility to fold is something I like. This is important when seats can be folded in different ways. STURDY WEIGHT: I was concerned about how it would hold up. I put it in as soon as I opened the box to test it with my dog. I had my dog lay down on the ground. It seems to hold up well. I didn't see any signs that it would cave in at the bridge. It gave my dog more space. He didn't know what to do with the new space when I took him for a test drive. The large dog had a place to lay down and walk around in. He is now able to hang his head out of the window without the need to use my van doors. The dog can still reach the driver side console if he chooses to. I didn't buy this because he is obedient. I still recommend getting a divider to keep the boundaries clear for everyone in the van, as I believe it can easily move from 2nd to 3rd row use. Dog hair/mess: All gsd owners know that this dog breed is notorious for its large paws and hair. My dog has dirty paws from the park, beach, rain, mud, etc. The hair on his head remained off the floors even though the windows were open for our test drive. There is a picture of seats without a dog. This was taken after our first test drive. The hairs are from a short test drive. There is no hair on the floor.

👤I need something strong enough to bridge the gap for our dog, since I have a 2021 explorer with captains seats. I searched and found what we needed. I put a pillow under it, just in case, because it is sturdy enough that it doesn't dip between the captains chairs, and it fits perfectly to connect to the front seats. It created a platform for the second row of seats. It is slippery. I put another dog on top of it to solve the problem. It was easy to install and you can fold one portion of it and clip it to the other seat if you need to access one of the seats for a passenger. It seems simple enough, but we haven't tried it yet. The only downside is that it is not open in the front for the dog to play, but she will adapt. I would recommend it.

11. Giomoc Waterproof Protector Scratchproof Protection

Giomoc Waterproof Protector Scratchproof Protection

The dog car seat cover is suitable for most backseats of standard cars, trucks and SUVs. This is also suitable for cargo. The side flaps on your seats protect your car door from being damaged. The pet car seat cover is made of 600D Oxford cloth, PP cotton and anti-slip net. It gets rid of liquid and scratches by using waterproof and heavy-duty fabrics. It's convenient for you and your pet. TheConvertible Hammock-Style Design is a design. The hammock seat cover is perfect for on-the-move pups. It protects dogs from entering the front seat, but it also has side flaps that are attached to the safety handles above the car doors, which will protect you and your dog from injury when you brake and turn. Side-door nail scratches will be a thing of the past. The car seat cover can be easily installed or removed, and won't slip out. You can use a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner to clean the stains. From the back seat. Extra 4 storage pockets. The extra storage pockets in this dog car seat covers make it easy to keep your car clean. Extra 4 storage pockets. The extra storage pockets in this dog car seat covers make it easy to keep your car clean.

Brand: Giomoc

👤I was very excited for this cover as it seems to be high quality and a great material. I have 3 large dogs and needed something that was durable. We had to throw away the seam after a month because it ripped along the bottom. Very disappointed.

👤I bought this seat cover for my dogs. It looked functional, but it didn't provide anything for us. My dogs were sliding on the fabric in the backseat. Had to come back.

👤I bought this because a friend of mine was going on a trip with my chihuahua and she asked if I would get something like this to protect her backseat and floor from dog hair. I was amazed at how well it was made, how easy it was to put in and take out, and my dog was still comfortable back there. I took it out when we got home. I was looking for dog hairs. I picked a few. I was very happy. The loops that go over the headrests are easy to fit and have snap hooks that make it very easy to install. It was easy to store. I am very happy with my purchase and recommend this product.

👤It's a good idea to keep all X3 husky in the back. It protects my car from my dogs coming up front. This fits my Nissan SUV, which is still a compact SUV. If you have a slightly bigger SUV, it would be perfect.

👤We are taking our 2 dogs on a trip. The seats and back area of the Jeep Gladiator were well covered. When we stopped with 2 dogs, it was easy to get the side open. Highly recommended!

👤On the way home after I adopted my dog, she had an accident in the car. The dog seat cover kept the mess from getting on my seats. I love how it keeps her hair out of her face. The product is very durable. 5 stars!

👤The back seat of my crew cab is covered with straps. It works, but it is difficult to get to it. It limits how much you can move the front seats. The dogs like it and keep me in the back. It is easy to clean up after my dog, who pukes almost every drive.

👤I got a new truck. We love to go to the park with my six dogs. The dogs still want to go despite the muddy park. My new car seats were saved by this hammock. There are pockets for poop bags and balls. My favorite thing about it is that it zips up to be a box so my dogs are safe in the seat and not scratching my door panel. I threw a blanket in and my dogs are riding in style.


What is the best product for car seat covers for dogs back seat?

Car seat covers for dogs back seat products from Durapower. In this article about car seat covers for dogs back seat you can see why people choose the product. Meadowlark and Gorilla Grip are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat covers for dogs back seat.

What are the best brands for car seat covers for dogs back seat?

Durapower, Meadowlark and Gorilla Grip are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat covers for dogs back seat. Find the detail in this article. Meginc, Anowlo and Honest Outfitters are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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