Best Car Seat Cleaner Fabric

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1. Bissell Multi Purpose Portable Upholstery Professional

Bissell Multi Purpose Portable Upholstery Professional

Buy Bissell, save pets, and Bissell will donate up to 10 dollars to the Bissell pet foundation for every pet product purchase. Powerful spray and powerful suction are used to tackle tough spots and stains. Take on small and large clean ups with this carpet cleaner. The purchase of abissELL helps save pets. The mission of the BISSELL Pet Foundation is to help save homeless pets. The power of OXY can remove tough stains. A fresh scent is in the formula.

Brand: Bissell

👤Does a good job. I read a lot of ignorant reviews. 1. Between uses, empty. 2. It gets things as clean as soap and water. A friend has had one for a long time. It was used to refresh a sofa. It was great.

👤The machine has good suction. When the head starts to get stuck, use a dish soap. Put the Dawn on one side and hold it at an angle so the water in your sink doesn't get hot. After 3 or 4 minutes, flush the side of the nosel that has the machine on it, then repeat the steps on the other side. After doing this, the suction was brand new. If you are cleaning up an animal accident, emptying the dirty tank won't get rid of the smell. There is a black gasket at the bottom of the tank. Remove this and be prepared to be disgusted. There is always a build up of sludge after a few pee clean ups. The holes in the gasket are gone when you rinse it. Make sure to replace the gasket in the correct position, there is a small cut on the gasket itself to guide you. We tried other dish soap and they didn't work at all. Don't burn yourself when cleaning the head. Hopes this helps.

👤I am very impressed with this little thing. I bought it because my rescue dog has had accidents and I have an area rug in my living room. The white parts were getting gross and it was gray. Most of the stains came up in one pass. I spray the grosser ones before I take the pass, and they come up pretty easily. The clean water/ solution tank and the dirty water tank have openings on opposite sides. The tank is clean. The tank is dirty. The first time I spilled water, I expected symmetry. The fill tank can only hold so much. If the water level goes above the handle intentions, it will cause an overflow valve and it will spill everywhere. You will need to order more solution. The bottle will get you far. The instructions on the back say to use two capfuls. I don't know what cap that's referencing is, you're not going to get anything clean with that. The market line is on the tank. The instructions are terrible. I figured it out on my own, despite the diagrams being not helpful. It is not difficult when you just look at it.

👤This has made my list of top Amazon purchases. I have two Australian shepherds and they make extra money sitting through Rover. The couch takes a lot of damage from the pups. I had been scrubbing the spots individually as they happened with a spot treatment, but I was left with discolored and stained cushions. I didn't think the scrubbing was getting the couch clean. The cushions have been vomited on, puked on, and stepped on with muddy paws. This is a before and after cleaning with my new Bissel LittleGreen. I am amazed! I think this purchase will be worth the price for the use I will get out of it as a dog sitter. I was going to use it as a spot cleaner, but after watching the dirty water come off of the cushion, I'm rethinking that. I might just clean the whole couch. I still use this machine regularly. I have found that using detergents leaves the couch cushions stiff, but that can be fixed by using only water and no detergent. Good as new!

2. Meguiars M5716SP Marine Cleaner Protectant

Meguiars M5716SP Marine Cleaner Protectant

Goof Off can be applied directly to the stain and penetrate for at least one minute. Use an absorbent cloth or wash the fabric as directed. Premium ingredients. A blend of premium ingredients to clean, shine and protect. Natural sheen is a clean, rich natural sheen instead of a greasy or artificial plastic look. There is surface protection. UV protection reduces damage caused by the sun while conditioners help prevent drying. Formula geared toward the severe conditions of marine and RV environments. It's easy to spray on and wipe off with the spraytrigger. It's easy to spray on and wipe off with the spraytrigger.

Brand: Meguiar's

👤I love using this stuff. I am always running out. I enjoy using this product and the extra piece of mind of having a clean boat. I use it to help my vinyl seats from 1994 from drying out and cracking. So far, so good. If you want to protect your vinyl, spray it on and let it soak for a few minutes before wiping it off. You want to keep it out of the threads and let it soak into the vinyl. Let me know if you found this review helpful.

👤The product worked as advertised. Some vintage boat cushions were restored by it. They seem to have a layer of protective film over them now that they are more supple. If you don't want them to be slippery, buff out the cushion with a clean rag and it seems to eliminate the issue. I have a 30 year old Boston Whaler cooler cushion that I applied several coats to and it has made a tremendous difference and will prevent me from spending over a hundred to replace the cushion with a modern, inferior cushion. Check out my pictures. I have a before and after of the bottom of the cooler cushion. It was a huge improvement. If my review was useful, please use the helpful button. Thanks for shopping.

👤I think it's a great deal, but is it the best product for boat vinyl? No. It does not clean very well, but I believe it provides adequate protection from the sun. The product does not leave a shine or look like it. The original upholstery of the 1999 SeaRay is showing its age. I use vinyl protection on it almost weekly. Since the FL sun will take a toll on your boat vinyl, I believe any frequently used protectant helps the vinyl last longer. My upholstery is porous and can absorb dirt. When not in use, we keep our boat covered. The cleaner is not much of a cleaner. This is an example of how 2 n 1 products are not as good as two products meant for each job. For the price, it is adequate and if your vinyl is newer, it will provide a good non greasy protection. Meguiars can be used in between uses with a better product. I would not pay more than $12 for this because it is great to have this on hand, but I would not want to pay more than that for it. The smell is not overpowering and the Trigger works well so far. You don't know that it's non greasy after it's rubbed in.

👤I own a pontoon boat. It has been taken care of, but with cream colored seats it gets dirty very quickly. After a fishing trip. I washed them with detergent, a scrub brush, and hand towels. It looked okay. The water was dirty when I got done. I received a bottle of this today. My vinyl seats have never looked better. The amount of dirt taken off was amazing. The seats were soft and shiny. I used the entire bottle and went through 3 cotton towels because of the amount of dirt that came off of the seats. They are almost new. I washed my hands after the job was done and they were not a problem. I want to have this on hand after every boat trip so I ordered another bottle. Great product!

3. Star Brite Mildew Stain Remover

Star Brite Mildew Stain Remover

Mrs. Meyer's produces cleaners that are free from harmful chemicals. Their products are not tested on animals. Quickly removes stains caused by mold and mildew on contact without heavy scrubbing; spray, wait until the stain disappears, then rinse. Sulfate REMOVER + CLEANER contains bleach to remove mold stains and cleaning agents to lift ground-in dirt. BUFFERED-BLEACH TECHNOLOGY is better suited for marine/outdoor upholstery and outdoor acrylic fabrics. More effective than unbuffered "bleach-water" based products. It works on; awning, fiberglass, wood, concrete, drywall, siding, tile & grout, gutter, roofs, vinyl upholstery, most outdoor acrylic fabrics, and more. A concentrated formula for boats, homes, RVs, and commercial use. The Star brite products are made in the USA.

Brand: Star Brite

👤Really? I am going to review a bottle of cleaner. Yes. A total lifesaver. I had an undiagnosed cover failure over a very rainy winter in northern CA, and when I uncovered my new boat a few weeks ago, I was greeted by a complete and utter disaster area. Mildew everywhere. Huge colonies. Every color. The perfect upholstery is on everything. I was very sad. The attached photo shows what I found that day. It was terrible. I know you can't use bleach on boat upholstery, but I tried a lot of cleaning products. I was able to grab a bottle of the CLRMold and Mildew product at Lowes because I saw many people online who claimed it was a silver bullet. I did. I spent 8 hours scrubbing and it was basically the same as when I started. More research. West Marine has this stuff on their site. It was cheaper and faster to order it from Amazon. I went to work after I arrived. It's HOLY. The bottle claims to eliminate mildew on contact. Bottles are usually not telling the truth to a person, even if they are promising the solution to your problems are at the bottom or 5 hour energy. Not this one. Photos are definitely true. I rubbed it with a soft horsehair brush and then wiped it clean with clear water and paper towels. Gone. All of it. Instantly. This is toxic. Gloves are used. It can be used outdoors. Be careful. I was going to take it to bed with me tonight, but that was the only thing stopping me.

👤I got a bottle of Star Brite in the mail last night and went out this morning to try it out. I was amazed at how well it worked. We cleaned our furniture in about an hour. What a difference! I am in love with this bottle. If I misted the service lightly with water and then applied the Star Brite it helped spread it around. Just spread it out evenly, wait a couple minutes and then wash it off. In Florida this year, we had rain almost every day for weeks and then the sun came out and baked it. The black mold was getting worse. I didn't follow instructions because I was too anxious to see the results. I'm pretty sure that waiting would improve the result if the surfaces were covered for a long time. This worked well for us. You can see the difference in just one minute by checking out the video. I never leave a video review, but I felt this was exceptional. Hope it works for you!

👤I was with her. Here's what happened. We sprayed this stuff on the stains and the dark spots became black. When we turned to treat another area, the black spots became a light brown color. It was so amazing that we stopped and stared at it. I would have liked to have taken a before picture. The picture you see is a miracle. My wife didn't like camping because she woke up to a view of a stained canvas tent above us. The stuff works. Here are some observations. This mixture seems to have a lot of bleach in it. The camper smells like a bathroom. A spray down of fresh water from a spray bottle wouldn't suffice because of the bleach makeup of the product. I didn't want the canvas to rot as bleach can do that. We learned how to remove the canvas from the camper in a 4 minute video, but it was difficult to get it on the line. We only did this with the big end of the camper as there is a chance of rain here. I will get to see what happens to the side that was only sprayed. It looks like a brand new camper. We sprayed the fabric and it came back white. It's hard to look at. We bought the spray because we heard that it might compromise the old waterproofing. We're going to do that as well. You're wrong if you think this won't work on your stains. You shouldn't be concerned about any extra work. It's worth the extra work if you have as much as we did. It took no time at all, just know that you can do all this by spraying it down and giving it a quick rinse. We decided to go the extra mile because it was a fun project to do with my wife and we wanted to take no chances. Good luck! It was damaged twice last night. Boys were sleeping in a camper. I asked my son if he was getting wet and he said no, it was so loud. I went in this morning and it was dry, even though we have a high humidity. I think I'll return the water proofer. Never put it on. I didn't think we needed it as the canvas is in great shape and no place for water to get in.

4. Tub Towels Heavy Duty Multi Surface Cleaning

Tub Towels Heavy Duty Multi Surface Cleaning

Heavy duty wet cleaning wipes are used. The largest wet paper towel wipe is the strongest. There is no water required. Grease, tar, ink, paint, permanent marker, wax, scuffs, lip stick, nail polish, food and drinks, pet stains and more are not removed by this product. The moist towels are gentle on the skin. It contains vitamins E and lanolin. Tub O' Towels can be used as automotive and car cleaning wipes, for the office, boating, and RV's, and around the home. These tough cleaning wipes can be used on fabrics, carpets, vinyl, metal, counter tops, Walls, and more.

Brand: Tub O' Towels

👤A thick cleaning wipe. A large cloth. The scent is strong. The wipes don't sanitize against COVID-19, according to the Rep for the company.

👤These towels are nice. They are large and do a good job of cleaning up spills. There is a Why only one star? The packaging is garish. The towels are jammed into the cylinder so tightly that they can't be fed at a time. You have to struggle to remove the tightly sealed lid and then try to replace it again. The central core of towels had to be taken out in order to free up the rest. That's wasteful, to say the least. The jaws through which the towels are meant to be thread are very strong and sharp. They don't have any flexibility to them. They seem to have lost their stated purpose, rather than facilitating the feeding action. Amazon customers have been complaining about packaging problems for years with no response from the manufacturer. There is a If they don't care enough to make necessary changes, I don't care enough to reorder the product.

👤The towels are great for a lot of things. They work well for household cleaning because they are large and sturdy. The real benefit for me is having a wipe that works for things like the grill, the oven, the dashboard of my car, muddy shoes, chairs and umbrellas that go to soccer games and practices, and lawn furniture. I wipe something down, rinse the towel, and then wipe again. The wipes are heavy enough to hold up through 3-4 rinses. The smell is not strong and doesn't linger on my hands. The 90-count canister lasts about 3 months and the last towel is never dried out when I get to it, because I use these almost daily. The lid closes securely and the towels are easy to open. I don't worry about leaking because the canister is heavier than most, and it's easy to put one in the trunk or cargo area. When the towels are gone, the canister is recyclable.

👤The professional detailer recommended them. I've used name-brand wipes before, but nothing like this one. My Jeep TJ Wrangler was stained with personal dirt that didn't come off with commercial or home brew cleaners. The cleaning challenge was never put down by the other wipes. I had given up. There is no hope. I was amazed that they took the dirt off of the plastic like it was nothing when I tried them out. It went away when it surrendered to the wipes. I had both doors and the console arm rest top cleaned up in less than 10 minutes. The passenger grab rail and air bag cover are different from the wipes in that they are more rubberized. The steering wheel and dash plastic were back to where I like them after a few minutes.

👤These wipes clean the surface of your car, but they leave a greasy stain on the glass and finish. I went to the car wash to clear the mess. These wipes are not gentle on your hands. My palm's skin was damaged by using several of them. I don't think the wipes are safe.

5. Siamons International 025 326 Concrobium

Siamons International 025 326 Concrobium

No slippery feel or appearance. It is possible to eliminate mold, musty odors and regrowth. The formula leaves an invisible barrier as mold dries. The solution cleans between 80-110 sq. ft. bottle The mold spray is safe for use on a wide range of surfaces. Simply spray onto the effected area and let it dry. Concrobium mold control can eliminate existing mold, prevent mold re-growth and eliminate musty odors. It's ideal for homes, buildings, boats and cars.

Brand: Concrobium

👤I've learned to trust the ingredient label more than the marketing when it comes to supplements. The front of the bottle stated "Sodium Carbonate: 0.95%, Other ingredients 99.05%", which was odd to me. The 99.05% accounting leaves very little active ingredient. It's worse because it's just 'Washing Soda', a cheap household chemical. The "mold crushing" ingredient wasn't where I thought it was. I checked the material safety data sheet for more information, but it only said "Sodium Carbonate: 1%, Trisodium Phosphate (TSP): 1-5% (by weight)". Many people already have cheap household chemicals. There are two detergents used for laundry and a general purpose household detergent. If that's all the product is made of, it isn't special at all. You could make hundreds of gallons of the same liquid with a box of each. I poured ConcrobiumMold Control liquid out of the bottle and it was crystal clear and odorless, so it doesn't seem like it's saturated with mold. I decided to make my own using a 16oz empty spray bottle, 500 grams of distilled water, 5 grams of baking soda, and 20 grams of TSP. The resulting liquid looks the same. I used the tool at hand to check the specific gravity of each liquid. Both the 'Concrobium Mold Control' and the 'Do it yourself' mix had the same gravity, but barely above distilled water. You're buying water with this product. I think I will never buy this product again, and I will use my own heavy duty chemicals if the issue arises, or mix my own for light cleaning.

👤Please try it again, and follow the directions explicitly. The chemical depends on the action of the crystallization to break apart the mold. It needs to be saturated and dry to have this effect. Don't dry the surface, but just wipe it lightly. This stuff doesn't poison the mold, but it cracks it apart, like ice expands when it freezes. This stuff is used properly. I live on my boat in Georgia and it controls mold beautifully in the heat and humidity. Concrobium has one weakness, its lack of viscosity. Can you make it more clingy?

👤Don't order this. Other reviewers had said that it was inadequately packaged and leaked on other products. Really? Does the company read the reviews? Attach the lid to the bag and ship it. The aerosol version of this product was in the box. The aerosol is amazing. The product does a great job. The spray bottle gets wet. It's difficult to spray. The woman mentioned that the spray was hard for her due to arthritis in the video review. I don't have that problem. I ignored that detail. I think I have a joint issue after pumping that spray bottle so many times. After a few minutes, it becomes uncomfortable. Don't waste your time and money on this spray; order the same company's aerosol can. And you will be happy.

👤The weather here tends to be very humid and I was having humidity problems in my apartment. I was very frustrated. The mold grew back after it was cleaned up, it was crazy. We decided to invest in a dehumidifier and something that was not toxic to kill the mold, but they took 3 days to fill, so it was not worth it. My husband and I decided to invest in a large dehumidifier and a mold control mold cleaner because we wanted to eliminate the problems of mold in the house and make it easier to breathe. If you want to kill the mold, you should use the "mold control" cleaner first, it's not toxic, it has a strong odor, and it really kills the mold, then you should invest in a large dehumidifier. It's recommended to anyone with humidity problems.

6. BISSELLĀ® SpotClean Portable Antibacterial 3194

BISSELL%C2%AE SpotClean Portable Antibacterial 3194

Purchases save pets. The mission of the BISSELL Pet Foundation is to help save homeless pets. Spot and Stain Cleaner is their most powerful. Works on carpets, stairs, upholstery, and more. Stubborn pet stains and embedded dirt can be removed. Combines professional cleaning formula and superior scrubbing action for the best cleaning results. Professional style results. Powerful portable deep cleaner removes dirt and stains. Tools and a formula are included. There is a deep stain tool, a tough stain tool, and two trial-size Formulas.

Brand: Bissell

👤This little machine punches. I used to clean my car. I left the sun roof open during a rain storm and flooded the interior of the car, which was already gross. The car was filthy. The mix of rotten milk, mold, cat urine, and mystery odors was horrendous. The machine is new and the inside is new as well. I finally have a nice smelling car after buying it.

👤I got this to clean my microfiber couch, but now I want to clean everything. The couch is at least 10 years old, with a family of 5 dogs and cats. There were spots from spills and general accumulated dirt. The couch is a few shades lighter after I ran the steam cleaner over it twice. It worked well at getting stains out. The deep scrubbing tool is a little awkward to use, the cleaner shoots out the sides and gets everywhere. I used the small tool to spray the entire couch, then used the deep cleaner tool to scrub and vacuum.

👤I tried it for the first time on a large rug. The rug I got about 5 years ago is dull and stained with kids and dogs. I rented a machine but it didn't do anything. I paid $400 for a well known carpet cleaning company to ship it to Dallas, where they claimed to have submerged it, but it came back smelling the same. I worked on sections at a time, and I can tell you that this cleaner gets it done. I emptied the dirty container several times. I was amazed at how much dog hair came out. The Max Pro cleaner was the best. I am going to fix my old couches.

👤I didn't take a better picture of my couch. It had gotten worse than the picture I have here. I had previously tried to clean the couch with baking soda and a steamer, but it made the stains worse. I have had this couch for over two years and it hasn't been deep cleaned in over two years. I was surprised by how well this worked. The machine is easy to use. I couldn't see the stains and dirt from 2 years ago. The couch was back to its original color. I am obsessed. I used it to clean my mattress which had been stained with pet stains. Before and after pictures. Looks like brands are new again. I can't recommend this machine enough.

👤I bought this product because of the review that said it could suck a fart out of carpet. My dog has had medical problems that cause a leaking butt. It has removed all the stains thus far. The cleaner left some spots on the rug, but I got the rug with the house. The rug and carpet are still soft. Definitely recommend! I have a Bissell crosswave, but it doesn't do anything. It's all around the worst. Carefully choose your Bissell products.

👤I knew I needed one of these after using my father's older ProHeat to remove some blue ink stains from our white living room carpet. The model does a great job of pulling nasty stuff out of carpet and upholstery, even though it doesn't have a water heating system. I use it to clean pet urine, but I have also used it to remove red juice from our white rug. The solution Bissell sells for this thing is too expensive, that's the only complaint I have. You don't have to use it. I recommend buying a gallon of the concentrate from the hardware store. The clean tank needs to be filled to the water line. You will be set if you mix it around a bit. The solution is twice as good if you use the gallon of OdoBan, which is less than half the price of the Bissell stuff. Enjoy!

7. Scotchgard Fabric Carpet Cleaner 16 5 Ounce

Scotchgard Fabric Carpet Cleaner 16 5 Ounce

The product is 2.25"L X 3.0"W X 11.25"H. Strong carpet protection repels spills. It's ideal for high-traffic areas. A 17 ounce can covers an area of about 5 ft. It is possible to apply to new carpets, wet or dry. It doesn't change the look or feel of your carpet. Every time your carpet is steam cleaned, apply Scotchgard rug and carpet protection. Every time your carpet is steam cleaned, apply Scotchgard rug and carpet protection.

Brand: Scotchgard

👤We have 3 kids who like to live on our recliner. 5 years of tough love resulted in our before picture. I'll be using this product again after my first experience. Don't let it sit for too long or it will over saturate, stick with the recommended amount of 3 min. If you want to minimize further cleaning rings, try a hairdryer on the edges of your cleaning area. If it doesn't work in the first pass, give the fabric time to breathe. It works well! This stuff gets everywhere the first few times it is sprayed, so keep your face away from it.

👤The best purchase is from AMAZON. It was easy and painless. It took less than 10 minutes to scrub the chair after I sprayed it and ran to the bathroom. It is amazing!

👤I used a wing chair from my neighbors. It was stored in their garage, which was dingy and had spots. The fabric was in good shape and had good bones. I thought I would slip cover it and clean it. I paid six dollars for a can and went over the chair a few times after vacuuming it. It had been kept for a long time. When I finished, I still had a lot left. This is foam, so I just sprayed in a zig zag across the areas, then lightly spread the foam, and scrubbed it with a white cloth. I would do it the day before if you're expecting a group of people. There were no water-type marks on it. I can't say how it would look on white or ivory furniture because the chair I used is a kind of light reddish beige. Did it work? Oh yeah, I'm happy! It is amazing. It looks clean. There are some wear marks on the chair, which a spray won't help, but it looks great! I wouldn't bother to cover it if it was the same color as the rest of the furniture. It's a good idea to do this in a well-ventilated area. I opened a bunch of windows and stood back because it wasn't possible to do this outside. Waited for about five minutes, wiped it down and left the room. I put my dog in the bedroom because he wouldn't be able to breathe. While you're using it and it's drying, read the directions. You should take care. I wish I had put on gloves. I washed my hands after working on each area of the chair, because the small bits I got on my hand didn't really burn. You don't want to leave it on for more than five minutes before wiping it down, because this really cleans. If it is left on for a few minutes, it might be darker. I am not covering it up while I wait for a slip cover to make it match the rest of my furniture. It looks good.

👤Wow... I used the upholstery cleaner to clean these chairs. I didn't think they would come out as beautiful as they did. The product is great. Highly recommended.

8. Folex Carpet Spot Remover 32

Folex Carpet Spot Remover 32

Removes grease, oil, ink, red wine, coffee, blood, rust, food, cosmetics, dirt, and grime. Water-based, non-flammable and odor free. All of the above are free of VOC, solvent, and petroleum. If used as directed, it is safe to use around children and pets.

Brand: Folex

👤I remember being completely dumbfounded by my pencil. Where did the marks go? I looked under my paper. What is it made of? Does it need to be pink? The carpet cleaner caused a lot of confusion when "spray, rub, gone" actually worked. I didn't try to figure out how the carpet stain disappeared because I lost some of my childhood curiosity. Who cares? It's gone! I wanted to try it out in the next room. There is a smudge of food, footprints and dog vomit. Gone. It worked on the mystery stain left behind by the previous owners that professional carpet cleaning couldn't remove. How does it work? I don't care. What are the ingredients? Dust and incantation. Where did the stains go? Away.

👤I had a carpet stain from an air purifier that wouldn't budge from my usual store bought product. I thought I would give it a try. I tested it in a spot that was not public. I sprayed it on my stain. It lifted the stain and also lifted the color of my carpet. I am left with an area that looks worse than when I started. The no return policy for this item is something that I don't understand. The company states on the back of the bottle that it comes with a 100% money back guarantee. The company said that they do not sell their product on Amazon. I don't qualify for the 100% money back guarantee.

👤The product is good. Removes stains with no problem. One star is for the way we received it and the way we reported it. The package was completely soaked. The bottle was sealed with plastic wrap and the top was not screwed on completely. We got an empty bottle of Folex. Doesn't do us much. Will not purchase again.

👤I want to give one recommendation. I was drawn to this carpet stain removal product after skimming an article about amazing cleaning products. It sounded great for the cost. I tried it on the old pee stain and it was not good. It was so easy to use. Rub in with your fingers or a scrub brush and wipe it up with a dry cloth. The stain is gone. I told my husband that I will do that once a week, even if the stain comes back. AIN came back. The stain came back a few weeks later after I repeated the process with more scrubbing and saturation. I smelled the rag to see if it smelled like dog pee. I've tried 10 ways to get the stain up, but it's only been 4 months since I've used it. I am in love, so I wanted to share. The stain needs more spraying, scrubbing, and wiping if it comes back. That's all.

👤I have to write a review. The previous owner and his adult son were lazy when it came to cleaning up spills when we bought the house. I immediately had the carpet professionally cleaned and I watched him use stain removing products which did not work, because the carpet was stained from dumped drinks. I ordered this spot removal because of the high reviews. I used it on the carpet stain. I put on a latex glove and worked it down into the carpet because the carpet is a short, tight plush pile so it didn't seem like it was getting down in there. I covered the towel with it and then stepped on it after 5 minutes. I left the towel in place. I lifted the towel and it was gone. Completely gone. The dining room set was also left and all of the chairs were stained, one being particularly bad with spilled coffee or cola into the seat and just left there. I have no doubt that this stain has been there for a long time and I had absolutely no hope that it would come out, but I decided to give it a try after what it had done to the carpet stain. I did the same thing, sprayed the seat heavily and allowed it to soak in for about 15 minutes before covering it with a towel and leaving it. I forgot about it and left the towel on. I lifted the towel the next morning. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was gone as well. I had to post pictures of it because it was so amazing. I can't recommend this product enough.

9. Microban Disinfectant Sanitizing Spray Citrus

Microban Disinfectant Sanitizing Spray Citrus

Microban has been proven to kill viruses in accordance with the EPA Emerging Viral Pathogen policy. This multi-purpose cleaner can be used for a variety of purposes. It provides a multi-layer protective shield that keeps killingbacteria for a full 24 hours even when the surface is touched multiple times. It takes less than 60 seconds to kill 99 percent of the germs on hard non-porous, non-food contact surfaces. There are three different forms of a bathroom cleaner.

Brand: Microban

👤There was no lid received. There was no scent at all. This product is not eligible for return. Later bought from Walmart. Don't buy from this vendor.

👤It is not like clorox or lysol spray, it is only for mold, and the ingredients are 4 different agents. It has a great smell and I use it to kill floating odor in rooms.

👤Information should not be accessible to children. There are dangers to humans and domestic animals. Don't touch the skin or clothing. After handling, drinking, chewing gum, using tobacco, or using the toilet, wash thoroughly with soap and water. Before reuse, remove and wash contaminated clothing. If on the skin, take off contaminated clothing. For 15-20 minutes, rinse the skin with plenty of water. Call a poison control center for advice. When calling the poison control center or going for treatment, have the product container or label with you. The National Pesticides Information Center has general information on product use. The poison control center can 888-269-5556. Killings in 5 minutes. Staphylococcus aureus, Enterobacter aerogenes, Listeria monocytogenes, and Herpes Simplex virus type 1 are some of the organisms. Active ingredients are Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride, Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride, Octyl Decyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride, and Dioctyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride. Follow the directions and precautions on the product label. Not recommended for use on wood that is not finished. In an area that is not public, test for other surfaces. Non-food contact surfaces can be hard to clean. Hold the container and spray it until it is thoroughly wet. Let stand for 60 seconds. Use a cloth to wipe. Let the organisms stand for 5 minutes. Use a cloth to wipe. Hold the container from the surface and spray it until it is thoroughly wet. Let the non-food contact surfaces stand for 10 seconds. Use a damp cloth to wipe clean. Pre- clean dirty surfaces. Allow 5 minutes for hardizing non-food contact surfaces. Allow the air to dry. Pre- clean dirty surfaces. 99% of Enterobacter aerogenes and Staphylococcus aureus are killed in 24 hours. Stand for 60 seconds. Let the air dry. Pre- clean dirty surfaces. To change. As needed, spray on the surfaces. To clean. Allow the spray to penetrate. Use a cloth to wipe clean. Apply to fabric surface until wet. Allow the air to dry. It is recommended to repeat every 28 days. Pre- clean dirty surfaces. Thoroughly wet surface on hard surfaces. Allow the air to dry. It is recommended to repeat every 7 days. Pre- clean dirty surfaces.

👤They were broken with no manufacturers lid. Very disappointed.

👤I was able to pre-order it and get it right before it arrived and I was surprised at how big it was, I had never seen it before.

👤The Microban stopped working. 2 of the 4 that I bought have stuff that I can't use. A waste of money.

👤I received a blue can instead of the orange one I ordered. One of the cans arrived with damage. Product runs down the side of the can but does not spray when you push on the spray nozzle. I paid almost 40 dollars for one can of Microban spray. I also found this item in local stores. The person is furious.

10. Scotchgard 13 5 Fabric Shield Water

Scotchgard 13 5 Fabric Shield Water

A simple one step application that dries odorless. Strong fabric protects against spills that are water based. It's ideal for household items like curtains, table linens, luggage and more. It's perfect for use on clothing like shirts, dresses, silk ties, suits, outerwear, canvas shoes and more. It is clear and odorless. It is clear and odorless.

Brand: Scotchgard

👤Walmart is cheaper. The product was used for 4 bar stools. That took the whole can. I thought I'd check the price for a second coat, and it's almost 2X more expensive here. The product is great, but the price is not.

👤I bought 2 of them. It didn't seem like it was water resistant after 2 coats, but I went through the entire can. The water was soaked through the fabric after being poured on furniture. Did 2nd. There is a coat and nothing else. Negative results. It should be dried for a long time. Nothing. Very disappointed and dissatisfied. I uploaded pictures. It's not omnipotent. ODOR is very strong.

👤My teenager picked out her new shoes and wore them. We have had almost 4 inches of rain in a short period of time. The mud is red and we live in OK. I let the coats dry overnight. The picture was taken after four days of catching the bus and stepping in water. I would recommend this for shoes.

👤The results were poor when I spot tested it on a new La-Z-Boy recliner. Even though I only applied a light coat of the product, it left a greasy film on the fabric. The smell was terrible and the dark gray fabric was darkened by it. I would not allow this on anything you plan to do, be around, or care about the color of the fabric.

👤The can says it is safe for common household items like jackets, pillows, furniture, and laundered, and the listing says it is odorless. When I started spraying furniture to protect it from pets, the chemical smell wasn't obvious until 30 seconds later. I had to open doors and windows and turn on the air conditioning when I moved my HEPA filter to the area. I read the back of the can that saidvapor harmful, may irritate nose and throat and cause dizziness, headaches or nausea,misuse may be harmful or fatal. Exposure may affect the heart. When dried on treated fabrics, these warnings do not apply. It's only safe when it's dry, but not when you apply it inside your home, where breathing beings like spray paint or turpentine are present.

👤If your test spot stays white, don't wear white shoes. When I sprayed them all over the shoes, they turned yellow and since they are now water resistant, there is nothing I can do to get them white again. If possible, spray this like outside. I didn't know that the fumes were strong or that they would smell bad. The smell was in my room for a couple of days.

👤The husband was sprayed twice. There are two light layers. He should have worn a mask. The results are amazing. Buying more for shoes. My husband wiped the water bead off after I watched it go off.

👤I don't know what to say about this product. I haven't spilled a lot of stuff on the sofa since I used it, but it did get some ranch dressing on it and it did not come off completely. It is not completely stain resistant. I gave the cushions two coats. You should be aware that this product has fumes. I would suggest that you use it before you leave the house because you won't have to stay in the room with the fumes.

11. Armor All 17497C Cleaning Wipes

Armor All 17497C Cleaning Wipes

trust titan They're here for you. They don't sleep until you're satisfied with their reviews, but the majority of them are positive. A disposable wipe is an effective way to clean. Lint-free will not leave greasy mess on hands. Dust and dirt can be easily removed. It's great for the whole car. It won't fade or dry out. Universal Fit is the type of fit. The components include: Appearance Chemicals;Exterior Cleaners & Polishes;Polish & Wax Products. The components include: Appearance Chemicals;Exterior Cleaners & Polishes;Polish & Wax Products.

Brand: Armor All

👤The cleaning wipes are generously saturated with cleaning and polishing chemicals, and demonstrate staying power in most applications. It's not a dollar store bargain, but I'm mostly satisfied that it's worth the money. I won't be using this product again. When the formula dried, it left visible smudges on my car's instrument panel. I tried it on a piece of furniture that looked nice and glossy, but soon realized that the wipe had traces of the furniture's finish on it. I leave it to others to use it. The star rating has been reduced from 4 to 2 in this amended review.

👤I used these to clean the dash of my car. I was left with a strange substance.

👤It works well to pick up dust and clean dirty smudges from car upholstery, door frames, steering wheel, etc. It's a low odor product and I like it. The leather was streak free but it did leave streaks on the control panel and faux wood. I cleaned those areas again, but the streaks were still there.

👤The wipes are a good way to clean the car. It works for the car dash, console, leather car seats, but it leaves streaks behind if not washed with microfiber cloths, but it is not sticky. The wipes aren't very powerful and won't remove the toughest dirt easily. I only use them for light clean-up and take the car for a more thorough professional cleaning. I didn't notice any damage or fading. The wipes are small and thin, but moist. I use one for the steering wheel, one for the front seats, and one for the back seats. The cap doesn't seal perfectly and I need to take care of it, but the wipes didn't dry out.

👤I like using these to clean my car. If you don't use them all, they will dry out and you will have to use them all in one go. I only vacuum my car a few times a year, and I buy a new one every time, because the previous one is already dry. I keep it in a cupboard. It gives my black plastic a nice shine. I buy the lowest quantity at a time. I might put Saran wrap over the top to keep it from drying out.

👤I didn't know where the spots on the dash came from or what made them. I didn't have any luck with the usual cleaning products, but with these I rubbed them with a couple of cloths and the areas came clean. It took a couple tries but it was better than taking the coloring off the spot I was trying to clean. They worked well on other dirty spots.

👤The product is the best for the price. It is perfect for regular leather cleaning. It will not make your leather shiny. It is as shiny as it comes. I have been using this for many years and my cars look brand new when they are old. There was no noticeable scent. The towels will stay wet even after a year in the trunk. Awesome product, you will not regret it!


What is the best product for car seat cleaner fabric?

Car seat cleaner fabric products from Bissell. In this article about car seat cleaner fabric you can see why people choose the product. Meguiar's and Star Brite are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat cleaner fabric.

What are the best brands for car seat cleaner fabric?

Bissell, Meguiar's and Star Brite are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat cleaner fabric. Find the detail in this article. Tub O' Towels, Concrobium and Scotchgard are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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