Best Car Seat Cleaner Drill Attachment

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1. Car Cleaning Detailing Interiors Upholstery

Car Cleaning Detailing Interiors Upholstery

A streamlined design is used to match different cars. The square shape of the mini car vacuum makes it easy to pack it in your car. Their customer support team is always ready to help if you have a question about this portable hand-held car vacuum cleaner. A drill powered detailing brush kit is needed for fast and efficient cleaning of Cars, Motorcycles, RVs, Personal Watercraft, Boats, and more. You can spend more time riding on the road or in the water if you get your ride clean in less time. The included scrub brush will keep your truck's cover clean. Three of their most popular spin brushes are included in the drill powered scrubber kit. It is a good idea to clean the outside and interior of cars, trucks, boats, jet skis, jeeps and off-road vehicles. The scrubbing action of The Drillbrush is superior to the interior stains and spills. Soft bristles are used for wheel and rim cleaning on cars and motorcycles. Clean and detail your home. Better results can be achieved with less time spent cleaning leather, fabric, upholstery, and kick panels. Do you need to go into hard-to-reach areas? The kit includes a small round brush for hard to reach spots, like between mag wheel spokes or narrow areas of carpeting. All Drillbrush Products have a 90 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with their product, they will give you a full refund or replace it for you. The drill is not included.

Brand: Drill Brush Power Scrubber By Useful Products

👤This is a good set to have in the tool bin. I was able to attach each of the brushes to the drills, and they seem to be well made. The bristles are stiff, so I worry about scratching some surfaces, but on a dirty grill they did the trick. I have used the brushes on food and concrete to brush off what I was trying to remove.

👤I wanted to scrub the rubber track marks off my driveway. The drill brushes are perfect for getting the job done quickly. I can use the cleaning jobs that I think will be available. I think they will last a long time.

👤It cleaned the upholstery. The red clay of North Carolina is no longer used. The wheels and tires look good. My grandson cleaned them with a drill brush. I didn't have a drill. I used a power screw driver that looked like a drill. It worked out fine.

👤The brushes did what they were promised. This product is a great purchase because it is a low price.

👤Not that good at cleaning the dirt.

👤It's a win-win because of the cleaning product.

👤De superficies delicadas, lo recomiendo. The material and the calidad are una buena marca.

👤This thing works well. It works great to get all of the dirt off the grill by spraying soda and water. I use it on my rim as well.

👤The brushes are amazing and I used them on a car detail. When your drill is working, they save you a lot of time. It gets rocks out of cheap car carpets when it's dry and deep cleans them when it's carpet cleaner. I wish I could have gotten the softer white brush but the medium blue one works on seats and carpets without damaging them.

👤Arrivata in 24. Grazie! Sono della grandezza, morbidezza giusta per pulire. I pliscono bene tappeti e ogni tessuto.

👤I used this on a few indoor carpet stains and bought it to give my car a deep clean. Couldn't be happier with the outcome.

👤The brushes are not the best plastic construction and are very pricey.

👤Come da descrizione, bene!

2. Attachment Scrubber Kitchen Bathroom Surfaces

Attachment Scrubber Kitchen Bathroom Surfaces

If you are not completely satisfied with their product, they will give you a full refund or replace it for you. The drill is not included. The purpose of theRILL BRUSH SET. More and more users are using the Herrfilk cleaning brush to change the way they clean. The nylon scrub brush kit is perfect for kitchen, bathroom, car, seat cushion, rust, fiberglass, rugs, fireplace. The best drill cleaning accessory set contains 2 sets of different purpose drill power scrubber brushes, as well as 2 scouring pads, a scrub sponge, and a 5 inch extendable long attachment. The different size brush heads allow you to easily scrub those hard to reach or large surfaces. The nylon bristle of the scrubber brush can help you better clean, without any worries about scratches. The power scrubber brush set is manufactured using the highest quality PP-element. The power scrubber drill brushes are safe to use, it has a steel shaft that slides into your drill, it will not fall off. 2 piece different pads and 1 piece scrub sponge are perfect for kitchen cleaning, it takes less time and labor. The drill brush attachment set will help you save time and labor. All drill cleaning brush products have a 30 day money back guarantee.

Brand: Herrfilk

👤There have been no complaints after a scrub of the shower. You spray the showers with cleaners, wipe them down and rinse them down. The shower and the lower corners of the bathroom are hard for a 60 year old to use because of the soap scum. We can use the shower now if we put the sprays on the drill. It was much cheaper than a maid and they didn't fall apart the first time they were used.

👤I was unsure about buying these, but I am so happy I did. I used the bigger scrub attachment to clean my kitchen walls. I have no stove fan so they get greasy. It is a despicable task and takes a long time. I got the chore done in about an hour. I had no issues with the product. I was able to get to the bathroom. The corners that get crammed up with dust were no match for the big round attachment. I thought the floor was damaged with age, but the flat attachment made it look new. Here are a few tips. Don't use water or cleaner on the attachment. It will hit the ground, including the face. I used a cloth and a cleaner to apply a thin coat of water to the wall. The wall should be wiped clean with a bunch of rags. I didn't have any damage to anything and using these was enjoyable. I am an older lady and it did walk away a few times with the spinning. I pulse when I got into the tricky spots where I knew there was a chance for this. And solve the problem. It is not necessary to apply a lot of pressure to let it do its job. A cool product. I used the extension to get between the counter and frig. The products are very sturdy and the results are better than expected. It was worth every dime.

👤My grandma has a disease that makes her spit on the floor. She spills water on the floor and spits food on the floor so the house is always stained. I searched on Amazon for a power scrubber set that my mom wanted and bought them. The set comes with a lot of attachment as well as an extension for harder to reach areas. I posted a before and after picture of food stains and the area was cleaned by the power scrubber. When I showed my mom how to use it, she was very happy. Will make her life easier.

👤Make sure you order a different set if you want only very hard brushes. This set is perfect for a variety of brush hardness. The set made it easier to clean the shower. I can't make an accurate recommendation on the entire product because I haven't used all the different attachments yet. I can't tell you how long the product will last because I haven't had it long. The product did what I expected and the quality seems good. I would love to give 4.5 stars.

3. Holikme Attachments Scrubber Attachment Bathroom

Holikme Attachments Scrubber Attachment Bathroom

Cleaning stairs is easy with a 6 Stair tool. Also comes with a bottle of Pro Max clean with protect formula and a tough stain tool. The power rating is 5.7 Amps. The drill cleaning attachment set includes 8 piece of drill power scrubber brushes, 12 piece of stiffiness Scouring pads, 3 piece scrub sponge with 4 inch backer and 1 piece extended reach attachment. : clean your bathtub, grout, upholstery, bathroom surface, floor, tile, shower 12 piece different sponge and sponge pads are perfect for kitchen cleaning. Frying Pan Pots and Pans. The green pads are thicker than the red and grey ones. Get tired of the boring household cleaning? The power scrubbing drill brush cleaning brushes and Scouring pads that are attached to the impact driver can be used as a powerful cleaning tool. It's a good idea to get stubborn cleaning jobs done faster and get a deeper clean with it. The drill is not included. Every drill brush attachment cleaning product is of good quality and works well.

Brand: Holikme

👤It feels weird to use a power drill to clean the toilet, but man, this thing is awesome. The extension and the toilet brush work well. This thing works great because we have hard water that tends to stain the bowl. There is a warning I used it for the first time today and got drenched with toilet water, be advised to use it on a slow speed. Good times.

👤When my sons saw me scrubbing the baked-on grease on the inside glass for over an hour with little progress, they decided to use the oven. They realized that they enjoyed cleaning the oven after digging out the attachment. See the pics. We need a drill. My original plan was to use the drill attachment to clean the bathroom. My sons are coming up with different areas to clean up with the attachment, so we can buy replacement pads when we need them. One of my best online purchases so far. I never knew about them until I saw them on Amazon.

👤I was asked to write a review. I can't say they're not brushes. They brush well, spin well, and seem to do what a brush is supposed to do - and there are 20 of them. I am not disappointed. I was not sure if they exceeded my expectations. I guess. The drill extension was an add-on that I had been planning on getting for other tasks. The price was good, but less than I could have made them for myself, which is always a good standard to live by in a consumer society. If you need spinning brushes, these would be a good purchase.

👤We have a bathtub from the 50's. Hard water stains are almost impossible to remove because it is etched. I clean houses for a living so I know how to clean tough stains. This tub was resistant to all my knowledge of rust stain removers. When we received this package, I attached a pad to our drill and we were able to get our tub looking great. My husband wanted to do some of it. The power tools appeal? The pictures show before and after.

👤We had been avoiding doing it for a while since our tub needed cleaning, so we bought this set on a whim. I was surprised by the quality of the attachments, I spent 3x as much on a set of 10 pads for an orbital polisher for my car. The hook and loop system is very easy to use. I needed a firm brush for the tub and it went so fast that I used one of the softer scrub pads. I was a bit worried about damaging the paint, but I tested the area first. It was just a high speed rotating sponge. My wife came in about 10 minutes in and she couldn't believe the whole tub and sink were done and shining. The only question for me was how quickly my impact driver's battery would die, since I've never charged it after opening it. The battery has always been strong and I have only needed to drive screws a few times. I said that the battery started blinking red. I think this set is versatile and I'm really happy with it. The quality is good and it saved my back and knees. It was easy to spend $20ish bucks and would do it again in a heartbeat.

4. HIWARE Drill Brush Attachment Cleaning

HIWARE Drill Brush Attachment Cleaning

The simple steel shaft quick connect molded to each brush is compatible with any brand drill. Attach to a drill. The Power Scrubber drill brush kit includes 7 different scrubber brushes, 10 different scrubbing pads, 4 different scrub sponges, 2 different wool pads, and 2 different purpose extended attachment. The nylon brushes have been designed to clean bathroom surfaces, marble, upholstery, car detailing, wheels, tile, shower, toilet, sinks, swimming pool and carpet. The pads are great for cleaning pots and pans. The wool pads and sponges are used for all kinds of coat paints' waxing, polishing and seal glaze. Link the brush to the drill and it will turn your ordinary drill into a powerful cleaning tool in seconds, save time, and spend your time where you want. It's a good partner for home cleaning. You can get into tight spaces and hard to reach areas with the 2 extended reach attachment. Pull out the quick change shafts and install a new brush when you're ready to change out your drill cleaning brush attachment. They assure you that the drill brush attachment set will meet all your scrubbing needs. It is possible to cater to your every cleaning need. If you're not happy with your purchase, they'll arrange a return for a replacement set or your money back.

Brand: Hiware

👤3 minutes after it was used for brushing. I don't have high expectations for the rest.

👤The product arrived on time. It's not a big box or fancy packaging for me. One of the heads had a broken tip and the cleaning pads were not usable because of that. It seems to be a great product and will be used around the house.

👤I was very excited to get the drill brushes and accessories. The box looked nice and decent. I used the black round brush to clean my grill top, but the connection between the plastic backing of the brush and the hex bit melted immediately. The brush is no longer useful and the bit is inside the plastic. The attached photo is attached. Very disappointed. Poor quality. Do not recommend until they improve.

👤The extension rod is missing. The whole kit was the one piece I needed the most. The other piece that looks like an extension rod with black beads is bendable and can be twisted around. Absolutely useless. I don't understand why you would need something like that. I am having a hard time getting the extension rod because of the options, but they should just send me a small piece. I used the toilet brush to look for the car tires and thought the extension rod was in the bag, but it wasn't there.

👤This set is clean. Each job has a size, shape, and harshness that's right for it. The number on the bristle and the abrasiveness of the pads could be improved, instead of just the colors of the bristles, and it would be easier to remember. I don't know if there's a fix for the sight wobble that I can't get my drill set into. I don't know how to use a drill, but a way to get them perfectly lined up would be most helpful. I've used them on a variety of surfaces and have had no break or wear through yet. If you're working on a delicate surface, it's better to start with a softer bristle and go up if you need to. You wouldn't want to use the same bristle on fabric if you could clean concrete with the black bristle.

👤I needed a set of drill brushes at an affordable price, so I bought these. The low reviews are full of praise for the brushes. They are strong and effective. I've cleaned my entire bathroom, my stove top, and several spots on the carpet, and none of the brushes have failed yet. It's better than scrubbing by hand. We will be polishing our stone countertop in the coming months and will be using buffing wheels. A great price for a great value.

👤Kit has everything you need. It's funny. It can be used anywhere. This is a kit for experts that know what pieces can be used. The kit comes with no instructions or warnings. Don't use an impact, it breaks the metal attachment from the base. Only 3 pieces are used for carpet, seats and plastic panels. Thanks.

5. Drillbrush Cleaning Attachment Scrubbing Furniture

Drillbrush Cleaning Attachment Scrubbing Furniture

Is the battery always dead when you need a car vac? The 12v aux outlet is used for power. The 16-foot cord gives you enough slack to clean the backseats or trunk. White Soft Original Drillbrush Power Scrubber can be used to reach into interior corners and wheel spokes. The flat brush is perfect for carpets, floor mats, and door panels. The scrub brush has better mobility to get around the grill and wheel recesses. All brushes have quick change shafts. It works with drills and drivers. Money back Guarantee if not completely satisfied with Drillbrush Products.

Brand: Drill Brush Power Scrubber By Useful Products

👤I bought this product after reading positive reviews and wanted to share my thoughts to help the next person make a purchase. Strike 1- a drill is heavy to hold so it is not easy to use. Strike. The shower wall is not clean after holding the product in one spot. Strike. I only used this product for 15 minutes before I gave up and the top was already smashed down so I didn't need to use it again. I cleaned the shower stall after getting my scrub brush out. I wasted my time and money reading this review.

👤I ordered the brush set because I was tired of scrubbing the shower by hand and getting poor results. They work well. I've attached 3 pictures - one grimy "before", one part way through cleaning, and one "after" I wouldn't have gotten these results if I scrubbed by hand. I usually scrub for a while and then give up, but not today! I'm happy with the results. I used bleach to clean. There are three brushes in this set, one flat brush that is 4 inches across, one flat brush that is 2 inches across, and a rounded brush. The rounded brush was helpful in cleaning the smooth corners in the shower insert. Silly public service announcement: The drill will cause your cleaner to fall. Not gobs and gobs, but a fine spray. If you jump in the tub with black leggins on and use a cleaner with bleach in it, you will end up with little bleach spots on them. It's not a problem with the brushes themselves, but a warning for other users who are excited to try them.

👤I like these and am happy they have different bristleheads. They are easy to use and cheaper than other options. The cleaning solution is splattered. To use as a splatter guard, cut off the top of a liter. It works.

👤Not what I was expecting. Videos demonstrating product use are easier to use. It is difficult to use compared to conventional tools and brushes. The brushes are attached to a drill which is supposed to be stationary for drilling holes. You don't usually use a drill while moving it. The brush system requires you to make unnatural movements with a drill. I don't think drills are designed to be used like that. The drill power button puts stress on your wrist. I would rather scrub with a regular brush than use the brushes. I couldn't find a way to use the system without putting stress on my wrist hand.

👤I am in love with this. Finding people to clean apartment properties has been difficult for me, so I have to clean the filthy apartments that my tenants lived in when they moved out. I don't like cleaning the ovens and stove tops. This drill attachment set helped me greatly. I had to use a knife on some of them, but it cut down on my elbow grease time. The dirty oven is after me attacking it with a green scrubbie for quite some time, I sprayed a heavy duty commercial grade oven gel cleaner on it two weeks ago and still was struggling to get it clean. I got the text that my package was delivered and I ran to get it and finish the job. I don't have a picture of the oven, but it was one of the worst I've seen. I think my arms would have fallen off if it wasn't for this drill attachment. It doesn't have any extension, that's the only con. I had my drill in that oven, but it was worth it.

6. Drill Brush Set Attachment Kit

Drill Brush Set Attachment Kit

The drill brush can do the work for you. These brushes are easy to use and they are proven to save time. Attach them to your drill and you won't have to clean them. The Cleanzoid Drill Cleaning Brush/Scrubbing Set has different sizes and shapes of brushes so you can get the best tool for your needs. You can tackle any cleaning application with this variety pack. The cleaning brush set includes two scrub brushes and a drill bit brush. The power scrubber cleaning kit has a quarter inch quick change shaft. This allows the brushes to fit in all drills and be changed quickly and easily. The drill brush power scrubber can be reached into the interior corners. The round flat brush 4 inch is good to clean broad/open surface areas while the 2 inch diameter brush is good to reach tight, narrow and hard to reach spaces. The nylon bristles can be used on a variety of surfaces. You can clean your gas grill, stove, smoker, oven, or charcoal grate with this no-wire kit.

Brand: Cleanzoid

👤I like this drill set. I use the round one to deep clean carpets and seats to get the fibers restored as a car detailer. I use the smaller circle to get the floor mats cleaned. I am very happy with my purchase. I will be buying from them again.

👤My ion drill was turned into a cleaning machine by these brushes. I used these to clean my kitchen, sink, and the grease that builds up under the cats water. I used to scrub these things by hand, and I searched the internet and the earth for cleaning products that would make it easier. I was on the wrong track. The brushes knocked the product loose all the same, so I didn't need anything else. They are easy to use, anyone who knows how to switch out a bit can do it, and they come in a variety of sizes and shapes that are suitable for different surfaces. I will have to charge my drill more frequently because this product will be used frequently in this house.

👤I have used the 4 inch brush twice to clean horse sheets. It worked well. I used it to remove dog hair from the carpet. The shaft broke or detached, so it spins without propelling the brush. It is no longer useful. Cleanzoid contacted me about my review and gave me a choice of a replacement set or a refund. I took the new one because I was curious. I have used the large brush a number of times and it has held up well. It was past the 30 day return window on Amazon. The review was raised to 4 stars.

👤I was a little worried after reading reviews of other products like this where the metal piece came out of the plastic brush backer, but so far these have worked well for me. I did a tub and a shower enclosure with some tough soap scum and mold, and it worked well, with less muscle work than hand scrubbing. Cleaned the tile. It saves time as well. It can be a bit messy. The drill should be wiped off periodically. You can use whatever cleaner you want.

👤The brushes were used to clean a shower, bathtub, and tile. The larger brush held up very well. The bristles were stiff enough to tackle some of the dirt that was resistant to other traditional cleaning methods. I would say that using the highest setting on a portable commercial drill, which is more aggressive a setting than is likely required, and more than most will use with these brushes, only 2 bristles came out, is quite excellent. The brushes are advertised to be effective on grout. The brushes are too wide to be able to clean the grout if it's under the tile surface. I believe the brushes are designed for an average cleaning job, have great build quality, and are reliable. I think they are more aggressive for the typical cleaning job than most people will need, but are excellent to have tucked away in case the need arises, which will be an asset to any user.

7. Scrubber Cleaning Extended Attachment Revolver

Scrubber Cleaning Extended Attachment Revolver

The car wheel cleaner brush kit is an easy to use multi-functional cleaning tool. 3 shape of brushes will clean your bathtub, tile, floor, shower, toilet and carpet, nylon bristles will not scratch the surfaces. The extended reach attachment helps brush to clean the tight spaces or hard to reach areas. The extended reach attachment has a slip joint and magnet, it can lock the brushes tightly and make precise control. Most of the drills have the extended reach attachment. The drill is not included.

Brand: Holikme

👤Being wheelchair bound can be hard to reach. It comes time to clean. The drill brush kit is awesome. I have 2 feet of total reach when the 6 inch extension is used in conjunction with the 18 inch driver extension. The corners of the shower were reached with the help of the Titan Tools 16018 18 inch Quick Release Extension Bitholder. Highly recommended.

👤I had a neglected porcelain tub and tile soapscum/water-stain situation that would have generated some pretty impressive before/after pictures, but I didn't take any. I think drill brushes can give hope to those who are not going to make it. It still required a lot of hands-and- knees work, but the drill supplied the elbow grease and immediately got some results, where my few minutes of manual scrubbing wasn't making a difference. At all. It's much cheaper in the long run to use this instead of buying one of the bathroom cleaner known to man. There are no products in the bathroom cleaner aisle that remove anything. I didn't try to find a way to use a hands-free bathtub cleaner, but I have seen people mention it in forums. I wouldn't do it in combination with a drill brush. I used a Dawn/vinegar/water mix or Bar Keeper's Friend powder for the worst areas with the drill brushes in the bathroom. With any product I would recommend eye protection as bleach products can sling product in places you weren't planning for it to go. If you plan to use drill brushes regularly or have a bad clean ahead of you, I would recommend a corded drill, which you'll see many detailers/pros using when searching for videos of these in action. I nominated this project because I wanted to turn these big attachments through the batteries on the drill. I wouldn't spend money on a "name brand" drill brush here, I think they are being made in the same factory in the People's Republic. This was the best deal I could find for the set after looking at the usual online sources. It appears that the brush colors indicate the stiffness of the bristles. White and black brushes are used for upholstery and heavy-duty cleaning. I knocked a star off because I noticed some wear to the brushes and lost a few bristles during the first bathroom cleaning.

👤The toilet scrubber is great. After taco Tuesday, really gets rid of those skidmarks.

👤Oggmmmmgg! Let me tell you about this product. A-mazinggg. It's a good way to make your kids want to help. I saw this brush set on Amazon and was so excited. It's probably a waste of money to never bring them. I was doing a baby shower for my sister and I wanted to clean the tiles in my bathroom floor. I didn't use it when I got it. The seller was great with assisting in the issue with the attachment piece. I used it as a recommendation from others. Baking soda was used. I mixed baking soda and palmolive with water. You want the consistency to be thick. The oatmeal is thick enough that you can control the location and position of the spoon. I mixed the "elixir" and my daughter almost knocked me over. I wanted to do it. The extension tool isn't as useful as it used to be and the larger flat brush is harder to control. Kinda has a mind of its own. It's funny. I think it's an excellent buy. It didn't scratch or break my tiles, it was great to restore your floor. I tried not to brush the tiles.

8. Chemical Guys Acc_201 Carpet Attachment

Chemical Guys Acc_201 Carpet Attachment

All Drillstuff Products have a 90 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with their product, they will give you a full refund or replace it for you. The drill is not included. Attaches to a power drill to scrub carpet. Soft bristles are used for sensitive fabrics. Rub the dirt gently and quickly. The bristles will not break or fall out. The backing plate is heavy-duty and lasts a long time. The backing plate is heavy-duty and lasts a long time.

Brand: Chemical Guys

👤It has been able to survive by a factor of 6x because it has no signs of failure or cracks in the plastic. I bought a brush from a competitor that didn't last a single use. The metal shaft overheated and caused the plastic to melt and fall apart within 10 minutes. The chemical guy uses a bolt that goes through the plastic body with metal on both sides to anchor the metal shaft to the plastic body. I paid more for the cheap drill brush. Better built and cheaper is a winning combination.

👤The medium duty and light duty were ordered for use in my car. I went to work after receiving them. The Chemical Guys Frabric Clean was also used by me. I got good results. The yellow may be hard for an interior of a car. The bristles are so hard that if you use them lightly, you will mess up your interior. The light duty was perfect. It was correct. You can use the soft bristles to remove stains. I have read about people damaging their homes. The light duty should have been used. The drill attachment saves time over the scrub brush method. Definitely recommend.

👤The Chemical Guys brush was put to the test to remove coffee stained seats from a friend's car. I used the Chemical Guys Foaming Citrus Fabric cleaner and it lifted all the stains. The brush did not break down or fall apart, and it did not destroy the seat. I will be using this brush for other cleaning needs that can't be solved with hand cleaning effort.

👤I bought this for my husband to use to deep clean the carpets. It did wonders. We saw results when we attached the drill to it. The carpets that had been cleaned were almost new again. It helps up to 3 days of heavy use. We use it to clean our driveway.

👤I attached this to my high powered drill and used it to clean carpets. It does not damage my carpet. The right amount of bristle is needed to clean carpets.

👤I was surprised at how well this worked on the interior of our truck. One of the kids spilled a drink on the seat. The dealership thought the truck was barely used after we cleaned it. The Chemical Guy cleaner was used.

👤My dog loves tracking mud into my truck so I bought this for my cloth seats. I used the CHEM guy spot removal. It works well. The bristles are soft. It pulls out dog hair.

👤I bought a cleaning product and this little guy worked wonders with it. It was very easy to clean off my leather car seats, and I was able to get even the most stubborn dirt off of them. If I need to, will definitely.

👤Had a cheaper one that was better than this.

👤I used it and am happy with it.

👤I had a good impression of this company, but after using only one time, I will never recommend their products to anyone.

9. Drill Brush Accessories Motorcycle Upholstery

Drill Brush Accessories Motorcycle Upholstery

The nylon bristles can be used on a variety of surfaces. You can clean your gas grill, stove, smoker, oven, or charcoal grate with this no-wire kit. The Ultimate automotive detailing power brush kit has been assembled. It's suitable for cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, watercraft, ATVs, and RVs. This brush kit has six brush kits. The Original Drillbrush Power Scrubber in soft white, a MINI Original, a 5-inch diameter, a 4-inch diameter, 2-inch diameter short bristle, and a 2-inch long bristle brush were included. The brushes have steel shafts with quarter inch quick change ends, which allow use with half-inch drills, three-eighths drills, and quick- change drivers. Use the larger brushes to clean large sections of carpet in vans or RVs. The white Drillbrushes have soft bristles that are scratch-free. The steel used for quick change-out of components is 1/2 inch. Clear coated and painted aluminum, magnesium, chrome, and painted wheels are used for cars, trucks, and motorcycles. The power of your drill can be used to clean and scrub. The MINI has a brush. Clean seats and upholstery. To showroom condition, restore carpets, kick panels and foot-wells.

Brand: Drill Brush Power Scrubber By Useful Products

👤I wrote a review for the first time and the brushes made it easy to clean my car. The brush got into the seatbelt buckle area. I saved my hands from being scrubbed. It's the best investment for deep cleaning your car. Next, I'll use it on my furniture.

👤My husband had a drill. I cleaned my shower with one of the brushes, my shower door with another brush and my ceramic floor with a different brush. I wondered why I didn't have it years ago. They do a great job. They seemed to look new after using them. You need to purchase the drill separately to recommend them to anyone.

👤These brushes are good quality and have stiff bristles. I didn't use them on my camper because I thought they might scratch the old painted aluminum. I have used them. They are great for cleaning the bathtub, laundry room sink and other surfaces. I haven't used them for a car yet, but I'm sure they work well. The assortment of sizes is a good value.

👤I will give it a 4 star rating right now because I want to detail a Nissan rogue and a Dodge ram. I will give a usage review after I have used them for a while. Only a true test will tell if the carpet in the vehicle is soft. I love that they are a USA company. I hope they are everything I wanted.

👤They are an alternative to using a hand brush. I bought these to clean the seats and carpets. These were used in a video. I had to buy them to see if they work. Your carpets will come out almost new if you combine this with a good drill, multi purpose cleaner, bottle of stain pre treat, and a good extractor. I didn't mind the stains that wouldn't come out because my SUV is 20 years old. I was able to use most of the brushes in the set, but the five and two inch brush was the one I used the most. The white brushes are best for cleaning. If you're looking to deep clean your carpets, this is the item for you.

👤No directions. You would think that there would be something to indicate which ones are the hardest to use, if you are supposed to use them with your drill and leather. I plan to use it on my ivory sectional. I don't want to abuse it.

👤I saw a video of a detail shop using a power brush to clean upholstery. I saw these brushes on Amazon and decided to try them. I tried to remove the stain from the drivers seat of my car. I tried the small spot brush on it and it worked. I used the brush with the upholstery cleaner called Blue Corral Dri Clean, it is a foam cleaner in a pressurized can that comes out like shaving cream. I only used one of the brushes for one job and didn't give 5 stars. Will know more after I use them more.

10. Drill Brush White Attachment Accessories

Drill Brush White Attachment Accessories

The 4-inch flat brush and larger 5-inch diameter brush can be used to tackle large areas. You can detail your car with drill attachment. Their soft drill-powered scrub brushes will make cleaning your car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle faster, easier, and better than ever before. Can be used to clean chrome surfaces. The perfect selection of size and shape brushes is in the car buffing kit. The brushes in the kit are soft and made to clean. It's easy to scrub upholstery, seats, carpets, floor mats, door panels, and consoles with a small amount of your favorite cleaner. The interior of your vehicle will look like it never left the showroom floor. Soft white bristles return your windows, mirrors, and windshield to a clean. All Drillbrush Products have a 90 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with their product, they will give you a full refund or replace it for you. The drill is not included.

Brand: Drill Brush Power Scrubber By Useful Products

👤The brushes are difficult to control with a drill, and the plastic base in tight areas bumps into the surface leaving rub marks. The wheel for grout was the only successful brush. The other surfaces took stone. If you have a semi rough or porous surface, it would work, but on a smooth surface like porcelain or enamel it wouldn't. We tried a number of different cleaners and tried the scrub brush, but it didn't work for soap scum and hard water that are supposed to sit for an hour on the surface.

👤I usually don't write bad reviews but I chose to do so because I was going to buy a lot of drill brushes for other uses in the future. I am not happy with this product. I had to bring a dirty drill from the garage to my kitchen because the floors were not clean. The drill brush didn't clean my floors even though I used it. It didn't approach any type of deep cleaning. I'm sorry to say that this product didn't work for me, but I wanted to like it.

👤I bought the brushes to clean tile in my bathroom. I used a power drill to do the job. The tile looked new again because of the clean grout. It is always difficult to clean under the toilet rim. The brush worked well. These brushes are very good.

👤These are just as good as other brands. They are similar to other yellow drill powered brushes. They were used to deep clean the tub shower. They did not cause any damage to the surface. I used the red brushes to clean some of the tougher spots. They work well. Start with the multi color variety pack to see what works best for your project.

👤It was time to clean my grill grate and kettles. I found this wonderful product that helped me keep things clean, and saved me hours of time cleaning neglected areas. The brushes are strong and easy to use. Very happy.

👤Everyone should own a cleaning tool. My daughters may have been able to clean their shower if I had discovered this tool sooner. The mold that develops in the sides of the shower is very disturbing and we have never recommended travertine to them. The drill brush is the best cleaning tool I have ever owned. It was used with Black Diamond Stone and Tile Intensive Cleaner. I would be able to post before and after pictures if my drill could keep up with the brush. Will try to update once my drill is out of action. Think of its stopping as a way to avoid overheating.

👤It works great. I sprayed my shower tile with Kaboom spray cleaner and then hit it with the brushes in my drill. The Grime case is right off the bat. It's a good idea to recommend it. The seller delivered quickly.

👤These are amazing! I have been telling people to buy a set. My drill is too heavy to carry around. I bought a black n decker electric screwdriver and it works just as well. I used the narrow wheel brush to clean my baseboards and the large round brushes to clean the carpet on my stairs. Both produced good results.

11. HIWARE Pieces Drill Brush Detailing

HIWARE Pieces Drill Brush Detailing

There are 16 items in this set, including 2 kinds of 4-inch brush, a 2-inch brush and a ball-shaped brush. There are sponges with different texture, a self-adhesive disc, and 2 extension rods. The drill is not included. There are three designs of spears and twoWOOL PADS. The sponges in the set fit on different surfaces to increase the applicability of cleaning. They will be great in all kinds of coat paints' waxing, glass polishing and seal glaze, to clean and improve their lightness. There are symmetrical shapes with symmetrical margins. There are three different shapes of brushes. The ball brush can be used to clean wheels and mud. The brush is large enough to clean the mud on the car and boat. The 2-inch brush is very convenient for cleaning narrow spaces and crevices, and is also very convenient for cleaning interior stains and spills. White and yellow bristles have different qualities. The white one is soft, great for cleaning door trim, seat cushion, car mat, leather sofa, home decor or carpet. The medium yellow one is good for tires, wheel gaps, tiles, grout and porcelain. You can clean your car with the right brush. The nylon bristles won't scratch the surfaces. If you want to clean the underneath of the car without having to squat down and twist your posture, you can use the additional elastic rod that can be twisted to any angle.

Brand: Hiware

👤I am an amateur car detailer and I have to say, these aren't that bad. The white buff out pad is horrible, but you never want to use a buff out pad with so muchrpm in the first place. I wanted to show how the nylon brush is held onto the plastic. I wonder how long the drill inserts will hold up after a couple of washes and interior detailing. I will update later on.

👤I broke an egg in my car. I thought I cleaned it up but a week later I found an egg soaked in, friend up, and smelt horrified. I tried to clean it with a carpet cleaner and a metal mesh sponge, but it was still in the carpet. I was a little skeptical but I am glad I did. The egg is gone because my carpet looks new. I spilled juice in the back and it got stains for 3 years. I used this and a shop vac. I bought another one for my grandpa and recommended it to my friends.

👤The brushes are clean and look new. I finally found a use for my screw gun. The guys sold it for less than the other guys wanted. The included extension is sold on eBay for more than the entire kit. Did the shower and tub. It was going to be re-grout the bathroom. I cleaned the inside of the washing machine, but the soap doesn't fly off the brushes if you put it on your project then hit it with the brushes.

👤There is no instructions on what attachment is best. The purpose of some of the brushes is obvious in the process of detailing your car. There is no packaging. All of the items are thrown in a bag. I don't know what the reason is for the items being durable.

👤I have made the truck that lags outdoors look shiny in the garage. The finish on that truck was thick with the dirt and traffic of Houston, and now if you look past the chips the finish looks almost new. It is one thing to have around for many purposes, but I haven't tried in the shower yet.

👤I have no complaints about this set so far. When I need to scrub something, this helps because I have a bad arm.

👤I bought this product to fix my car's head lights. I found many different uses for the accessories after receiving it. Before ordering, look closely. I realized that there were more pieces than I had thought.

👤I use it on a drill. It is possible to use it for cleaning but make sure you use the right pad. It helps to clean bugs on the car and makes quick work of the bathtub. I use it for cleaning projects. It is worth the money to keep the bathtub clean. I can clean the whole tub in a few minutes.


What is the best product for car seat cleaner drill attachment?

Car seat cleaner drill attachment products from Drill Brush Power Scrubber By Useful Products. In this article about car seat cleaner drill attachment you can see why people choose the product. Herrfilk and Holikme are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat cleaner drill attachment.

What are the best brands for car seat cleaner drill attachment?

Drill Brush Power Scrubber By Useful Products, Herrfilk and Holikme are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat cleaner drill attachment. Find the detail in this article. Hiware, Drill Brush Power Scrubber By Useful Products and Cleanzoid are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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