Best Car Seat Buckle Release Tool 2 Pack

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1. WOSITE 2Pack Cut Out American Silencers

WOSITE 2Pack Cut Out American Silencers

Service is what it is. They will provide the best products and service. Their support service is always ready to help if you have any questions. The clips for the car seat belt are made of Zinc alloy. The surface is chrome plated, comfortable to touch, exquisite craftsmanship, rust-proof, wear-resistant, and safe to use. When you don't want to wear a seatbelt, or have heavy items in your passenger seat, the car seat belt clip can help you shut off the alarm sound. 99% of vehicles models on the market are compatible with their car seat belt locking clip. They will give you a full refund if it doesn't fit with your car. It is easy to install, just insert the seat clip into the seat belt slot, press lightly, and when the alarm sound is over, it is already installed. It can be attached to your keychains. The after-sales service is available. The seller provides service after the sale. If you have a problem, please contact them, they will give you 100% satisfaction or 100% money back. The after-sales service is available. The seller provides service after the sale. If you have a problem, please contact them, they will give you 100% satisfaction or 100% money back.

Brand: Wosite

👤This should not be for sale.

👤I wasn't going to write a review but someone should. It is necessary that the person be a liberal. Anywho. These rocks. I love them! I feel like I have the vibe of the Punisher. People say they are good. Yes. Would purchase again. Drive safe.

👤I'm impressed that they look great and the product is good. I don't intend to use them as a bottle opener. I think bottle opener would damage the look over time. I intended to use it to stop the seat belt alarm. It works as expected. I would buy again, but I don't think I'll need to since they are great quality. There are two people in a pack.

👤I have a large dog that likes to sit in the front of the car. The seatbelt alarm won't work when my dog is in the seat. This item has taken care of the problem. I have to plug in the seatbelt alarm when I carry heavy items in the passenger seat because I have to do it again.

👤The product is very well-made, great quality, and does the job, but it has a bonus feature, a bottle opener. Great value for money.

👤If you don't get them to work, they will pop out. If you hit them by accident, they are sharp. There is a They do their job.

👤It was used for camp trips. This helps the sensor when you get in and out of the truck.

👤These are made of good quality. I expected them to be thinner.

2. Buckle Guard Children Equipment Accessories

Buckle Guard Children Equipment Accessories

Keep your passengers safe and their seatbelts on by driving with peace of mind. The seat belt release cover is a safety barrier that deters children and disabled adults from unbuckling their seatbelt. Slips on without tools. It is easy to remove in an emergency. Works well with special needs children. Works well with special needs children.

Brand: Buckle Guard

👤These are difficult to use, but they work. If you have your buckles tucked into your seat, they can be difficult to fit around. You need a very long key to remove. Thankfully I do. The flap has to be pulled back a bit to get the key to release. Takes some practice, but definitely keeps the belt buckled in place, just don't put it on backwards, it will be harder to remove. I don't use these often, but I haven't cracked them.

👤The granddaughter was unbucking her seat. She's angry.

👤These are great. They give me a lot of information. Two people unbuckled my kids car seats and did not inform me, so I am very grateful. I am glad I stopped that issue. I think they're a good choice.

👤I like the way my son broke them or figured out how to change them. He can't remove this style by himself.

👤It'll work since it's enormous and so it might make the problem worse by unlatching the belt whenever it gets bumped, but we'll see... Don't waste your money, get the silicone type, they're far superior.

👤It's perfect for a disabled client.

👤It works and the price is perfect.

👤I like how easy it is to use.

3. Toddler Harness Adjustable Stroller Pushchair

Toddler Harness Adjustable Stroller Pushchair

Two layers of side impact protection include an energy-absorbing shell and foam-lined headrest. The safety seat clips are made of high quality zinc alloy and plastic, which are hard to damage, soft and comfortable for your child. The baby safety seat clips length is 23 cm/ 9 inch, width is 9 cm/ 3.54 inch, and more suit for baby 5 point, if the buckle cannot be removed. The function is extensive. The crotch and curved seat strap can be found with the help of the car seat buckle, which can be used to control the opening force of each buckle. It is easy to install and remove the safety seat base, the Japanese Buckle on the bottom of the seat, the shoulder strap and the five-point lock. Perfect Thanksgiving Christmas gifts are replacement straps for most Baby Highchairs, baby stroller, electric car and bicycle baby seats. Perfect Thanksgiving Christmas gifts are replacement straps for most Baby Highchairs, baby stroller, electric car and bicycle baby seats.

Brand: Silence Shopping

👤It took my daughter about a month to figure out how to unbuckle herself from her car seat after reading my original review. I missed the return window as well. It is garbage and unsafe. Save money. I bought this because my daughter's car seat leg strap was too short. She is 2. I don't like the fact that there is a small plastic peg and you have to align both buckles, get the small plastic peg into a hole and then push both buckles into the clicker part. This is not ideal with a 2yr old who doesn't like getting into her car seat. There is no way to get this buckled until she settles down. I wish I had seen this in the reviews.

👤The harness clip that came with our carseat needed to be replaced because it was too short. He is 3 1/2 feet tall and weights 47 lbs. The original clip was shorter than the one we ordered. It's a must buy for bigger kids.

👤It was used for a 4Ever. The installation is hard on any carseat, so I don't blame the buckle. It worked great once I figured out how. I requested the part from Graco to make sure I had the part I needed, but I was going to have to wait a while to get it, so I got this to be on the safe side. You will need to use the inserts that come with the buckle, not the old one.

👤I bought these because I misplace my son's seat belt. I was forced to get a replacement because it wasn't safe and he could unbuckle himself. The issue is that he can unbuckle himself with these, as the release button is on top, so he can push down on it and break it. Not good! I would replace these if I could find one with the button in front. I tighten the straps if he clicks/buckles himself in. Good for a young child. It's bad for a 4 year old. I think that's correct.

👤After washing the cover, we lost half of the original buckle, so we bought this as a replacement. I'm thankful there wasn't a fire or wreck where she would have been trapped. I am thankful that this was a backup seat and not her regular seat. Do not recommend this product.

👤It is great, but you have to hold the two pieces together. This would sometimes be a problem for parents with a struggling child. I missed the option of one buckle at a time because I was juggling. I feel like it is great quality.

👤The 3 year old can unbuckle this in a second. There is a The blocks came undone while the car was moving. This is not a good excuse for a replacement buckle.

👤It is easy to install and does the job. The buckle is easy to release. The two harness clips have to be aligned and held together at the same time. When my child is wiggly, that's the only issue.

4. KIDGARD Seat Belt Guard Pak

KIDGARD Seat Belt Guard Pak

The seat belt guard prevents small children from opening a seat belt. It is possible to fit most seat belts. It is made from high grade, impact resistant and UV stable compound. White with red markings. White with red markings.

Brand: Kidgard Juvenile Products

👤I work on a special needs bus and this is a useful tool for kids who want to take their belts off.

👤My child is 7 years old and has poor fine motor skills. He was able to get the seat belt off the second time we rode in the car.

👤They don't stay together. Just by stepping on them, he breaks himself out.

👤This item was bought for my friend's son with special needs and it was not what he was told. He was able to open the seatbelt in less than two minutes. Poor design.

👤There was a gap in the top. My son was able to push the button with his finger. This is probably better if there is a side release button.

👤My guard is larger than my buckle and it doesn't fit. Do you have a guard that fits my seat belt? Thanks to gilbert.

👤My seatbelts are too large to fit on this guard, and they are hard to squeeze.

👤It says it fits new vehicles. It's in the trash. Don't waste your money.

👤It was supposed to stay on but it keeps falling off. It's easy to fix it. Her fingers will fit in the crack that is supposed to protect the button. This works if you need a deterrent.



It's a perfect solution for people who have trouble releasing the red car seat button. It helps people with Carpal tunnel. Child safety has been tested and approved. Made in the USA.

Brand: Namra

👤I have a hard time unlatching the seat. This would help, but I am not concerned about breaking a nail. It's hard to push the button because the straps are tight on the baby, and I don't want to get a better angle on the buckle. The car seat key is easy to squeeze and slide around. Your child is ready to leave their chair. It has to be this way in order to fit around the buckle, but it is a bit bulky to add to my keys. I would recommend it to my friends. Two years later, my car seat key snapped in half, but I would buy it again. My mother has had her's for two years and it is still as good as it was when she bought it. I am rough with my keys. I don't fault the company for the break. It took two years of abuse for it to break.

👤I got this for my granddaughter. I watch her every day. I couldn't get her out of the car seat because of my long nails. This is the best thing that has ever happened. It was a great price and it works great.

👤My mother was unable to get my son out of his car seat because of arthritis. I received it in the mail. I was skeptical because it looked flimsy. I was wrong. She's never had a problem getting him out of his seat again because it hangs on her key ring. It's a life-saver. It stays on her keys, so it can't get lost.

👤I have 2 kids in car seats and was really struggling with my new nails, a gift to myself once my second child was fully potty trained. I had to use my hands to push the red button. I searched online for a solution and found it. One of the few things that kept me believing the world was normal was having longer nails. I struggled for months before finding this. I didn't know if I was going to get the kids out of their seats at all, and tears were involved on many occasions. The little tool does what it says and it doesn't need any pressure. Less pressure than it takes to type a review on a keyboard on a cell phone. It is highly recommended for women with nails or people with hand/finger issues. I bought another one for my mom. Get this for mom's/dad's/grandparents/caretakers.

👤We've all been to baby showers, and we've all seen the mountains of clothes, blankets, bottles, and pacifiers when all is said and done. You will rarely see gifts that are practical and helpful to the new parents for the long haul. The baby shower can be changed by the Carseat Key. It is something that the parents will be able to use for a long time, and no one else will think to buy it. It's the kind of gift that parents won't know about until they receive it. Who doesn't want a tool that will make getting babies and toddlers out of the car a little bit easier? I'm going to give a baby shower gift to all of my friends who are expecting. I was very pleased with the speed of the delivery, the packaging, and the quality of the product. I can't imagine how anyone wouldn't be grateful to receive a little device like this. An invention by a human. You rule!

6. 01 100 09 Original Emergency Keychain Seatbelt

01 100 09 Original Emergency Keychain Seatbelt

The seatbelt cutter was broken. The window breaker is made of glass. No installation is required. No installation is required.

Brand: Resqme

👤A small key ring is supplied. I put this on my coat and it works great. Without throwing glass, shatters the window. It was very easy to use. I can't cut my hand with the seatbelt cutter. A small clip on the cover protects the blade.

👤The Resqme Car Escape tool was discovered by me. Houston has been known to flood and I am a photographer. A lot. People get trapped in their cars from accidents and flooding. The ticket is this little animal. There is a hidden blade that can slice through a jammed seat belt and shatter a window. The glass breaks when you press and pop. The side window is a better place to use it than the windshield. When unpacking this little tool, don't put your fingers on either end and pop the glass breaker out of curiosity, it's a pro tip. It was very bad! Attach it to your key chain or a handy spot in your car. When panicked, choose a spot that you can easily find and that won't get stuck during a collision. This potentially life-saving device earns five stars at the price.

👤The videos are easy to use. There was no information on how to start. I've pressed the button twice, but I don't want to. Why doesn't the black button say that? I won't pull the long black plastic with an "O" on the end because it will break. I can't figure out how to use it without getting hurt.

👤The little thing does what it's supposed to. I bought a one for mom because I have one in each of our cars. I trust them because I've seen the videos of them doing what they're supposed to do. I've felt the glassbreaker on myself and seen the small damage it does to a magazine. It's best to keep these secured somewhere you can reach in an accident, because it won't do you any good if it flies into the backseat. My daughter's elastic hair tie hangs tightly around the blinker stalks. If it's in a door pocket or in an open storage bin in the car, who knows where it will end up when it's needed the most? A great price for peace of mind.

👤It's difficult to get the little black piece off, but I think in an emergency you'd be fine. The Spike doesn't work, that's the real problem. When the black is pushed all the way in it doesn't come out. I was glad I tried it first before I used it in an emergency.

👤They were testing emergency glass breaking tools. The red hammer I used to break the window broke before it was used by a woman on the show, but it worked in a single click. The bright color hangs easily in view and packs a punch. I bought two more for my daughters.

👤I didn't feel like I was spending a lot of money on an automatic center punch, I knew it would break a car window. This one has a seat belt cutter and is for peanuts. It breaks when you press against the glass. Don't try it on glass in an emergency. It's easy to see, even though it's ugly. I hope you don't have to use it.

7. Premium Front Backseat Organizer Stitching

Premium Front Backseat Organizer Stitching

The seatbelt pillow will stay in place if the clip is placed under it. A car and trunk organize will help you organize your stuff. The foldable backseat automobile holder gives extra storage in a matter of seconds. These Car Organizers have 9 storage pockets, 2 spacious main bag areas, 1 secure rear zip pocket, 4 built-in cup holders, and 2 additional front-facing mesh pockets to keep any car interior, console or carseat organized. Safety handles are secure. The Lusso gear car organizer has a set of 2 handles that are comfortable for small and large hands. Side and middle seat belts can be clipped through for extra road safety. The uses are endless. Use as a snack tray, mobile office, or police gear storage. The collapsible car seat storage organizer can do a lot. Every Lusso Gear accessory comes with a lifetime warranty. Let them know if you have an issue with your Lusso gear organizers. They will work with you to make it right. Every Lusso Gear accessory comes with a lifetime warranty. Let them know if you have an issue with your Lusso gear organizers. They will work with you to make it right.

Brand: Lusso Gear

👤On longer trips with the kids. I help with drinks and snacks in the back. This helps organize everything. My kids are good at organizing, as I am at packing an animal in a suitcase. Every year they have a father/son weekend where they visit family and go to the tractor event. I've tried cups, pencil boxes, organizers, and seats in front of them. None of them worked. The stuff ended up on the floor in an disorganized mess. I stumbled across this on prime day. I decided to take a chance since it was discounted. We had issues with previous products and this fixed them. 1. Unless it is the right width, most center consoles and baskets are hard to install. Since this is a fabric box, you don't have to worry about how much space you have between the seats because you can fit it in. 2. My kids are not big enough to reach the seats in front of them, so they have to unbuckle the chest clips on their seats, do what they need to, and then Buckle back up again. This is not safe and also annoying. They just took the stuff and held it in their laps. This is next to them. No unbuckling, no reaching. 3. Cup holders are designed to save space. Causing drinks to be thrown. The drinks are securely held in the organizers that use fabric and elastic. No spills! 4. I had to install it before I could organize things in it. I don't like sitting in a hot car, hunched over on the floor getting their stuff organized. I put it in the house. The seat belt was looped through the loop after it was brought out to the car. It's not a problem to install what so ever. 5. Soft sided containers are usually just one large compartment. If you have kids, you already know the issue. Your crackers should not touch your brothers. Your crayons are mixed with his. This has enough space to keep everything separate. Applause! The boys told me how much they liked it. It helped keep everything organized. I had to buy a second one for our other car. This time it's full price. No discount is needed. If you've been trying to keep your kids organized in the car, you'll love this purchase.

👤This thing is amazing. I was pretty sure it was going to be great, but this has exceeded my expectations. The fabric is thick and will last a long time. I don't have kids, so I got this. I share a bed with a cat and a dog. I have a lot of space. It's a sleep number, and I keep it very close to my chest. I have a lot of blankets and pillows, they were in the wash at the time of the picture. It can be difficult to get out of my bed because it's so cozy and the cat and dog are trying to pin you down. I don't have enough room for more than a tiny one because of this. I use a shoe box on my bed to hold my things. I did spill the soda a few times but it gave me some control and I recently added to my skincare routine so the extra products were taking up space. The organizers works for my needs. I was surprised that it had cups. I'm going to have 2 for drinks. I keep plastic cups as temporary containers for things I misplace and grab a lot. There is a cup down in the bottom of the organizers. I'll replace the plastic cups with mason jars or some cute vintage cups from the internet. I finally found a use for my Ipsy bags. I grouped the skin care products according to their phase of my regime. I have a lot of room for books, gel pens, and coloring books. I love this organizer and it works for me.

8. Buckle Guard Disabled Motorized Commercial

Buckle Guard Disabled Motorized Commercial

Works best on commercial vehicles. Works best on commercial vehicles.

Brand: Buckle Guard

👤The wheelchair seatbelt uses these wonderful buckles. One of my son's school aides tried to put on the first one we purchased, but got confused and broke it. It is difficult until you are familiar with the product and the buckle. The top of a medication bottle has a safety part. Our disabled teenager chewed on the cap because he figured out how to open it. These are a better deterrent than having complete access to the buckle.

👤I opened the package to see how well they worked. I tried to remove the cap after putting it on. You don't have to put a lot of downward pressure on the cap to get it to come off. I put the guard on my son's wheelchair seat belt to see if he could remove it. He was able to remove it quickly. It didn't work for me. I read some of the other reviews about how it worked for them and I was hoping that I would have the same result, but it didn't happen. I wanted something like this because my son will sometimes slide out of his wheelchair when he gets upset.

👤I was excited to try them and liked it at first. After the second time it was used, my 7 year old son with a learning disability was able to unbuckle his car seat. I thought it was broken. I checked it and it was fine. These items are supposed to be child proof, but they are not. I wouldn't spend money on this item again because I didn't like it.

👤I like these because I don't have to remove it when I take my son out of his seat. My son can't reach down far enough or perhaps isn't strong enough with one finger to release the belt, but I can. My husband uses the car key. It is difficult to get the knob to come off, but it is not an issue if you leave it in place. It's a good idea to close it and slide it down over the top of the buckle rather than opening it and trying to wrap it around. I thought it wouldn't fit.

👤My daughter tried to keep her son from opening his seat belt. She couldn't put it on because it wouldn't fit. It was a total waste of money.

👤Only one was received, and it was a two pack.

👤I own a vehicle. The dome shape of the seatbelt "head" is what it is. There is no room to adjust the item since it is a rectangular shape. It can be put on the head, but you can't use the seat belt. I have a child with an intellectual disability. I was hoping for success with this item since he manages to remove the belt when I am driving. Do not buy this product if you have a Toyota.

👤It can be difficult to put on the Buckle Guard for my special needs 4 year old. I would like to have the lock engaged and snap in the buckle instead of fastening it on the lock. I thought the lock was on but my child got it off because the pieces were not lined up correctly. I will continue to use this product, but mostly because there are not many other options out there.

9. Premium Buckle Robot Release Lanyard

Premium Buckle Robot Release Lanyard

Buckle Robot is made in the UK and is easy to install but impossible to unbuckle until intended. Before you buy this belt lockbuckle guard, you need to read the main description. The Buckle Robot was designed with a robot face to teach children about Buckle Safety. The YELLOW version has the same shape and design as the blue version, but without the robot face. Do you worry about your loved ones not wearing a seatbelt? Not when you use the Buckle robot safety device cover to secure the child seat. It is made from high-grade safe materials. It's simple and effective, slots over the seat belt receiver button and clips into place. 100% of tested veals have a regular seat belt buckle. It is the only product that has a unique release key and safety yard. What if you don't like it? They offer no quibble refunds because they are confident you will love it. Your opinion is the top one. What if you don't like it? They offer no quibble refunds because they are confident you will love it. Your opinion is the top one.

Brand: Niftyso

👤I like it. My son is special needs and I am glad to have this. He likes to be free and always wears a seat belt. He doesn't usually stand or walk while driving. He sat on the seat without a seat belt. I have to pull over or tell him to back off because I notice him doing it a lot. It is easy to set up, and I'm impressed with how this works. That is worth it. I guarantee this is a lifesaver. I was relieved to know that my son is wearing a seat belt. For myself, mom's approved!

👤I was so worried about how I would keep my toddler from undoing the seat belt and standing up while driving that I thought Amazon would have something to help. I'm very happy I got it. I was always stressed because my son unbuckles the seatbelt holding the base of the car seat. He couldn't unbuckle it after I installed it again, so he hasn't touched it since. I will give you an update on how long it takes for him to figure it out. So far, so good.

👤After looking at reviews, I decided on this product. I was so happy to purchase it. Our granddaughter loves getting her seatbelt unlocked and now she has a booster seat that works. She cannot get out of her seat. I love that I can get my key out of my key ring. She is now safe from getting loose while we're driving. Someone else said our granddaughter was doing exactly what our child was doing to get out. Thanks to Amazon, I can make up my mind on what product works for us.

👤Great product! The special needs 8 year old was unbuckling his seat belt. It's easy to get into his belt with the key we have. We put the lanyard over the seat's headrest so he couldn't reach it. The key can be removed from the lanyard and put back in. Highly recommend this product.

👤The concept is great, but not the fit. The cover keeps popping off of the seat belt. I have put it under the dog seat cover with the hope that it will stay in place but next time it pops off, I'll have to take it out. I think I'll throw them away. It's pretty useless.

👤The dog did not get caught in the seatbuckle connection. There is not a better way to disengage the assembly, but we hung the key from the front seat headrest to keep it handy should we need it.

👤She keeps a daredevil in her seat. This was purchased to stop a four year old from escaping, she can't get out until she is let out.

👤This product seemed like a great idea for my 5yr old who is constantly getting out of his car seat, which is not safe. Within 10 minutes, he figured out that he could use the seat next to him to get it unlocked. SMH. He continues to escape because there is no other place to put him. The concept is easy to use and I gave it 4 stars.

10. Universal Anti Slip Compatible Strollers Schoolbags

Universal Anti Slip Compatible Strollers Schoolbags

The child chest harness is easy to use and can prevent the belt from falling down or moving around. The middle lock design may prevent your child from accidentally unbuckle it. Universal design allows for a maximum 1.5 inch width harness strap, which is perfect for baby strollers, seats, high chairs, backpacks and so on. The chest clip is easy to use and clips on the strap in a few seconds. Press the quick button in the middle with one hand and it will release it. It is made of high quality material and is harmless. This chest clip is a nice gift. This chest clip is a nice gift.

Brand: G Ganen

👤The chest clip is too wide on our stroller. My son's ribcage is too wide to fit through the straps on his shoulders and he can't get his arms out. The two buttons on the clip would make it easy for some children to figure out how to remove it. I installed it out of his sight so he wouldn't know how to remove it. He doesn't like how it feels against his chest, but it may be a sensory thing. I'll be looking to replace it soon.

👤My child still unbuckles her seatbelt despite the long strap. The strap must be at least 6 inches long. To keep the seatbelt tight, I had to LOOP this strap around the seatbelt, which was uncomfortable and probably a safety hazard. The "childproof" on this thing is impossible to get.

👤I put this on my granddaughter's seat. Within minutes she opened it. The sides have two clips that allow children to open it. It is hard to make smaller because it is too wide for the average child. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

👤I was skeptical when I bought it, but it has been a lifesaver for us. My two-year-old refused to stay buckled in her car seat and tried to open her door after slipping out of her car seat straps while we were driving down the expressway. I freaked out because my fiancĂ©e was in the car. She's not been able to get out of the safety belt and it's saved her from a lot of stress in the car.

👤It was much wider than what was described. I tried using on a toddler. It did nothing to hold them in. Had to come back and get the version from Amazon, which actually fits.

👤The product is easy to clip on, but it's too wide for my infant's carseat straps. This may be better for toddlers who don't have the chest harness.

👤Our escape artist just takes it off for children younger than three.

👤This should come standard with ap bike children seat.

👤I got this for my daughter's stroller as she sometimes finds a way to take her arms out of her harness. I didn't see that it's quite wide and that it isn't adjusted. I thought it would work for my 18 year old, because it's described as a baby chest clip. It is too wide. It's not worth coming back for the price.

👤When I washed the straps, I found it worked better than the one car seats that come with them. And it can be adjusted.

👤It works for the bob strollers that don't have a chest strap. I just bought this because I wanted to build something.

👤It would be difficult to use if you have dexterity issues, which is great for the grand kids to have.

11. Skip Hop Harness Magnetic Clips

Skip Hop Harness Magnetic Clips

It is now easier to put a baby into a car seat. The magnetic hooks hold the straps in place. It's easier for ins and outs. The pin-free design works with most car seats. Car seat clips can be extended up to 4.5 in. There are 2 harness magnets. 3L x 0.65D x 3.38H is the size. 3L x 0.65D x 3.38H is the size.

Brand: Skip Hop

👤This product works. I just slid it over the cloth covering on my car seat and adjusted it to where I wanted it to be to hold the straps. I have been using them for over a week and they have not caused any problems. I was hesitant to buy this because the only reviews on here were bad, but I wanted to try them out instead of spending double/ triple on the hand magnets. The clips are held in place with a small plastic piece that protrudes from them. I found no issues with the strength of the magnet. The straps were held out of the way by the plastic piece/magnet combo. I don't have a thing to complain about. I used to have the straps out of the way when I was using an Uppababy Vista car seat that had pockets to tuck the strap clips into. When I bought a bigger car seat that didn't have the feature to hold the straps out of the way, it was a hassle to pull the straps out from under my toddler. I would definitely recommend it.

👤I was very excited about this item. I am very disappointed after arriving. It doesn't work good unless I am doing something wrong. It falls off when I try to remove it. It fell out of the car today. I was able to get it before I left the store. Maybe it doesn't fit my baby car seat. I am disappointed. I would have liked to keep the packaging to return it.

👤The idea is awesome but the product is not. I decided to make it work after almost sending them back. The magnetic ones from Etsy looked like they would work, but they were $20 a pair. I have twins so I had to choose between two sets of these for $20 or the ones from Etsy for $40. I was not able to afford something to hold the straps back on their car seats. These are an annoyance when trying to remove the metal piece of the strap from them, but they work for the price. I wouldn't replace them if they broke.

👤These work make it easier to put an infant in a car seat by removing the straps from the way. If you are carrying the car seat to and from the car and the seat is brushing up against your leg, they will fall off easily.

👤If I could find all four pieces, I would glue them together at the setting that works best for us. The strap hook pieces get disconnected at random times and we have lost them a few times. We hunted them down a few times, but not this one. I would like these to snap together more securely. They would work if they did. They became trash because they don't.

👤These are a great idea, but poorly executed. They slide apart to adjust the length, but it's too easy. We have to search for the little piece in the car every time it falls off. I think a little bit of engineering on these would make them perfect. I would buy them again because they were the only ones I could find, but I might glue the clips together to make sure your seat is long enough.


What is the best product for car seat buckle release tool 2 pack?

Car seat buckle release tool 2 pack products from Wosite. In this article about car seat buckle release tool 2 pack you can see why people choose the product. Buckle Guard and Silence Shopping are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat buckle release tool 2 pack.

What are the best brands for car seat buckle release tool 2 pack?

Wosite, Buckle Guard and Silence Shopping are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat buckle release tool 2 pack. Find the detail in this article. Kidgard Juvenile Products, Namra and Resqme are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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