Best Car Seat Booster for Dogs

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1. Large Travel Comfortable Multipurpose Design

Large Travel Comfortable Multipurpose Design

Safety and comfort include a high-density sponge, PP cotton, 4 cm wide car seat belt, and a high-quality non-slip bottom. The large dog seats are 33.5" long and 21" wide. The large dog car seat is suitable for large dogs under 55 lbs or two small to medium dogs under 20 lbs, and can be installed in the rear seat of all types of cars. The safety belt of the dog car seats can be removed and put into the side pocket, which can be used as a dog bed at home. The dog booster seat can be installed on the rear seat of the car, just fix the seat belt on the top of the car seat, and adjust the length of the seat. There are 3 iron clips at the bottom of the car seat belt card slot that can be used to fix the dog booster seat. You can clean the dog seat with a vacuum cleaner and a dog seat cloth cover in the washing machine. The dog car seat is packaged in vacuum compression and will return to the best state after 8 hours, if you encounter any problems during use, please feel free to contact them, they will solve it for you within 12 hours.

Brand: Bochao

👤This is perfect for my dog in the backseat. He loves it! The only problem I have is that I can't shorten the straps to tighten my head protectors. The rear headrests don't move in my car. I used the car seat hooks behind the headrests to keep him safe.

2. Kurgo Rover Booster Seat Tether

Kurgo Rover Booster Seat Tether

Dog booster seat keeps Mini Fido off your lap and reduces distracted driving. The dog car seats allow you to relax and know your dog is safe. A pet car seat will allow your dog to see out and enjoy the ride. The travel dog booster can be installed in either the front bucket seat or the smaller side of the rear split bench seat. The dog booster seat has metal supports for structural integrity. There is no assembly required. The dog seat belt tether is easy to attach to any dog harness to keep your dog in his seat. Dogs with car sickness can benefit from an elevated seat. There are pockets for dog accessories. Dogs up to 20 lbs are recommended for the size and fit. 30 lbs of weight can be supported by the booster, but pets with body mass too large to comfortably lay down in the seat may need it. The dimensions of the dog booster seat are 12D x 16W x 8H inches. Before buying a dog, please measure it.

Brand: Kurgo

👤Less than a week after I received the booster seat, I was in an accident. I was T-boned by a hit and run driver. My car spun out of control, slammed into the guard rail, and almost flipped over the 50 foot overpass before coming to a stop. I looked in the back and saw my chihuahua mix, Gustav, was on the floor, still attached to the booster harness, and he was happy and wagging his tail as if he had just ridden a roller coaster! There was no scratch on him. Not even a bruise. The car was mangled and the wheels were ripped off. Every vehicle had an air bag deployed. The booster was secured to Gustav's harness. My dog was protected from being thrown in the car or going through the window by the box-like booster and harness that was connected to it. He jumped into the back seat after the car stopped. One of the officers on the scene told me that my dog wouldn't have survived the accident without the seat and harness. He said he has seen a lot of dead dogs. I'm tearing up because I'm playing with Gustav instead of cremating him. I walked away with some injuries. I will be fine if I use a walker and cane for a month or two. The booster seat was undamaged so I can keep using it when I can drive again. I love Gustav very much. Thank you to the people at Kurgo for saving him. Thank you, thank you, and God bless! I was reading a review that mentioned that a product from Kurgo failed a vehicle safety test. The claim is true, I looked it up. The Center for Pet Safety performed a test for the Kurgo Wander Carrier in 2015. I can't speak for the carrier. This particular product saved my dog's life. The doctor who examined me and the officer from the California Highway Patrol were so impressed with the booster seat that they took note of the brand so they could buy it for their own dogs. I just want you to believe me. It's a thing.

👤I'm trying to find the right car seat for my puppy. There are some suggestions and comparisons that I have made. The carabiner that connects the car seat to the puppy/dog is too thick and barely fits through my puppie's harness, it makes it quite difficult. The walls are almost too deep where I can't see my dock anymore, and the blanket/soft part is thin, so you can feel the metal support poles around it. If your dog is too small to support it up, I would recommend putting a blanket at the bottom. I bought 2 and will return the other one because I couldn't decide which one to use. The K and H seat is similar to the one I bought, but it has lower walls and is too long of a leash, so my puppy would fly out if there was a crash. I will include a picture of the non blue car seat that is popular on Amazon that you will probably see, so hopefully this will help others compare it. Click helpful. I know my reviews are helping people. It will encourage me to come back and provide more information for reviewers in the future as it will help share this review with others. Thanks, reviewer.

3. BLOBLO Carrier Travel Booster Storage

BLOBLO Carrier Travel Booster Storage

Pets are kept warm and comfortable with Oxford cloth. It is easy to install and can be quickly installed according to the model car. The seat belts keep your pet out of harms way. It can be installed in the rear seat of the car, or in the front seat if you want. The dog seat cover is easy to disassemble and clean, and the booster seat has a good warmth function. The Booster Seat is only suitable for small pets.

Brand: Bloblo

👤I moved from PA toWA and took the dog with me. She needed a bed that she could rest her head on and also have a leg room in. The bed was perfect. My weight is 20 lbs. The pug was perfect in it. The bed had padding for the bumps in the road, as well as not worrying that she would hit the door or anything. She slept most of the time. The bed was kept in the back seat with the straps.

👤When I took the bed out of my car, I cried. It ruined my upholstery. The bottom of the bed has black rubber that left a pattern on the bottom of the bed. I will have to pay to have the seat fixed when I turn my car in. I tried to clean it. If you have light seats, you will need to put something under the bed so it doesn't ruin your car seats like mine. Very upset and disappointed. The photo looks better than it actually is. You can see where it wasn't exposed to the bed on the one photo.

👤Sneakers jumped into my car when I put the car seat in. He loves it! It was easy to install, and it was very good. I have a Mazda Miata that fits nicely because it's squishy. There are straps around the base of the passenger seat. To keep him secure, there's a clip towards the back of the inner cushion. The medium size Sneakers is 20 lbs and can be laid down nicely. The side pockets of the carseat are large enough to hold toys, leash, treats and other items. The seat doesn't raise the dog up high, but it's a good thing for the car I have. If he sits up, he can still see out the window. Great purchase! As far as the company itself. I am very happy. They followed up right away to make sure everything was as they expected. Customer service was great and would buy from them again. Win a purchase.

👤I had to change my seat because my daughter is car-sick. I decided to pay the extra money for something that was comfortable and durable after going through other less expensive products. It was worth it! The small dog rating was something I was worried about. The person is 42 lbs. The bumpers of the BLOBLO car seat are large enough for my 4Runner front bucket seat, but not too large. The basket part of the seat has a cushion on which to lay her head, while the bumpers give her a cushion on which to rest her head. The seat is anchored with 2 tethers. The built-in dog restraint leash is not very strong, but my preferred leash/restraint is sold by a different manufacturer and is secured around the 4Runner head rest. You can see it in the picture. The walking leash is the only strap on the bottom right of the picture. The BLOBLO butt cushion is padded and provides an extra boost to help her see over the dash when she's sitting up. The padding pulls out so you can wash it. I got two thumbs up and 5 stars.

4. QUEENS NOSE Durable Front Protection

QUEENS NOSE Durable Front Protection

Two safety pillows on the front and back protect the dog from sudden stops. Dogs up to 30 lbs or 2 dogs that weigh less than 10 lbs are suitable. Two hands for easy marriage. The portable dog booster seat has two handles. The dog car seat was designed for easy transportation from the house to the car. Both leashes and belts are adjusted to fit your car and your dog's needs. The two leashes allow the dog to move without the car seat. Water Proof fabric, 4 sided YKK zippers, 2 double sided cushion mat, and cushion cover that comes in cotton and warm fur are additional features. The Queen's NoSE Premium Dog Car Seat is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year free replacement warranty.

Brand: Queens Nose

👤I wanted something that would cushion his fall if I had to stop quickly, so I purchased this for my poodle who always rides with us in the front seat. I paid the high price. He couldn't keep a sturdy footing and fell into the plushness of the seat not being able to stand up to look out the window. It was too expensive for what it was. It's a nice design, just needs to be altered to make it easier for dogs to stand on, or to make them more secure when buckled in their collar, so they can get their footing.

👤My dog is named Gismo. He is 13 years old and 14 pounds. I wanted to provide Gismo with the most comfortable bed at home and the safest seat on the road. I was impressed by how well the product was made when I opened it. It is very high quality. We have been using it for two weeks. We take it everywhere that pets are allowed. It is very easy to get out of the car. It is sturdy and comfortable with thick padding around Gismo. The product seems to be much safer than similar products on the market. It has two side pockets for storage and an extra pillow case. The sides of the bed/seat are so thick that it can be difficult to flatten the padding when you install it. I place a towel on the bed/seat because Gismo has skin issues. When Gismo is in his new bed, he looks very comfortable. He sleeps well, scratches his body and licks his paws, all signs that he loves it. I like to know that the seat will keep Gismo safe when we travel in the car. I know I made the right choice when buying this bed. It is a multi-purpose product that can be used for many things. It was expensive, but it was worth it. I hope you and your fur babies enjoy the bed/seat as much as we do. Wishing you all the best!

👤This is one of the best purchases I have ever made for my dog. I was scared away by the price tag, and I will admit that it is steep. The car seat will last a long time. The canvas is tough and easy to clean, like my army bags. I wanted to lay in the pillow inserts because it looked so comfortable. I have a 3yr old Pug that is about 18in long from nose to butt. He loves this car seat and it's perfect for room to spare. If you need a portable pet bed, you can remove it from the car and carry it like a bag. This can be used as a car seat, pet bed and carrier on trips. The car seat is bulky and takes up more space in the back seat than it does on the heavier side. You can change your mind by removing the pillows. I dropped the cash on this one because the previous two car seats didn't last long or were uncomfortable for him on long drives. The price tag is steep, but I love it.

5. BurgeonNest Detachable Washable Booster Portable

BurgeonNest Detachable Washable Booster Portable

BurgeonNest dog booster car seat is made of sturdy Oxford fabric with thicker coating and reinforced with double stitches, there is no more stitching tore, ripped in the washer. The dog car seat is very comfortable and good for your pet when lying on it. The dog car bed built by theirs is completely portable and easy to take out and clean. The rubber bottom and nylon strap withbuckles make it possible to adjust the length of the pet car seat to keep the puppy in one place. The puppy car seat is fixed by the rubber dots under the bottom. Your dog is secured in travel and you don't need to worry about it while driving. The car seat for dogs is easy to install. Fix the buckle to the top and back of the seat and adjust the straps. You can put it in either the front or back seat of your car. It fits most types of car seats. There are two storage pockets and two sided cushions on the small dog car seat. It's convenient to have pet necessities in your house. The cushion has two sides. One side is fluff and the other side is Oxford fabric. It is suitable for dog carriers and travel products.

Brand: Burgeonnest

👤We bought this seat to have our Frenchie sit in the back. She has always hated doing that, but this seat has changed our car trips for the better. It's hard to figure out how to adjust the car seat's buckles, but there are loops in the back to adjust the seat's length if it's malfunctioning. The photo is of the first day of our trip, when she was still not convinced, but she now gets into it happily and eventually cuddles up. It is a snug fit for our 20 lbs dog, but I am not sure if it would fit a much bigger dog. It makes her feel more comfortable when she is in the car because she can sleep in it.

👤I was looking for a better car bed for my boy, who has a lot of travel anxiety. We got the bed. I'm considering buying a second one to leave in the house because he likes it so much. The shell can go straight in the washer if all the cushions are pulled out. The side pockets are a great place for poop bags, leash, and treats. My boy and I still love the bed, but the fabric used is not strong enough. It was torn from the back unit's anchoring points. The fabric anchoring the straps can't take the shear from the pull forward. The straps are not sewn into the seam at the top of the back section. A sturdier fabric is needed. I sewed the edges of the iron-on patch to the seam at the top and the strap anchor below, after removing the cushions and putting them in place. I think a sturdier fabric would make this a great product.

👤I got this car seat for my Maltese and he loves it. It is very soft and comfortable. It has a strap that you attach to the puppy's harness to keep him in place. I had a few pictures to post, but they won't take them. He loves it and falls asleep immediately, which makes long car rides a pleasure. The pads are nice and fluffy and it is easy to wash. I think I made the right choice because it is about half the price of another one I was looking at. This seat is very good.

👤I've been looking for a more comfortable seat for my dog, instead of the bulky liner. He doesn't like dog beds and I was worried he would be too big, but he enjoyed this one and wouldn't get out. He fits a bit better sitting and when he lies down has to rest his head on the lip, but he seems comfortable, it doesn't seem to bother him at all, and he'd probably do that anyway even with a larger bed. I think he's the biggest dog that would be able to use this. The length of the straps was an issue for me. I have a standard sized car with a split bench seat in the back where one seat can be folded down and the other can be used as a middle seat. There was a lot of slack trying to put it around just one seat. My passenger seat is a bit thicker, so it fit that one, but barely, and still had to be tightened all the way. It barely fit around the larger part of the bench seat and had to be loosened all the way. The strap around the head rest fit, but still had a small amount of slack when tightened all the way. We got it to work and like it now, but ran into some issues installing it. I use the seatbelt in the bed to keep him in the seat, but recommend that you use a seatbelt that clips in to the seat belt for safety.

6. Central Control Doghouse Travelling Suitable

Central Control Doghouse Travelling Suitable

This is a dog car seats for small dogs, which can be placed on the armrest of the car or on the back seat, which will solve the problem of no pet seat in the car when traveling. Pets under 13 lbs are recommended. The most suitable weight is below 9 lbs. The width is not recommended to exceed 6 in, please see the pictures for details. This high-end pet car seat has high-quality seat belts and protects your dogs/cats,ensure their safety in the seat. It can be placed on the armrest in the car to make it more intimate with you and your pet. The dog booster car seat is made of sturdy material, which is stable in shape and firm, no matter how the dog moves. The design can be disassembled by opening the zip up. Most cars, trucks, cars and SUVs are compatible with their pet car seat. Your pet should be able to enjoy the scenery and feel secure if the intimacy between you and your pet is increased. Take a trip with your pet. Please measure the size of your car armrest before you buy, the pet seat size is about 42*20*22CM.

Brand: Bnchi

👤My dog is a 15lb maltipoo and it was perfect. I couldn't use it because he couldn't move. It is safe for smaller dogs as it is close to you as a driver.

7. X ZONE PET Carrying Case,Easy Portable

X ZONE PET Carrying Case%EF%BC%8CEasy Portable

It is suitable for small dogs and medium cats. It is possible to see your pet 7 inches high above the vehicle seat. A safety inner leash, two seat belt loops, and a car seat safety surround belt are included. It could be folded down for storage. The bag is easy to carry. The double-faced design is good for warmth in the winter and cool in the summer. The large capacity base compartment storage space and two outer pockets are convenient places for storing snacks or toys, and the soft Cashmere lining provides a comfortable ride experience.

Brand: X-zone Pet

👤Excellent product. My baby's booster seat fits perfectly and she enjoyed her first trip in it. She can see through the window. She lay down comfortably.

👤I have a 25 lbs French bulldog that is perfect for him. He wanted to use it for a bed immediately after I set it up. Look at the pictures! He loves it so much! He can finally look out the windows and see what's going on. I like that I can put him in it. He is safe while driving. I like that it is changeable so I will change it during the winter when he does over heat. It is nice and comfortable for him during the winter. It's recommended for anyone who is thinking about getting one.

👤This is a good seat for my Corgi, but it might not work in every car. One person can fit in the back of our Jeep Grand Cherokee, but not two because it overlaps the middle seat. It's sturdy and comfortable because it's tall so my corgi can see out the window without having to stand on her hind legs. The clip is small and hard to clip on and off the leash or harness, it is large, and it won't fit in a front seat unless you have a bench seat. The carabiner was attached to the clip to make it easier to use. It is large enough for my long dog to lay down and be happy.

👤I use a large booster seat for my 12 lbs pomeranian because he is elderly and has cardiac/respiratory issues, so he has a difficult time sitting upright in a medium booster seat. This booster is large, so he can lie down if he needs to, and there's plenty of room for him to stand up and turn around if he chooses. He seems to like car rides in this size booster seat. It has the option of collapsing the inner flaps so that a large dog could sit lower in the booster seat, but he is able to look out. It takes up 2 seats' length, but I have an SUV and only 1-2 passengers, so we all fit well...this is something to consider if you travel with more children and need seat space. I hope this helps.

👤The seat barely fits on a standard passenger seat and is big enough for a 25 pound dog. I'm glad I didn't get the bigger size. She's a happy girl because she's able to sit up or lay down and still see out the window. The strap to hold the seat to the carseat is not ideal, it's hard to get it tight enough to feel safe, but if you alsobuckle your dog with a seatbelt through their harness it helps hold everything together. The seat is really comfortable and sturdy.

👤My dog is over 10 pounds and she likes the height so much that she hops on willingly. She does it to destroy it. She chewed a hole on the side that was fluffy white, so I decided to reverse it. At first it worked out great. She did not chew on the brown fabric, but she did chew on the zip, so it's a pain to get it back up. I agree with another reviewer's opinion about the leash. She gets tangled up so easily that I worry she'll get hurt and it doesn't seem very durable. I ordered a leash to tie on the head rest. My next project will be to sew the zip up and see if it works. It stays put nicely on the car. The seat belt loop and the strap on the head rest are the best parts of the seat. I think it would be alright if it was 15-20 dollars cheaper. It does it's job, but not great quality.

8. CHANLAU Included Suitable Interactive Seat(Single

CHANLAU Included Suitable Interactive Seat%EF%BC%88Single

This is a high-end pet car seat. It can be placed on the back seat of the car to increase the amount of time you spend with your pet. Our. The HOOk&LOOP prevent the pet seat from shaking off and dropping out. The dog with back length less than 40 cm and the cat with back length less than 9 cm are small. The Pet car seat is made from waterproof high strength pure cotton, which is not toxic or harmful, and it is dishwasher safe. The design can be separated for easy cleaning. You can sit on the copilot to feed your pet, and you can touch or watch your pet at any time with their pet car seat. Drivers shouldn't be distracted. At all times, please pay attention to safety. The distance between the two seats should be greater than 19 cm, and there are two armrests. Please watch the instructional video and read the pictures carefully. Technical support is provided all day.

Brand: Dotouud

👤It was adorable and she loved it. The dog bed is comfortable and can fit on the small console of my car. My bud can see out, and she is happy that it is in front of the AC vent. What were they thinking with the straps? I could have wrapped the straps around my console two times because they are made to fit around a large console. My baby slid backwards because they connect to nothing. I thought my console might have broken. You need to make straps that fit a lot of consoles. This outfit is not stable. It is better than being wrapped around my neck to drive, but it needs more engineering to be safe. The jury is still out. I love the size of my baby, but I need to find a way to attach the console that works.

👤I love it! Everything about it! I would have given a 10/10 if I could. I wish I had thought of it a long time ago. Our dog is a 5# Yorkie, full of car anxiety. She would not relax until she was out of the car, because she had a full view of her impending death. She did 10x better than I thought she would. She fell asleep at a gas station while we were there. She could still see out the window if she sat up, and she could put her paw on either of us if she needed a little "handholding" and be content. There is a This was a long trip. She used it for the second time. Couldn't have imagined a good trial run. Don't let the price deter you! Every penny is worth it.

👤I love this car seat. My Yorkshire terrier has a long back. It fits him perfectly. I don't have to worry about him falling out if I clip his harness. I like how I can unclip the top to rest his head on it. My baby approves.

👤The product is described. Sturdy and padded. The top opening of the console is secured by the straps. My dog is a tight fit but she seems to like it. She might lay her head down on the pillow front on a longer trip. It will serve my purpose to have a secure seat for her on the console, which is her favorite place to ride. I don't think it's worth $73, but all good dog car seats are expensive. The company makes you feel guilty about returning because they say the seat cannot be used again. I couldn't find another one so I will probably keep it. They all have the same cost. The high cost has made me have 4 stars. She is more content because she can sit by me. We like the seat.

👤I have a "slide" console so this seat wouldn't work. Had it worked, it would have given my dog security. The company was willing to give me a full refund after I requested one. They were very helpful. I would order anything else from this company.

9. Kamapulo Interactive Flip Top Armrest Muilt Purpose

Kamapulo Interactive Flip Top Armrest Muilt Purpose

Please check the size. The dog car seat is small. The external size is 44*22*23 cm. It only fits small pets up to 10 lbs. If your pet is more than 12 inches, it is not suitable for lying down, only for sitting. Measure your pet and make sure it's the right size. The pet car window seat can be installed on the car's center console. It doesn't fit a armrest box. Armrest requires 30 cm/12'', 36 cm/14.2'' and 65 cm/28.6''. The seat will slide if the armrest is less than 12''. The armrest should have a thickness of a dollar coin between it and the box. Staying on the console can bring you closer to your puppy. Your pet will have enough security while travelling. Your pet can feel as comfortable as a bed. If your armrest can meet their installation requirements, this dog travel seat can cling tightly in your car armrest and prevent you from shaking it off or sliding it back and forth. The seat belts will protect your pet from harm. The pet car carrier is made of soft PP cotton and is not harmful to your pet. The dog car bed seat is easy to clean. The pet seat can be used as a pet bed at home and a pet basket while walking. Storage is more convenient because there are pockets on both sides of the pet carrier.

Brand: Kamapulo

👤I have a picky dog. She doesn't like riding in her carrier and won't lie down on the seat. I would spend too much time watching her so it isn't safe for her or me. This one is perfect because she is up high where she can see me, and next to me so she feels like she is right by me. She thought I was trying to jump out with the pillow that was down. She was clipped in so didn't get very far, but it made me jump. Until she is a little older and more control, the pillow stays up. The bed is on the armrest. I have a thick armrest. I bought some heavy duty Velcro patches on Amazon because I feel like there is more grip for a safer experience. It is not very safe if you have an accident, and I am pretty sure the Velcro wouldn't hold it in a crash. I run the seatbelts through the handles on each side and I feel like it is marginally better. I may tie a knot in each handle and leave a small loop for the seatbelt. I'm still in the thinking phase on that. The straps that go around the armrest are off center. There is a long one with a lot of stretch on one side and the other is short and stationary. It's hard to get them to meet up. The inside edge of the armrest box is where they meet. The tops shut down. I think it would make more sense if the side that was stationary was a little longer so that they could meet in the middle. My front strap doesn't meet the more stationary one. It is shut in the armrest door. Until I get the patches installed, that is enough. We are only making short trips around the back roads of town. I want her to be used to lying down and staying down before I take her. I am hoping the patch will be long enough to avoid the side of the cabinet. I don't think it will. We will see. This is the closest I have come to her being willing to take anything with her. I want to take her in the car more often so she doesn't associate it with the vet. She loves this one. And so do I. I will let you know that the Velcro works.

👤I have tried other seats and the sides bent, but the sides on this are sturdy and keep my dog in place.

👤I measured the product before ordering and it fit my puppy. She didn't fit my car, so I was going to send it back, but I had to pay the charges to China. Make sure your dog's measurement is at least an inch larger than your vehicle's.

👤It was easy to install on my arm rest. It is sturdy and does not move. When the dog is not in the compartment, I can still access it. My dog loves it and he will jump out of the car when he is asleep. It has a strap to keep him in if he tried. My dog couldn't turn back around because he was turned around in it. I picked him up and turned him around. I am completely happy with it.

10. PET PRODUCTS Buckle Seat Large

PET PRODUCTS Buckle Seat Large

BUCKLE N' GO The mesh windows allow your pet to view out and provide additional air flow, while the pet car seat provides a safe, secure and restrained location for your pet to ride. The front and back straps have loops around the headrests and are included with any standard car seat belt. Installation is quick. It is easy to install and uninstall and folds flat. SIZING can be used on the left or right side of a vehicle. The dog car seat has no pet weight limit and is great for large dogs. K&H has over 20 years of experience in creating innovative, quality products. Also, note: The seat belt buckle receiver is included in this product. This product may not be compatible with your vehicle if it has a non-standard proprietary belt lock.

Brand: K&h Pet Products

👤Medium dogs, large dogs, or small dogs are not the only ones. I was trying to find a car seat for my dogs, which was 35ish lbs. The seats were for small dogs and big dogs were supposed to lay on them. This is great for dogs with chronic illnesses. It could comfortably seat a dog up to 80ish lbs. This thing is great for keeping your dogs safe. It's like a crate with no top. My dogs like to be contained while driving, or they get nervous and try to pace. There are slots in the bottom for the seatbelt, so I put towels in the bottom. It folds down to let a dog hop in or out of the car, but it can be attached to both seat headrests. You can attach the dog harness to the seat belt if you have a seat belt slot. The attachment clicks into the seatbelt and clips to the harness. It was a game change for my guys. You can toss it in the trunk because it folds down flat.

👤My husky is perfect in this. I love it. The seat is big enough for my big Husky and it came with its own seat belt.

👤I am very disappointed. The first day I used this, the strap that is supposed to keep the dog secure snapped in three places. The metal part in the seatbelt area will not come out when it is undone. I have to take this to a mechanic to see if they can fix it. I would not recommend this to anyone because I will have to pay to fix it.

👤We bought this for our golden retriever. We found this that will fit her as we were having problems with her jumping to the front, or sitting in our kid's car seat when he isn't in the car, so we searched high and low. We had to pull over to rescue her after we tried using the seatbelt strap alone. She didn't do well in the trunk of our SUV, so this was our last resort. The installation is very easy, I clipped the front straps and tightened them after I clicked the back strap. The bottom part extends outside the seat a little, but when the front and back straps are secured, it stays still. I can't think of a better way to prevent her from sliding in that seat if I brake a little harder. If your driving style requires sharp turns and quick brakes, you will just need a slip proof mat to go on the bottom, if your backseat is shared by your child and fur baby.

👤He loves it. He is 30 lbs. It fits a small bed inside.

👤There is a dog car seat for sale. I had to do a lot of research to find this dog car seat, and I don't know why. The first page should have this on it. It is the perfect size for any dog. It cured my puppy's car anxiety as he has his own private seat in the car but can still see out of the mesh sides. It's easy to put in and take out. 10/10

11. Booster Comfortable Suitable Disassembled Cleaning

Booster Comfortable Suitable Disassembled Cleaning

Dog car seats are designed for the safety of dogs in the car, when the car turns,bumps, and brakes the dog will not be afraid, it will not affect the driver's safe driving. Small and medium-sized dogs and cats under 40 pounds can easily be accommodated in the pet car seat, which is suitable for almost all. Two 4 cm wide sturdy seat belts can firmly fix the dog seat to the car seat, and a 4 cm wide seat belt hanging on the dog collar can ensure the safety of the dog, don't worry about the dog jumping suddenly out of the window. Excellent material. The dog seat is made of soft plush fabric and filled with high quality PP cotton and high density sponge. The dog seat is easy to clean and store, it comes with a large-capacity Oxford cloth storage bag, which is convenient to load the dog seat, and is convenient to store when not in use.

Brand: Bochao

👤I've been looking for a pup seat for my dog. I was hoping that a dog car seat would make her feel more secure. During the spring and summer I don't usually force her into the car, but I will sometimes go for a weekend or stay for a week so she can come along with us. I like that this one is clean. A good washing is needed after a few trips. The bottom cushion doesn't fluff up one removed from the vacuum pack, but I don't think that's a problem. It is only a thin cushion and the whole thing is on top of your car seat, which is already soft? I don't know what mine looks like. There are small grips on the bottom of the dog seat that are good to stop it from sliding around on my leather seats. There are straps that hold the seat in place. One hugs the seat and goes around it completely, the other is a little more flexible and has a buckles in the back. You can clip the strap to the collar from the top left. The bottom of the seat has a zip that is useful when getting her into and out of the car. She can get by if she moves the cushion out of the way.

👤Absolutely love this! I bought this because I have a dog that has bad joints, partially deafness and blind, and also has stroke symptoms, which is a recipe for accidents in the car. She stays in her bed with this car seat. She did not tangle into it like she did with the regular seatbelts because she did not do circles. My dog seems to be very comfortable in this thing. Time will tell if quality and durability are worth it.

👤The foam inserts were sucked flat by the vacuum. The foam did not start to recover after 24 hours. The product does not have any material content labeling or manufacturer ID. Installation instructions were not provided. It would be helpful to have magnifying glass.

👤What can I say about this? The velvet look fabric is nice, the color is pretty and soft to touch, but the foam that comes with it is a waste and the sellers should just sell the fabric. I had to do that. If you buy this product, be prepared to buy extra foam so you can actually use it, because the foam that it comes with is all shrink and rolled up, and when opening it never comes to the actual size, you have to pay 15 dollars for a form from another provider.

👤Excellent quality product. It was wrapped in a small box. It was a very plush filling once opened. It was easy to put together. My Mini Schnauzer is 9 lbs and this seat can hold up to 30 lbs or two small dogs. The dog can look out the window with the help of the tether strap. The bed allows the dog to sleep. I'm happy I bought it.


What is the best product for car seat booster for dogs?

Car seat booster for dogs products from Bochao. In this article about car seat booster for dogs you can see why people choose the product. Kurgo and Bloblo are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat booster for dogs.

What are the best brands for car seat booster for dogs?

Bochao, Kurgo and Bloblo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat booster for dogs. Find the detail in this article. Queens Nose, Burgeonnest and Bnchi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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