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1. Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Seat

Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Seat

Easy installation: Patented click tight makes it easy to install a car seat. No rethreading, ever: Quick adjust 14 position harness with click and safe, snug indicator gives a click sound when the harness is tight. It's easy to ride comfortably. Cool flow fabric improves air flow. Warm water and mild soap are used to clean the shell. The steel frame and impact absorbing base are surrounded in safety. It fits. The rear facing 5 to 40 pounds and the forward facing 20 to 65 pounds are measured in inches. Minimum is 0 months and maximum is 60 months. Minimum is 0 months and maximum is 60 months.

Brand: Britax

👤After only three weeks of using the brand new seat, I decided to remove my baby from it because the seat belt was not holding up. I don't know if it's a coincidence or if it's life threatening in the case of a crash, either way it's a problem with the seat I bought. I returned it through Amazon and will contact Britax with photos and video. Attached is a photo.

👤My goal in a convertible car seat was to be safe, easy to install, and easy to use, but also something that didn't take up too much space (both width and length), and a cover that could be removed easily for cleaning. The Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat, the Chicco Next Fit Zip Convertible Car Seat, and the Diono Radian 3RXT are all in the $250-$300 range, and were my top choices after a lot of research. I kept the Britax because none of the 4 had what I was hoping for. I wanted a convertible car seat that fit in the middle seat with a chicco keyfit 30 on one side and a passenger on the other with a comfortable level of comfort, but I didn't want it to be too big. I installed each seat I purchased in the middle seat next to the chicco keyfit 30 and my reviews are based off of this position. I hope that my efforts can help others. I didn't rate these seats by any of the companies or sellers, my hope is to help others in a similar situation. The seats have pictures in order from left to right. I was impressed with the ease with which the seatbelt was fastened. The seatbelt is the recommended method and I didn't try it with the anchors. It kept the seat secure in the window or the middle seat. The seat in my car covered the window-seat belt, so a third passenger option is impossible unless you purchase an extender, which is what I decided to do. The cooler material option that I ordered is not cool as there are small circles cut out of the top layer of material and I can imagine it being a mess in the future. I can't comment on the material's actual benefit since it's possible that the child could get crumb-hoarding in hot climates. It's not a problem to figure out where the indicator should be when it's rear vs. front facing. The cover is easy to remove, but there are a few separate pieces to be removed which could be nice if only one part needs to be washed. The shoulder belt insert can be adjusted with the changing height of the child. I had high hopes for this one since I have been a fan of the Keyfit 30. I was expecting more with the high price. The zip-off cover is very useful. I couldn't get a safe installation of the seat in my car because it was difficult to install and it was next to an infant car seat. The installation behind the passenger seat was easy. I was not able to tighten it enough to be safe and forward facing, and it was difficult to get the seatbelt tight enough for a stable ride. I was able to put the seatbelt on when the seat was in the middle of the backseat. It was a bit more cosier than the Britax Boulevard, but it was still open for fastening because of the base and fastening connections. It is easy to change the recline. Instructions for leveling are clear. Consumer Reports did not give the Diono Radian 3RXT a very good rating, but they did give it a good rating because of the ease of installation. If you want to sit 3 across, this is a great option. It is very heavy, can fold up a bit for easier storage, and has a lower profile as shown in the photos. It can take up more space when rear facing so the passengers in the front will lose more leg space as compared to these other seats. I wanted to like this one enough to keep it, but the cover is more complex to remove and it just takes a lot more effort and time. I would buy this as a third seat if I had to put 3 across in my car. It would be difficult to get it installed and for the child to use the in-car seatbelt unless you get an extension. The SureRide DLX carseat is not as good as the others. I would expect one with a much more reasonable price. The weight is the biggest pro. My sister-in-law has 5 children and she loves this seat. She likes the ease of cleaning the cover and this one is the easiest compared to the others. It is very difficult to get the seat secure with it in the middle next to the chicco keyfit 30, like the chicco nextfit and diono. Britax thought the Britax was about 1/2 and inch smaller than the next fit. I will probably buy one of these in the future to use as a travel seat when flying and to prevent damage to my nicer car seat.

2. Samman Interface Universal Restraint Compatible

Samman Interface Universal Restraint Compatible

Part number: ZJ-ZY01. A study in the journal Injury Prevention found that children under the age of two are 75 percent less likely to die or be severely injured in a crash if they are rear-facing. A study found that riding rear-facing was five times safer than forward-facing. The child seat and ISOFIX are important. The Universal ISOFIX Latch Interface Bracket is made of metal with black powder finish and is rustproof, sturdy, durable and with a long service life. A rear-facing child safety seat distributes the force of the collision over the entire body, which makes it a better seat to use in a crash. The rear of the car can be put down, but there is a gap between the cushion of the car and the back of the car. The installation is easy and firm. If you have a question about the product, feel free to contact them. If you have a question about the product, feel free to contact them.

Brand: Samman

👤This is perfect in my car because I drive a 2002 Yukon Denali.

3. Chicco KeyFit Infant Seat Base

Chicco KeyFit Infant Seat Base

The versatile stay-in-car base accepts all of the Chicco Key Fit Infant Car Seats. The anti-rebound bar has added stability and more legroom. It's easy to install because of top-rated features like SuperCinch force-multiplying LATCH tightener. Proper base angle in the vehicle seat can be achieved with the help of spring-loaded leveling foot and Ride Right bubble levels. LockSure steel-reinforced lock-offs provide a secure install. LockSure steel-reinforced lock-offs provide a secure install.

Brand: Chicco

👤This was purchased as a second base. The base came with the stroller system I purchased. Each of our cars has one that I bought. It is very easy to install the car seat system. The car seat is very secure.

👤I needed another base for my husband's truck because I don't want to swap it back and forth, even though they say you can use it without it. I prefer the base and my anxiety has been pretty good. It is worth it for the convenience, but I wish it was a little more affordable.

👤We did not need a whole car seat for our new granddaughter carrier. It's much better than having a whole car seat in the way.

👤It was ordered for our second vehicle. The key fit 35 perfectly. The same as the base that came with the travel system. It could not be simpler to install. It takes about 5 minutes to install.

👤I love the chicco system. The base for the car seat is very easy to use.

👤They loved it as a baby shower gift.

👤We bought this extra base so that I could be in my SO's car. It is nice to have just in case, but they don't use it.

👤This is easy to install in a car and it's also easy to get the seat in and out of the car. The design is very sleek and not bulky. We got one for both cars because we liked it so much.

4. Graco SnugRide Lite Infant Black

Graco SnugRide Lite Infant Black

A 4-position base helps ensure an accurate install and helps keep a baby comfortable as he or she grows. The easy-to-read level indicator makes it easy to know if it is installed correctly. Installation of a stay-in-car base is easy. A combination of the most rigorous crash tests that helps to protect your child in frontal, side, rear, and rollover crashes; additional testing based on the New Car Assessment Program and for extreme car interior temperatures is what the Protect Plus engineered is. You can create your own travel system with any Graco stroller. You can create your own travel system with any Graco stroller.

Brand: Graco

👤Click connect to fit with my graco snugride. The extra base is good.

👤I got this for my van because I was tired of fooling with a seat without a base. Some reviewers said it was easy to install, others said it was hard to install. Just went with it. Most of the time, installing all bases is not very fun, but it's not a big deal. The base that came with the car seat is more difficult to install than this one. The seat belt clip feels impossible to thread through.

👤You want to make sure it fits, and shopping for this stuff can be confusing. It becomes clear that the confusion is shared by many when you look at the questions section. There is a The car seat has a sticker that says it works with Grace Click Connect. I had doubts when buying items that weren't related to Graco. I went ahead and placed the order after I saw the return policy. It fit perfectly on the car seat. The car seat is compatible with this base.

👤It's hard to take out. The belt part will not loosen if you move it or take it out. Time and money are wasted. The older versions of this base worked better for me.

👤The seat base is screwed. The belt won't pull enough to tighten it using the latch system, no matter what I do and how many times I try. The belt locks at random points. The base is still several inches of give. I clipped it and tried to adjust it. Adjusting it with a button pushed and unpushed. It shouldn't be difficult to tighten this with a belt. The company I am entrusting my child's safety to can't even get the simple stuff right.

👤It was easy to install the lap belt in the center back seat of the 2008 Camry. My husband and I bought a combo. We have 2 cars and it only came with one base. This works perfectly in my car, and is much easier than putting the car seat in every time I have to go somewhere. Just put the infant seat on the base.

👤The base will not get tight. The belt that tightens it glides along the base. There was no grip or movement. We bought this for our first child and will not spend more money on this company. Two bases were bought by us. The other base has no level indicator. It's shocking that they won't spend the extra couple of dollars to include a level on all bases because it's life and death with the baby sitting at it. They only include it if you spend more than that. I don't respect this company and will return everything GRACO we have.

👤It was very easy to use. When the car seat is removed, it catches on one side. It's not a big deal. It's a bit harder to get the car seat out.

👤The base original, buenos materiales...

5. Thule Urban Glide Seat Adapter Universal

Thule Urban Glide Seat Adapter Universal

Doona is locked in position according to the Doona Installation Indicator. You can face your baby while walking. Installation is simple and easy. There is a Compatibility Guide for popular infant car seat models. It's recommended for only strolling.

Brand: Thule

👤I was happy to learn that Thule had a Chicco accessory. It's a huge plus to be able to use both the stroller and car seat at the same time. The Keyfit 30 comes out easily. It is a much more secure option than a generic strap. It adds a bit more bulk to the stroller, but it is very easy to remove. Highly recommended.

👤I wanted to use a jogging stroller as a travel system. It's difficult in the USA, but manageable when you research. The box says these are compatible with BeSafe, Cybex, and Nuna car seats. My experience with Cybex Cloud Q infant car seat is that it is very sturdy, and I am confident in my child's safety. Users know exactly which parts were intended to move when they use the same blue colorcoded levers as the adapters. It was easy to install, and what I needed.

👤I like to run a lot and take a long walk, so this was a must-have for my baby. I could take her with me. The stroller can be difficult to fold if it is attached to the stroller, so you have to disassemble it every time you need to pack it up, which can be annoying. It isn't the most convenient set-up for a stroller/carset combo for everyday use, but if you're a runner then Thule is a great choice.

👤I use this for my car seat. I found the Thule stroller frame to be very secure and easy to install. You just put the car seat on the adapter and you have a strap that you secure across the middle of the seat. It is very easy to use. It is easy to accidentally fold up the car seat when trying to put it in place if you are not careful, so I docked one star. This seems like a safety issue to me.

👤I noticed that the other side of the stroller attachment needed to be adjusted because of the broken plastic pin. I am going to check out my neighborhood big box store to see if it has a metal screw that I can use. On the weekends, I run on indoor track occasionally, as well as occasionally walking my dog. This piece fell apart after less than 3 months of light use. It is not a perfect fit but it keeps the pieces together with a small amount of play. I don't trust it for a long time, but I'm ok with using it for now.

👤The Nuna PIPA infant car seat has an accessory that can be used with the Urban Glide 2. The car seat is secure on the stroller. It is nice to be able to take baby in this stroller for days in the park, even though jogging with a small infant is not a good idea.

👤Does the job, but it's a little more difficult to take on than I would like. It doesn't snap on and off very easily, so you have to take it off every time you fold the stroller. It is an odd shape. It is kind of awkward to store. I like that our Keyfit 30 snaps in once it is set up. It feels secure. The car seat is attached to the garage and we left the Urban Glide 2. We only use it for walks around the neighborhood. We store the Keyfit Caddy in our car since it folds up smaller and is easier to get into and out of.

6. Safety 1st OnBoard Adjustable Infant

Safety 1st OnBoard Adjustable Infant

You can use it with your onboard 35 car seat. Stay in the car base.

Brand: Safety 1st

👤We know how to put the car seats in. It would not tighten. We took it to the fire station to see if they could fix it, but they said it was a bad car seat and would not be safe. When you shook it, it wiggled. A piece of junk. The seat is big enough to fit in a suburb and it hung over the edge like crazy.

👤I liked the infant support and got this because of that. The corners of the bottom buckle are not good for her. I have tried adjusting the straps but no help. My baby is three weeks old. I can't put my finger between her thighs. Maybe I got a dud.

👤My baby's thighs were cut by the way the bottom buckle is over-sized. Her first experience with a car seat was torture, even though the straps were adjusted. The design is a dud, and I had several other mothers look at it and they all agreed.

👤My 8 year old was the first child to have a safety 1st car seat. It's easy to setup, but it's a big car seat and a very big base, so it's not for everyone. It fit perfectly in my car. It doesn't fit in a Chevy Coronado. The passenger seat and driver seat will not be able to move. I had to put the Santa Fe in the middle because the passenger seat can't be moved back or forth. I didn't mind since my baby's safety was more important. If you are looking for a quality car seat that will protect you and give you space in your car, this is the one for you.

👤So far it's been good, second time mom! I was hesitant because of some of the reviews, but the car seat kept me coming back. I can't give a full review until August because my second is not due until then. I wanted to share the out of box experience for the mothers who are hesitant. The cushion was the first thing I saw out of the box. I didn't want the baby to be squeezed. The cushion is sufficient for me. It was in the right place and has a head that can be used to grow a baby. There is a Even with the base, the weight was light. It is not a shopping bag at target. It is light so far. The sun barrier is great. The length is easy to pull down. I mean come on look at the price, sound doesn't bother me. The bar needs some work. I need to give it a little tug out of the box. It wasn't easy to move but after playing with it, it loosened up and is better now. I looked at reviews for both the stroller and the car seat. Half of the reviews were done. I gave it a try, and so far I don't regret it. I only gave 4 stores because the baby is not here yet. I would recommend other mothers. It's at a far price, but it's all I expected. I kept coming back because of the price. 2nd time mom, remembering how fast babies grow, and how they don't care how much you spend on a car seat! Is all that important if they are safe? You may just love it like I do. Free returns if not.

7. Graco SnugRide SnugLock Infant Black

Graco SnugRide SnugLock Infant Black

The installation of SnugLock Technology is easy and compatible with all Graco Click Connect rear facing infant car seats. The In Right LATCH system has a one second attachment. Easy to read bubble level indicator helps eliminate installation confusion. You can store the manual in the easily accessible manual storage location if you want. Check your state and local laws for car seat usage. Check your state and local laws for car seat usage.

Brand: Graco

👤The base that came with our car seat was very difficult to remove. I had to ask my husband to help me do it. The button that you push to loosen the strap gets caught under the base and it's almost impossible to push down. All your body weight is required. I watched a lot of videos to see if there was a simpler way. After 45 minutes of fighting it, my husband was able to get the base out of his car. We gambled on this base and it is a little different. Both of us can get it in and out of this base much easier. It feels safe and can still tighten.

👤Click and Classic are not compatible. Even though both are Model 35, there is no distinction offered in the product description. "To Bad..." is what Graco just said. Classic is obsolete and not compatible.

👤I love that it punches the seat belt. Before you install the car seat, you need to lift up the grey lever, put the seatbelt through the slots, tighten the belt, and then push the grey lever down over the seatbelt. When you try wiggling, the car seat doesn't move when you push down. It is easy to remove the car seat.

👤I bought this base for my husband's car. The red pattern on the Click Connect car seat and stroller travel system is what we have here. The base that came with the package was easy to install. The base that was said to be the most accurate was this one. I got a stroller, carseat, and base for 120 bucks and I feel like it's a little pricey. The carseat clicks into this base. I used the LATCH system for both of our vehicles. The base is very sturdy and can't be pushed more than a little left or right. It seems like this base isn't tight enough. We have it installed correctly, and I can move the base quite a bit. The strap seems to tighten. It tightens up but then slacks. It's getting locked in place because you can't loosen the strap. It seems like it's not as safe. I wish we could have bought the grey one that came with the travel system.

👤We bought an extra base so that we don't have to change it. It was easy to get a base snug and buckled down, but it would be difficult to pull it out. It's worth it to be able to set the car seat in and go. We have one in my car, one in my husband's, so it makes things easier to coordinate with care takers. We might buy a third base for our daughter.

👤It's the same as the one that came with our car seat. It is easier to use now. The seat belt and hooked strap can be used for added protection. It was worth the money to have the car seat easy to use and not have to re- strap it to our vehicle. It's safer for the baby as there's less of a chance of something going wrong. The shipment was quicker than we expected.

8. DEF Universal Restraint Compatible Connector

DEF Universal Restraint Compatible Connector

It is possible to offer up to 7 recline positions to ensure the perfect angle. It is easy to change with the base installed. Cars without ISOFIX interface are compatible. There is a gap between the car seat cushion and the back of the car. The surface is made of high-quality steel and has a long service life. The ISOFIX interface bracket is manufactured to strict quality control standards. Stable but also tough. A universal base is compatible with a wide range of child safety seats. The installation is easy and firm, without any instructions included. The package includes a screw bolt and ISOFIX guide slot. Part number: ZJ-ZY01. Part number: ZJ-ZY01.

Brand: Def

👤Doesn't fit in a Chrysler vehicle.

9. UPPAbaby 0262 MESA Base

UPPAbaby 0262 MESA Base

Infant carrier is not included. UPPA baby Mesa's smart secure auto-retracting mini latch connectors combined with a red to green tension indicator window is an industry first. Infant carrier is not included. A low-profile base. It's for all year MESA infant car seats. The base bottom won't damage the car interiors. The tightness indicator is red. The Infant Car Seat has a plastic and metal construction. The base is 21.3”L x 14.5”W. It was 10.3”H. 13”H is the highest level. The tightness indicator is red. The Infant Car Seat has a plastic and metal construction. The base is 21.3”L x 14.5”W. It was 10.3”H. 13”H is the highest level.

Brand: Uppababy

👤Don't buy two carseats or any other nonsense. Just buy it. You don't have to worry about which car you used the most when you leave one in every car. Do you want to drive halfway to work, only to realize that you've got the baby's carseat base in your car, and your sleep-deprived wife will kill you if she finds out she can't leave the house? You don't. It's not pretty, so save yourself the hassle and buy the stupid base. What more do you need to know about it?

👤We bought the travel system for our baby, and we love it. We have a base in both cars because we bought a second base. It's very easy to install and secure. The level window shows the seat is installed correctly. I know this is a solid piece of equipment, so I have less anxiety driving with the baby. The carseat can be used without a base in emergencies. The seat has directions on how to use it.

👤I bought this base for my vehicle because I wanted to transport my grandson without having to change seats. It was a smart move, but it was expensive. I used Youtube to help set it up and it worked out well. It only works with the Uppa baby systems. Do not try to use a baby seat that is not an Uppababy baby seat. It won't fit, it won't lock, and it won't endanger the child. If you don't have the seat, you can purchase the base. You don't know the base is with the seat until you get it. You use a stone to kill two birds.

👤I love the stroller and car seat. The base came quickly. Their products are of good quality. I was very pleased with the base. It can be difficult to get the green on the base of the car seat. It's still fairly new, so not sure how it will hold up over time.

👤The Mesa extra base is only needed for convenience. It's so easy to take out a vehicle, it makes an extra base worthless. The base with a seat belt makes it more necessary. I've only used it with the latches so far.

👤This base is easy to install and safe. As grandparents, we only needed the base, and encouraged both of our pregnant children and spouses to get an Uppa Baby stroller that would accommodate the same base. They got the same stroller, we got the base, and we can't wait to have our soon-to-be born grandchildren riding in our car!

👤I believed that the level was faulty as well. The levels are on the side of the base. The green/red piece on the top is not a level and will not turn green until the hooks are latched on and the unit is pressed down. The seat belt part will never be green if you use it. They didn't do a good job differentiating in the manual and I thought it was a faulty unit. It was a bad user. If you have the Mesa, the base is easy to install.

10. Graco Tranzitions Harness Booster Proof

Graco Tranzitions Harness Booster Proof

A harness booster helps protect your child. They have increased the weight minimum from 30 to 40 pounds to continue to meet industry standards. The harness system allows the head and harness to adjust in one motion. Do not bleach. Busy, active parents will love the lightweight, portable seat. Your child's headrest grows with you. 2 cup holders keep drinks and snacks close to hand. The belt guides help position the seat belt.

Brand: Graco

👤Highly recommend! My son is 4 years old. 2.5 months ago, we got into a horrible car accident. I hit a pole, my car was totaled, and my son had minor whiplash and was released from the hospital the same day. I broke my nose, left ankle, right knee and was 800-273-3217 I have to give credit to this seat for his injuries being so minimal. I bought him another one last week because my car caught on fire in the accident and the seat did as well.

👤I don't usually write reviews. This car seat in the high back booster mode saved my five year olds life this Christmas Eve. Her grandmother was with her. The car flipped onto its side. The side of the car. She was in the driver's seat. We left the church service with her and our little boy. Daddy. We rode home. She does not have a scratch. I am amazed. Our guardian angels in heaven were watching over her tonight and she was safe and secure thanks to the car seat. The family with young children in the other car were safe as well. I have always purchased graco. I will continue to do that. Their customer service is excellent.

👤This is the second seat I've bought, so I'm going to write a review. The seat held up well in a crash. The seat was installed on the side. My husband and daughter came home safely that evening thanks to Ford and Graco. There is no higher praise for a car seat. This is the seat I recommend to everyone with forward facing kids and those with multiple kids. It's perfect for 3 situations. It is easy to install and second to none in my experience. I keep this in our second car so that I can adjust it between my three daughters with ease. They all say it's comfortable. I've had experience with a lot of different car seats and seat combinations with three young children and two cars. The seat is simple and has been my go-to seat recently. It's not fancy, it's not expensive, but it kept my daughter alive, and that's all I could ask for.

👤I thought I could help someone out by writing a review. I almost returned it the night I got it. I researched online for tips to get a good install. I tried tolatch first, but theadjuster kept getting in the way. I couldn't get the seat belt tight enough after locking it. The trick is to leave enough slack in the seat belt to pull as hard as you can until the seat belt is absolutely tight, then lock the retractor and put the excess in. Without pulling the belt horizontally, it wiggled 3 or more inches. It's not safe for a crash. I'm glad for forums online and tips for a tight install. Hope this helps.

11. Doona Infant Seat Latch Base

Doona Infant Seat Latch Base

The 5-point harness and theadjustable handlebar act as an anti-rebound bar inside the car, as well as being the highest safety & quality standards, TUV and FAA aircraft approved for travel, 2 years manufacturer's warranty. The stretch material canopy and shoulder pads are made of Baby Safe Materials and Breathable Textiles. The Doona infant car seat, Doona bamboo infant insert, Doona bamboo head support, and Doona vehicle seat protector are included in the set. Babies between 4 lbs. and important size and usage information. To 35 lbs. And max. The height is 32 inches. The Doona Infant Car Seat is only in the back. Doona is small and lightweight. The car seat weighs only 16 lbs. The base weighs in at over 10 lbs. Doona is small and lightweight. The car seat weighs only 16 lbs. The base weighs in at over 10 lbs.

Brand: Doona

👤This is the best and most satisfying purchase I have ever made in Amazon. We were able to leave the hospital with the baby the next day, because it arrived just the day after it was born. It was amazing to learn how to use it. We walked from the hospital to our home instead of using a car. Our baby has always felt comfortable when we seat him in the Doona, and it has been since then that we have been using it. It has served its purpose for every use we have thought of for it. Taking the baby to the restaurant for lunch and dinner is one of the use cases we have successfully checked. It is small enough to avoid people getting in close proximity to its wheels. The baby should be taken on a ferry. It worked well in the car seat. The baby really likes traveling since his first day out, thanks to the Doona. All of the drivers were impressed with how easy it was for us to get the baby in and out of the car, converting from stroller to car seat and back to stroller in an easy operation. They don't need to get off the car to open the trunk or help with the stroller because it's a car seat. It has made our life out of home a lot easier. Take the baby to the beach with a car seat that you can convert to a car seat with the handle and then pop it out when you hit a palm tree. We put a blanket over the Doona because the shade helps keep the baby comfortable but we go extra cautious. There is no mosquitoes or too much sun or wind. There is an official sunshade. We didn't want to wait for shipping times so we went the cheap way. The baby is going to the movies. Yes! Babies like the movie even if it is three hours long. We put the Doona in a car seat. If the baby is showing signs of wet diaper, you can change it during the movie to avoid crying. You can enjoy your movie date again if you seat close to the aisles or next to the handicapped seats. Since we found out we can do things we like, having done this helped us. The baby is on a plane. We had an international flight at week 5 and we felt like we were in a picture studio at the airport. It was easy to get to crowded places. There are two ways to travel with it. If you take the baby to the gate, the airline will take care of it and put it with the cargo and you can use it through customs and luggage pick up without having to hold it. And... 2. The Doona is certified for air travel so you can take it on board with your baby. We saved money by choosing option 1 and using baby formula. The stroller/seat was the easiest to use, and the airline staff said that too. There were other babies on both flights and they weren't having as good a time as we were. It's easy to take the car seat through the security check. It goes through the X-ray machine in a car seat. The right size for that. Taking the baby to doctor's appointments is a good idea because waiting rooms can get crowded and make other people uncomfortable. The Doona has a mode that I have never seen in reviews or elsewhere: just pull the wheels and leave it in the floor. It works like a rocking chair. Try it when you get yours and you will be amazed at how rocking chair mode works. I have never seen so many people with the same name. Getting in and out of elevators with one hand will take less space than if you use two hands. It is easy to do. It is so small and flexible that you can take it to the outlets and feel like a Kodak picture spot/opportunity. In the first two months, nothing has changed and we are happy we went the Doona way. The baby didn't notice the change after we removed the newborn insert. Thank you Doona, we have been happy parents. Our baby is 2.5 years old and we miss the Doona. We used it for 15 months and then we missed it again. It made another happy family after us. We would buy it if there was a similar one for toddlers. I still think it was the best purchase ever.


What is the best product for car seat base universal?

Car seat base universal products from Britax. In this article about car seat base universal you can see why people choose the product. Samman and Chicco are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat base universal.

What are the best brands for car seat base universal?

Britax, Samman and Chicco are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat base universal. Find the detail in this article. Graco, Thule and Safety 1st are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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