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1. Baby Trend Stand Stroller Morning

Baby Trend Stand Stroller Morning

Your little one is protected from the sun's harmful rays. You and your baby can keep their essentials in the large storage basket. Only the rear shuttle. You can fold the stroller with one hand. The infant car seat can be used in both the front and rear positions. There are plenty of riding options for kids with front and rear seats. There are plenty of riding options for kids with front and rear seats.

Brand: Baby Trend

👤It's great for my baby and toddler combo. I take it everywhere.

👤I got this despite the mixed reviews on it. The chart says that it will fit in the back. I suggest using the straps provided to keep it secure. If you put the baby car seat on the back, make sure to have sealed beverage cups. It's over the baby. I would not want hot drinks on them. As seen in a picture.

👤Wow! I am very happy that I bought this product. It is a perfect height for me at 5'9". I don't have to bend over. I have a 3yr old and 9mo old who fit in it, and I can take them out to paved lakes without having to make a dozen trips. I can't say enough good things about the cupholders, they are easy to get through, and it's not too long. I use cupholders for food and drinks. It was easy to assemble. It is not too heavy. Great product. Great purchase.

👤I still love this! There is a If you are on the fence, go for it. I only had this for a few days. I am in love. It seems too good to be true that I have a newborn and a toddler. The baby is in the back of the car while my 2 year old is in the front. The standing spot was a hit with the 2 year old. The keyfit 30 can fit in the front with a red strap. I like it better in the back. I like that a 2 year old can be strapped in while sitting in the front spot, it's a little safer than sitting in the back. It's not hard to close up, but you have to position the wheels to close fully and small. I put it in the trunk of my Camry because I forgot to put the cups on the front and the back of the car seat in the back. The single stroller that I used in my travel system was so heavy that it took up a lot of room. I'm really glad I got it and I can't wait to see what it will be like in a few months. BUY IT if you want to make life easier for you and your kids.

👤I received the stroller at my baby shower after I registered for it. My baby was born a month later. I decided to move the infant car seat to the back after two weeks. The seat in the back caused one of the cup holders to not attach when I did this. There is no place for my toddler to have a snack and a cup at the same time with only one cup holder. The stroller was too big to fit in the original box. $30 of shipping supplies include bubble wrap and packing paper. I received a new stroller after returning to Amazon for a "free" return. The snack tray is loose after 6 weeks of having a new stroller. I cannot use my infant car seat because of this. The new piece can be delivered in 4-7 days. If I want it sooner, I will have to pay a shipping cost. I know it's only fifteen dollars. I've already paid $30 for a faulty stroller. I am frustrated that I don't have a stroller or a baby at home. I will never buy a Babytrend item again. Terrible customer service. I would have bought Grace Ready2Grow if I had the chance, but I'm still considering buying a Graco infant car seat and stroller instead. My in laws have a stroller that allows more recline on the front seat and also includes two umbrella shades. They have had a few pieces wear over the years, but have no issue with the new pieces being sent out. I was going to try the Babytrend sit n' stand, but I regret it.

2. Graco SnugRide SnugLock Infant Adjustable

Graco SnugRide SnugLock Infant Adjustable

A hassle-free 3-step installation is what SnugLock Technology is about. The infant car seat protects rear-facing infants from 4 to 35 lbs. An easy-to-read level indicator helps eliminate installation guesswork, and the base has 4 recline positions. The Click Connect technology provides one-step secure attachment of a baby car seat to strollers and bases, and a convenient compartment that holds the LATCH and manual when not in use. A rotating canopy provides shade and sun protection for your baby, and it's easy to use front adjust 5-point harness. The built-in 5-point harness system was tested for occupant retention only. A combination of the most rigorous crash tests that helps protect your child in frontal, side, rear, and rollover crashes; additional testing based on the New Car Assessment Program and for extreme car interior temperatures is what the Protect Plus engineered is. A combination of the most rigorous crash tests that helps protect your child in frontal, side, rear, and rollover crashes; additional testing based on the New Car Assessment Program and for extreme car interior temperatures is what the Protect Plus engineered is.

Brand: Graco

👤I bought this in October for a baby shower gift. The window of return closes one month before the baby's due date. I should have thought about the possibility of returning it because I love graco car seats. The baby came 4 weeks early after the window of return. She is 6 lbs and this model does not have a small infant insert. There is no support for the head of an infant. I can't return this unsafe seat because it's not safe. Until now, I have never been disappointed by anything.

👤The only people I could find who received the product for free were people who had limited reviews online. Here's my regular consumer review. We are expecting baby #2 in May and used the regular Snugride click connect 35 with our 1st child, so I will make some comparisons to that model. I got this on sale for $60 off and it was a great deal at $112 with tax. The new carseat base from Graco really hit it out of the park. You can either thread the seatbelt across the base and through the holes or you can thread the strap across the base and through the holes. The carseat instruction manual can be stored in the front storage case of the latch straps. You hook the seatbelt or latch straps into the car, and then put the arm down, and it locks with a click. This is a lockoff, so that the strap cannot move around, and you get a really tight, secure install of the base. The old click connect 35 base was a bit of a pain to install because the seatbelt or latch strap still moved when threaded through the holes in the base, there was no lock off. It's sometimes difficult to get the straps tight, because you have to pull so hard. The base would still move under the straps. This is 100 times better and safer than before. The hook attachment on the LATCH straps isn't as nice as the button attachment. If you upgrade to the "fancier" 35 versions, you will get the 1 button release attachment. The latch hooks were not worth an extra $100 to me because of the sale price. The click connect base has an adjustment for recline position, but the base with the recline position is different. The dial is no longer red, but a handle and a plastic ramp that come out from the bottom. The new snuglock model is a nicer feature than the old base and it's easier to use. The seat is a little nicer than the old one. The outer textiles are nice, but the seat part is more of a "rough" fabric, similar to their older model fabric. I'm not sure why they chose to have two different types of fabric, the rougher one where the child sits, and the more water and stain resistant one, which is nice when you have a baby in there. The fabric on the seat might be more modern than the ones on the deluxe models. The newborn insert is flatter and doesn't wrap around the baby's head, just pads on the side. It feels thicker than the older 35 insert. It's not as big as the current inserts. If you research, I don't think these newborn inserts do much in regards to accident safety, they just make parents feel better, and help position baby in the seat. The older model insert did not do the job for that purpose, but this insert does. The weight is great and lightweight. The seat is on the lighter end of infant seats. I picked up a snugride 40 and a britax b safe in the store. I ruled them out because of the weight being too heavy for me to carry around all the time. The inner seat fabric is softer than the canopy. It is not as rough as my old 35 fabric. I don't know terms for textiles. The canopy of the elite version in the store was soft, thin, and high end, and this is a much cheaper fabric. The older model is more difficult to move. You have to wiggle and fight with it to get it to go up and down. The older canopy moved more easily and didn't have audible clicks, so it's a downgrade. The smooth gliding canopy is also available in the deluxe versions. They decided to "cheap out" with this canopy. It's probably my least favorite feature. The older 35 model does not extend as far as this canopy does, but it is still nice and can be a pain to get past the handle. The handle moves by pushing the red buttons on each side. I am a person with no coordination and this is not an issue for me. I don't think a button in the middle of the handle is worth an extra $100. Sometimes the canopy has to be moved out of the way as the handle moves. Standard harness straps are used. The harness has a re-thread feature, but the other models have a no re-thread feature. It's not a big deal with an infant carseat because you can easily remove it from the base and get to the back. When your child becomes front-facing, the no re-thread harness is great because it makes adjusting the straps easier. The no-rethread option is nice, but it's not really worth the extra cost on the infant seat. There's no difficulty in rethreading the straps. The crotch strap is easy to pull, some seats are hard to tighten and adjust, but this one is smooth and effortless. The only thing I don't like about the seats is the button to loosen the crotch strap, which is reached by sticking your finger in the hole. Since it's hidden, it's not intuitive. If someone else takes the baby, I need to remind them how to tighten the straps, because you have to finagle your finger around to find the metal button. I hope they update this feature in the future. The little carseat strap covers were an unexpected bonus. They're soft and a little perk. The older 35 seat did not have them. I really recommend this seat. I think it is on sale for a bit less at some retailers. The new snuglock base is an improvement over the old click connect base. The seat has some nice improvements, but it felt a little cushier than the previous model. If you want more features like no-rethread hardness or a bigger snuglock base, you should upgrade to the more expensive model.

3. Baby Trend Travel System Doodle

Baby Trend Travel System Doodle

The stroller is designed for children up to 50 pounds. There are dual front wheels. There is a large canopy with a window. The Ally 35 infant car seat is compatible with the Baby Trend Ally 35 infant car seat. The flexible attachment system is fully compliant. A wide range of installation angles can be achieved with flexible webbing. Can be used in non-LATCH compliant vehicles. Can be used in non-LATCH compliant vehicles.

Brand: Baby Trend

4. Baby Trend Infant Cover Ultra

Baby Trend Infant Cover Ultra

Side impact head protection is provided by es energy-absorbing foam. The 5-Point safety harness has an easy one-hand harness adjustment. Extra warmth and comfort is provided by the cozy cover. One-hand easy-access seat release. The push-button height base has alatch equipped 4-position position. The push-button height base has alatch equipped 4-position position.

Brand: Baby Trend

5. Baby Trend Expedition Travel Jogger

Baby Trend Expedition Travel Jogger

Improved stability and safety can be achieved with enhanced quick release front wheel. Extra-large canopy with extended sun visor. The rubber handlebar is raised for better grip. The console has a cell phone positioner and deep cup holders. The large basket has rear access and holds the parent's essentials. The large basket has rear access and holds the parent's essentials.

Brand: Baby Trend

👤This stroller has been unboxed, assembled, and wheeled around empty to see how it feels. Since baby #2, we have used a Bob revolution. When we needed a stroller one more time, we knew we wanted a jogger, so we looked into new and used Bob strollers. We decided to give this stroller a try, after many hours of research. The Bob seemed extravagant, for only one last baby, the price tag was a big part of that decision. While other stroller companies have been catching up, the Bob has not changed much. We are pleased with the purchase so far. The seat adjustment is quick and easy, which is better than our last Bob. When not in use, the wrist strap can be pinned out of the way. It is easy to unfold and folds, but it is not bigger than expected and the rear tires can be removed if needed. I love that the storage basket is larger and easier to access than the Bob Revolution. The child snack tray and car seat bar were purchased separately for the Bob. Since I have purchased a Baby Trend car seat, it will fit on this stroller just like it was made for them. They were! There is a parent tray with two cup holders and a phone tray, but it had to be purchased separately for the Bob. I am very pleased with the value of this purchase, and the quality is better than the last model we owned. When I ordered the final note, black and gray were both sold out, so I went with the pink/gray. The stroller is mostly dark gray and the pink is more of a dusty rose than a bright pink. I am quite pleased with the color combination. I was worried that the pink would be too bright, but it is a nice accent color.

👤The stroller is very easy to assemble. Less than 10 minutes. It seems to be easy to handle. The reason for the 2 stars is that it is advertised with an infant carseat. My one did not come with it. We don't have a baby trend carseat, so this is an issue. If the seller doesn't resolve it will be returned.

👤I couldn't find this anywhere else, so I put it together quickly. The brand at the other stores was not the same as the one at the body frame store. It turns great and glides easily. The pictures in the directions show that the straps that lay over the baby's chest are able to be moved to the correct size, however, on mine they are just sewn to the back Support and are unable to be adjusted. I don't know if that's something that comes on all jogging strollers, but the hard plastic ones would have been nicer.

👤So sad! This is a stroller. It has a cup and a phone. There are some things that make this product fail. My daughter slides down when she sits in the stroller because the seat is almost at a downward angle. The "crotch strap" is always digging into her. The strap cannot be adjusted. I've tried crotch padding, crotch pillows, and a towel. The strap digs into her because of the angle. It has caused some redness in the thigh area. I wish I'd known. I think this stroller had a lot of potential. I wish the product was made with more thought to how a child sits and how it would affect sensitive areas.

6. Baby Trend Secure Infant Black

Baby Trend Secure Infant Black

Flex Loc andEZ Flex Loc infant car seats are compatible with Baby Trend. Ally 35 Baby Trend infant car seats are not compatible with this base. The integrated system has a built-in latch connector storage. There are four recline positions. Installation with vehicle belts has a built-in belt lock-off. The push-button release latches allow for quick and easy vehicle-to-vehicle transfers. The push-button release latches allow for quick and easy vehicle-to-vehicle transfers.

Brand: Baby Trend

👤Fit my baby Trend carseat. I needed to buy a new base for my husband's vehicle. The installation of seatbelts is not easy because my husband's truck does not have them, and the car clips inside the bottom seam of the seat are not easy to install.

👤I bought this car seat base because I thought it was compatible with the Baby Trend Pathway 35 Jogger Travel System. The base isn't compatible with the Ally 35 car seat, which is what comes with the Pathway 35 Jogger Travel System. Don't use this one if you're looking for an extra car seat base for that travel system. I would not have had to return it if I had read more about the Baby Trend 35 Pathway Jogger Travel System and what it came with. It seemed like a heavy duty base for a car seat.

👤I have found that some baby trend car seat bases don't fit all car seats because we bought a previous one and it didn't fit our current car seat. We bought this one because it was the exact same one as the one that came with the actual car seat for our second car, and it has been great!

👤We purchased the car seat base for our second vehicle at our local toy store as we had purchased the Baby Trend stroller and car seat combo at the store. It was very easy to find the correct base for our car seat through this seller's description. The base was packaged in a box that looked like an original Baby Trend box. I was able to instal the base with ease as it came with very clear instructions. When we placed the car seat in the base, we felt relieved when we heard the clicking sounds of the seat opening. The car seat was strong and secure. I would recommend this base to anyone who needs a convenient and cheaper way to travel with a baby in multiple vehicles.

👤When I bought this base, I was told it was compatible with all baby trend car seats. I took it out this weekend and finally used it. It isn't compatible with my seat from the Jogger System. I am stuck with a wrongly advertised piece of plastic outside of the return window.

👤This base claims to fit all baby seats. It is not compatible with my baby trend car seat. The ALLY car seat base is a base that you can use with the ESPY travel system. I tried to return it, but it was going to cost $42 to send it back to Amazon, so they gave me $3.99 for shipping. I paid for it. Very disappointed.

👤The only baby trend base that does not slide around after being installed in a Honda Pilot is this one. The other bases by the baby trend are too flexible for my liking, and can flip up the front of the base to the back of the seat. I tried out three bases for my baby trend travel system in hopes that one would be secure enough. The other bases just slide. I hate paying an additional $50 for this base because the one that actually came with my travel system is worthless for us.

7. Baby Trend Travel System Doodle

Baby Trend Travel System Doodle

The stroller is designed for children up to 50 pounds. There are dual front wheels. There is a large canopy with a window. The covered parent tray is great for parents. The child's tray has snack/cup holders. The child's tray has snack/cup holders.

Brand: Baby Trend

👤My daughter's life was saved by this seat. My wife and I were involved in a car accident with our daughter. My car was damaged. I got by a motorcycle and a truck. We traveled at speeds of 35 mph. The paramedics told my wife and I that my daughter was fine and there was no bruise or respiratory symptoms. The paramedics and firefighters were amazed to see that the car seat was undamaged. They gave us a thumbs up and said everything will be fine. I trust the seat and product from this company. At first I bought this because it was a little more around my budget and the positive reviews from other buyers made it more trusting to buy, but now I'm typing this telling you that it is a sturdy seat from my point of view. It saved my daughter's life, but it's up to you if you want to buy it.

👤This combo does everything I need it to. The stroller is light so I can easily move it. The light weight of the carseat was something I was looking for and it's not as heavy as it would be with a heavier carrier. I wish the stroller had locking clips on both sides, instead of just grabbing the side of it, and that the bottom of the stroller wouldn't drag on the ground. It would be convenient if that could be done. The baby is easy to hold with two pizza's and breadsticks.

👤I like the style of this set and my daughter enjoys sitting in it. I want people to know that it is very safe. I was taking my children for a walk with the dog and someone came up behind me. My dog freaked out and tipped the stroller. I double checked the car seat was locked into the stroller and it wasn't at first. My daughter could have been seriously hurt. She had a very secure flip over in her stroller and didn't budge. Her head made a small wobble but everything was locked in place. I'm so thankful. I would recommend this to anyone.

👤The travel system was terrible. I picked this one because everyone was so positive about it. We were first time parents and went with higher quality. My mother gave it to us when we first used it. It is hard to tell the correct position in a car with only the car seat. We recently purchased a new one because she was so uncomfortable in it. She is only 11 weeks old. Now for the stroller. It is the most difficult to open and close. You have to fight to get it open because it gets caught on the basket when you open it. It's hard to close when it doesn't lock shut. It is wide when you push it around and it drags when it is closed. There is a The cup holders are small and the little storage compartment is small for anything to fit in. There is a The car seat for an infant or newborn doesn't have alatch down, so when you go up or down a curb the seat moves a lot. Very dangerous. I would return the box if I still had it. I was the first time parents and had only wished we had known better.

8. Baby Trend Flec Infant Black

Baby Trend Flec Infant Black

The Baby Trend Flex-Lock 32 Infant Car Seat is compatible with it. The flexible attachment system is fully compliant. Can be used in non-LATCH compliant vehicles. The seat installation angle can be adjusted by the base's extending foot. The base has a level indicator for proper installation. The base has a level indicator for proper installation.

Brand: Baby Trend

👤I was worried because some people said this wouldn't fit in the jogger set. I was relieved when it did. It's not cheap but it's still a good base and it's not more complicated than any other base.

👤It's perfect for the Baby Trend car seat. We bought the baby seat at Babies R Us just before it closed. We have an appointment to see if we are installing it correctly, because I don't like how it lifts up. The base attached to the metal loops in the seats is supposed to be the same as the front, but the front doesn't attach to anything, so it lifts up, which I'd imagine wouldn't be ideal. I am not an expert.

👤I bought this instead of buying a new infant car seat. My first daughter's stroller, expedition car seat, and base are in our possession. It would be difficult to take it in and out of the cars all the time because we have 2 cars. I decided to buy another base because it works out great.

👤You have to make sure that the seat fits in your car seat, because the seat is not propped straight up. It's easy to install and it's nice to have a back up base in a different vehicle so you don't have to install and re- install it.

👤We wanted an extra base for our carseats, so I had the Baby Trend Cityscape Jogger Travel System. Three years ago, we purchased our travel system. I was worried that the Baby Trend carseat wouldn't work with an extra base. The box I bought from Amazon looked brand new, almost half the price. It's worth it. Even though it looks different from our original, it fits my jogger. It snaps into place. Hopefully this will help anyone else who is looking for a base.

👤I ordered an extra base for my partner's car. I received an older base for the car seat. It is not a big deal, but it was something I noticed. The one that came with our car seat was manufactured in November and the one we bought through Amazon in July. The dates should be included in the description. If you want the most up to date one, I recommend purchasing through Baby Trend.

👤My wife and I ordered a Jogger Travel Set from Baby Trend because we are expecting a girl. After researching various brands and travel systems, we decided to order this based on reviews, safety and overall pricing and were interested in a second base, as we each have our own vehicle. The item we received was packaged well and was easy to install. Certainly a great addition!

👤I was worried it wouldn't fit my son's carseat, but it does. The original base did not have an option to tilt. I'm assuming it will be the same size as the first, since they're the same size. It came quickly and all parts are in order.

👤Producto y Entrega sin problemas.

9. Baby Trend Degree Travel Spectrum

Baby Trend Degree Travel Spectrum

A lightweight frame with a wheel. The fabric pouch has a height adjustment handle. There are 6 riding positions and a jogger. The ride suspension is comfortable. There is a motion base that responds to forces. There is a motion base that responds to forces.

Brand: Baby Trend

👤The stroller is not worth the money because it gets bad death wobble on the front tire if you walk to fast, tires don't like to hold air, and one of the wheels is bent. The car seat is very hard to lock into place and very hard to release, I could use one hand to hold the seat in place and the other to open it, you have to climb in the car and sit down beside it to do that, and both hands to lock in and out

👤I knew something was wrong when I put my son on the car seat. The car seat makes a newborn sit up all the time. I read more of the reviews and noticed a few mothers had the same issue after trying to fix it. The buckle on the car seat is not good. It is two plastic pieces that you need to put together in order for them to snap in place. I can't imagine using that kind of buckle for a long time as the baby is getting smaller and you are in a hurry to get him into the car seat. Two metal pieces slide in on either side one by one. The stroller can't be turned without picking up the front wheel, which is difficult in confined spaces. The front wheel doesn't want to steer the stroller.

👤I bought this for my brother and his girlfriend and they absolutely love it.

👤My stepson asked me to buy this item. He received it in another state. He called after he received the item and said it was everything he expected. It is strong and can be used many different ways.

👤The toddler seat can be installed in the video. A lot of people think that their child is hanging in it. The dose turned into a seat. The whole thing was put together by my husband. When you take the car seat off the base. There is a lever under the front of the padding that will unhook it from the base. 45 minutes to build, no tools needed.

👤I'm going to look at each item individually. The car seat is very well made. You can pull the pads out for a bigger baby if you want, but it has a way to fit small babies. The fabric is soft, the sunshade is easy to pop up and down, and the handle is very easy to use. It is easy to wipe down. The base can be adjusted on its own based on how the seat of your car is shaped. It is very heavy duty. The carrier is comfortable. I'm torn on this one. The seat feels like a buggy when you position it backwards. It's great for small babies. The sunshade is large and provides good protection. The handle of the stroller is adjusted so that you can comfortably hold it, even if you're not tall. This is where I don't like it when you face the seat forward. It's a steep angle and there is no real seat for the baby's bottom to rest on, meaning the only thing stopping them from sliding out the front is the crotch strap, so you know that is not going to be comfortable for larger babies/toddlers at all. This is great for a new baby, but once they start sitting up, it's not going to be a comfortable ride. The quality of these items is very high. Everything is sturdy and soft. The design flaw with the forward facing seat for the jogging stroller really makes me think that this is not a long term use set and for the price, that's a bit of a concern.

10. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Peridot

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Peridot

Lockable front wheel. The one hand fold for compact storage has a height adjusted handle. The plug-in is compatible with most mp3 players. There is a tether strap and a 5-point safety harness. The Travel System accepts child and car seats. The Travel System accepts child and car seats.

Brand: Baby Trend

👤This system has a carseat that is amazing. I was in a terrible accident with my daughter. I lost control of my vehicle and went into a ditch. My daughter was unharmed. We are both alive and ok. I recommend this system. The stroller is great for hiking and running on different terrains. I like it.

👤My son is almost 6 months old. The stroller is good for the price. It gets the job done. It looks great and has received a lot of praise for the way it looks. I would have picked a different stroller or car seat. I am a first time mom and I am learning. The car seat material is rough and I don't like it. You know the backpack material. My baby's skin was in contact with rough material when he was born. I guess that is what you get when you buy online. You can not feel things. The car seats lack head support. It is a flimsy piece with little foams on the side. There are 3 more The stroller is heavy. I am a 120 lbs mom who is fairly fit and strong. But boy! The stroller is heavy to carry. I don't like running with this stroller that's easy to put it in. There are four There is a storage case in between the cup holders that is supposed to be for the phone. It won't fit big phones like the iPhone 6 Plus. The cup holder is too small to hold a bottle. It is a standard size for bottled water or Starbucks cups. I give honest feedback about this travel system. Good luck and do more research!

👤It looks pretty snazzy so far. My wife and I are very happy with our first baby purchase. The build quality seems to be pretty good. The tires are easy to maneuver. It gives it a nice ride. Assembly was very easy. The design of this version is similar to the older model. I like the fact that everything is a uniform color. The stroller is very easy to fold up. Pull the two hooks on each side of the frame and push down, gravity will do the rest. It can be difficult to take the stroller off of the base in the car. The lever takes more force than we think it needs. My wife had difficulty squeezing the lever to remove it from the base. It isn't a dealbreaker, just something to prepare for. If you don't hear it click, you need to squeeze harder. It is getting 4 stars instead of 5. I will try to reflect our experience over time.

👤We have had a jogger stroller for almost two years, and it is starting to show wear. The tires are not holding air anymore than a week. We have to lock the front wheel in place or the stroller will start shaking if we don't. This limits maneuverability. It's not as bad when you put it in a diaper bag. The weight helps keep it upright. With a new baby on the way, we will definitely need a better quality stroller. We have gotten a lot of use out of this stroller, but it has taken a bit of a beating. The price is good for a stroller and car seat, but I wish the quality was better. This set is more expensive than most jogging strollers. You are getting what you pay for. A disposable stroller is good for one child. This is a good option if you have a budget. If you can spend a little more for something better, I would do that as well.

11. Diono Radian Convertible Design Across

Diono Radian Convertible Design Across

Rear-FACING FOR LONGER. The slimfit convertible car seat is designed to keep your child's rear facing up to 50 lbs. Approx. 7 kilo. 4 years old. The high back corset is made of high back material. The high back booster seat mode is now up to 120 lbs, 54 lbs. The high back booster adds protection and comfort to any child transitioning into booster mode. A car for 10 years. The radian 3R can be adjusted to fit your child from birth to 120 lbs. The ultimate protection for your child is created by the reinforced steel core, made from automotive grade high density plastic and steel. The original 3 Across is built with a radian slim fit convertible design to fit 3 across in most vehicles without compromising child or passenger comfort. It's a good idea to have your children in the backseat. The original 3 Across is built with a radian slim fit convertible design to fit 3 across in most vehicles without compromising child or passenger comfort. It's a good idea to have your children in the backseat.

Brand: Diono

👤It was not taken lightly that I had to order 3 of these carseats. We absolutely love them. They fit in the 3rd row of the car. The good is very easy to clean. The only issue is that they are very long and if you are rear facing in the photo it sticks out a lot. These are by far the hardest. I'm not sure if it was because we have so many or so close together, but if it was, uninstall it. If you have 3 under 2 like me, you should buy this carseat because it will fit 3 across and save you time trying to fit 10 other carseats.

👤The car seat is heavy. Installation was easy for a small person like me. However! I had my son in this car seat when we were t-boned. My son was behind me because it was difficult to get him out of the middle seat in a big F-150 after we were hit. I learned something. I had to have emergency surgery for a broken skull, fractured eye sockets, and brain hemorrhage. I have a long recovery ahead of me, but my son died. I think this car seat saved his life. My son came out of the wreck without any injuries. The attending EMTs told me that they were surprised to find us not dead but unharmed. This is a very sturdy car seat that is easy to install. My son is a big boy and has always been comfortable in it. My son spills everything and the cover isn't as easy to clean as I would hope for, so I wish it was made of a stronger fabric. It stands up to a delicate cycle, but some messes require more scrubbing that this cover wouldn't stand up to. I would recommend this seat. The nurses asked about the car seat when they found out my son had been in the wreck, and he was happy and healthy. I told them to use this Diono.

👤The back of the cover is ripped after one wash. How is this product supposed to last? They are waiting to hear if they will replace it.

👤The 4th seat arrived and is not an open box. Don't give up, another open box used seat arrived today. I'll keep coming back until I get a new one from Amazon. I went from four stars to one in a shabby update. My daughter in law just got one of these and wants the same set up as the others, so I bought her a spare. I can see that the seat is in a bashed up box. The packing is retaped and some bits are missing. This is shabby. I didn't buy an open box so I'm sending it back for a replacement. I'm not the only buyer to get a used seat. I bought 3 of these for a 2015 Grand Cherokee, but I wouldn't bother with the middle unless you want to be pushed up against the steering wheel. I'll get another Diono 3R for the middle forward facing position in 18 months. The seats are too tall for rear facing. Everything else is okay with the seats. Excellent build quality.


What is the best product for car seat base baby trend?

Car seat base baby trend products from Baby Trend. In this article about car seat base baby trend you can see why people choose the product. Graco and Diono are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat base baby trend.

What are the best brands for car seat base baby trend?

Baby Trend, Graco and Diono are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat base baby trend. Find the detail in this article.

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