Best Car Seat Bags for Air Travel On Wheels

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1. Titanium International Expandable Spinner Luggage

Titanium International Expandable Spinner Luggage

The shell is lightweight and durable and can be used for a laptop up to a 15.6 inch. Four spinner wheels assure a stable base with multi-directional rolling with zero weight on your hand for easy travel; manufactured with a scratch resistant matt finish. The suitcase expands up to 2 inches for additional packing space. It has a pocket for delicate items and a large pouch for larger items. The 19 inch carry on size is perfect for weekend getaways and short business trips. There is a 10 year limited warranty on titanium models. A roomy main compartment expands 2 inches, with a large, convenient front pocket and padded sleeve for a 156 inch laptop.

Brand: Delsey Paris

👤The bag is holding up well a year and a half later. The handle is not loose from constant use. When I need to gate check, it gets beat up, but held up great. I will buy a second one for my wife. The bag is still being used. There are over 300 flights in this bag. The pull out handle is getting loose. No issues, still working great.

👤I was not happy with the Delsey. I found out I could purchase them directly after I ordered it. It was fro. I ordered one from them too because they had free shipping. The Amazon purchase is green and the Delsey purchase is black. The grey interior of the Amazon bag is different from the black Delsey bag. It felt like my purchase was made from inferior materials. I had a hard time believing it would last. I ordered the hellium aero direct from Delsey, which is a different model, but before I got it out of the box, I could tell the difference in quality. The bag ordered from Delsey felt like a higher quality material and I believe it will stand up to a lot more use. My purchase will be returned.

👤Holding up well. I've taken this bag to Europe and on several domestic trips. It's holding up well. The handle is durable and the wheels are good quality. I am a flight attendant, but I am using this as a personal travel bag. I really like this bag, so I would like to use it for work. I consider myself a luggage expert as I have been living out of suitcases and hotels for 28 years, so, please trust me when I tell you that Delsey makes a great bag. If you are considering purchasing, go ahead. You won't be disappointed.

👤I was interested in this luggage for a while. I wanted luggage that was lightweight and accessible. The case met those parameters. I've carried it for 6 domestic trips and it has not had any problems. I took the next size up as a checked bag and had no issues. This bag is a good size for a week of travel and is a packing cube user. I always travel with a down throw which takes up the same amount of space as one or two outfits. If you want to carry your laptop in the outside pocket of the bag without damaging it, you need to keep the side of the bag packed. It is not the type of suitcase that is easy to live out of due to the nature of hardside cases. You need a large surface to open the case. When choosing between hard or soft side luggage, take that into account. The space available was deceptive and I rated it 4 stars. The case has been spot on for me. There are pictures at a baggage sizer.

👤Two of the Delsey Helium Aero and two of the Delsey Helium Titanium were purchased for our family. We are very, very happy with our purchase. The Delsey luggage is very high quality. The wheels, locks, and almost everything else work well. The non-retractable handles are great, but they sit flush against the case and are a bit stiff when trying to carry the bag. Our expectation is that they will loosen up over time. The Carry On Spinner set does nest for storage if you get it. My wife likes the Aero better than the Aero. The finish is glossy and the interior fabric is more cloth-like. The Titanium has a textured finish, the zippers are all metal, and the fabric is nylon-y. The lock on the Titanium has more standard, larger number wheels, which makes it easier to click into it. The retractable handle is more stable on the Aero, but it also wobbles more when extended. We extended the handle one click on the 29" and two clicks on the 25" on the Carry On. The Aero shows dust immediately and the Titanium hides it better, which can be a plus or a minus depending on your point of view. The Aero's smooth finish makes it hard to get off the Aero's scratches and stickers, but hotels and others have taken to using them. It's been a long time since I bought luggage. There was a bit of shock when I made the purchase. We have been very pleased so far. The recognition value was an unforeseen benefit of our purchase. Two of our bags were lost on a recent cruise and I had to contact the purser to find them. He asked for a detailed description of the bags, and I said they were hard-sided, and he cut me off. I'm on it, hard-sided, red and silver. They were found quickly.

2. Convert Luggage Airport Stroller Carrier

Convert Luggage Airport Stroller Carrier

The Car Seat Luggage Belt is an ultra-portable travel solution that works for all car seats that have a top tether. No need to spend a lot of money on a car seat carrier. Reliable and cost effective, reinforced stitching and commercial grade belt ensures that this will last for years to come. You will save a lot of time, money and headaches when compared to the carts or dollys. Attach or remove the car seat from your luggage in a few seconds. When not in use, fold the strap and store it in a place that is light and small. It's comparable. The belt works with most of the luggage and car seats that have a top tether. You should practice at home and look like a PRO at the airport. There is an e-book for parents on how to keep their children busy while on the move. There is an e-book for parents on how to keep their children busy while on the move.

Brand: Alnoor Usa

👤This product is amazing. It's very easy to use and very durable. It was easy to travel with two kids. I couldn't figure out how to get my suitcase and trollies at the same time. It is awesome, I came across it. If my husband and I fly again, I will get another carseat for my son. This product is great for traveling.

👤On our last trip, this belt was very useful. Traveling with an infant in a car seat that snaps into a stroller was easy. We didn't know how to fit the big girl car seat into the rental car because we didn't know how to carry it all around. I thought attaching the car seat to the suitcase would be a good idea, but I wasn't sure if she could ride in it while it was attached, and we would still have to drag the stroller with us. I read a review that said to strap the car seat to the stroller. This was the answer to all of our problems, it was as simple as snapping the infant seat onto the stroller. Make sure that your car seat fits into the umbrella stroller and that it doesn't exceed stroller weight limits with baby on board. It was easy to disassemble and reassemble. We left her in the car seat and took the stroller with us to the plane. Best idea ever! I'm very happy I found this.

👤It's the best thing since sliced bread. This was the best item I have ever purchased. I don't think I could carry our car seat through the airport. We were able to get through the airport with this simple car seat strap. We had to decide if we should leave the seat attached to the luggage on the plane. It was easier to carry the seat on the plane. The aisles were too narrow for our seat to pass through. When we got to our destination, we rented a stroller. I will always have this strap with me.

👤I have a car seat. It's a big and heavy car seat with 2 cup holders. I used this to walk around the airport since we were on the plane. It was great! It's very easy to put together, but you have to practice before you leave for the airport. When you go through security, you have to separate your luggage and car seat so that you can get out of the way. I don't know how we would have made it through the airport with a toddler without this strap. It's worth it. We couldn't just walk down the aisle to our seats because our car seat was too small. The luggage had to be separated from the car seat in order to carry it down the aisle. It's not important to practice putting the strap on and taking it off. The other passengers helped us out, but don't expect them to carry your stuff for you. It may be difficult to fit your car seat around a plane, but the strap can help.

3. Birdee Travel Airport Check Carrier

Birdee Travel Airport Check Carrier

1680D nylon is very strong and water resistant. Your bag will last a long time because of the rugged material. Special stitching techniques and strong thread protect it from damage. SECURE CLOSURE The double flap system protects your car seat from dirt. Unique features. The carseat carrier is new and innovative. The bags were designed to be lighter and easier to carry. They added a handle and straps for a backpack. They attached a pouch to the bag so it could be folded up after use. There is wide comparativebility. The Birdee Car Seat Travel bag is 34x18x18 inches. This size is compatible with most car seats. Purchase in confidence and you will get a 1 year no questions asked warranty. Purchase in confidence and you will get a 1 year no questions asked warranty.

Brand: Birdee

👤The bag is perfect. I was researching car seat bags. I didn't want cheap ones or expensive ones that were hard to store because I knew I needed one. I tested this one out for 2 short flights this week, and it was gate checked both times. It fit my heavy car seat, but wasn't too big or baggy. Just right. The material is thick and nice. The blue color is easy to spot, but not bright, as I didn't like the red and yellow of other brands for that reason. There is a reinforced handle on the front, a plastic window for information, and a built-in pouch for small things. It takes practice to get it back inside the pouch, and I didn't want to take the time to do it in the airport. I tossed in a thin canvas bag. I took the seat out of the sack, clipped the seat onto the mini cart, and folded the bag up and threw it in the canvas bag, which is worth it's weight in gold. Light and easy to carry. I looked at the bag when I got home. There were no tears, marks, or signs of wear. I folded it back into the pouch and said thank you to my lucky stars. I tried to clip the bag on to the cart I mentioned above. I clipped the straps with a carabiner I had in the pouch. I unbagged the seat because my toddler didn't want to walk for more than 30 seconds. If you needed to get it gate to gate, it's another use.

👤We have a big bag that fits perfectly, and it's called Britax Boulevard. There are big and clear words on the front. You can seeHandle With Care. The front flap is well protected. You pull the cords and they are in the bag. You have peace of mind that the car seat is secure because the cords won't fall out. The backpack feature is awesome and the handle to grab is good. You can carry it on your back. There is a The material is thick. It is going to last a long time. It is a great product. It is exactly what we were looking for and we are very happy. Definitely recommend!

👤The Birdee Travel Bag was large and easy to fold, and felt like a high quality product to me. It fit perfectly in the basket under the stroller when it was folded into a pouch. The gate was checked from St. Louis to Chicago on its maiden voyage. A large hole was made in the bottom corner of the bag. We used it on the next leg of our journey, but we will either throw it out or invest in duct tape.

👤December to January. We flew from California to Wisconsin with this. I've read about damage and material not holding up. These comments are posted in other products. The bag was easy to carry. The material was strong. There was no damage on our travels. It was handled like normal luggage after we checked in. It folds into the bag. The product is recommended by me. Will travel a few times this year, so will update as necessary. Wife traveled with baby from CA to DC/VA. The car seat was checked. The bag was damaged when it was picked up. I don't fault the bag's longevity, but how the airlines handle checked luggage. She didn't check the gate because she was traveling alone with our baby, but she had her hands full with a backpack and a carryon, and the baby on her chest. I ordered another one for $20 and sent it to her in time for her return trip.

4. Padded Travel Bag Compatible Stroller

Padded Travel Bag Compatible Stroller

The doona car seat stroller is compatible with Baby & Beyond's Custom padded travel bag, which is made to fit perfectly and will make it easy to transport while traveling. The travel bag is padded so that it will be comfortable to carry with the shoulder straps, and it will be protected from damage, it's perfect and suitable for travel by air, sea, and land. It's easy to carry and fold up, it's ideal for gate-checking. Quality ripstop fabric is used. Quality ripstop fabric is used.

Brand: Baby & Beyond

👤We loved it when we flew. Pushed the Doona up to the luggage check and popped it open. It is easy to zip up. It's difficult to pack, but it fits snug. I wish it had a loop so it could be easily carried while attached to luggage.

👤Doona brand is more expensive than other brands. The bag was great. I checked it on the plane and it was perfect. It would be nice to have a strap on it to connect it to the doona when you are walking around the airport. This bag is worth the money.

👤It worked out well when I traveled with my Doona. The bag is sturdy and has padding to protect it from damage. It folds into a convenient size and we packed it in our suitcase for one way since the baby was in the Doona on one flight. Definitely recommend.

👤They protected my doona when they checked it. I packed it away after I used it all the way to the terminal. I like to keep it for when it's not used. The padding is easy to pack.

👤The price was fair and the light padding seemed to be promising in protecting an expensive stroller/car seat. We were excited to have a bag that we could put the Doona in and carry as a backpack to be able to gate check. I'm not sure if we got a bad bag, but we took it on our recent travel and one of the straps broke and made the backpack useless.

👤This bag is perfect for Doona. It's easy to carry or wear a backpack. It's a good idea to get this over the $100 dollar one. I don't think there would be much difference. It is padded for extra protection.

👤This was on a flight. We were able to use this to protect the seat. It was easy to pack.

👤This cover was useful when flying with our Doona. I wanted to protect the stroller. The straps have to be tightened.

5. Amooca Headrest Organizer Uiversal Universal

Amooca Headrest Organizer Uiversal Universal

There are 2 hooks. The design can be hidden when not used. The rubber is made of high-quality material. Premium quality material is what this good is made of. This item is large enough for your purse, backpack, and so on. The headrest hook can hang groceries, handbags, purses, schoolbags, umbrellas, water bottles, shopping bags, baby supplies and much more. It is easy to install. The simple design of the car headrest hook makes it easy to take it off. Universal fit is sold by 4 packs and can be used in almost any car or SUV. Each item can hold up to 13 lbs. 100% money back guarantee. Let them know if you're not happy with their product and they'll give you a full refund or replacement. 100% money back guarantee. Let them know if you're not happy with their product and they'll give you a full refund or replacement.

Brand: Amooca

👤I bought these for my wife. They didn't fit. No big deal. I thought I would use them on my truck. They didn't fit either vehicle correctly. The hooks couldn't be put down flat because the location of the headrest pegs was too far from the back of the seat. I had to knock off stars because they are not universal and didn't fit my vehicle, but they seem to be quality for the price. I don't want to take the time to send them back. I will eat the cost of these and consider it a lesson learned.

👤I like that I can put my pocket book on the hook and use my passenger seat. Everything falling out of a pocketbook is gone. I love it when someone sits in the passenger's seat because I can twist the hook around to the back of the seat.

👤One of the things I like to do is keep things neat and I feel like I have the most control over my SUV. I looked into something to keep my daughter's mess off my floors. These are inexpensive do-dads. I got 4 hooks in a box for a decent price. They were easy to install. You just pull on it lightly until it snaps around it. They're sturdy and plastic. When I have someone in the passenger seat, I hang my purse on them. I don't have to put it on the floor board. I hang my purse behind their seat to make it easier to get to if I need it. Two of my girlfriends have asked for a link to the hooks.

👤The Ford F-150. The hook was too short because the post on the seat is too far forward. It doesn't work. The BMW 330i. The horizontal length is sufficient and the bend in the arm is satisfactory. I would recommend this product to people who don't carry backseat drivers. If an accident were to happen, it would be unsafe for backseat passengers. I recommend this product for use when you don't have any backseat passengers. It is not good for my F-150. I bought it for my car. The rating was low.

👤This is very strong and holds a lot of weight. It takes 3 seconds to put on and it rotates quickly so it can be used in either direction. As I take a corner, I no longer have my purse spilling. It's easy to access the contents. It keeps my purse off the floor. My daughter uses one for her purse and another for her diaper bag. Give these four to a friend because they are included in this item.

👤I thought these would be great for my car, but they don't stay connected to the headrest, and I usually just put my purse in the front seat. These were a waste of money for me. I don't want to linger outside my car and have to open the back of my purse, so I just won't, unless you have a bunch of grocery bags and you don't want your stuff on the floor.

6. Car Seat Travel Bag Pouch

Car Seat Travel Bag Pouch

It's easy to store and it doesn't take up much space in your handbag. Make flying with children easier. If you invest in a Stockyfy car seat bag for air travel, you can carry your car seat through the airport without the struggle, and also offer your travel car seat some additional protection. Stockyfy infant car seat cover is perfect for gate check. Universal fit. The stockyfy gate check travel bag is compatible with major brands of carseats and comes in 34 x 18 x 18 inch dimensions, please scroll down to check the attached Product Compatibility guide for better understanding. The material is strong and durable. The gate check airport protector bag is made of nylon fabric with double-stitched seams for strength and is attached to a small pouch. There are backpack straps. The large car seat bag backpack is comfortable enough on your shoulders with strong stitching to carry, and it is also easy to carry, so that you don't forget. The machine is washable. The child car seat carrier is machine washed. After you travel, simply machine wash and tumble dry. Their priority is your satisfaction. If you have an issue with your stroller bag, please contact them.

Brand: Stockyfy

👤I was traveling alone with my 8 month old daughter to visit her dad while I was on a work trip. My hands were full with a suitcase, diaper backpack, her in the front pack, another carryon bag, and the car seat. It was thought that this bag would make carrying easier. Carrying a car seat was more of a pain in the butt than it was worth, because the jaw string clasp was weak and the weight of the seat made it hard to grab the top handle. I had to grab the big handle and the blue handle to carry this item as I had to put everything down to tighten the jaw string. The jaw string came undone when my dad tried to wear it as a back pack. If you want to make carrying car seats easier, I wouldn't recommend this.

👤I love this product. I have kids in carseats. I put the booster in with a tall carseat after buying two. I really like that it's durable. It's so easy to wear it like a back pavk because of the straps. The bag is built into it. I think they're a good choice.

👤We did not want our carseat to get dirty in transit so we bought this. The bag fit our Evenflo convertible carseat very well and we also tested our Graco which fit easily. The bag is large. The backpack straps held up well. The design has a drawstring like others I've reviewed, but also has an additional flap to protect and secure the carseat. After two trips through the airport, it did not cry. If you're looking for a carseat carrier that doesn't have padding, I would highly recommend it.

👤We got the car seat into the carry bag and went to move it using the top carrying handle, but it ripped away and one of the back pack straps was torn off, leaving only one strap left to carry it with. This was the first time I picked it up. I am not sure how long the other strap will last. It has a pull string that closes the bag. I got it early and flew in a couple of weeks. I think it would be a great product for the price, if they re-enforce the seams that hold the straps so they don't rip away so easily. Our car seat is heavy.

👤We used this to check a car seat and got a hole in the nylon material. We noticed the hole when we picked it up. Should the material start ripping, would be nervous to use it again. It is lightweight and has a small footprint when folded. The material should be more durable.

👤Our carseats were very sturdy. The car seats got super dirty and wet when they went without a bag because it was raining. Not this year! I'm storing them with our luggage because I'm so glad I bought them. I'm sure they will be used for a long time. The backpack straps need to be removed.

7. Drawstring Backpack Shoulder Stroller Waterproof

Drawstring Backpack Shoulder Stroller Waterproof

The full protection of your car seat is provided by the YOOFAN car seat travel bag. Dustproof, wear resistant, and tear resistant. The gate check bag is certified for airline consignee parcels and requires no secondary packaging to save travel time. The maximum size of the YOOFAN carseat travel bag is 45.7 x 45.7 x 85.1 cm and is suitable for most brands. The infant car seat travel bag has enough space for the lower part of the baby products. The water rating is based on the amount of water in the water. Their gate check bag for strollers and car seats has waterproof fabric coating, rain-flap and shower-resistant seams, so that your strollers and car seats arrive at their destination clean, dry, and safe from damage. One-handed and shoulder-mounted are available for the YOOFAN car seat gate check bag. If you are in a hurry, you can take it away with the handle. You can take care of children with the backpack design. The shoulder padded cushion will allow you to stay comfortable even if you have a long backpack. The YOOFAN carseat bag has a convenient opening for easy access and removal of the car seat. The Car Seat Travel Bag has a 12 months warranty. The YOOFAN carseat bag has a convenient opening for easy access and removal of the car seat. The Car Seat Travel Bag has a 12 months warranty.

Brand: Yoofan

👤We were going to take 2 of these with us to Florida. They were great. The backpack straps are not comfortable and my wife complained that they bruised her shoulders, but it's really helpful to have them. The bag's drawstrings are hard to tuck up out of the way, and they are long. Something is going to get caught and cause damage if you leave these strings in the baggage process. - The seat is stained with a dark red color, almost like dried blood, because the bag that was rubbed against it is black. Our seats are old and dirty.

👤The two that we purchased were for a trip. There was a red stain on the seats when we pulled them from the bags. There was a red stain on the cloth of the seats. The stain was all over their clothes and hands when we took them out. There is a The bag is not kept closed because the draw string is not strong enough. As soon as you try to pick up the bag with the handles, it opens. I wish I had spent more on a better item. This purchase was really disappointing.

👤This met our needs perfectly. There was room to spare in one bag, which fit a high-booster seat and a backless booster seat together. The back can be used like a backpack. We checked it out on two flights and it's holding up. I like that it folds up small when not in use. Highly recommended.

👤The bag is a good size, the material is thicker than I was expecting, and the straps are comfortable to walk through the airport with. We checked the base of the infant car seat and checked the car seat on the flight. The only thing I would change is to make the clips stronger, they are cheap and don't seem very strong. We tied a knot with the excess string. There is a hole at the top and random airport dirt got in there. A lot of people check a car seat without a bag. If the bag was sealed a little better, my car seat would have stayed spic and span, and this bag would have a full five stars.

👤My 3 month old will be traveling with me on our first flight. The car seat and stroller are both covered, with the handle sticking out a bit at the ties. They were a great purchase because they were easy to use and store under the stroller, and they kept the stroller from getting scratched. Highly recommended.

👤Absolutely garbage. The straps wouldn't hold the bag on, and you wouldn't be able to put it on. We used these to move our seats from the hotel to the plane and the taxi. On our first plane ride, the first one ripped. The second plane ride was ripped on. There were four plane rides. We spent our money on this junk when we carried the car seats. Spend more money if you buy a better brand. These are the same as trash bags.

8. Backpack Resistant Adjustable Shoulder Universal

Backpack Resistant Adjustable Shoulder Universal

The baby car seat travel bag can be used when traveling or going out. The backpack strap allows for hands-free convenience, which saves the extra cost of luggage fees and car seat rental fees, as well as allowing you to easily show the ticket, pulls luggage or pushes a stroller, because your hands are free. There is wide comparativebility. Almost all major brands of car seats can be accommodated in the car seat travel backpack, which has a size of 28 x 18 x 18 inches. The travel seat bag can hold a lot of things, including baby toys, feeding bottles, clothes and so on. Excellent material. The baby car seat cushion is easy to clean and the car seat backpack is made of waterproof fiber. The air travel car seat bag has thick feet at the bottom to protect the child or infant from the dirt of the airport terminal and uses innovative technology to sew to provide comprehensive wear protection. Safety design. The baby car seat can be fixed with thick internal wings and internal straps on both sides, which will ensure that your child is protected in the car seat. The baby car safety seat travel bag can be carried with a thick top handle. You can lock and secure the car seat with the double zip opening. Small accessories can be stored in elastic pockets on both sides. The folding instructions for the infant car seat are easy to understand. You can fold the car seat into a flat shape to facilitate the next use. The transparent ID bag is used to pack up the car seat travel. They will deal with the problem in time. The folding instructions for the infant car seat are easy to understand. You can fold the car seat into a flat shape to facilitate the next use. The transparent ID bag is used to pack up the car seat travel. They will deal with the problem in time.

Brand: Yorepek

👤This thing is huge and humiliating. The other dads will look like ninnies if you are the king of the airport baggage counter. You can bring booze and other items into the car seat. Don't ruin your car seat or booze, buy this today and make your travel easier.

👤This was bought for our car seat. It works as if it was made for this carseat. The material feels strong. The hard car seat has pads on the back and shoulder straps. The car seat has an interior strap to keep it out of the bag while you're walking. There is plenty of room to add other items into the bag with the car seat, plus netted pockets on both sides of the exterior for other items you might want to have closer-hand. If the bag falls apart early, I will update. The bag is hitting all the marks of a 5 star purchase.

👤The bag is great! Well made! The Nuna Rava car seat is perfect for us. I would recommend this to anyone.

👤This bag is barely enough to fit my car seat. The zip is strong. The material is strong. I had no issues with the stitching. The plastic belts and slides seem a little cheap, but they did not cause any issues on our last four plane rides. It's easy to loosen the shoulder straps when you put them on your back, and then tighten them after you've worn them. As you take it off, loosen the straps. I was able to close the waist strap with it being at the very end because it was a bit short for me. I wear a sz 16 pant because I'm smaller waisted with a larger hip and it digs into my lower back. I made a few changes to the bag itself, including adding a padded strap for the waistband and a longer strap for the waistband so that it would be more comfortable to wear.

👤The car seat travel bag appeared to be very strong. The quality of the bag was very good and it looked like it could weather a lot of travel. It fit our car seat perfectly. The backpack freed up hands for other luggage maneuvers. It was fine at the airport and at check in. It was taken to the rental car office. One of the straps broke when my husband walked to our rental. It was disappointing because it didn't make it to our destination. The bag we used before this was not as durable as the one we used now, but it lasted us for 4 years. I don't know if the plastic clasp was a dud or a weak one, but it stunk. I just tied the bottom strap to the broken strap and did what we had. I only give it 2 stars because it broke our first day, but I give high ratings for other factors because I am sure it would have been done wonderfully if the clasp had not broken. The seller contacted me when he heard about my issue with the bag and I am changing my star rating to 5. He offered to replace my bag since it broke on the first use. It is a great bag. The seller is focused on customer satisfaction. I would purchase from this seller again.

9. Kenneth Cole Reaction Lightweight Hardshell

Kenneth Cole Reaction Lightweight Hardshell

Premium 4-wheel spinners allow for smooth effortless free-weight maneuvering. The Luggage is made of a lightweight hardABS exterior with reinforced protective molded corner guards that absorb shock for maximum impact resistance. The main compartment is lined with a tear-resistant lining and has a double-sided packing, a pocket, and straps to hold your clothes in place. There is a top and side grab handle for easy maneuvering and four molded side feet that allow luggage to stand upright. The push-button retractable trolley handle is 41 inches in length. The lightweight construction helps you adhere to the weight restrictions of the airline. The suitcase is designed to fit into most overhead bins and is 20 inches in diameter.

Brand: Kenneth Cole Reaction

👤The luggage held up well. The luggage was used for the first time on a flight from the U.S. to Indonesia. When we arrived in Indonesia, we noticed that one of the wheel's was missing. We were too busy to deal with it while on vacation, so we waited until we got home to contact them, even though I knew there was a warranty with the product. I contacted Kenneth Cole when we got home. The customer service rep told me to go to a shoe repair store or seamstress to get my luggage wheel replaced because they no longer service my type of luggage. The Kenneth Cole Reaction luggage has a warranty, but when you read more about it, it's pretty much nothing. They don't cover normal wear and tear and they don't cover damage by airlines. They cover defects in material or workmanship. The company tells the public a terrible lie. One flight from the U.S. to Indonesia with a wheel popping off was all it took for my luggage to fail. They can't fix my luggage or send me a replacement wheel. Kenneth Cole doesn't help their customers and doesn't stand behind their products. Their luggage held up for most of the time, but there were some scratches on the exterior and a missing wheel. Customer service and a company that stands behind their product are what I appreciate. Kenneth Cole doesn't do that. I will never buy any bags from them again. Don't buy if you're warned. You get what you pay for. Next time I buy something, I'll be buying something called Samsonite.

👤The suitcase is amazing. It's bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. I was looking for a carry-on suitcase to take with me. I was able to fit a month's worth of clothes. My large suitcase is useless because of this suitcase. It is more resistant to wear and tear since it has a hard case enclosure. There was a suitcase in my possession. Prepare to be amazed. There are 3 large print books and one paperback. 2 pairs of sandals, 7 girlie cut shirts, 5 band t-shirts, 3 tank tops, 3 yoga pants, 5 shorts, and a Victoria Secret Bras- with padding.

👤I was going to Europe and bought this item. The bag broke on my first flight. One of the wheels is detached from the handle. I have to carry a 45 lbs bag because the item is no longer rolling. I can't even return it because I'm in the middle of my trip. I have only one option left, buy a new bag and dump it in my hotel room. It was quite frustrating to start my trip.

👤There is no easy fix for the fabric and zipper that are completely disintegrated. I paid about $20 per round trip to use it. It seems like the warranty should have lasted under normal wear and tear since it is luggage, which includes loading and unloading on airplanes and taxis.

10. Adjustable Convert Stroller´╝îEasy Solution Transport

Adjustable Convert Stroller%EF%BC%8CEasy Solution Transport

The machine is washable. The child car seat carrier is machine washed. After you travel, simply machine wash and tumble dry. Their priority is your satisfaction. If you have an issue with your stroller bag, please contact them. You can use your suitcase to transport the car seat if you have a car seat travel strap. It can turn your luggage into a stroller. The car seat travel belt is made of premium 420D nylon material, Steel Ring and a quality strong buckle, and can be adjusted from 2 inches to 5 cm. 6 inches to 68 inches is the total length, which can Withstand heavy objects. You can use a suitcase strap when your baby no longer needs a safety seat. This baby travel gear is easy to store and can ensure that the belt can last for years to use. They are sturdy and not easy to break, but they are also lightweight and compact, which makes them less cumbersome than a handbag. You can attach a tether to a car seat by attaching it to a ring of a car seat strap. You can feed one end of the belt through the side of the car seat and then pull the other end of the belt around the roller bag. The car Seat Luggage Belt can be used with forward facing car seats that have a top tether. It is not compatible with the Graco Snugride 30 car seat.

Brand: Mobearer

👤This was great! When we arrived, we worked through the airport. The car seat broke when I used the strap again. The strap barely held, but we tied it to make it work. Very disappointed.

👤This was purchased for a trip that involved multiple plane changes with a three year old. The plastic clip broke on the first leg of the journey.

👤I tried this strap on 3 different suitcases and it didn't hold the carseat well. Maybe it would work with a suitcase. You can't use a full size suitcase if you take the carseat to the plane.

👤The strap is lightweight and makes traveling with our car seat easier.

👤It was helpful to travel with our kids seats.

👤I didn't expect the strap to be as strong as it is. The car seat is secure and doesn't move on the luggage. I like it.

👤It was broken when I received it. It didn't work.

👤It slips around if you have a hard luggage case.

11. Adjustable Convert Stroller Solution Transport

Adjustable Convert Stroller Solution Transport

The car Seat Luggage Belt can be used with forward facing car seats that have a top tether. It is not compatible with the Graco Snugride 30 car seat. durable and strong The black car seat luggage belt is made of nylon and has a steel ring and plastic buckle. A must have for a person traveling with young children. This car seat travel strap is versatile and can be used for toddler car seats, luggage carts, and airport car seats. The total length is 63.8 inches, width is about 2 inches, and the car seat travel strap can be adjusted. It was 6 to 68 inches. Carry universal size safe travel solution for transport car seat. Attach or remove a car seat from your luggage in a few seconds. When not in use, fold the strap and keep it in a place that is light and portable. It's a safe and practical way to put a car seat on a suitcase. The belt works with most of the luggage and forward facing car seats that have a top tether. There is no need to spend a lot of money on a car seat carrier or cart.

Brand: Hadwoer

👤The picture shows attaching a carseat to luggage but it didn't stay in place and it wasn't the standard luggage, it was a large bag carrier which isn't as thick or wide as luggage. Didn't recommend Returned item.

👤No apta para una maleta of 23 kilomes.


What is the best product for car seat bags for air travel on wheels?

Car seat bags for air travel on wheels products from Delsey Paris. In this article about car seat bags for air travel on wheels you can see why people choose the product. Alnoor Usa and Birdee are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat bags for air travel on wheels.

What are the best brands for car seat bags for air travel on wheels?

Delsey Paris, Alnoor Usa and Birdee are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat bags for air travel on wheels. Find the detail in this article. Baby & Beyond, Amooca and Stockyfy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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