Best Car Seat Back Support Pillow

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1. SEG Direct Vibrating Support Voltage

SEG Direct Vibrating Support Voltage

It's very convenient. The triple-layer construction is made of superior materials that will protect your back. The combination of flexibility and support will help you keep cool. This pillow is made of premium memory foam and has an ergonomics design to conform to the natural shape of your body, brings maximum support and comforts to your back area. The vibrating function inside the pillow can help you to relieve fatigue, back soreness, and muscle tension caused by long-time working, watching TV at home, or long-distance trips. It works in the lower back. A built-in warm pad helps to relax your back and warm you up on cold days, especially suitable for girls and ladies on period. The pillow has a protection thermostat. Even if you forget to turn it off, the auto shut-off function will still prevent your waist and back from burns. You can use it with a 12V output voltage adapter in your car seat, it's needed to change the 110V wall adapter when in home or office. It's a good idea to take it with you on the subway or bus to make it easier on your back. You can use it with a 12V output voltage adapter in your car seat, it's needed to change the 110V wall adapter when in home or office. It's a good idea to take it with you on the subway or bus to make it easier on your back.

Brand: Seg Direct

👤It was perfect for what I was looking for. It is a good cushion for my back. I wanted something that would help relieve the pain in my spine. The low speed is perfect for what I wanted, but if I have a bad day the high speed is nice. I like the heat but it gets hotter than I like. I am not upset with it. It has a simple remote. I use this pillow everyday and I am very pleased with it. If you want to get rid of the pain in your back, I recommend it. It works quickly to give you relief. It gives great support to your region. Warm weather can help you warm up on cold days. Definitely a keeper.

👤The thing is a game-changing change. I have a short seat in my car and it has caused me to get sciatic pain when I drive too long. I bought this to make my seat less deep and the heat and massage functions are great additions. It is well worth the money.

👤I'm very disappointed. I was looking forward to a massage cushion. This one was perfect for me as it was both my home and my car. I use it today because I'm working from home during the Pandemic. I kept looking through the box, but there was nothing in it.

👤My back is hurting on long drives. I bought this hoping it would help. In the last three months, I have put 20,000 miles on it. At the end of my drive, I feel less stiff. The only complaint I have is that it is only a back support. I knew that when I bought it, so I can't knock it down. If my upper back tightens up, I just slide it up higher. I would buy another one if it died tomorrow. I like this.

👤Jack broke Sayed's power a couple weeks ago. I just got back to work and trying to do an exchange after having surgery, but the window is closed on Amazon. I hope the vendor sees this and can help.

👤It works well and is comfortable. You can adjust the vibration. I can say that my car has a heated driver seat with a sex toy. I can use the heat. If you use this seat for a car seat, make sure to adjust it.

👤After 2 months, it stopped working. The heat function won't work unless I'm there, which is a shame. The time frame for replacement is no longer. I'm out of money. I would love for the manufacturer to contact me and make it right with a replacement. No one has reached out to me after a month. buyer beware, SEG Direct has no customer service. The end of February is when no one has reached out to me. I'm stuck with another bad product. The product does wonders when it works, and all the reviews you see are within the first week. I want a product that works. Take my situation as a lesson. Do you want to go through this hassle?

2. Big Hippo Multi Use Orthopedic Sciatica

Big Hippo Multi Use Orthopedic Sciatica

If you have any questions about their products, you can contact them on the Amazon platform, they will solve the problem for you, and bring you the best shopping experience. This cushion is made with premium quality memory foam. Acute and chronic pain can be alleviated by: back aches, muscle aches, general sore backs. The blend of comfort and support is what their memory foam pillow is made of. Their cushion is made to support the lower back for all day comfort. The design of the back support fills the gap between the chair and the body to give you the powerful support and effective profection. Lower back pain relief is provided by the Big Hippo back support pillow. The back support pillow can be used to help with alignment and relieve pressure while sitting down. Multiple use of their memory foam backrest pillow. The back support of the chair can be curved, back support for the airplane seat, back support for the car, or back support for the office chair, desk chair, computer chair or wheelchair. Multiple use of their memory foam backrest pillow. The back support of the chair can be curved, back support for the airplane seat, back support for the car, or back support for the office chair, desk chair, computer chair or wheelchair.

Brand: Big Hippo

👤This is not what was shown in the first few pictures. The one shown has a good shape. I received a rectangular coushin that was no bigger than the sunscreen visor in my car. I didn't realize that the last few pics are more accurate. I didn't look at those until I received the product. How can that be legal? There are different pillows. I put a dollar in the picture to show how small it is. I could have grabbed a pillow and been better off. Total rip off.

👤I have had to drive a lot recently. Back pain and sciatic nerve pain have been unbearable. The pillow is amazing. I have no more issues after getting it. I ordered two more pillows. One to keep in my husband's car and the other on the couch.

👤It is not like the picture is. It's good for the car and nice, but I wanted it for more. I'm using it on my couch and it's pretty comfortable. I was able to roll down the top edge a little, almost bent in half the long way, since the couch cushions make it sink in. If you're looking for a shaped, contoured cushion, this won't be it.

👤Not like the pictures. It is not what I expected. Not helpful in the car, a strap or something to hold in place. Probably won't bother using it. I will use the rolled up towel again.

👤The photos are not close to the description. Poor quality.

👤It was pretty good support but awkward placement on our road trip. It helps you stay upright when driving. It takes a little getting used to but we are glad we got it! The drive was made better by def.

👤I was looking for some support for my back but this foam pillow didn't do it for me. It is too small and soft to provide any support. The shipment was in good condition and arrived on time. The product isn't as good as I expected.

👤This has helped me with my back pain. I might buy another one for my office.

👤Exactly as described! It's very comfortable and helpful for my back pain.

3. Ergonomic Lumbar Support Pillow Dark

Ergonomic Lumbar Support Pillow Dark

Better back support and maximum back pain relief can be enjoyed anywhere, risk-free. If not satisfied, you can get a full refund. END Lower back pain is a major issue. Place the Sparthos Lumbar Pillow anywhere you sit and enjoy a carefully engineered back support, relief from lower back pain, muscle tension and a pillow that fits your shape. The Sparthos Lumbar Support Pillow is designed to support you all day and every day. If you put the pillow behind you, secure it with two straps that fit any chair, and you'll notice the difference in comfort and lower back health. You deserve the best, which is why the Lumbar Pillow is made from the most comfortable and durable material. The memory foam is infused with cooling gel and ventilation chambers to keep your back supported and to keep you cool in your car, office or home. Your Lumbar Pillow quickly becomes a part of you - it's memory foam that supports you. The pillow is firmly in place when the 2-strap system is attached to the chair. The anti-slip on the back makes sure your pillow is always correctly positioned. Their 100% Happiness Money Back Guarantee is backed by dedicated Customer Support. No questions asked!

Brand: Sparthos

👤I got this item because I was told I would need to sleep for several weeks after surgery. I already had a cheap foam pillow, but I was sure this would be more supportive. It was. It was too supportive of the need I had. I decided to use my older pillow after testing both of them, which was too firm and too soft. I gave this pillow to my cousin who was entering his peak demand time when he easily worked 12 - 15 hours a day. He had already purchased a better quality office chair that had a back support option, which wasn't doing much for him. He was happy with the one he tried. The strap options allowed him to place it where it would do him the most good and support his back for a long time. The support pillow is made from high quality materials. The old one was a cover over foam. It's perfect for an office worker. This would be a good purchase for you if you need a firm back support or are driving long distances. This is ideal for knowledge workers or long distance driving.

👤I've tried many of these while working in an office. They never seem to have the support I need. I got a Serta leather chair at Sam's. It doesn't have an adjustment to move the back up or I haven't figured it out, but my back didn't lean directly on it. I assumed I'd need a back support. I love this one. Why? It's got a really soft cover over the memory foam. It tilts perfectly to support my lower back and it feels great on the upper back. I feel like I can sit in my chair all day. Who wants a break when I work for myself? I'm a hard worker. It can be adjusted and attached to the chair. Nice purchase! If this changes, I will update.

👤I have had back issues with this chair. I might have issues with a chair that costs over $500. The chair that I started with was reviewed well but not expensive. It was built well, but my back hurt after a short time of use. I added a support pillow but it didn't solve the problem. All my issues were resolved after I added a purple seat cushion. I spent $450 for everything and I would be hard pressed to find a more comfortable chair at any price. If you need support in the lower back, the Sparthos support pillow is for you.

👤Great product! Good quality, good price, and great back support for being at a desk for 8 hours a day.

👤I bought an expensive office chair a few years ago but it never met the mark for support of the back. I decided to look for a new chair and pay up to $400, even though I started putting a folded pillow behind my back. The ones with good back support were not comfortable and decided to buy this type of solution. The double straps on this pillow allow it to be placed where you need it to be. The chair is perfect.

4. Lumbar Support Chair Seat Back Ergonomic

Lumbar Support Chair Seat Back Ergonomic

There is a package that includes a car Lumbar Pillow. The streamline perfectly fits the spine curve. The back pillow supports the hips, waist and back. It helps maintain correct sitting posture. Long-term sitting and driving can cause back pain. High-density memory foam takes into account comfort and support. It makes chairs more comfortable because of the distribution of body weight and pressure over the entire contact area. When the vehicle is bumpy or making turns, it works perfectly to release the pressure on your buttock. Breathable and Washable cover: Instead of traditional 3D mesh fabric which is so hard that it makes fabrics of your clothes pill up, they choose a softer and lighter fabric. The elasticity of their fabric helps memory foam adapt the pillow to your back more easily. The cover is easy to clean and the rubber bottom never stains. Chiropractor recommended a support cushion for patients with back pain, as well as people who suffer from low back pain. It's right that the thickness is right to make your driving and work more comfortable and less tiring. Their pillows fit well with most chairs, like office chair, computer chair, armchair, sofa, couch, recliner, car seat, SUV and truck seat. An office gift idea is for people who are sitting for a long time.

Brand: Shakerino

👤I have purchsed 20 supports for my office chair and car and this one is the winner. It is in place without straps. A big plus.

👤Fast shipping. I have been using it for a week. There are two things I like about it. The pillow size covers the whole back. 2. The side handles are used to lock your back in.

👤I'm angry about this product because I was so disappointed. It was perfect for me. The support level is just right. It was painful to use because it has a blocky ridge of foam going down the middle of the back. I think it's supposed to be supportive, but it just made me feel bad. I've tried a few other back support pillows that seem to have been designed by people who have never seen a human body before, but this one would have been better for me if I had that ridge. I would have trimmed the ridge myself if I had the right tools. I used my folded towels for support. The ghetto option causes less pain than the pillow did.

👤Is it back pain? No with this product! Thank you for your hard work. I have tried many products but they have failed me. But not this one! If you drive for a living, I recommend this product. Again, thank you. God bless you.

👤It needs to be mounted to keep it in place.

👤It is nice that this cushion is somewhat shaped, but it is too thin and narrow to provide much support. I gave up trying to use it. It might be helpful if it was thicker around the sides of the body. I had to look for something else. It might work for someone who doesn't need much support.

👤Simple, firm, and comfortable support.

👤Really like the extended sides. It comes up higher than others I've found. This design is great. There is a I'm on the larger size and this is too much. It helps more than not. I wish it didn't compress so much.

5. SAMSONITE Ergonomic Lumbar Support Pillow

SAMSONITE Ergonomic Lumbar Support Pillow

It is possible to modify the rate of attrition. If it doesn't fit in your seat, move the click buckle. Installation of the chair strap is simple. The cushion can be kept at the exact angle and height needed even over the most rough terrain, thanks to this strap. The strap is a universal fit, with the ability to adjust the length as needed, no matter where you need to sit. Their pillow can help alleviate lower back pain, injury, chronic condition, or simply add a little more support for those who sit for long periods at work or drive hours-long distances. The firm support and high-grade memory foam are all designed to hold you in the correct position, which will alleviate pressure and stress on the sensitive area of the body. The memory foam on the pillow holds your back in the right position. The memory foam stays put, cradling both sides of your spine without feeling rock-hard, unlike other traditional pillows or cushions that slip and fall out of place or with insides that move around. The memory foam is great for all day use, whether you are driving in the car, sitting at your desk, traveling on a plane, or simply hanging out at home. For a comfortable hold that fits and feels natural, the ERGONOMIC DESIGN is used. The design helps to reduce strain on your lower back by gently guiding your body into a position. Circulation is encouraged by the pillow's ability to improve your poster, which helps to relieve pressure or pain in your lower back. It is well-padded with memory foam for a comfortable day-long use. It is 13” x 14” and 4.5” deep. This back pillow is portable and can be used anywhere you need extra support. It is easy to install with the one-clip belt. Simply wrap the straps around the back of your seat and click the strap closed. It is as easy to disassemble. It is lightweight and ideal for easy transport. You can bring it with you to work, take it with you while traveling in a plane, or move it around at home.

Brand: Samsonite

👤Law enforcement causes lower back pains for me. My lower back is being put under pressure by the weight of my equipment. The seats on my car don't have any support for my back and I'm in the car a majority of the time. I have had this for a little over a month and I noticed that my back doesn't ache as much anymore and I don't have to crack it as often. The only downside is that it did flatten some, but still provides some support and fills a void in the car seat's non-lumbar support. If you suffer from lower back pain, I would recommend this.

👤I have back pain in different places. I still do the things I used to do, even though I'm too old to do them. I'm not sure what I did to my back, but it has been bothering me for over a month. I have a table that does the trick, but not this time. I saw this as I was out of options and ideas. I've been using the pillow for about four days. The pain in my back is no longer as bad. If I move too far forward the front of my chair mat will fall. It's actually good that I use this support, it locks my chair in place and allows for more pressure against my lower back. This product is very good.

👤I received a product that is a perfect solution to my seat in my car. The cushion has a lot of support. Some reviewers said the strap was short. It is not! It is elastic to give any user more length than they need for the proper fit.

👤It's intended function is to make the drive to work in my economy car seat easier. It would have been 5 stars, but for the strap being too short. I have that thing extended all the way, and it barely makes it to the seat on my Honda Fit. This is a small car. I'm worried about the plastic buckle giving way or the fabric ripping at the strap mount. I may update my review if either of these happen. The strap is mounted flush with the pillow. This doesn't make sense as most cars have some form of support that makes the pillow stick out from the seat. If the strap was mounted at the front, it would allow it to sit flush against the seat. I wouldn't dock a star for this as it's mostly aesthetic, but it's still an oversight.

👤When I ordered this for him, I asked him to try it for a couple of days and see how he liked it. He asked me to buy him another one after it went missing. He didn't like to drive without it after he was used to it. I had to find the same one. This is it!

👤I tried the support in my desk chair, leather recliner and bucket seats of my car. My rating is not very high. It's supposed to have memory foam. If memory foam comes in different grades, this is the lowest grade. I have cushions on the front porch that are made of memory foam. They give under pressure. The wooden chairs are comfortable. The pillow is too firm and bounces back when pressure is released. It feels like there is a log on your back. The label says it's made in China for Creative Brands. I don't know if it is a cheap knock-off or if it is a real item. I was confident that a Samsonite pillow would meet my needs. It's horrible what I got. I ordered two. I opened it. I will throw that one in the trash. 9/28-20: 1. I gave the one to a friend to see if it worked in his car. He liked it. It doesn't work for my back. I don't change my two thumbs down because reviews ask for your opinion of the product. It didn't work for me. 2. The refund on the opened one went well.

6. Villsure Wheelchair Breathable Ergonomic Orthopedic

Villsure Wheelchair Breathable Ergonomic Orthopedic

Risk-Free Purchase has a 30-day hassle free return policy. Let your shopping be done with confidence. The memory foam pillow is designed to mimic the spine curve of a human. If you spend a lot of time sitting and driving, this back support pillow will help relieve your lower back pain. The VivellSure office chair back cushion is made of high quality and precisely molded memory foam. When you lean on this support, it can take the natural shape of you back and curve perfectly, so as to soothe your fatigue. There is a wide range of applications, and there is an adjustment of straps to keep the chair in place and prevent the pillow from sliding down. It can be used in most office chair, computer chair,desk chair,armchair,couch,car seat,SUV,truck,wheelchair and recliner seat. The cover of the office chair is machine washable and Ventilated to keep your back cool. This premium quality office chair back support is a perfect gift for parents,office staff,teachers,drivers,students who sit for a long time. If you're not satisfied with their product, you can contact them and they will give you a satisfactory solution.

Brand: Villsure

👤The picture was not very bright, it was night time in my Jeep. The packing was great, I waited a few minutes after wrapping for the memory foam to fill out, then I tried it all, my couch, chair, seat in my Jeep, and I even took it on my flight. I suffer from pinched nerves and it helped with my lower back pain. I recommend this product to anyone who is sitting for long periods of time.

👤I bought this for my husband. He has a bad back because of his poor posture. This has helped support his back and encouraged him to sit up properly. Within minutes, it fluffed out. It's nice to know that it could be rolled up again. It's made from a dense memory foam and the outer fabric is soft.

👤I don't like sitting. I don't like to sit down. I don't like sitting because it hurts my back. You would think that I would be thin, but I am not. I saw this product and thought it was too good to be true, like all of the other seat cushions and whatnots that I have purchased over the years. The package was shaped like a tube. I was very aggressive. I didn't think it was possible for something comfortable to come out of such a package. I knew I had wasted money. I almost sent it back, but I didn't. I opened the package to try it out. What did I have to lose? There was no turning back when I opened the package. I was not going to get it back in. It started taking shape. It was fluffed up. I put it in a chair. My back has spasmed in the past, but for this first time, it didn't. It was comfortable, I was sitting. I was happy! I need to purchase a few more so I can have them at work, in the car, and at home. If you are on the fence, I would like to see you try it. It might be what you are looking for.

👤It is very different to work at home with this support. I had a lot of back pain and with this product I can have a proper posture at my desk. Does not clean quickly.

👤The good news is that the folded up tube was soft. After opening, it was expanded into shape. The scent went away after a day. It's similar to spandex, it's soft and stretchy, and doesn't get hot. The back pillows look a bit smaller than they are, but this one is on the smaller size compared to others. I've tried a few and the ones that are taller work better. It was very uncomfortable. The thin gray seam that goes around the entire pillow edges presses into your back. You can still feel the seam even with a T-shirt on and a bath towel over it. It won't be noticeable if the blanket is thicker over the pillow. I ended up getting a different back pillow that had no raised seam and was much more comfortable than the one I had. The back pillow only comes with one strap, like most others. The design of the couch has a padded back rest that runs the length of the couch and I need a vertical running strap to hold it in place. If the pillow has two horizontal straps, you can criss-cross them to create a vertical holding strap. It didn't make sense to always use extra padding when I could just get one with better ergonomics from the beginning.

7. Cushion Lab Extra Dense Memory

Cushion Lab Extra Dense Memory

Samyoung mesh back support is enough to relax your back and lumber. They are behind the quality of their product. They will be happy to resolve any issues you may have if you reach out to them. Designed by physical therapist for back pain relief, it's specially designed to fit organically to relieve lower back pressure for office workers, drivers, or anyone who sit for long hours. There is a plan for a multi-tiered back support to help with post-traumatic stress disorder. Their pillow provides firm sectional lower, mid, and upper mid-back support to help keep your back in optimal posture. Their proprietary memory foam for all-day support is made with Hyperfoam. Their cover is made with hard-wearing, absorbent, and Breathable, and it is easy to clean. The strap can be used as a luggage strap or as a pillow strap. Better back support and maximum back pain relief can be enjoyed anywhere, risk-free. If not satisfied, you can get a full refund.

Brand: C Cushion Lab

👤I absolutely love this back cushion. It's very hard and dense, great for supporting your spine. It feels really comfortable when I sit up in bed after using it against my back. I have a bulging and herniated discs, muscle spasticity, and M.E./chronic fatigue syndrome. I have chronic pain and my back is jacked up. I'm picky with products that are comfortable and well-being related. This cushion is amazing. I can tell that this cushion is appropriate for larger people like me. It's easy to carry around. I don't have a lot of complaints about the opening in the middle. It's a million times better than a regular pillow. When you first get it, it smells funny, but then it goes away. It's great! Love! The price has more than doubled in the last 2 years. The item is so expensive that it's ridiculous. I had to leave most of my belongings behind in my recent move so I have to decide if I want to get it back. I don't think it's worth that much. It's too big a jump. The quality is good, but not great. Too bad. I took the leap. The inside material is not as firm as it used to be. I liked it better when it was very firm.

👤I'm sad. I thought I had found a perfect back support cushion after looking for hours. I can't remove the bad smell from the foam from its packaging. We're going to put my nose in a box and get it out of the house. It was a toxic-esque smell. I'm surprised that companies still go for the ones that off-gas, even though there are odor-free foams out there. It looks like it could have helped my back, which is sad because this is a very bad product. It's a pity.

👤I started developing lower back pain while working a desk job where I am sitting 8+ hours a day. I tried a lot of things, but they only made my back pain worse, and I would have back pain again the next day. Since I started using this, my back feels great, and the pain is gone. I tried my coworker's pillow, but it was too soft and only covered the back. The way goes up to the back. You really feel the difference, instead of just a pillow pushing against your lower back, you feel overall back support. I am glad I picked this one, it is well made, firm, and feels good.

👤The pillow is very well made. My back feels great because of the firmness. After a few days, I realized the pillow is causing more problems. It pushes me forward in my chair because it's so thick, and it's out of alignment with the seat pan in my chair. The ergonomics people at my company told me that there should be 3 fingers between the back of my knees and the front of the chair. Adding a cushion to my chair increases the distance. My butt is throbbing from being out of position for my chair after a few hours. My car has a seat pan that is highly sculpted. If you have a chair that has a lot of ergonomics already built in, or one that allows you to extend the seat front further than usual, this pillow will work just fine. It's been a missed opportunity for me. It's unlikely that any cushion would work with the sculpted design of a chair that is designed to keep you in one ideal position. It doesn't work with Herman Miller. I now realize that my best solution is to use the ergonomics built into my chair and not add any extras.

8. TISHIJIE Memory Lumbar Support Pillow

TISHIJIE Memory Lumbar Support Pillow

100% risk free guarantee. They are committed to your satisfaction and hope you are happy with your purchase. When you click the Add to cart button, they will either send you a prompt refund or you will be satisfied. Recovering pain: The car lumbar support pillow is soft and comfortable, can alleviate the pressure on the spine when starting and braking the car, and can reduce the pain and tightness of the middle and lower back when sitting or driving for a long time. Premium quality memory foam. High density, odorless - never goes flat, a proper memory foam can be used to give you comfort and support, which can provide you relief from back pain while driving or work rest. Two elastic straps and buckles that pass the buckle through the gap between the seat and the back can be used to fix the back support pad on the car seat. 3D mesh cover can keep you cool and comfortable all day. It is easy to remove and clean the invisible zip up. You can adjust the optimal support position. It'sTILE: The back pillow is very comfortable. General SUVs, trucks, office chairs, computer chairs, armchairs, sofas, wheelchairs are great gifts for people who are sitting for a long time. Such as a truck driver. The customer service is reliable. If their back cushion doesn't work for you, they are willing to give you a new one for free or give you a full refund. The customer service is reliable. If their back cushion doesn't work for you, they are willing to give you a new one for free or give you a full refund.

Brand: Tishijie

👤Just what I needed. Most supports are too high for me. This is located at the lowest part of my back and helps on long drives. The stay put disks and straps keep it in place. I need another one for my truck.

👤I was initially impressed with the quality of this item and it would do the job. I only need a little push on my lower back because the car seats don't have lower back support. These are too thick and cause me to be pushed forward. It makes me feel like my thighs are too far forward. I returned them. I did the middle of the road with 3 stars because I was not sure how to rate them.

👤The retainer straps allow you to tuck the cushion into your seat. It keeps it from sliding. It's not as stiff as the traditional cushions, but it's still comfortable. The memory foam is very strong.

👤The back support did what it was advertised to do. I was having a hard time with my back and was only in the car for a short time. The product gave me the support I needed and took away most of the pain. Thanks for the inexpensive product.

👤I have two of these for over a year and a half and I use them all the time. I bought one for my car and another for my couch when I was working from home. I have that on the chair in my office. When I travel, I will buy another one here. This saves me from driving. I couldn't survive the long drives without this. I needed support at the base of my spine, and I noticed a lot of back support pillows that curve around it. If you rolled up a towel or had a similar shaped pillow, you would have a cylinder at the base. When I first bought them, they didn't have any reviews, so it was a bit of a gamble, but I'm happy they worked out.

👤I don't know how to rate it. I don't know if it's providing support or pain relief. Either that pain is helping me or it is not. It is firm but soft at the same time. I use it with my office chair. I tried to use it in a car. I think it's because I sit back more in the car, but the support pillow went flat in the car. It works better in an office chair. This type of product is hard to find. I don't want to send it back, but I don't want to try another one. I don't know how to attach this to my chair, so I'm constantly rearranging it. It falls when I get up. The smell was similar to what other reviewers said, but it went away after a day or two.

👤I didn't think this would eliminate my pain. I hoped it would support my lower back so I wouldn't hurt it when I got up from sitting. It does. It is a lot more comfortable now that it is sitting.

9. Wheelchair Cushions Adjustable Sciatica Breathable

Wheelchair Cushions Adjustable Sciatica Breathable

Enjoy being the driver of your favorite car, truck, or gaming on your computer for a year. The FORTEM chair pillow and seat cushion have a full year warranty. The Qutool seat cushion is made of 100% pure high-density premium memory foam which is durable and never goes flat. The office chair cushion gives you more soft comfort than a donut pillow. Also can be used to improve posture and relieve leg pain while sitting for long periods. The desk chair cushion is designed to alleviate pressure on the coccyx and relieve sciatic nerve pain. The sciatic pillow for sitting has a curved design and provides evenly distributed support. The tailbone cushion is the best back support. The back cushion for the office chair alleviates pains from a greater surface area, including muscle and back pains from sitting, as well as arthritis, inflammation, and herniated disks. The shape of your back supports it's natural curve and promotes healthy posture. The back pillow has a unique pocket. The chair pillow has a rubber bottom to ensure it stays in a seat. The back support cushion is kept in place by two straps. The combo is suitable for any chair that can be used for office, computer, gaming, car, recliner, home, or a seat on a bus, airplane or train. Their butt cushion is perfect for people with disabilities. The 3D Breathable Washable Mesh cover is easy to clean because of its anti-sweat absorbent material. Return the sitting cushion for a full refund if it doesn't work. You will get 100% money back. You don't have to take any risk by ordering the seat cushion and pillow today. It's a perfect gift for new years, birthdays, mother's day, father's day, weddings and graduations. Qutool seat cushions come with a replacement policy. They will send you a replacement for any quality related issues if you connect them immediately.

Brand: Qutool

👤I didn't know what a coccyx cushion was. A coccyx cushion or a tailbone cushion is a cushion that supports the lower part of the spine or the tailbone in the seated position. The coccyx cushion reduces pressure on the tailbone that supports us when we are seated. The best coccyx cushions are made of memory foam. The shape of memory foam can be retained even after pressure is removed. The foam on top of the person is more comfortable than the foam on the floor. Some types of memory foam are prone to body heat retention. If you live in a warm part of the world, you may want to consider a memory foam cushion with cooling gel. I think this is more than just a cushion. The set comes with a pillow that can fit on any chair I need it on, from my car seat to the kitchen table. The addition of a pillow is a great idea. It meshes with the tailbone pillow to make sitting for extended periods more comfortable. People who need to sit at work should have both of these on their office chair. The coccyx cushion has a width of 13 and a height of 14. The combined weight was 2.4 pounds. There is a memory foam construction. Two complimentary pillows are in one convenient package. For portable use. * The covers on the pillows are replaceable. * There is a pocket on the pillow. You can't have enough pockets. * There are rubber feet. The pillows are fairly low density and flatten quickly.

👤The straps are not as heavy duty. It was bought a little over 90 days ago. Attach to the back of the chair broke. It's not possible to mount in the right position for back support. Cheap design means that straps are non-replaceable. The Duck Tape needs to be fixed. It was a 4-star performer but it lost a star in my opinion. It's likely that this will be many products after the first year. But at 90 days? Hope it's not a recurring reality of the product. They reached out to me with their concerns. Replacement covers were offered without charge. Remove foam and insert into replacement cover after you received them. The top cover needed to be replaced. If you want to go Fuzzy, there is a bonus fuzzy alternate cover. Customer support was topnotch, but didn't bother to contact them. They got in touch with me through my account on the photo sharing website. It was kind of strange. Bonnie from the Qutool Service Team was kind and friendly to alleviate my concerns. My stars rating has been updated because of their response.

👤I decided to scrap the chair because the padding has flattened. This is a good choice because of the price, quality and bigger size. No smell, adequate padding thickness didn't increase temps.

👤I purchased a seat with cushions. I received item B07ZB9VL5X-44000000 on 4/23/2020. I bought it for my home office because my remote work was making me uncomfortable. I immediately felt relief from my back pain after using these cushions. I highly recommend.

10. Support Breathable Orthopedic Backrest Ergonomic

Support Breathable Orthopedic Backrest Ergonomic

100% preimum memory foam. This support pillow has a machine-washable mesh cover and can keep you cool and comfortable. The back cushion is made of back suede material. The perfect support pillow for all kinds of office chair. If you spend a lot of time sitting in an office chair and driving a car, this back cushion will help you. It is designed to relieve upper, mid and lower back pain and back tightness, support you to achieve a healthy posture and help maintain the natural curve of the spine. Memory Foam with Bamboo Charcoal Fiber Back Cushion can keep its shape and be used repeatedly. Their product supports your back in a proper posture because of the best elasticity. Their product has a curve and waist design, which means it will hold your back all the time. Office workers, pregnant drivers, and students should use the perfect size to improve their posture. TheOrthopedic Backrest has a design that ensures the back cushions stay on the seat without sliding or slipping. Whether you are driving a car, lying on the couch, watching TV, playing video games, or studying and even working, the Villsure Lumbar Support Pillow is the perfect one for you. Let it linger, it is elegant and has thoughtful care. This premium quality ergonomics cushion is a perfect gift for parents,office staff,teachers,students who sit for a long time. Try it now with no worries because all their products have a 60-day no returns policy.

Brand: Niceeday

👤I use straps differently. If you have a chair that it can be strapped to, the straps will keep it in place. I used it in a variety of places that it couldn't be strap to, so I put it to ME. It's a good thing. This way, the straps are used to make sure it stays where I need it. I'm not trying to adjust it down or over as I move. Works well.

👤I ordered one for myself and one for my son to put on our recliners. I'm 84 and my son is 64, so I have other painful body issues. The gentle pushing on my back helps me breathe. The quality is excellent and there are lots of straps to fit around our recliners. I don't think you could find a better back support.

👤Absolutely the best product ever made! This one is the best for anyone who is suffering from lower back pain. I can feel a difference because it helps support the back. Everyone should buy it.

👤Is this pillow any smaller than $25? How can you sell this as a support for a small child, when it is so thin and small? Don't waste your money if you have a grown up that's 6 years old. You need to do a better job with the screen items you ship from China.

👤When this pillow arrived, I was a bit skeptical. It wasn't what I was expecting. I can't stop talking about it. I use it at work. I felt a lot of pain relief immediately after using it. I feel like I can sit in my chair all day and not have to fight or switch positions. I would recommend this to everyone.

👤After using in vehicle, it becomes sluishy. A person is in a vehicle. Even if the fabric clips are tightened. The fabric is going down. The lower spine was given a bad position. The lower back stiffens after sitting for a long time. When getting out of a vehicle. You have to stretch for 3 to 5 minutes. This is great when sitting in an office chair at home. It's a good position of comfort to be in the office. 6 out of 10 office chairs.

👤I bought this to support my back. It is helpful if I sit for a long time. It will make you sit in a good position. Highly recommended!

👤I was very excited to buy this product. I was excited when it arrived, but soon turned to disappointment. I'm not a "high density memory foam" expert, but whatever is inside this pillow feels a lot like the one I used in college, and it was made of the same material. The pillow was as flat as a pancake after I used it for a few minutes. If you're looking for a pillow that will remind you to keep your posture, and you can brush your back against it, this might be it. I would not look for something to provide support. I'm 6' tall and weigh 190 lbs, so not tipping the scales.

11. Support Cushion Updated Pillows Computer

Support Cushion Updated Pillows Computer

It's a great gift for men and women. The updated ergonomics design back support is designed to relieve upper,mid,lower back pain and tightness and provides comfortable support to achieve a health sitting posture. The back cushion will help you if you spend a lot of time sitting in a chair. It is also recommended for people who suffer from Lumbosacral and Spondylosis. PREMIUM MEMORY FOAM - NEVER FLATTENS OUT- is a high density, thick, durable memory foam which is a firm comfy fit and enhances your comfort while retaining its density. The waist pillow provides optimal support for the back. The perfect support pillow for you is the COMPUCLVER, it's specially designed for you. 3DESH COVER - BREATHABLE. Unlike other 3D mesh fabric, they choose UPDATED premium 3D mesh fabric, which can keep air circulation well and always keep you back cool and dry for the best experience, less sweat, suitable for all seasons, especially for Summer. It's ideal for drivers, teachers, students, people in a wheelchair, office workers, and elders. There are adjusted stakes and hold in place. Two buckled straps keep the back cushion in place and prevent the pillow from sliding down. Their product has a curve and waist design, which means it will hold your back all the time. The two straps on the back of the chair make it fit perfectly on any chair. Risk Free, 60 days hassle free return and refund policy, 12 month quality warranty and lifetime customer service are included in the 100% money-back SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Don't hesitate to contact them if you have a problem. Also, note: The pillow cushion is designed to help relieve pains, but with some people it will not completely reduce symptoms. She will receive gifts for her on February 14th.

Brand: Compuclever

👤The package arrived yesterday. I was a little bit annoyed when I opened. The reason why I paid more for this one was because it looked like a racing car seat at the top and bottom of the pillow. No, it didn't. I didn't get what I thought it would be. I used it all day in my office chair. It is comfortable. It's a decent size for larger men. I am 6'1 and 230+. It was very comfortable to sit in my chair all day long and not have to worry about cracking my back or anything like that. To be completely fair. It was not what I thought it would be, but it was very comfortable and it did provide back pain relief all day.

👤I was skeptical because I have been dealing with back pain for the past 7 years after a car accident. I have been trying everything to help with the back pain. I was told to buy a back support pillow. I found this product. I think this has helped me. My husband wants me to purchase one for him. I think buying is a good idea. It supports your back and provides relief from pain.

👤Wow! The support pillow is amazing. I have had back pain for years due to disk disease and compressed nerves. I had surgery 4 years ago which helped some but sitting is always miserable as my leg goes numb and it is painful to stand back up after sitting for a long time. It doesn't matter if you are sitting in a car, sitting at a desk or just sitting on the sofa, it is torture. I travel a lot for my kids' activities. I thought I would try anything to make me feel better so I could attend their events and at least sit for a few moments. I was in pain before I got to my destination. I purchased this pillow in the dark in hopes that it would help. I can't believe the difference. I tried to use it on my desk chair. My leg was not numb. I could stand up immediately. I tried it in my car. I drove for 3 hours. At my destination, I was pain free. After the return trip, I didn't hurt myself. This pillow is a miracle for me. I left the pillow in my car and ordered another one. I will put it in a big purse when I leave my home to take it with me wherever I go. I don't write reviews but I am telling you that this product has improved the quality of my life in a way that I can't even describe. It's unbelievable.

👤I have serious back problems. I researched the back pillows before buying them. I found and decided on this one. It works. It is the right size for me. It fits me, does not smell offensive, and does not stain clothes, as some complained about other back pillows. When it gets warmer, the fabric should breath nicely. Again, very satisfied. There is a six month update. The trick is to place the pillow against your back so that it doesn't touch the seat of your chair. This pillow is a lifesaver. 100% pain-free sitting. I use it in the car, on the couch, in the bed, and in my chair office. It goes with me on vacations. I bought one for my spouse. I hope they don't stop making this pillow.


What is the best product for car seat back support pillow?

Car seat back support pillow products from Seg Direct. In this article about car seat back support pillow you can see why people choose the product. Big Hippo and Sparthos are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat back support pillow.

What are the best brands for car seat back support pillow?

Seg Direct, Big Hippo and Sparthos are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat back support pillow. Find the detail in this article. Shakerino, Samsonite and Villsure are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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