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1. Smart Elf Protector Thickest Non Slip

Smart Elf Protector Thickest Non Slip

This back seat baby mirror has been awarded. The infant car seat mirror is designed to keep you and your baby safe. Thousands of families put their faith in their rear-facing car seat mirror to make their journeys easier. Smart eLf is a car seat protection that protects leather and cloth fabric car seats from spills, dents, and scratches. The pockets in the bottom are perfect for storing your child's toys. Premium 600D Oxford fabric is used for this car seat cover and it is easy to clean. It is not necessary to spend a lot of time cleaning. You can use a damp cloth to wipe off spills. Machine wash are not recommended. Multifunctional Protector The baby car seat protectors fit for the large size carseat. Even for pets, dogs, and cats, as a pet seat cover. It is convenient for family travel and it fits in the back seat,rear seat or front seat of the car. It's the parent's favorite. The car seat mat has safety straps that will tie the cover securely to the head. Attach them securely to achieve a perfect fit. Seat protectors can slip under your legs and make you feel uncomfortable. The anti slip dots on this car seat cover give it extra grip. It's perfect for people traveling with kids, their family, or solo. The protectors fit most vehicles with a seat measuring 18 x 19 inch, the back 18 x 23 inch and the mesh 14 x. It was large enough to cover the bottom portion of the seat. Meet most of the automotive installation needs. The protectors fit most vehicles with a seat measuring 18 x 19 inch, the back 18 x 23 inch and the mesh 14 x. It was large enough to cover the bottom portion of the seat. Meet most of the automotive installation needs.

Brand: Smart Elf

👤They will leave an imprint on vegan leather or the electric car seats. I can't speak for other car manufacturers but I can't speak for a company called aTesla.

👤We just bought a new car with leather seats, and I knew we needed a solution so that the booster seat wouldn't leave any marks in the leather. These had the best reviews and I can see why. They're easy to install, seats don't slide around, and they're very well made. We bought these and they are highly recommendable.

👤They will harass you if you put a negative review about this product. Over the last 8 months, I have contacted Amazon several times because they won't stop using my personal email. Amazon keeps telling me they will escalate it. My boyfriends seats were not protected by these. The cover on the car seat was not the only thing that was missing. I think it would work if you used both of them. The padding says it is not thick. I will return these.

👤The only protection you will get is from liquid spills through the car seat. It's flimsy and doesn't do anything to prevent damage to your seats.

👤I went from a newborn car seat to a bigger convertible all in one seat. I decided on these. It was very easy to swing over the back seat's headrest. They had a slight scent, but nothing could be done in a few hours. I have a sedan and you can't really see the pocket, but I would definitely buy it again.

👤So far, so good. I will update my review if necessary, as my little boys will put the sturdiness of these to the test. It's easy to install. My minivan seats are good. I didn't realize I needed the kickplate, but it will help keep shoes off the seat. The plastic wrap had a strong odor when it first opened. I left them to air out in the garage and didn't smell anything for an hour.

👤The bottom of the car has a non skid to help keep it in place. It's very easy to put in the car and keep the seat in place. The bottom mesh pockets make carrying snacks an essential requirement.

👤I have had these protectors for less than 3 months and they are already falling apart. The piping around the base is coming off and the organization pouch is also coming off. We only take our kids out in the car once a week as we are mostly home due to Covid. If I had my toddler in and out of the car daily, it would be worse.

👤The protectors are thick enough to protect against leaks. My son had an accident and I only had to wipe it down with baby wipes. It is a thick material. It is water resistant. The protector protects from muddy toddlers shoes. The seat makes a lot of dirt because my son puts his feet on it. I can just wipe the dirt down and it will look clean again. It's very easy to install. It must have been in your car. Highly recommended!

2. Bark Lover Deluxe Seat Cover

Bark Lover Deluxe Seat Cover

There are free safety concierges. The free car dog barrier prevent naughty kids from entering the front of the car. Make sure they stay behind the car. Your car won't stay in a mess if you use car mesh organizers. It is possible to last a LIFETIME and WATERPROOF. The seat cover of your Bark Lover dog car is made from advanced functional fabric, which is 5 times more strong than cotton and twice as strong as 600D oxford polyester, so it is not easily torn or worn by large dogs. The Bark Lover Bench Car Seat Cover is designed for the backseat of most standard vehicles, trucks and SUVs. Buckles with straps, Nonslip backing, and seat anchors keep the cover in place. It's easy to clean. It is installed in seconds with quick-release clips. The seat covers of the bark lover are strong. You can wash it in a gentle cycle or wipe it down with a moist towel. Take your pets on a road. The best protection to your car is provided by the Bark Lover car seat cover. Get the best car seat protectors even if you don't know what they are. The customer service team always gives you satisfactory service.

Brand: Bark Lover

👤Between spills, getting sick, and coloring, my kids have destroyed my backseat. I decided I needed to find a better way to protect the seat because I was tired of getting it cleaned. I can see this. It works for car seats too, but it appears to be targeted to dog owners. There are openings for the car seat anchor and it fits the backseat well. It wipes down nicely and is water resistant. Usually, I can remove it and shake it off. It was a good price compared to other brands that are labeled as car seat covers for kids. My seats are a lighter color and I haven't noticed any staining or transferring of the darker color to my seats. Will update if there is a change.

👤I just got a car. I don't want my dog to scratch the leather. I take my dogs to dog shows and Lowe's. It worked perfectly. It was too big for my car. It fits. My car is a small BMW and the flaps on the side go into the wheel well. If you have a large car, the side flaps will fit perfectly. If you have a small car, flip them up underneath the cover and it will work. It's easy to install, but are you ready to go? The seat belts have holes for more stability. The cover is in place if you just clipped on the to headdress. It comes with a mesh net to keep your dog out of the two front seats. One of my dogs loves to do that so it will be handy for me. The picture doesn't do that and he's a good boy and stays in the backseat. This cover protects my seats and also keeps dog hair off of them. I can shake the cover off when I pull it out of the car. This is a must have for dog owners and I'm very happy I found it. I can confirm that it is a very good cover after getting some good reviews.

👤Fit my car perfectly! It's easy to put on and it's also made to keep it from sliding off the seat. The cover isn't as light as the picture. It is a khaki color but still looks great. The price is definitely not good.

👤We have a brand new Expedition and we have 3 kids in car seats. I don't want kids tearing up the new seats. I had bought a towel type cover for my old car. I was hoping that it would be good enough for young kids since it is made to prevent dogs from tearing up the seats. It is thick and durable. It is almost across the back of my expedition. It is doable, but it could use more width. The cutouts for the child safety equipment are close to perfect. I have two seats latched down perfectly in the middle seat and side, but I didn't have enough room for my oldest to get through the cutout. I had to work to cut the seam open another 2 inches so my kid could use the buckle because I had to use heavy duty scissors to cut through metal. This product is not perfect for my vehicle, but it will serve its purpose. I hope it doesn't shrink because I haven't washed it yet.

3. FATTY CHOWCHOW Waterproof Protector Non Slip

FATTY CHOWCHOW Waterproof Protector Non Slip

The front car seat covers for all standard cars are perfect fit. It is also for kids. Waterproof is made with high quality heavy-duty polyester. Extra comfortability is achieved by 4 layers of waterproof PU. No worries about dirt, claw marks or mud on your seats, because it protects them from pet hair, mud and water. NonsLIP & SLIDING includes a seat anchor, quick-release buckles and an anti slide bottom. The seat skirt is to prevent the seat cover from sliding. Installation is easy with quick release clips. Buckle the straps around the car's head protectors and you're good to go. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth or vacuum. They offer a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence.

Brand: Fatty Chowchow

👤I have never had a better car seat cover. I have 3 of these, 2 in the front and one in the rear. These are great for pets and people as well. They stay in place better than anything I've tried, they have yet to rip or fray, and they keep careless kids from ruining your car seats, because they have a hole in the lip dribblers. The pet part is an added bonus and I highly recommend these.

👤The back of the seat is easy to fit in. There is a small handle that you push between the seat and the back of the car. The bottom slips easily over the seat bottom. It comes with a bag with a logo. Don't put stupid brand names on it, call it what you want. The seat is supposed to protect it, but the base slips back up off the seat and under my dog, exposing it. I think I can fix this tendency with a couple small clamps to bunch the base tightly under the seat, but I really wish I didn't have to.

👤I still like this cover. I have to say that it is not waterproof. The mess on my seats was caused by his drooling. My dog is too big to be up front now, so I need to move him to the back. I need a waterproof cover. He gets very sick in his car. This seat cover is gorgeous. I bought it for my passenger seat. My dog likes to be near me. I don't have to worry about my ivory seats getting stained because he gets so carsick and will soak through towels with drooling. The cover matches my existing interior color so it doesn't stand out. I like how it stays in the crease of the seat, so you don't have to keep putting it in. It was easy to install. I am not sure about that part yet. I am very happy with the seatbelt that came with it. I was going to buy one for him, but it was part of the package. I will be buying a cover for my back seat as well. Very pleased with her dog!

👤The front seat protectors fit perfectly on my front passenger seat of the Ecosport. The cream color is a little off from my light car interior, but it still looks nice. It was easy to install. Humans have not complained about sitting on it. The seat belt button and seat adjustment controls are on the side panels on the bottom of the car. I had the dealer check and it didn't block the side airbags. I have had this for a few months now and it protects the upholstery from spills, like the coffee I spilled out of a drive to be exact. It also had a pet collar attachment. It's a great product and I highly recommend it.

👤This product was bought for a different purpose. I use it to protect my seat after I work out or go for a run. I used a towel over the driver seat in the past. The product seems to be well made and with a few adjustments it fits over my seat. The price is reasonable. I think this product is very good.

4. Brica Booster Guardian Protector Brown

Brica Booster Guardian Protector Brown

Slips can be prevented with dual- grip traction pads. Specifically designed for booster seats. Grime Guard fabric protects against spills. The raised walls help protect against spills. Buckle access is crash-tested and folds. The colors and style may be different. The colors and style may be different.

Brand: Munchkin

👤I wanted something to protect the front passenger seat, so I bought this. I wanted something to protect that seat because I eat on the road and put bags on it. I accidentally spilled some soda on my seat and it rolled off, but I didn't realize it was water resistant. If I had to say anything negative about this product, I would say that it has little grip strips on the top to keep things from sliding and that it's good for use under a child's safety seat. I was surprised at the fact that the bottom of the car seat slides around a lot, so I put a towel under the cover and it works like a charm, no more sliding.

👤My daughter's booster seat had too much wiggle room. The booster seat is kept in place when she gets in and out by the seat guardian. I think it's a good idea for her to move up to the booster seat with the seat guardian. I like that it protects the leather seats from messes. It's an inexpensive way of protecting the back seat, so I'm pleased with my purchase and would recommend it.

👤I don't like the color of the protectors. I thought it would be black. It doesn't match my interior at all. I would take it back if it were in the third row. Everyone answered that it was grey when people asked what color it was supposed to be because they had a brown one. I got it because of this. Product information needs to be clear.

👤The design of the seat cover was great. It stayed on the seat. I returned it because it wasn't thick enough to prevent the leather seats from being hit. This is a great option if that is not an issue for you.

👤The protector is attached to a piece of furniture. I don't want to be near fabric seats. It is a horrible idea. The box says it's for 4-7. We got them for our bigger kids' boosters, which are a lower profile and seem to be designed for bulkier boosters only.

👤I love this seat cover. We have had the other one for a long time and this is the second one we have bought. They keep the booster seat from leaving marks on our seats. It catches a lot of crumbs when it comes up on the back sides of the booster seat. It makes it easier to clean.

👤This fits in my Honda Odyssey. The seat belt buckle was interfered with by some of the other brands of booster seat protectors. This is a thick cover that protects my new leather seats, but is also flexible, which is great for the captain chair. It does not interfere with the seat belt buckle. The thick rubber grips won't rub off on my leather seats as they get more wear, and I like that.

👤It does the job well. I don't know if the product is my son or not, but I thought it would stay in place. My son is a not one to sit still for long, so this thing slides with him whenever he turns in his booster or when he gets out. It requires constant adjusting on my part, but it catches all his things when it's in place and keeps my leather seats clean. I've had it for a few months, and it hasn't been a big issue.

5. Universal Interior Waterproof Anti Slip Protector

Universal Interior Waterproof Anti Slip Protector

It is easy to install, just 25 minutes. Installation instructions are included in the package. It will not slide after installation. All standard vehicles, trucks and SUVs have a car seat protectors. The leather seat covers protect the seat from being scratched. The sponge of high elasticity Interior, heat-insulated cloth, is producive to relieve fatigue and expedite metabolism, keeping hip and back comfortable in long time use. Keep cool in a car. The back of this car seat cover is made of anti-slip rubber, preventing it from falling off. The auto seat cushion has plastic chucks with thick elastic fixed on the seat back and plastic buckles that are caught in the seat back gap. Their seat covers are easy to clean. It can be cleaned with a damp towel or vacuumed. There are no worries about dirt, dander or claw marks on your seats. It's a universal fit and hint. The seat covers fit any car. Seat belt locks shouldn't be covered up and cars with different seat belt locks should be checked out before buying to make sure they are compatible with this seat cover. It's a universal fit and hint. The seat covers fit any car. Seat belt locks shouldn't be covered up and cars with different seat belt locks should be checked out before buying to make sure they are compatible with this seat cover.

Brand: Big Ant

👤I was trying to find seat covers that matched my floor liners in my car. The seat covers are very nice. The problem is that they are very small and made more for a honda civic than a suv or even a mid size sedan. They put a push through plastic clamp through the front of the seat and into the back of the head rest. They are good quality seat covers, but not made for an SUV or mid size sedan.

👤I have had these in my cart for 2 years and finally broke and bought them. They look great! The piece that is supposed to keep the pad in place does not stay in your seat. No matter where it is placed, it comes back out. They slide on the seat. You have to adjust the head rest and make sure the back is correct to slide in your car.

👤I love these seat cushions. They are large across the bottom seat. We like them so much that I ordered another pair. The complete set should be ordered the first time. I'm happy with the seat covers. I would recommend this to my family and friends.

👤When you get into your car, you have to pull the seat cover under your bottom and behind your back because it pushes back when you get in, so you have to pull it straight again. I have a steering wheel cover from a different company that matches the one I have in my car, and it lights up red at night when my lights are on.

👤The first seat cover I bought for my car didn't fit or lay right, and this is the second one. I ordered these after sending it back. I didn't think I would like them as much as I do. As soon as I ordered, I guessed my dession. These are perfect for staying in place and are comfortable. It took about 2 minutes to put in them. I just got them and they seem durable. They were in great shape when they arrived. I highly recommend them.

👤It fit well in my 2007 predecessor. The clips and straps are all black. The base does slip on fabric seats. There was no strong smell from the vinyl. Will probably order another set. The black with red stitching looks nice, I hope they have more color choices in the future.

👤I need to air them out to get rid of the smell. Don't slip and be comfortable. Why are the buckles beige instead of black?

👤They are good, but my seats are still showing.

👤I like the items, they make my car cute.

👤Always move, can't fix the seat.

6. BRONZEMAN Dog Seat Cover Football

BRONZEMAN Dog Seat Cover Football

Premium materials and excellent workmanship, leakproof, tasteless, super-durable back seat protectors for dogs, keep your loved pet cozy and comfy in the back seat. The pet back seat cover is perfect for kids. Baby car seats are included. It protects your back seat from messes from kids. There is no more damage to baby car seats. Their back seat cover for dogs has a non-slip surface to prevent your dog from slipping when you apply the brake. The back seat cover has been built to prevent it from sliding. Seatbelts have built-in openings. Safety is always a priority. It is easy to install and clean. They should be tucked in the seat anchors. Place the side straps around the seat corners. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth or vacuum. You can wash in a gentle cycle. They love their customers. Their animal pet dog back seat covers are of the highest quality and will be great for pet owners. The back seat cover for dogs is backed by an 8 years warranty.

Brand: Bronzeman

👤This was installed in a Jeep. It was easy to install and it was 100% waterproof. The ribbed side goes down and the two loops over the back headrests. The supplied hook can be clipped into the seat belt if there are two openings in the center. The hook is in the center of the cover. It clips on to the dog's harness so that he or she doesn't go flying around the car. I don't recommend hooking onto the dog's collar as it can hurt or kill the dog. I was not sure what the plastic clips were for. I didn't use them. The cover is easy to install and I love the light padding. I wish there were at least two hooks for one dog since there are two openings. My friend has three dogs and runs an animal organization, so this protects her back seat.

👤The seats behind my SUV looked terrible, with food, vomit, peeing, snow salt, and two young children. Every two months I had to pay to have my car cleaned. I use a 100% waterproof seat cover and it makes cleaning very simple and cheap. The seat cover makes my life easier. The installation is very easy and the fabric looks good.

👤I have two dogs that travel with me, so I was interested in the dog car seat cover which is waterproof and backed with a non-slip coating. I have a similar cover that does not have side flaps and is not as thick. I like this product. It's well packaged and has a carrying case. 2. There are side flaps on the bench seat and front. 3. It is waterproof. 4. It has seat anchors that fit into the rear bench seat of my Jeep Cherokee. 5. It is comfortable for my dogs. 6. It is easy to install. 7. Passengers can use the seatbelts without having to remove the cover with the help of the Velcro flaps. There are 8. The armrest can come down and still leave the seats covered. Most of these types of covers have a feature that is thoughtful. I didn't like that cover at all. The texture of the quilt looks like it might get stuck on the dog's nails. Time will tell on that one. 2. The location of the seatbelt flaps was not where I wanted it to be. The seatbelt receptacle are not centered. 3. The size of this product is the biggest problem for me. The cover is too short. The top edge of the cover is not as high as the bench seat. Some of the seat is protected from dirt, hair, and wetness. The sides and bench seat are covered, but the back of the seat is not. I was a little disappointed in the short back of the bench seat cover and the texture was open to dog nails. The lack of proper flap placement was a disappointment. It's still a nice cover with finished edges and straps for the headrests. The logo is small and I liked that. This review will be updated as I use this product during the wet weather season. ---

7. Nonslip Breathable Cushion Vehicle Supplies

Nonslip Breathable Cushion Vehicle Supplies

D-Lumina Promise offer a 1 year warranty on damaged items and a 45 day money back guarantee. Breathable features - back seat cushion is useful to relieve fatigue and speed metabolism. Leather Rear Car Seat Covers are made of healthy material, sponge of high elasticity Interior, heat-insulated cloth, and keep hip and back comfortable in long time use. Natural and Efficient for Non-slip Rubber-soled - luxury rear car seat covers without toxin, bottom pad designed with anti-slip rubber, prevent falling off from your car back seat. 2 plastic chucks, 2 buckles, and Elastic are included in the auto seat cushions. The back row has a length of 18.9 and a width of 58.6. Please tell them if it fits your car. This seat cushion is suitable for drivers and office workers. Big Ant rear seat pad is a good choice because of its strong compression and ability to be clear when stains occur. Seat belt locks should not be covered up, cars have different seat belt locks with different setup locations, before buying, please check whether your car is compatible with this pad Big Ant rear seat pad is a good choice because of its strong compression and ability to be clear when stains occur. Seat belt locks should not be covered up, cars have different seat belt locks with different setup locations, before buying, please check whether your car is compatible with this pad

Brand: Big Ant

👤The covers are nice. I was impressed with how well they were packaged. They were packaged in a large rectangular box to prevent the seat covers from wrinkling. The stitching is high quality. The seat cover is secured with two large elastic straps. The clips have a tendency to not snap. I was able to secure the clips after many tries. The seat covers fit nicely in my Ford Fusion. They are made of leather that can be wiped down easily. They have cutouts that will allow room for the seat buckles and will do a good job protecting my seats. The delivery was very fast. Happy with the purchase so far.

👤I have two children, a 6 year old boy and a 5 year old Labradoodle. We often go places with him. I drive a Mazda. I bought this to help keep my car looking great and sexy, because I don't want a boy and dog to destroy it. Who says a mom car can't look good? It has been great so far. It has stayed put and looks better than most seat covers because I figured out how to install it correctly. The dog's nails have not been able to scratch or puncture it. My son's booster seat goes over the top without any issues and we still have access to all the seat belts. I'm a fan. This was a great purchase. I'm a vine voice. I paid full price for this seat cover.

👤I wanted this to fit my suburban. It was the only one that was long enough. It is very close to the width and shape of my second row seat and also comes down in front of the seat where your legs would be. The color was close but not custom made for my truck. It is very soft and comfortable. There are two straps under the left and right seats, but no center strap or a strap on each end. It takes a few minutes to install. The elastic straps that hold the cover on keep it in place, although it can move an inch or two. If you want to get to the third row, you have to lift up the seat in the second row, which is a split seat. It does a good job for what it is intended for. I have not found any other brands that are as wide as this one.

👤It's great quality if this seat cover fits in your car. I would like it to fit my car. I ordered this because of a question and answer. The question was posed. This cover fit Malbu? The rear seat cover is universal and will fit the Malbu. There is a I should have looked at the picture closer, the seat belt connections are not covered, so you have to pull it forward to access them. One connection is still covered in the note picture. It would take a magician to install it. There is no way to connect the straps. The seat cover is not usable in the Malibu.

8. Lusso Gear Seat Back Protectors

Lusso Gear Seat Back Protectors

It is easy to clean. The baby car seat protectors mat are made of 600D fabric. The carseat protectors make it easy to clean. The Lusso Gear kick mat car seat protectors and organizers will fit in your backseat. Kick mat organizers offer protection in cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. The accessory is machine washed and waterproof. Installation is hassle-free with this car chair back protectors. Thanks to its reinforced top straps, it will stay in place. Installation of a driver in less than a minute. Space and storage can be organized. The mesh pockets help organize your stuff. Pack the mesh pockets with anything you want to keep your child entertained. Protect your seatback from scratches, spills, stains, and toddler feet with Compliment and Protect Backseats. Maintaining flawless car upholstery is important for many years to come. Say goodbye to dirty seats once and for all. They're confident that you'll like your Lusso gear kick mats. They will work with you to make sure you are satisfied if you don't like your purchase. Say goodbye to dirty seats once and for all. They're confident that you'll like your Lusso gear kick mats. They will work with you to make sure you are satisfied if you don't like your purchase.

Brand: Lusso Gear

👤I need a kickmat to protect the back of my leather seats from winter salt. These work well as a barrier. The mat is a heavy duty protective sheet. The mat is 25" tall and 19" wide. The 3 pockets are all 6 feet tall. The Medela bottle is tight, but the Go-Go Squeeze fits perfectly. I wouldn't recommend this for bottles because they don't fit. The stabilizer on the top prevents the corners from sagging. I don't have to worry about sitting on a buckle because the top and bottom straps clip together. The top and bottom straps can be adjusted. The total length of the top strap is 18 inches, with a short side strap and a long side strap. The strap length on the short side is 1 1/2 inches and on the long side is 24 to 46 inches. I was unable to use the loop stabilizers on the bottom because my pilot seat gap is not big enough for the loops to go through. The mats seem to work just fine without those loops. If a vehicle allows, the loops go between the back and the bottom of the seat, then on the front seat the strap needs to be threaded through the loops before it's buckled. I was able to tuck the front of the back strap in between the seat so I don't have to sit on it. There wasn't a good place to put the extra length of the top strap. I will tie it up with a tie that won't hang loose and cause me to get stung on a long trip.

👤I have purchased hundreds of items on Amazon but have never written a review. The seat back protectors are as advertised. They look great and are easy to install. Simply unbuckle the straps, adjust and click back into place. Each took one minute. The lower strap can be tucked into the bottom of the front seat so that they are not visible as you look at the seats in the front row. I would also like to mention the service. Lusso Gear is a small business that makes this product, and they pride themselves on their communication with me. To start fast. I placed my order after 7pm on Friday and it arrived at my house on Sunday. Along with my shipping confirmation, I received an email from Lusso Gear that included PDF instructions, and I hit reply to send my email directly to one of their co-founders. I received another email to make sure it was sent to the correct address. Thanks for the great product and keep up the great work

👤The Honda Pilot seats don't fit around the bottom strap. Not even close. I asked the company if they had an extension for the strap. On the weekend, I received an email that said I had an extender strap in the mail. When you have two seat protectors, the extender strap didn't fit on the protectors, so only one strap was sent. There were two different sizes of clasps. The seat protectors were a good idea, but useless if I can't get the bottom straps around my seats.

9. Cushion Vehicle Protective Skin Friendly Black Rear

Cushion Vehicle Protective Skin Friendly Black Rear

You can have kids and a nice car with one of their car seat protectors. It's easy to install, with a Lifetime Money-back Guarantee. Breathable Featurescar seat bottom covers: bamboo charcoal filled, will effectively control the temperature, adjust the humidity, sponge of high elasticity Interior heat-insulated cloth, keep hip and back comfortable in long time use, universal for 4 season. The anti-slip rubber is used to fix the car seat pad and prevent the auto sear cushion from falling off. The edge of the work is wear-resistant. The car seat cushion is black and golden. It's suitable for all kinds of seats. BerSzero seat pad is a good choice because it is easy to clean and it is wear resistant. BerSzero seat pad is a good choice because it is easy to clean and it is wear resistant.

Brand: Berszero

👤The photographs are very inaccurate. What appears to be white in the photos is actually gold. That is great if you want that color, but not if you want something else.

👤What a disappointment. Too much gold shows is terrible. I'm still going to use it. It's to protect against dog nails. It would be great if it was really black.

👤It's simple to install, the hold down straps are ingenious, just push the clip in behind the seat and the lock in to secure the cover. My dog likes the quilted design and the anti slip material on the bottom. I bought this for my F 150 and just ordered another one. The dog is kept safe and the seat is protected. I will use the small pockets for some treats.

👤I was looking for a nice but not complicated cover seat for my Ford Escape and this one fits perfectly. I have a cover so they are easy to clean. I don't want my seats to be ruined by my child and dog, because they make a mess. It's easy to get dirty. I was happy with my purchase.

👤The pad is nice but needs more secured sides.

👤It is very easy to install and keep my car seats in place.

👤The clips are not in place. It's terrible to have gold stitching. Immediately returning. There are no instructions in the bag.

👤This was bought for coverage when my dogs are on my white tesla seats. Works well.

10. YUHCS PCs Car Seat Covers

YUHCS PCs Car Seat Covers

It was easy to install. Installation can be done in a few minutes with the help of the instructions. Their seat covers offer protection against spills and stains that might occur inside of your vehicle, and refresh and protect your auto interior with YUHCS Car Seat Covers. High-quality leatherette is soft to the touch, durable and rub resistant, protects the original car seat from damage, and is equipped with premium and high-density sponge to create top resilience for maximum comfort during your drive time. The car seat cover is waterproof and easy to clean, just use a wet towel to wipe it. Installation instructions are included in the product package, and they also provide installation videos. If you have any questions about their products, please feel free to contact them, they have a professional team to help you. If you have any questions about their products, please feel free to contact them, they have a professional team to help you.

Brand: Yuhcs

👤I bought the OASIS faux leather front seat covers for my 2000 Lexus ES 300 to compare, and keep the best fit. The YUHCS fits better than my beige seats, and the color matches better. It has 2 wide pockets on the back that are low, which seemed like it would keep items inside well, though they could stand to be taller. The OASIS was more of a tan than a beige and had brown side straps, which looked better than the black. The OASIS wasn't as nice on the sides of the seat cushion because it was cut a bit narrower. The center pocket on the back was deeper than the other brand's and was not very wide. The bottom edge of the front of the OASIS was sewn on to the seat cover, but it was fastened and adjusted to the head rest the same way as the YUHCS. The brands are the same thickness and high quality. Both of them had the best, most flexible, and highest quality zips to fit the top openings, with one on both ends and the other in the center. It's pretty snazzy!

👤The covers were easy to put on. I made sure that they fit my car, which they do. The removeable headrests fit perfectly in my car. I love that the car seat covers don't lift up even when I'm moving around in either seat. They can get a little warm, but after I tint my windows, they are no longer that warm. By the time winter comes, that won't be a problem. I found the seat covers to be really comfortable since my seats are not that old but were never that comfortable from the beginning. I like how they look in my car and don't have to buy new seats.

👤I bought these seat covers for our new car. I was worried that my husband would destroy the seats. I decided to cover the cushions with a flat sheet to protect them as well. The stitching gives them a sporty look. The material is very soft to the touch. I prefer this material over the genuine leather seats in my Toyota that burn me and stick to my skin. I have never experienced any of these downfalls with these cushions. Installation instructions were easy to understand. If you follow them to the T, you will get a custom look. I have considered covering my leather seats with these cushions next summer because I am in love with them. They are durable and hold up well. For the last 3 months. My husband drives 3 hours a day to work and back and he also has leisure on the weekends. The price was amazing.

👤Since I have kids and things can get messy, I was always paranoid about my car being dirty. The car seat is great because it helps me relax and it keeps the car clean since I have a new car. It was easy to install and it looks great. It is thick and sleek. If you have children who kick the backseats, I recommend getting this because it doesn't stain and keeps the interior nice and new.

11. Car Seat Protector Thickest Padding

Car Seat Protector Thickest Padding

If you find anything wrong with your baby mirror, please let them know and they will take care of it. Your pleasure is the most important thing. The Lusso gear car seat protectors are designed to cover front and back car seats against wear and tear. The padded seat protectors protects vehicle seats from infant booster marks, as well as pet kick damage and stains. This easy-to- install carseat protection hooks into cars quickly and won't slip, with itsadjustable straps and rubber back dots. Your car seats are safe from kids car boosters. Pack it all. Lusso Gear's Car Seat protectors have mesh pockets where you can store toys, treats, first-aid kits, and anything else you might need on your next automotive journey. Lusso Gear's seat protectors are made of stylish PVC leather and provide seamless protection against pet claws and stains for both front and rear seats. Every Lusso Gear accessory comes with a lifetime warranty. Let them know if you have an issue with your car seat protectors. They will work with you to make it right. Every Lusso Gear accessory comes with a lifetime warranty. Let them know if you have an issue with your car seat protectors. They will work with you to make it right.

Brand: Lusso Gear

👤The Slits for seatbelt buckles are a pros. They are easy to clean with a towel, and they are large enough to hold wide car seats. Slots for trinkets hang over the bench. The seat is protected well from price hikes because it is thick. My child's feet began tearing after 8 months of stitching. I probably wouldn't buy it again since it doesn't last very long. Since this costs more than most, there are others on the market that may serve the same purpose and last longer. I reached out to Lusso to find out what will be done. Will update based on their response or lack of one. The co-owner responded to the email less than 12 hours later. I received a product that appeared to be a defect, and was sent a replacement without any questions asked. Wow. You've kept me a shopper for life and it's a breath of fresh air. rating was amended in light of this.

👤. It's great to have something to protect the seat from spills in my car with a kid. I took it off and there was a stain on my seats. My seats were ruined.

👤I like the car seat protectors. It's easy to install, remove and clean, and it doesn't damage our leather seats. After only 5 months of use with a rear facing toddler, the stitching/seam is coming out at the bottom of the half moon leather piece. My child's feet hit this spot. Sometimes he has shoes on, but most of the time he doesn't because he takes them off. I was hoping this would last a long time. Since he is so young, he will have to be rear facing for a while yet, so this protection will take even more abuse. I don't know if it will hold up or not. I received a free replacement after I posted this review. The replacement has held up well. I had no issues with the stitching this time. 4/01/2019

👤I have a heavy Clek Fllo car seat and it is in the picture. I bought a new car with black leather and was worried about the seat damaging the leather and leaving marks. I made the right purchase after doing research for almost a week. I had no issues with delivery. It was easy to install. It is a perfect fit for my car. The material feels strong and the padding is right. So far, so good. The Lusso kick mat is my next purchase. There is an update. There are no marks on the seat when you tint it. I can't tell the car seat is there.

👤The seat cover is terrible. It is attached to the neck rest and slides down. The seat has a slide on it. I have a small car that does not cover the seat well and has a big gap on both sides. It has 2 sides that overlap each other, which makes it difficult to see. It was the worst.


What is the best product for car seat back protector brown?

Car seat back protector brown products from Smart Elf. In this article about car seat back protector brown you can see why people choose the product. Bark Lover and Fatty Chowchow are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat back protector brown.

What are the best brands for car seat back protector brown?

Smart Elf, Bark Lover and Fatty Chowchow are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat back protector brown. Find the detail in this article. Munchkin, Big Ant and Bronzeman are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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