Best Car Seat Back Organizer Cooler

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1. Car Organizer Organizers Accessories Organization

Car Organizer Organizers Accessories Organization

There are two types of car storage organizers. It has 9 storage pockets that can be used to hold water bottles, snack, toys, umbrella, drinks, crayons, books, pens, magazines, iPad, phone, power banks,tissue box, keys,CD and more. Almost everything is needed for a daily routine and long road trips. You can make sure the back seats are neat by using the CHJGLNL car seat back organizers. The large space car organizer has a divider partition that you can add or leave out, 2 cup holders, 1 tissue box, 1 zippered pocket, multiple mesh pockets, and 4 additional outer pockets. It can be folded into a board for easy storage. There is aTILE CAR ORGANIZATION. The car storage organizers are suitable for all seats. Your car will be refreshed with new storage areas and pockets where you can put your drinks, food, napkins, toys, laptops, tablets, etc. Never misplace your wallet, keys, or phone again. An organized interior will make your travel experience more comfortable. Their car caddy organizers are double secure and easy to attach to the car seat. The Lanyard should be secured on the headrest. You can put your seat belt through the two loops on the back of the car organizers to secure it. Heavy-DUTY MATERIALS. The car organizers and storage are made of 600D Oxford Cloth and have a board in every side panel, which makes the front seat car organizers stronger and more waterproof. Heavy items can be withstood for longer periods of time. The handles of their car organizers make it easy to carry around in and out of your car. The handles of their car organizers make it easy to carry around in and out of your car.

Brand: Alijees

👤Great product. The drink holders are flimsy, but works as intended. It's annoying to have "Alijees" in big white letters on a black background. Make a brand symbol that isn't in my face.

👤It's the best thing ever. Why didn't I find this sooner? Sturdy!

👤This was bought for a friend. She loves it.

👤Works as advertised. The front passenger seat has no issues and is easy to install.

👤My front seat was what I needed to keep my affairs in order.

👤The husband loves to have his papers and snacks. Instead of all over his truck, in one place next to him.

👤Steady. It's easy to install. Enough pockets. Like it.

2. Organizer Organizer Organizers Adjustable Dividers

Organizer Organizer Organizers Adjustable Dividers

The handles of their car organizers make it easy to carry around in and out of your car. The Smof car storage box can be used in a variety of ways, from being used in the car to being used in the office for storing office supplies. There are more pockets, more storage options. There are 6 pockets on both sides of the car storage box, which can be used to store notebook, pens, children's books, snacks, cards and other small items. Oxford cloth material is dust-proof and dirt-proof. The reinforced frame makes the storage box stronger. It is easier to lift and does not hurt your hand. Fixed with a car seat. If you want to avoid the problem of the storage box falling when the vehicle is driving, you should fix the box on the seat. The safety belt should be passed through the two belts at the back of the storage box. Fixed with a car seat. If you want to avoid the problem of the storage box falling when the vehicle is driving, you should fix the box on the seat. The safety belt should be passed through the two belts at the back of the storage box.

Brand: Smof

👤It is very cheap and doesn't fit between bucket seats.

👤I knew I needed something to keep the car together after planning a big road trip with a big family. It will stay in my car because it was perfect for our trip. It was easy to put the seat belt through the back straps. We were able to fit all of the items in the organizer. It is a perfect size and has many side mesh pockets. The mini front zip allows me to put my wipes or tissues inside of the pouch, which is my favorite feature. I got this in the gray option and it looks great. It is nice to have a place where the kids can put their toys after they are done playing. If I need to take it out of the car, it has handles that are easy to transfer, and it has a buckles to confine it if I ever needed to store it. I am very happy with the way my family has handled it so far and I would highly recommend this car seat organizers. The price is great. I have tried other ones, but nothing compares to how well this one works and the amount I can store into it. Definitely worth it!

👤Since they started charging for carrier bags, I have found myself buying several items and putting them in my front seat or in the footwell, and then going all over the place on the shortest of journeys. When you go for a quick shop, you want to be as eco-friendly as possible, and this storage unit is perfect for that. There are several pockets on the outside where you can store cans and bottles, and four more pockets behind those mesh pockets, which you can store even more stuff in. There is a larger zip compartment on the front of the unit. It has two large compartments, one of which has a divider in it, so that you can split it into two smaller ones, so that you can cater to different sized products and objects. I'm using it for my shopping at the moment, but I can see so many uses for it that I will probably get another, as this gives you so much storage in such a small space. It has a couple of plastic clips on either side that you can click together when it is collapsed so that it doesn't open up, which is the best part about this for me. This is in the car with me wherever I go.

👤My car is affectionately known as the "turdis" as it is a bomb site. After having it cleaned and having a long trip to see my grandma. I knew I needed a way to keep it organised. I put it next to me because I needed it for the trip and it was a god send.

👤The boot organiser is of great quality and it is the perfect size. The material is strong and sturdy. It was useful to put items in the supermarket. It is good for saving space. I'm happy with the product.

3. Tidify Organizer Dedicated Stabilizing Adjustable

Tidify Organizer Dedicated Stabilizing Adjustable

3rd Generation Revolutionary Car Organizers. Every 6 months there is a new generation. One of the leading brands on the organizers market in Europe is SUR DOCA. The 2nd Gen. 4 Robust Net Pockets have 8 pockets, double the capacity of the 3rd Generation trunk organizers. 2 of the Oxford Pockets work with caps to keep your privacy better. They know you will love it. Larger than most other organizers, it has a secure and padded compartment, large binders in the deep pocket, and internal mesh storage for quick access to frequently used items. The side straps at the bottom of the bag are very stable and can be used to secure the organizers. The bag will be tightly coupled to the seat and won't cause any problems for passengers on their way in or out. There are lots of storage, including 2 bottle holders, 2 deep compartments, 2 open pockets, a pen pouch, and a phone-sized pouch. Their organizers have a padded sleeve that wraps the strap and makes carrying it extremely comfortable, even when heavily loaded. The strap length can be adjusted for convenience. The main body is made from a high quality 600D fabric. The straps are made with tough X shaped patterns to resist strong forces and prevent tears over time. The main body is made from a high quality 600D fabric. The straps are made with tough X shaped patterns to resist strong forces and prevent tears over time.

Brand: Tidify

👤A deep, padded compartment with a lock is needed for storing and securing laptops and tablets. No. Not even close. Anything larger than the padded pocket is going to stick out. A 17" machine is not something to be trifled with. My i7 machine won't fit. They protrude from the top of the main pocket. The "Velcro lock" is a nylon strap with a hook and loop. It is still a nice bag with sturdy, usefully-sized pockets. I have a big Targus laptop case. I can add more observations after a few months. Large tablets do well in the "laptop"/tablet pocket. It easily swallows my Tab S6 with a very bulky case. I would have been less disappointed if the seller had left out the word "laptop" in the description. The two side pockets are large enough for my Starbucks water bottles, so they have helped improve my water intake throughout the day. Most sports drink bottles and 1L soda bottles will be held by them. These pluses are enough for me to increase my rating to 4 stars but I'm still annoyed by the laptop issue and I won't stop mentioning it.

👤So far, so good! When I moved to the 1st shift and didn't have a partner anymore, this was the new patrol bag. There are plenty of pockets and storage. I have everything I need next to me. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product.

👤I am giving this to my brother because he is going to love it. I think that this will help him because he always has stuff rolling all over the place and sliding in to the floor in his car. It is sturdy and well made. I was impressed with the padding and how thick the material is. It can be wiped down if it gets dirty or spills on, but don't put electronics in it, because there is no way to close it. You can easily access things from the driver's seat if it is hung on the front seat. I tried it in my car and it was convenient, but I had to keep it out of my car when I drove my kids to and from school and activities. I tried it on the back of the seat, which worked well, but it made it hard for people in the backseat to keep their stuff organized, because it was almost in their lap. It works well for someone who is driving a lot and is alone. If you have to move between jobs, it has a lot of pockets and storage so you can easily organize your work materials. It can be pulled off and carried in the same way as before. I'm eager to see how my brother likes it.

👤I put it on my car. The cargo bag is in the third row, so I wanted only one seat. It's nearly impossible to keep stuff behind the seat that doesn't fall out when opening the door because there's so little room between the third row and trunk hatch. Until I found this! I can finally use that small space behind the third row. There is room for groceries. I have children. This is huge. I wanted the weight to rest on the floor so I left it a little lighter at the top. The back door is leaning on the headrest, so instead of pulling it down, it is leaning on it. Not leaving. I will list what I kept. I have a trailer hitch and pin in the main compartment. There are 4 straps and 2 bungee cords. There is a bag with rubber straps. A set of earmuffs, a sun reflector, and a laptop pocket. A halo bolt power pack is in a box. I have a small pouch in the back. I use nose filters at the indoor gun range. There is a compartment. I don't know what to put in there. It is pretty snug. Maybe a manual. There is a pouch in front of me. Two cup holders have an umbrella. If you want to take the whole thing out, it clips off easily and can be thrown on the shoulder. It seems sturdy and made of good material. Definitely 2 thumbs up!

4. Organizer Leakproof Adjustable Tie Down Removable

Organizer Leakproof Adjustable Tie Down Removable

The portable design has a weight limit of 15 lbs. and a shoulder strap that folds down for storage when not in use. High Road is based in Maine and develops car organizers that put everything you need in the right place. The trunk organizer's exterior layer is made of 600D water-resistant Oxford polyester which can endure the heavy use and easy to clean. The inner layer is made with 2.5mm PE boards instead of cardboards to provide long- lasting durability. The trunk organizers have additional baseboards provided to make them stay sharp. 105L large capacity is available in the fully extended dimensions of 35.0" x 12.5" The trunk has a multi-compartment design which includes 3 main compartments, 9 mesh pockets, and 2 side pockets, and you can design the compartments by adjusting the 4removable dividers to fit different items. The built-in cooler bag is leakproof and insulated and is perfect for camping, picnicking, and groceries. 40 cans of Coke can be stored in 35L of space. Non-slip pads are used on the bottom of the vehicle to avoid damaging the carpet. The trunk organizers will no longer slide around while driving with 2 extra tie-down straps. The comfort kayak handles are comfortable to use even under a heavy load, unlike the other handles which may dig into your hands. Heavy-duty construction is perfect for cars, vans, SUVs and trucks, the organizers can be folded flat when not in use. They offer a 12-month warranty with lifetime technical support and friendly after-sale services. If you're not happy with any aspect of the trunk organizers, contact them. Heavy-duty construction is perfect for cars, vans, SUVs and trucks, the organizers can be folded flat when not in use. They offer a 12-month warranty with lifetime technical support and friendly after-sale services. If you're not happy with any aspect of the trunk organizers, contact them.

Brand: Heytrip

👤The organizers is exactly what I was hoping for. It fits my Jeep Grand Cherokee perfectly. The tie down straps that were supposed to be included were missing and kept me from giving 4 stars. I received the tie down straps from the company and their customer service was excellent. I would buy from them again.

👤This is a great organizer. Especially with a built in cooler. I put freezer packs inside when I go food shopping because everything stays cold until I get home. You can change the size of the compartments. I don't use the dividers often. Quality is worth the money. I don't have to worry about taking a sharp corner or stopping abruptly because my groceries won't go flying all over.

👤The cargo space in my Nissan Rogue is perfect for the size of this cargo organizers. The back half of the cargo space is taken up by it. It fits everything I need in my vehicle, including extra bags, glass cleaner spray, paper towels, emergency kits, and a few smaller items. It has a cooler bag attached to it that you can keep items from getting warm too quickly. There are pockets in the front and side of the organizers that can hold more items like tools or small items. If you want to carry it out, there are 2 handles on each side. It has a cover for two of the compartments. There are buckles on the side to hold it together if you want to make it smaller or keep it compact. The compartments can be configured using the boards. There are rubber spikes on the bottom to keep the organizers from moving. I don't know if the boards are waterproof as I haven't tested them. My package was missing something. I contacted the company. They immediately sent them out and I received them the next day, which I was very thankful for. The tie down straps were too long for my vehicle, so I had to wrap them around the handles a few times to keep them short and tight. The Cooler bag is a good size for my cargo space, but it would be nice if each compartment could have its own.

👤It's perfect for the car, trunk, or whatever. I thought it was great quality for the price. The tote is large enough to hold 3 segments and serve as a cooler. It can either be set up to use all 3 sections, or collapse to use fewer. One of the best purchases I have ever made. It is very strong. Excellent quality is what the material is.

👤We need something to keep our 3 month olds milk cold on road trips. I found this on Amazon and decided to try it out. The quality of the product is excellent and the fact that you can change the size of the product is a big help as out trunk space can be used up by strollers diaper bags etc. Does a good job keeping the product cool. I would recomment.

5. Collapsible Backseat Organizer Multifunctional Organization

Collapsible Backseat Organizer Multifunctional Organization

Customer Assurance: The product comes with limited coverage against material defects and may also qualify for their Worry-Free Program, but purchases from unauthorized 3rd-party sellers may not be covered by Furhaven. The FORBY car organizer was designed as per the real demand. The exclusive design owned by Forby is the fashion pattern. You can't find a similar one in the world. The FORBY car seat organizers used NON-TOXIC PAHs and lead free raw material to make sure no harm was done to their customers. The car storage organizer became very strong because of the fabric material sewed with thicker cardboard. The perfect size has a large storage capacity. 2 handles for easy moving to anywhere in the house for kids toys storage, at the backseat of the car, or long road trip. The FORBY price is competitive but quality is assured. Their brand mission is to seek a long-term relationship with their customer. Every baby you got from Forby was worth paying for. If you are dissatisfied with the car organizers, contact them for a free replacement or payment refund within 90 days. Their customer service team will be able to solve your issue in 7 days or 24 hours. If you are dissatisfied with the car organizers, contact them for a free replacement or payment refund within 90 days. Their customer service team will be able to solve your issue in 7 days or 24 hours.

Brand: Forby

👤I bought this for a road trip so I could keep the kids out of the minivan. I have an 8 seat car. A van. The 8th seat is lower than the captains chairs. I had a hard time finding a cupholder that would fit in the space because it's lower than the captains chairs. This fits perfectly. It was made for it. I secured it to the back of the seat with a large piece of velcro because I wanted to stop it from sliding around on the pleather and because you never know when you'll need a clean up on aisle 2 on a long road trip. It has a paper cup, water bottle, and soda bottle. I like it.

👤So far, so good. I have had this for a while. My toddler is able to reach toys and books easily and helps to seperate the seats in back for another passenger. I had to wedge a towel between the carseat and the box to raise it up. It was sliding and almost spilling over because of the seatbelt being in the back. Problem solved. The books stay straight and the sides haven't folded at all.

👤This product is what I needed. There isn't much space in my car. There are no cup holders for the littles in the back. This provided a lot of storage to make sure the gremlins didn't throw their stuff all over the floor. The cup holders are strong. The rigid build and snapping strap in the back of the cup keep it in place. It is canvas with a rigid center so it could be crushed by laying on it. nap time has not done anything to disfigure it. It holds all of the items perfectly.

👤I bought this to go into my new car as the drink holders were only in the doors and not big, which made it difficult to get the cup in and out. This is the same as described. As I drove it held my big Tervis cup well and did not threaten to spill. The cups holder has a box of tissue behind it. I think it will be durable enough for my daughter and teen to use on big trips. I am confused as to why it doesn't stay flat against the back of the seat, but they may be the style of buckle. I will put a non slip pot holder under as it does slide side to side a little when there is no one around. I would recommend it to someone who needs a bench style sit. I don't think it will last more than 6 months with smaller children using it.

👤It is easy to come together. The inserts are great and the bottom is strong. The cubbies are the right amount of sections for their stuff. I wish it had a better strap on it. I'm going to try to hold it together with a gripping bottom. The gap between the seat and the buckle in my car makes it possible for me to snap it in. I wouldn't trust a beverage in it. I have one child in the back and there is nothing else I can do to keep it there. I have tried a number of different seatbelt configurations and it doesn't lock in. I will update if I figure something out. It is just ok right now.

6. Organizer Hanging Organizers Detachable Waterproof

Organizer Hanging Organizers Detachable Waterproof

We think highly of every response or suggestion of customers and give them a 12-month warranty and 24 hours customer service. If you have a problem with the backseat car organizers, they are always ready to help you. 600D is waterproof and durable. Organized and large CAPACITY. The versatile design can be used to solve the mess in your car trunk. There are six large pockets to put your car tools and equipment accessories, groceries bag, emergency tools, cleaning supplies, household belongings, sporting goods,toys, foods and so on. It is a must have accessory for all car owners, it is a car trunk organizers for SUVs, Hatchbacks, Crossovers, Minivans, MPVs, Station Wagons and Jeeps. AConvertible Large Trunk Organizers with Built-in Leakproof Cooler Bag is 100% leakproof. The 100% leakproof seamless EVA molded lid and bottom is thermal shield insulation to keep drink cooler/food warmer for hours. Don't forget to store your groceries in this tote, it's eco-friendly. It's perfect for a weekend short trip. The back seat trunk organizer is made from 600D heavy-duty Oxford Polyester material and has a rear strip to keep cargo from moving. With maximal weight, reinforced material provides strong and long- lasting performance. A thoughtful Christmas Gift is a good choice for a dear friend or family member. It's easy to use and clean your vehicle. Simply unfold and load any items you want. If you no longer use it, you can fold it and put it in the drawer. The waterproof material is used to guard against spills and splashes. It is easy to clean it with a wet cloth. Your satisfaction is their top priority. Their 100% LIFETIME WARRANTY policy is behind this car storage organizer. They will give you a prompt help if you contact them if there is a problem. Your satisfaction is their top priority. Their 100% LIFETIME WARRANTY policy is behind this car storage organizer. They will give you a prompt help if you contact them if there is a problem.

Brand: Orient Famulay

👤The cooler lined pocket is a nice touch. They were a pain to install. The bistro chair on the porch was a test and the straps were so short that they didn't fit around it.

👤I would have given it a better rating if it didn't come with hard black stuff in one of the compartments.

👤I was helped to organize my car.

👤What I needed. There is a lot of room.

👤The product is nice, but not stable.

👤There are straps that don't fit a Jeep seat.

7. Helteko Backseat Car Organizer Accessories

Helteko Backseat Car Organizer Accessories

If you have any questions or suggestions, they will get back to you within 24 hours. If you organize your stuff with their kick mats, you'll forget about the dirty backs of the front seats and you'll be able to travel with more peace of mind. There are pockets of pockets. There are 9 different sized storage compartments in the backseat car organizers, including a clear tablet holder, pockets for bottles, and large mesh pockets for other essentials. H Helteko used custom-made material to easily touch the screen, which made their car back seat holder a great choice for kids. It's extremely dense. They used high-quality materials to make their back seat organizers. They have a plastic bar on top with strong straps and buckles. It is easy to install. The car kick mat with straps can be installed and used for all types of vehicles, and it can be used to keep your space organized. It is easy to install. The car kick mat with straps can be installed and used for all types of vehicles, and it can be used to keep your space organized.

Brand: H Helteko

👤I would be happy to share my experience with you. I bought the pair for the kids to do in the car and organize their books. I was able to organize everything for our granddaughter's visit. I was pleasantly surprised to see how big they were, as they covered the entire area of our backseats, and they also offered protection from kicking feet. They were made well. I don't have to worry that they will fall apart quickly because of the lifetime guarantee. I would recommend this product to others because I have been a satisfied customer.

👤The package was nicely packaged. It's easy to install. It feels very strong. The way they look makes me happy. Just in case, be sure to sign up for their warranty after you receive the product.

👤I put them in my car so I could imagine what my kids would do. The small clear screen pocket in my car is not valuable since they don't bring any devices with them, but the mesh pockets I would like to use for sports water bottles are. None of ours will fit in them. Plastic bottles are history. The crayon box that the boys don't want to use is in one pocket. I don't have a slot for a tissue box. If you are still sitting in a child booster seat, the two large bottom pockets are perfect for resting your heels. They will protect the seat from muddy sneakers. This isn't a good fit for this age group.

👤I ordered this with the plan of road trips for my kids. The organizers are doing a great job of keeping my car mess free. My two teens have their seats organized so they have their stuff at their fingertips. The pockets are made of strong material. The pocket for the table allows for a touch screen while watching movies and games. The mess pockets fit a water bottle. It is a great feature to have a back up mask in the car so it will be forgotten, keeping their cell phone chargers, ear buds, and mess out of the car. This is a great item for someone who has small children, preteens or teens. The snaps are strong and the straps are thick. The entire system seems to hold up.

👤This is a great organizer! It keeps my toddler's things in order, holds her tablet, and keeps her from ruining my seat. Definitely recommend!

👤I bought these to replace the junky ones that fell apart. These have stood up well so far. They seem to be very high quality and I think they will continue to do that. I like the variety of pockets. Since they don't use elastic to hold around the seat, it gets a nice snug fit. The price point was great. The models I had were more expensive for one seat back protectors. Great purchase! I might try some of their other products.

👤I own a small RV. Storage space is not cheap. I have 20 things at my fingertips that I used to have to dig out from a cabinet. On a recent cross-country trip, I kept my sanitizing wipes and mask in a place where I could reach them. I grabbed a wipe for the pump to fill up when I stopped for gas. I bought safety pins to attach the guys at the upper corners of my seats so that they wouldn't move when touched or walked past, because my seats have very tapered shoulders. It would have been fine without that. It is easy to install. Very happy with the value.

8. Organizer Between Insulated Backseat Toddlers

Organizer Between Insulated Backseat Toddlers

High Road has developed problem-solving car organizers since 1989 and is based in the U.S. Sturdy sides, high quality polyESTER D600, strong seaMS. It's great as a car seat back organizer for kids, baby, car toy organizer for kids, car basket, car caddy, backseat car organizer for kids. The big insulated car cup holder is for all types of beer. The kids should be next to the travel car seat. The middle seat has a drink, vomit bag, toy, games, snack and ipad. There is a disorganized car dolly organization. It's easy to fit toys, books, tablets, snacks, and grocery. It's great for any auto interior: semi van, trucks, minivan, SUV as a rear seat or vehicle floor organizer. Stays in place. It's easy to code. There are straps on the back of the toy storage for the car. It's necessary to have accesories for Nissan, Dodge, Toyota, and other brands. There is a trash bin and a pocket in the car. Keep the interior of your car clean. It's the best accessory for long trips. Kids car caddy compartment has travel games, food container, diaper, and snacks. There is a trash bin and a pocket in the car. Keep the interior of your car clean. It's the best accessory for long trips. Kids car caddy compartment has travel games, food container, diaper, and snacks.

Brand: Foxbox

👤I would like to see the bottom inserts added to make them more sturdy and open. I was able to make my own with spare cardboard that I covered with a protective layer. I still use that space to store Boogie Wipes and hand sanitizer, even though I wasn't able to find the right tissues for that front tissue panel. I can keep a week's worth of snacks, a Kleenex container, and a spare bottle of water. The side pouch is only accessible due to the size of my back row and having a car seat and booster seat, but they will get more use eventually. The back section is empty for the kids to throw hats, gloves, etc. I bought a separate car trash can that was accessible for me while in the front row, but still within reach of my oldest, since it was straps around the middle console of the front row. It seems like the quality of the fabric is good. Black would have matched my car. I like the gray better for seeing inside when it is not well lit outside.

👤This is a small organization. It costs a little more on the high end, but is still a little on the small side. It has side mesh pockets for socks, gloves, and little things, as well as a lot of convenient pockets for my kids' bottles. You can fit water wipes and diaper wipes in the front tissue pocket. My kids can now have their own things. I like it. Definitely recommend!

👤The product and quality are excellent. When I received a coupon from them, it was nice, but when I tried to use it, the website was messed up and no contact was made. My emails were not delivered. I like the quality of the device and it works well for the kids in the back seat, especially on road trips. I will have to check to see if it falls over on turns or not without a seatbelt. This is a Nissan Frontier.

👤The product looked like it would help me keep my car organized, with hand sanitizers, masks, and gloves floating around the different car seats. It was luck that the delivery service decided that the item was undeliverable to the address I've posted on Amazon for years. They immediately raised the product price after I returned my purchase. I've passed the principle of the "thing" and won't be reordering even if I use a different address.

👤It's great for holding books, pens, pencils, anti-bac wipes and paper towels. The front compartment isn't large enough to hold a pack of tissues or wipes. Our car is much better organized and no more stuff sliding off onto the floor with car stops because of the travel trash compartment.

👤This was a great purchase. The qualm is easy to use, it helps keep things organized in the car, and the manufacturer was nice and sent a thank you card after I paid.

👤There is plenty of room and flexibility in the organizers. The insulated pockets keep drinks cooler during the hot months. It's easy to move it when you need to because it's not a seat. The conpartments are a good size and it has lots of pockets. It can be compressed to carry. This is a very useful organization.

9. High Road Organizer Cooler Snack

High Road Organizer Cooler Snack

Drinks and snacks can stay cooler for longer with insulated compartments. A car seat organizers and cooler for the front and back seats, on road trips or the daily drive, keeps kids entertained in the back, and organizes the essentials in the front. The insulated car cooler has a side panel that can be used as a kids travel tray, please use cold packs if you want to keep drinks chilled for hours. The front compartment of the cup holder converts from a car cup holder to an easy to reach storage bin. Sturdy, Strong and Stable - rigid side and top panels keep the organizers open and upright, a seatbelt strap secures it to the seat and it's booster seat height makes it reachable for kids of all ages. The portable design has a weight limit of 15 lbs. and a shoulder strap that folds down for storage when not in use. High Road is based in Maine and develops car organizers that put everything you need in the right place. The portable design has a weight limit of 15 lbs. and a shoulder strap that folds down for storage when not in use. High Road is based in Maine and develops car organizers that put everything you need in the right place.

Brand: High Road

👤It arrived! The shipping was slow, but the bin is great. I can't be happier about it. It has many pockets and bags to keep small trinkets organized. I put it between two car seats in the middle row of a minivan. It fits. You can place the space divider anywhere you please. Cup holders are usually too small to hold 21oz bottles, but this one is big enough to hold them. I used to own a Diono car storage box. This one is much stronger. I love it!

👤This shouldn't be called a cooler because it isn't. It doesn't keep anything cooler than sitting in a car. The top is flimsy and doesn't secure well, so it's a joke to use it as a table. The bag's bottom is flimsy and weak. I would expect it to tear with any significant weight added inside. I should have put my money in a plastic bag and taken up less space. Since it is the same size, use an actual cooler. Would not recommend it.

👤My family just took a road trip to Arizona and I thought it was a great idea to have some sort of storage between my kids for their stuff. The size of this caddy was a pain. I had to shove it between the car seats of a Ford Expedition because it was too large. The side pockets that I was pumped about became useless. It was a pain to get the top to work. The front cup pouch and the top to keep it connected to the bottom was too small for the space. The top was firm and the sides were easy to flip up to make a tray. The middle divider is not strong. The width of the caddy is a little small, but the amount of stuff I was able to put into it was nice. I was a little unsure of how the cup holders would hold up, but they did a good job holding onto the drinks. I plan on making this a staple accessory for my kids' cars.

👤This is a good caddy to have on top of the seat. There are large pockets on both sides, cupholders in front, and a large compartment that can be closed. I'm hoping that some ice packs will keep drinks cold. It's not what I wanted, first it has some incomplete stitching along the top, and then it has poor assembly quality. It's about 4 inches long and didn't get finished. It's not as rigid as it looks in the pictures, I think it will be flimsy, and need some other type of support, with some kid stuff in it. I would order another for our daughter. I'm a little picky about quality issues.

👤I bought this and paid for a large one, but the lid doesn't fit, and I need someone to fix it.

👤I have used this cooler on three separate road trips since May and I am happy with my purchase. To get the most out of the cooler, I put a couple of Dollar Store ice packs in it to keep things cold for a long time. There were three road trips from southwest FL to Atlanta, GA. I used the ice packs I refrozen to put items in the fridge and then replaced them on my return trip home. The cooler holds a lot. There were six 16oz water bottles, six 8oz bottles of grapefruit juice, six 6oz cans of cranberry juice, four containers of small cannon yogurts, and a flexible lunch cooler with grapes, cheese and crackers. My best friend wants one for her car because it held up well. I think she'll be getting that for her birthday gift. I keep my cooler on the back seat since I like having drinks and snacks in my car to prevent me from ordering fast food when I'm out and about. I will post pictures of how full this cooler can get when I travel again in a few weeks. I don't use ice packs when I'm not traveling because my items stay chilled for over four hours.

10. KAFEEK Organizer Multi Pocket Insulated Heat Preservation

KAFEEK Organizer Multi Pocket Insulated Heat Preservation

size: The back of the front seat is covered by the organizers. You get 1 car backseat organizers for most cars and SUVs. Large storage space is the most important feature of this product. You can keep drinks in it. The main compartment is made of special insulation material. The other features are wonderful design and workmanship, Convenient installation, and a long holding time. Clean tissues can be kept close to hand with the tissues dispensers at the bottom of the bag. The package includes a car seat organizer. The package includes a car seat organizer.

Brand: Kafeek

👤I drive a VW Tiguan and it fits perfectly. It was difficult to find a seat organizer that wouldn't take a lot of the back seat space for the riders, and this one is the perfect size. I have read other customer's reviews about the insulated pocket leaking, it just can't get any better for the price. Why would you put something in the first place? It is not an ice chest. The product is not described as an ice cooler. Common sense is needed to get the best of it. The beverages are kept in a good temperature by the insulation.

👤I think it's ok for the money because it's smaller than the photo makes you think. I mean really, $7? I put a box of Kleenex in it, and it has room for water, but I'm going to try normal size today and see how they do, if no other reviews tomorrow... I think... I'm going to put my green tea in the insulated part on the way to the gym to see if it keeps it cold for me. I would like to put some ice in there. I'd give this thing 10 stars if it held ice, but I forgot to submit my original review so it's still here. I use full size water and the mesh goes all the way up. If you use a freezer block it will keep your drinks cold but not for a long time in the summer, after all vehicles hit 130 degrees, my ice chest full of ice won't last but a day. For the money, you can't go wrong with this item.

👤I ordered this and it had a broken sipper. I contacted the seller and sent a photo, and he replaced it very quickly. There is no hassle. Very pleased with the product. I keep my bottled water out of the sun. The holds around the seat are nice. I have used ice packs. It's not huge or fancy but it gets the job done. It had a very potent smell when I first opened it. I'm sensitive to odors. I get headaches very quickly because of the odors. I left it in a less used space in my home for a week to let it go off gas. I let it off gas for a week and now it's in my car and I still don't smell great. I was very satisfied with this item and the seller.

👤It's not strong and doesn't hold this shape. There is nylon string everywhere. I don't know what to do with this piece. The mesh pockets are small. The nylon dangling strings catch the flimsy zip up. I still have something. I use it for garbage, which is lighter than holding water.

👤The bottom of the mini water bottles began to leak when I put them in the inside. The straps were unraveling the things that were sewn on the bag and around the hooks. The bag is very flimsy and just one week after it was used, it is torn apart and falls apart.

11. Mertonzo Insulation Collapsible Compartments Convertible

Mertonzo Insulation Collapsible Compartments Convertible

SATISFACTION ASSURED - They will guarantee 100% buyer satisfaction. If you're not happy with any aspect of their trunk storage, please contact them. The larger capacity trunk is all 93L and has 4 side mesh pockets. Your vehicle can stay organized. It's perfect for meeting the needs of a picnic. It is a convertible design with strong Magic Sticker that is perfect for different size vehicles and daily needs. The best automotive interior accessories. It is easy to carry and store when folded. It is made of premium heavy duty 600D&210D Oxford Polyester and waterproof material, so that it can be washed and used again and again. There are two extra boards. The well-constructed design allows you to stay firm. It has two cooler bags that are 25.3 L and are leak proof to keep your drink and food at a perfect temperature. It is water resistant and oil-proof and comes with a pair of straps to tie down like an SUV cargo net, around your seat backs, trunk to stay securely in place. The highest quality is 100% SATISFACTION. That you deserve is built in a 3mm strong plastic hollow board so that it won't bend or collapse easily. It is easy to clean. The most valued trunk organizers, but also the fastest delivery by Amazon, 12 months for replacement or reund. Don't hesitate to have it. The highest quality is 100% SATISFACTION. That you deserve is built in a 3mm strong plastic hollow board so that it won't bend or collapse easily. It is easy to clean. The most valued trunk organizers, but also the fastest delivery by Amazon, 12 months for replacement or reund. Don't hesitate to have it.

Brand: X-cosrack

👤I wish I could organize my life, but starting with the car will be hard. Ladies, if you have children or husbands, get this. I kept trying to organize the trunk but eventually things would tip and spill and roll around, especially after loading the stroller in and out a few times. This is sturdy and has smart options, but best of all are the clips and hooks to keep everything in place. The size of the thing has options. The hatch area of my SUV is the size of a sedan trunk, so I will keep one cooler inside the other. I don't know how many times we didn't take food with us because we didn't want to go home with food poisoning. Lift-out, built-in, Velcro coolers solve that. It will be great when bringing dishes for parties. So smart. It's good!

👤I am 99% happy with this, but my biggest complaint is with my vehicle. I had a lot of time to find a way to secure this. I had no idea how they secured it, and I had no hooks or anything to hold it in place. I crossed it under the compartment that holds my spare tire. It is wobbly, but it will not tip over. I would give D-loops on all 4 corners if I had one design control power. It was everything I wanted from the product.

👤Both square end compartments have handles. They are attached to the center sections. There are clips on the end to hold it in place and hooks to attach it to the car. The center section has 2 square compartments that can be folded.

👤This is awesome. I bought this because it was too big to fit in the back of my Chevy Volt. I have one bin that is not fully expanded. I love the bag that's replaceable.

👤You can put them apart if you stick them together. Handles are allowing you to carry what you need. Doesn't look cheap.

👤You can fold up the 2 regular compartment with the bottom mats out. I was surprised it stays in place and doesn't travel all over my trunk. I was very happy to purchase this.

👤This product was the perfect fit in the cargo area of my car. I keep jumper cables in a single compartment. I use another for golf balls. I keep binoculars in a third section. I have room for other items in all of the compartments and one cooler end open if I need it. Very pleased with the product.

👤The organizers have survived Texas summer heat and kept my groceries cool until I get home. The item was set up and maintained in extreme temperatures of over 120 degrees. I folded the organizers up and put them in the carry sac. Curbside pickup makes grocery runs easy. The person is being directed to the ends that keep things cool. It holds more than I thought. I was able to put most of my groceries into the cubes for two weeks, but I was able to only put paper towels and 12-pack sodas in. What is the bottom line? I will probably gift these as well because I am still loving it. Buy it if you are on the fence. You will thank yourself. This is a really good review. There is a place for things to roll around in the back of my SUV. Cleaning supplies are now upright. The mesh pockets on the outside are great for holding small items. I didn't know that the insulated, zip-up containers at either end can be used for non-perishable items while camping, and that they can stand on their own. They are quickly re-attached. The insulated ends can keep things warm for an hour. I will let you know how that goes in Texas. I will take another photo once I clean out the back of my SUV. With the sun beating down, manual labour is not an option. Going shopping tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes.


What is the best product for car seat back organizer cooler?

Car seat back organizer cooler products from Alijees. In this article about car seat back organizer cooler you can see why people choose the product. Smof and Tidify are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat back organizer cooler.

What are the best brands for car seat back organizer cooler?

Alijees, Smof and Tidify are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat back organizer cooler. Find the detail in this article. Heytrip, Forby and Orient Famulay are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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