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1. UPPAbaby Vista Holder Carry All Organizer

UPPAbaby Vista Holder Carry All Organizer

Only the 2015 and later G-luxe models are compatible. There is a cup holder, snack tray, and carry-all. The items can fit the strollers. The cup holder is attached to the stroller frame. The snack tray is dishwasher safe. Carry-all parent organizers keep essentials easily accessible and have a pocket for valuables. Carry-all parent organizers keep essentials easily accessible and have a pocket for valuables.

Brand: Uppababy

👤It was perfect for us to go to Disney. We were able to put things in the pouch, the tray was perfect for our youngest to eat snacks in, and the cup holder was the extra set of hands I needed. The quality is worth the money. I have never ordered this before.

👤I got my package with one item from the deal. Don't waste your time.

👤This stroller and all accessories are worth it, even if it is a little pricey.

👤I love the baby products. It is definitely worth the money.

👤Excellent quality. It's easy to install.

👤There's a lot of room to organize my stuff. My child loves the snack tray. It is easy to put in the dishwasher.

👤That is not a deal. You can save $5 by buying it separately.

👤A uno de los attachment son de alta calidad, todo lo de la marca Uppa.

2. Car Seat Travel Bag Backpack

Car Seat Travel Bag Backpack

The baby safety car seat bag is 34x18x18 inches and is compatible with almost all major brands of car seats. All your needs are met with the completely accommodate booster seat, toddler car seat and convertible car seat. The foldable carseat storage bag has a built in pouch when not in use. This kind of premium material is water-resistance, tear- resistant and extremely lightweight, strong enough for long-term use. Full function. Kid carseat cover protectors will keep your kid carseat out of harm's way. The padded backpack straps make carrying more comfortable. It's easy to get a large car seat into a small bag. The car seat baggage check bag is a good help for your travel, it's hands-free carrying, it's a perfect solution for your flight or car trip, and it keeps your carseat free from nasty crud during transit/relocating. Save your money and troubles by using fees. One car seat, a duffel bag, and a personalized luggage tab are included. If you have any issues or concerns, please contact them, they will be happy to resolve them. One car seat, a duffel bag, and a personalized luggage tab are included. If you have any issues or concerns, please contact them, they will be happy to resolve them.

Brand: Profaster

👤I bought this bag to hold my child's car seat and 2 boosters. If I wasn't using it, my stroller would fit in it. It is large and has a flap with a clip. Everything was in place. Don't expect your items to be completely safe because it doesn't have any padding. It made walking through the airport much easier for my husband as he wore it like a backpack. My brother, who has no children, was impressed.

👤I have traveled with this bag twice and it has made our trips easier. It had fuel dumped on it when it was in transit. The entire bag was soaked in fuel. Thankfully, it kept my jacket out of our car seat. The quality of this bag saves us from having to buy a new car seat and jacket, because I am so grateful for it. We will be buying a new bag. It is easy to store and fold. I recommend this product for car seat protection.

👤They look nice at first, but they are made of cheap fabric. The car seat hitting the back of your legs makes it impossible to walk and pinching your neck shoulders, because of where the strap placement is. If you try to carry the bag with hand, the car seat will flop around in there, making it awkward. We had to tie the string ties back up after they broke on the flight. I'm amazed our car seats didn't lose pieces, the bags ripped and over four spots each. I expected better for the price and to be able to use them again. I should have bought a cheap bag.

👤Excellent product that protects your child's seat. I tried it on a long flight and it worked out well. The option to fold it inside the puch makes it very convenient to store. My child's car seat was new and there were no scratches or stains. The two backpack straps allow you to carry it around the airport as a backpack while you use your hands to pull your bags, stroller, etc. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to take their car seat on an international flight.

👤We looked for a new bag after the southwest bag developed a tear. We wanted to find one with double shoulder straps. I chose this one because it has a top flap that can close and it has draw string openings. The draw strings are so stiff that the top opening does not close all the way, and there is a big gap no matter how hard you pull. The cheap plastic buckle for the top flap is not very good and does not click. If you can't close the opening and secure the flap, any items in the bag other than the car seat can fall out. The bag seems to be strong. It's just the first impression, so it's not a trip yet. I'm hesitant to use it because of the fear of losing stuff. We will most likely find another product before the trip.

3. UPPAbaby Easy Fit Window Shade Black

UPPAbaby Easy Fit Window Shade Black

Blocks more than 85% of sun's harmful rays. The stretch mesh has a perfect balance between shade and safety. Patented cups won't budge. Flexible stretch mesh has a window coverage of up to 23" No tools are required to attach. No tools are required to attach.

Brand: Uppababy

👤It is a good tool. At best, the suction has been meh. The shape of the glass makes it hard for it to work on our car. I think it fits better for other vehicles. It keeps the sun out of our son's eyes.

👤The cups wouldn't stick and I tried many times to get them to stick. I read the instructions in case, butnope. They did not stick to my car.

👤The window shade is the best. Blow some hot breath on the sun toon cups after cleaning your window. It works like a charm. Has not fallen or come loose.

👤It is pretty good. It covers the window. The window got stuck in the frame of the door after I accidentally rolled it down. It may be a problem in the future.

👤def is a great product to block sunlight from hitting the little one.

👤This has been used for a few months and hasn't fallen off. Our windows have good coverage.

👤It works well until it loses its power. It fell off when we parked, only to be re-suctioned multiple times.

👤These work well. The coverage on my car is perfect. I wish I could find material information online when I bought these to replace the shade that contained vinyl. I was very happy with my purchase.

4. Gorilla Grip Adjustable Backpack Universal

Gorilla Grip Adjustable Backpack Universal

A bag that will keep your car seat clean is a must for traveling any time of the year, made of lightweight, yet durable material that offers protection from dirt, grime, and moisture, so you can travel stress free knowing your. It's comfortable to carry the bag with a variety of handles and straps that make it easy to lift it and use the padded back straps to carry the bag in front of you. luggage tag and storage pouch are attached to your carry on and can be easily packed or snapped onto your carry on. This bag is universal and will fit any car seat, so you won't need to purchase many travel bags as your child grows up. After you travel, machine wash on cold and tumble dry. After you travel, machine wash on cold and tumble dry.

Brand: Gorilla Grip

👤Adding a number of straps to a car seat bag would be so effective, who would have thought? I now have my hands free to push a double stroller, drag a suitcase which is too big for a 4 day trip, and hold a paper cup of coffee. A child nowadays gets to sit in the big plush seats with cup holders in the bag, which is strong and roomy. I can get 2 seats in one of the bags, but I didn't want to stress the material too much and make it more likely that the lion will damage our luggage. I might take this all the way to the gate for future flights, but they survived the entire bag check journey admirably.

👤I bought this for a trip this summer because the bag I bought was too small for our Safety First grow and go car seat. The backpack straps made it great. We needed free hands because we carry a lot of things. There is a The plastic clip that holds the backpack strap to the bag is broken after the flight home. The bag is still in excellent condition, but unless I buy a carabiner or something, the most convenient backpack straps are useless. Also! Make sure you loop-knot the drawstring or the clip will open the bag when you pick it up.

👤We used this for one vacation and it has small rips. The bag was checked and carried through the airport. I am not sure how it ripped. Spending more money for a sturdier bag would be a good idea.

👤This thing saved me. Only one flight so far and it still looks brand new. This bag is definitely recommended. After 5 more flights, the bag still looks new, the car seat is still clean, and the bag is not torn. Without this bag, I wouldn't have been able to navigate the airports. Highly recommend it!

👤I was surprised that the bag held up with my Cosco car seat. I had my toddler, his stroller, three carryons and a full suitcase, and still managed to carry it all on my back. It felt like the straps had the perfect weight distribution. No signs of wear and tear, and you know how hard it is to gate check your stuff. I was wondering if it would work on my next trip for a travel stroller that folds and stands, not the long umbrella type but the smaller square fold. I will keep you updated.

👤I needed a way to carry his car seat around when he wasn't using it because we were traveling with my 4 year old. The bag had straps that looked like a backpack. It would be the easiest way to get to the airport. It worked well and was comfortable. When not in use, the bag folds down easily. I would recommend the bag if you need to carry your car seat through the airport. If you plan on checking your car seat, this bag won't protect it. I don't advise you to check your car seat, but I do think this is a bag to help you easily transport your car seat while traveling. The car seat has no padding or anything that would protect it from being mishandled. Taking a seat on the plane is the safest bet.

5. UPPAbaby Holder Vista Cruz Minu

UPPAbaby Holder Vista Cruz Minu

It's compatible with UPPA baby VISTA and VISTA V2 models. There are adapters included. Attaches in seconds. The stroller frame has a snap on clip. Hold. The insert accommodates many drink sizes. The folds are with a stroller. The cup holder is always with the stroller. It was made from Tritan Copolyester. It was made from Tritan Copolyester.

Brand: Uppababy

👤I regret buying this flimsy cup holder, but I'm generally happy with our Uppababy Vista. It does not click in properly when it is installed, especially with high cups or bottles. The cup holder flew off of the train track at Penn Station as we were boarding the train with a stroller and that was the end of it. I spent 25 dollars on a piece of junk.

👤The lack of a cupholder was the only issue we had in the first few weeks. We tried the "parent organize" product first, but my starbucks splashed all over the place, and I didn't find it to be very study. When you fold the base, the cupholder can stay installed and hold coffee cups and small water bottles. It makes the stroller a little harder to navigate but you get used to it. The cupholder is an extra for the stroller price.

👤I don't like it. The plastic is easy to install. I would like to be able to take it on and off, but I can't see how that is possible. I have noticed when it is holding a water bottle of this size that it squeaks, and it holds narrower water bottles a bit awkwardly. I don't think a bottle of that size would fit. It's better than nothing, but not the best design. There is an update. I have to decide if I should buy a new one that will have the same problem as the one that snapped off, or if I should find another way to hold my drink while I walk.

👤The previous version had terrible reviews, so I was happy that this came out in less than a minute. The frame is snapped into using one of the three parts that twist into the cup. It's easy to install and clean. It seems like it will last. Good job, Uppababy. It can be used with vista and Cruz.

👤I'm not sure what's going on with the comments about it being hard to remove and put back on. I have not found that to be the case. You have to click on them all the way to see the negative comments. It snaps on and off as it pleases. I clean mine occasionally. It can be hard to clean because there are two layers of plastic and liquid can get in between them. When my hubs takes my husband and I to get coffee in the morning, the coffee sometimes spills out and gets in the cracks of the cup holder. Since I can't scrub in between the two pieces myself, I have to take it off and soak it in soapy water. I think this will lead to mold over time, but we'll see.

👤I think it's a really good cupholder. I have never experienced a cup falling when you fold a stroller. It is easy to install. If you have a cup holder for Cruz and Mini, you can just move it if you want. I used another cup holder and it was not good. I was very happy with my purchase after I replaced the frame. No scratching.

6. Chicco Car Seat Travel 06079649990070

Chicco Car Seat Travel 06079649990070

The construction of the 4-Wheel spinner allows for easy one-hand maneuvering. The bag and car seat are protected from travel wear and tear with a reinforced base and double zippers. Two padded handles for comfortable lifting and padded backpack straps for hands-free carrying. Storage pockets protect straps when not in use. It's easy to insert and remove the Fits all Chicco car seats with a wide opening. It's easy to insert and remove the Fits all Chicco car seats with a wide opening.

Brand: Chicco

👤Yes, yes. And yes. It is a tad on the expensive side. I could have saved some money and pain if I had replaced my last 2 bags. It is deep enough to allow for a big seat in. That makes the zip easier. The handle is comfortable. The rollers are great and help with movement through the airport. The backpack option is great for those runs through the airport when you don't hear the gate change. It protects my marriage status at the airport. My baggage won't assist in any negative way, even though I have plenty of opportunities to screw that up.

👤I dragged my lightweight convertible car seat through the airport before I started looking for options. It was lightweight. I didn't want to be carrying a baby and luggage through the airport. There is a stroller. I thought about pros and cons of basic gate check bags at a fraction of the price but ended up splurging on this because reviews said it could fit multiple seats and we are planning on having more kids over the years and we fly at least 10 times a year. This glides easily and can be attached to a 4 wheel roller to make it easy to get through the airport. It can fit a lot of things, including a car seat, a convertible seat, and an infant seat without base. I don't use this anymore because it's too cumbersome to go to the gate and I have to wait for the extra screening. I check this for free to make it easier for us. We have a lap child, but I will use the CARES harness and keep checking the car seat once he is two.

👤Absolutely worth the money. I believe that the car seat carrier bag on wheels helped eliminate arguments during our first track. We only fly a few times a year, and we had to get the bright red car seat carrier bags every time. I didn't think the car seat would last for the trip back home when we checked it the first time. We gate checked the car seat in the red bag as we got off the plane and it would still be there as we walked through the airport. It would be hard to carry the car seat because it didn't sit well. If you think of a car seat carrier bag as a Cadillac, then this is it! The car seat that we use is the Graco Extend2Fit convertible car seat. We had to take the stroller out of the bag when we went through security because we had to check the car seat. It might have been better because of the other perks of the bag. It is much more comfortable to wear while carrying as a back and if you are not carrying it like a backpack, there are no complaints there either! The roller wheels make it easy to travel through the airport. Our 9yr old son would roll it sometimes. Sometimes our 2yr old would let it get crazy and wheel further away from us and not in the exact direction that we were walking, but it was better than the other bag we would get. You can't tell because we only took this on one trip so far. The bag is brand new and looks great, even though we flew via Allegiant airlines out of a medium airport into a busy airport and then out of a small airport back into the medium one. We only took one trip with the rolling one that we got, so I don't have many other comparisons, other than the cheaper red car seat travel bags. I was hesitant about the price. This one is more expensive because the others have been around $10ish. He was more impressed with this than I was, because he is usually in charge of the car seat on trips. We got a lot of praise for this while we traveled. Our youngest will be in a car seat for at least a couple more years and I believe that this will be the last car seat travel bag we will ever have to buy.

7. Birdee Travel Airport Check Carrier

Birdee Travel Airport Check Carrier

1680D nylon is very strong and water resistant. Your bag will last a long time because of the rugged material. Special stitching techniques and strong thread protect it from damage. SECURE CLOSURE The double flap system protects your car seat from dirt. Unique features. The carseat carrier is new and innovative. The bags were designed to be lighter and easier to carry. They added a handle and straps for a backpack. They attached a pouch to the bag so it could be folded up after use. There is wide comparativebility. The Birdee Car Seat Travel bag is 34x18x18 inches. This size is compatible with most car seats. Purchase in confidence and you will get a 1 year no questions asked warranty. Purchase in confidence and you will get a 1 year no questions asked warranty.

Brand: Birdee

👤The bag is perfect. I was researching car seat bags. I didn't want cheap ones or expensive ones that were hard to store because I knew I needed one. I tested this one out for 2 short flights this week, and it was gate checked both times. It fit my heavy car seat, but wasn't too big or baggy. Just right. The material is thick and nice. The blue color is easy to spot, but not bright, as I didn't like the red and yellow of other brands for that reason. There is a reinforced handle on the front, a plastic window for information, and a built-in pouch for small things. It takes practice to get it back inside the pouch, and I didn't want to take the time to do it in the airport. I tossed in a thin canvas bag. I took the seat out of the sack, clipped the seat onto the mini cart, and folded the bag up and threw it in the canvas bag, which is worth it's weight in gold. Light and easy to carry. I looked at the bag when I got home. There were no tears, marks, or signs of wear. I folded it back into the pouch and said thank you to my lucky stars. I tried to clip the bag on to the cart I mentioned above. I clipped the straps with a carabiner I had in the pouch. I unbagged the seat because my toddler didn't want to walk for more than 30 seconds. If you needed to get it gate to gate, it's another use.

👤We have a big bag that fits perfectly, and it's called Britax Boulevard. There are big and clear words on the front. You can seeHandle With Care. The front flap is well protected. You pull the cords and they are in the bag. You have peace of mind that the car seat is secure because the cords won't fall out. The backpack feature is awesome and the handle to grab is good. You can carry it on your back. There is a The material is thick. It is going to last a long time. It is a great product. It is exactly what we were looking for and we are very happy. Definitely recommend!

👤The Birdee Travel Bag was large and easy to fold, and felt like a high quality product to me. It fit perfectly in the basket under the stroller when it was folded into a pouch. The gate was checked from St. Louis to Chicago on its maiden voyage. A large hole was made in the bottom corner of the bag. We used it on the next leg of our journey, but we will either throw it out or invest in duct tape.

👤December to January. We flew from California to Wisconsin with this. I've read about damage and material not holding up. These comments are posted in other products. The bag was easy to carry. The material was strong. There was no damage on our travels. It was handled like normal luggage after we checked in. It folds into the bag. The product is recommended by me. Will travel a few times this year, so will update as necessary. Wife traveled with baby from CA to DC/VA. The car seat was checked. The bag was damaged when it was picked up. I don't fault the bag's longevity, but how the airlines handle checked luggage. She didn't check the gate because she was traveling alone with our baby, but she had her hands full with a backpack and a carryon, and the baby on her chest. I ordered another one for $20 and sent it to her in time for her return trip.

8. UPPAbaby Shield Version Discontinued Manufacturer

UPPAbaby Shield Version Discontinued Manufacturer

The straps allow for quick attachment and removal. Roll up window has mesh screen and side vent for better air quality. It's for all G LiTE and G LUXE models. It's for all G LiTE and G LUXE models.

Brand: Uppababy

👤I used a previous G-Series Rain Shield for about a year, but now have a G-Luxe. I live in the city of San Francisco and I use this a lot while walking my son to and from daycare. I ordered a new shield after my old one tore. There was no chance that it would fit a stroller. I tried to get it to fit with the holes in the wheels and the pieces on the handlebars, but it was not happening. I returned it because I don't know what I'll be buying.

👤The item was purchased before we went to Disney World. We knew the Florida tropics were going to be very warm and we wanted to be prepared. It kept our 18-month old pretty dry, and that's good. The constant on and off application tearing part of the stiching around the rain cover was not good. The fit is tight and our daughter did not have any feet room when it was fully put down. It was very hot for her as there is almost no air flow in the stroller. It's not easy to leave a stroller on your own, so I would recommend getting something else for long term use. I would mostly consider this a disposable product. Use it once in a pinch and then throw it away.

👤I was a little scared at first but after I tried it on I realized it was the perfect fit for my child's stroller and of course the protection needed for my little one. Awesome product guys!

👤It's perfect over the stroller.

👤It doesn't cover my son's feet. His legs aren't long enough to reach the bar at the bottom, so his feet stick out a little, and the rain shield doesn't have enough give to cover them.

👤It works perfectly on the G-lux. After hanging outside overnight, there was a slight chemical scent. It is easy to set and remove. Not for heavy showers.

👤A good product, but some instructions would have been nicer. When you take it out of the box, you don't know which end it is.

👤Not really pleased with the design of the product. I wish there were more options for air flow. This is my second purchase of the item. I tried it on in the garage and it broke. I didn't get to use the second one. It was hard to put on clothes in the rain. I own vista and gluxe. I don't think the designer thought about the product. This is a note. Purchase your baby product from ANB BABY. I bought the rain cover from them. They don't have a good customer service. They asked me to return the product to uppa baby. What a joke. I had to report the incident to Amazon in order for them to give merma for the return. It was just aweful!

9. UPPAbaby 2018 G Series Rain Shield

UPPAbaby 2018 G Series Rain Shield

Only the G-LUXE and G-LITE models are affected. Grommets and straps allow for easy attachment and removal. The mesh underneath the window increases child visibility. Vents on the side ensure maximum air flow. Vents on the side ensure maximum air flow.

Brand: Uppababy

👤The fit is great for my stroller, but the straps are a little cumbersome to fit, I would prefer a fast way to fix it.

👤It fits through the top but leaves no room for feet. We bought a generic single stroller cover for our 2 strollers. My kids were kicking and getting feet stuck because this had no room for feet and I thought it would tear up in no time.

👤It is very difficult to close. It opens well. It is another matter.

👤I bought this to go with my first Uppababy strolller. This ripped on the first use. This was the first time it was used and it only lasted 15 minutes on the stroller. The giant ripped down both sides. Terrible!

👤I wish it was a bit longer. My daughter is not tall yet at 2 years old.

👤The stroller is easy to put on. The little on doesn't have a mask so use it all the time.

👤The rain guard works. My daughter was kept dry all the way to the car when we were cought in a rain storm. It's a must have accessory.

👤This item is perfect for rainy days.

10. Seat Travel Carrier Check Pouch

Seat Travel Carrier Check Pouch

The dirt and grease in airport loading bays can be dangerous for your car. The car seat travel bag is easy to clean. The gate check bag is bright orange and easy to spot. The bag is 36" long X 18" high and 18" deep. It helps to protect the contents. It's important for travel. A handy travel pouch is folded up. It's easy to slip into your handbag or hand baggage when you're not using it. It's important to remember that weight is everything when traveling, avoid bulky or padded wheelie car seat travel bags. Clean well fitted car seat. Happy children! This carseat bag will protect your investment in a very expensive car seat which may be prone to dirt and damage when flying. The new design of double handle and pitchforks. The bag now has a double handle and a shoulder strap. The bag is supposed to be used for Gate Check at the airport. The bag is supposed to be used for Gate Check at the airport.

Brand: Alnoor Usa

👤I bought two for the trip. It was easy to store and liked the bright orange color. The straps on the car seat aren't adjusted so you can't cinch it tighter so that it doesn't sway as you walk. The strap came apart on the return flight. The closing is not very secure and it takes a while for it to open back up. Good idea, but wouldn't buy again.

👤It was easy to find her seat on the first flight with a baby. It's still intact after the two flights. We have one of the biggest infant seats made and it still had plenty of room for a toddler seat later on.

👤I got this at the last moment to take a booster and three beach chairs to south Florida. There is a travel umbrella on the beach. There is plenty of room to spare. Make sure you pull the nylon cord tight so you can double knot it. I was able to carry it in my back and suitcases. Highly recommended!

👤It has made four flights on planes so far and is in great shape.

👤The last few flights on the airplane. A hole began to wear in the bottom of the bag after the fourth trip. It is either not great quality or the airlines are rough with bags.

👤This was a great carrier. It's easy to put the seat in.

👤The bag was used at the airline. There is not much protection because the material is think. Our Grace 4ever was too heavy and we have fathers who gate check. The straps help. The bag was not fully closed to prevent dirt from getting on the car seat because the cinch top wouldn't fully cinch. It was great for our trip. I would like the straps to be a little more snug.

👤The bag is large. It's a breeze to carry the carseat through the airport and on shuttles because there's plenty of room left over. Absolutely would recommend!

11. Durable Travel Stroller Airplane Stroller

Durable Travel Stroller Airplane Stroller

The accessory made up of highly DURABLE NYLON is water resistant and uses state of the art technology to offer complete wear and tear protection. The wide mobility car seat bag is 34 x 18 x 18 inches and can fit almost all major brands of car seats. The gate check bag is large and very convenient. The dimensions are 47" tall by 24 wide and 18 deep. It's designed to fit most double strollers and dual strollers. The gate check bag for car seats and double strollers comes with 2 padded backpack straps that help keep your hands free so that you can easily show tickets, hold your baby or even sip a cup of coffee at the airport. This car seat and stroller check bag provides protection to toddler or infant car seat and stroller against physical damages but also helps to keep your car seat clean. This car seat and stroller check bag provides protection to toddler or infant car seat and stroller against physical damages but also helps to keep your car seat clean.

Brand: V Volkgo

👤Returned the stroller bag because we don't really need it. We will be able to use the car seat bag every stage. We have used it on 2 trips and it has been great. I wish it had a snap to attach the carrying loop to the diaper bag. It took up a lot of space because of being Hated having to pack in the diaper bag.

👤Great product. The stroller bag came open while in transit.


What is the best product for car seat airplane bag uppababy?

Car seat airplane bag uppababy products from Uppababy. In this article about car seat airplane bag uppababy you can see why people choose the product. Profaster and Uppababy are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat airplane bag uppababy.

What are the best brands for car seat airplane bag uppababy?

Uppababy, Profaster and Uppababy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat airplane bag uppababy. Find the detail in this article. Gorilla Grip, Uppababy and Chicco are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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