Best Car Seat Accessories for Baby Girl

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1. Reducer Cushion Antiallergic Sparkles Janabebe

Reducer Cushion Antiallergic Sparkles Janabebe

Money back or 100% satisfaction guarantee! Remove shades as often as necessary. Infant insert for carrycot, car seat, stroller, made in soft cotton, with funny stamp, filling of wadding, can be removed, the head, thanks to its composition, is recommended for sensitive skin. The cover and hood are sold separately. The seat cushion and the back of the reducer are soft so that the baby feels more welcome, they have found a new size that is three pieces. Search their catalog Janabebe. Cotton is soft and comfortable, and most of their products are made of cotton. It does not cause allergies to sensitive skin. The fibers are spun in a way that doesn't cause irritation or static electricity. Cotton is usually used for items that are frequently worn and in direct contact with the skin. Cotton is natural and free of chemicals.

Brand: Janabebe

👤She was perfect for a newborn at 3 weeks. The material is soft and absorbent. She wasn't sweating on her back even though we had a fan. When our toddler wanted to ride, we were looking for a cushion that was easy to remove, and this did the trick. I was happy to get this one instead of the overpriced Uppababy snugseat, it looks nice with the stroller, and it is more comfortable.

👤My daughter had twins 2 months early. When I ordered, I was told I was getting a pack of 3 car seat covers. I car seat cover is what it is. There was no support for either of the babies without this. I needed to order more so that the hospital could approve them before they came home. The 1 was recvd. It was easy to put together and soft.

👤Works well! The graco carseat doesn't provide much support for my baby's head. I had to sit in the back with her and hold her head up to keep her head from moving back and forth in the car. I've used this product in her carseat twice. Her head barely moves as she sits in her seat, it is nice and snug. Great product!

👤It works well for the graco car seat. It feels soft. I haven't driven a car yet.

👤Highly recommended! She is more content in her seat.

👤I received my order. I like this pillow. I was looking for a good body support pillow for my son, who is almost 6 months old. I have a small travel stroller that fits in my stroller. I went for a walk and he loved it. He is no longer leaning to the side of the stroller when the seat is upright. I would recommend this pillow to anyone with a baby. Thank you so much!

👤My baby is very comfortable in this. I use it with the click connect car seat, which is too wide for my baby and would make her head spin during car rides, if I didn't have this cushion. The cushion is a lifesaver. I have tried three other brands and this is the only one that is still in my house.

👤I am so happy that I bought this. I use it all over the place because we didn't have a good cushion on the baby swing or car seat that we got. I use it daily. Love it! It's easy to move from one product to another.

👤A beau de surcrot! L'installation est trivial. Donc moelleux, le look est super sympa et ce réducteur est vraiment. Un p'tit clic, vous a été Utile!

👤People are complaining that the padding behind the baby's back is thin. This is an essential safety feature, as car seats are supposed to provide solid back support in the event of an accident, to avoid whiplash-type injuries. If you prop the baby up away from the seat with a lot of soft padding, the baby will float around in the padding and could be hurt in a crash. The straps are held against the seat back if you adjusted them carefully. People will use the product unsafely because the manufacturer does not give instructions. This should be fixed. It comes with a very puffy pillow that is supposed to be used under the baby if needed, but which could be mis-positioning behind the baby's back, leading to a dangerous situation. Please read the manual carefully. If you don't know what you're doing, you can make the seat dangerous for your baby if you use extra padding from a different manufacturer. I will use this product with great care.

2. JJ Cole Seat Cover Heather

JJ Cole Seat Cover Heather

To protect your baby with a car seat cover, stretch over your infant carrier or stroller. Their nylon and soft fleece cover will keep baby warm in the winter. The blanket-like design lets you skip the bulky coat, while the flap helps you find the best fit. Carried in style: Choose between five styles with different colors and patterns that are perfect for a gift for expecting parents or yourself. Happy parenting is an exhilarating, challenging, and sobering experience. Their products make things simpler and allow you to enjoy the ride. Happy parenting is an exhilarating, challenging, and sobering experience. Their products make things simpler and allow you to enjoy the ride.

Brand: Jj Cole

👤It's perfect for a winter newborn. It protects the baby from the cold and protects him from the wind. I put iron on the Velcro to keep it from blowing open, and now it is perfect. I used to blow it open and expose the baby to the cold in Cleveland, where the wind chill is below zero at times.

👤I ordered a car seat cover on Amazon. I could compare their other features and see what fit best. I always feel like I need to see it in person to know if I like it or not. I thought this would be the one I would keep. It is soft in the inside and out, flexible and not stiff, and the flap folds down and stays down as you need it to. It all seems really cozy and works well. The fit of the Nuna Pipa is different than the one on my car seat. I didn't think either would work because I didn't know how to fit it in the car seat. I figured out that I could pull the hood all the way back and attach the cover to the car seat, then pull the hood back up. The cover of the car is loose and there are gaps on the side where the handle is. It doesn't stay in place around the elastic siding when I open it. The Skip Hop cover is completely secure. The top of the baby's face is large. The Skip Hop opening is better. The entire opening is lined with fur if you adjust it and secure the flaps. This cover is great. The fit was too loose for me and the opening was too large for a baby's face, so there was no way to adjust it.

👤I ordered this for my LO's stroller. I had to modify the hood in order to use it. This is a great product.

👤I have a keyfit30 and it fits perfectly and my baby is warm in the cooler months. The cover can fit over my car seat and it's not necessary to take the shade off. The cover is easy to wipe off. The baby is getting too hot. Just open the side to get more air flow. Is it raining, snowing or windy? I cover the baby when I go through a parking lot. The only negative thing about this cover is that it has a part in the front where the car seat clicks into the stroller or car base. You just have to be aware and not pull it completely over when you are trying to click the seat in, since you should be checking to make sure it clicks in anyway. This car seat cover is very good.

👤The packaging for this was good. It's very easy to install and it doesn't interfere with the straps of the car seat. The inside fabric is soft and warm and it is a nice windbreaking material. The car seat is opened completely by the zip of the zip. The track snugride 35 infant seat has a small gap on both sides where the handle for the car seat is attached. I use this for my baby and she has been very warm this winter. I love that it protects her from the wind and that it can also be used as a coverup for breastfeeding.

3. Jitejoe Support Pushchair Friendly Butterfly

Jitejoe Support Pushchair Friendly Butterfly

The U shape design is universal size. The neck pillow provides the best support for babies in the 0-4 years old growth stage and protects their head and neck. The pillow size is described in the pictures. Jitejoe baby neck pillow can be used in many places, it can be used in car seats, strollers, Airplane, and so on, protecting your baby's head and buffing shock when the baby is on the stroller or car seat. The baby neck support pillow is designed to be safe and comfortable. The baby pillows are made of soft fabric and padding made of 100% polyester, which will support your baby's head and neck in ultimate comfort. The head support pillow is easy to clean. You can wash your hands or use a machine. The whole pillow can be washed. It's convenient for busy moms. They hope you are getting the best value. They are committed to your satisfaction. They hope you are happy with your purchase. Feel free to contact them if you have a problem. They hope you are getting the best value. They are committed to your satisfaction. They hope you are happy with your purchase. Feel free to contact them if you have a problem.

Brand: Jitejoe

👤I was looking for a head support for my baby that wasn't going to make her sweat and actually hold the head up, and this pillow support is perfect. She doesn't sweat or cry with this.

👤My baby girl finally got her old pillow, but the dust. I knew I wouldn't be able to find a pillow like hers. I started searching on Amazon. I ordered this product and it was amazing. It is cute. It is very soft and comfortable. My baby doesn't like sitting in her car seat until I order it. She slept in her car seat while I worked. She was not tense. She doesn't cry when I put her in a car seat. It made to go around the car seat restrains. This product is very good.

👤The pillows are soft and not overly filled, but do wish it had a way to attach to the safety straps that hold the child in the stroller.

👤I thought it would be a little thicker on the sides for comfort and support, but it's not comfortable enough to support her head if she falls asleep.

👤I bought this for my daughter because she was uncomfortable in her seat. The head rest has made a big difference in her swing and car. The flat spot on the back of her head has been helped by it. I will use this until she grows out of it.

👤It works well. When my daughter fell asleep, we used it in her swing. She can rest her head on the pillow and keep her neck straight. My daughter doesn't seem to mind that the material could be softer.

👤I love this little pillow, I go for a run almost everyday, and I get this pillow to help my little one sleep better, because she was hurting her neck from falling asleep and I got this pillow to help her.

👤This was the perfect solution for the bouncing head of the granddaughter. This item is recommended to every parent or grandparent. It's cute.

4. Evenflo Modular Travel System Sandstone

Evenflo Modular Travel System Sandstone

A flexible travel system. The SafeMax Rear-Facing Infant Car Seat and SafeZone Base with anti-rebound bar are infused with parent and child friendly accessories. TILE and light weight. The combo features a modular frame with 6 modes. The stroller coverts from an infant car seat frame to a stroller seat or carriage mode with ease, while the reversible mode permits your baby to face in or out. Adult assembly is required. It is easy to transfer a car seat. The combo has a stay-in-car base that allows for a quick and safe connection from stroller to car. There are additional features. The pivot modular travel system includes a large storage basket, a safe zone base with belt lock-off system for correct installation, and large cruiser tires with tread and ergonomics for a smooth, effortless ride. A canopy and arm bar make baby transfers easier. There are additional features. The pivot modular travel system includes a large storage basket, a safe zone base with belt lock-off system for correct installation, and large cruiser tires with tread and ergonomics for a smooth, effortless ride. A canopy and arm bar make baby transfers easier.

Brand: Evenflo

👤This is my first stroller and I will have a baby boy in September. I fell in love with it and bought it despite all the negative reviews. The first thing I did after receiving it was open it. My brother put everything together. I'm 7 months pregnant and it was very easy to put together. It was very easy to put together and the instructions were very clear with images. I was going to buy the navy blue but I read in one of the reviews that it didn't have a bassinet cover, so I decided to go with the casual grey. That was the best thing that I did, because it came with a cover. I tried it out without a baby on it, but the wheels seem to work fine, I will update later when I have my baby about wheel function. The wheels are plastic and rubber, so they will function better at hard floors and cement, but that doesn't bother me because I will buy a jogger when my baby is 50 lbs. The transition between bassinet and car seat is very practical because the base stays on the ground. The base of the car seat seems to have all the safety features needed, and the baby is very comfortable in it. The car seat has a canopy to protect the baby from the sun. I am very happy with the stroller and can't wait to use it. It's lightweight and very cute. The stroller is a five-star and I will update this review once I have a baby. I've been using this stroller for 9 months. The wheels are made of plastic and rubber. They are good to go if you have a little bit of oil. It's hard to use on the grass as you probably need bigger wheels. This is the only bad thing about the stroller. I've learned a lot after becoming a mom. The rear facing capacity of the car seat is good. What does this mean? It is 500% safer for your child to rear face in it. My son is 9 months old and still has 2 more inches in the car seat. It's light-weight and not heavy on my back, especially with my baby. I like that I can protect him from the cold weather in this one. The harness is easy to tighten, as opposed to my husband's harness. I would like for it to have an arrow on both sides, but that's something I could live with. Let's talk about the bassinet. Wow! With all the deaths from asfixia, a bassinet gives me peace of mind. When I use it with my child, I just turn the bassinet into a bed, and he can just sleep without his head hanging. I would never buy a regular stroller if it didn't have this feature. The canopy of the bassinet is large. The bassinet cover is very useful when it's cold. The stroller has a good size basket. Everything is easy to maneuver. I warn you that I can't become a pro at clicking in the car seat to the frame because I can't remember how to do it. I find it very hard, but that can be me. The stroller is still 5 stars and I would buy it again, but maybe in a lighter color because there can always be a bug on it and with the dark colors they're harder to see. Hope this helps!

5. Protector Protectors Carseat Waterproof Durable

Protector Protectors Carseat Waterproof Durable

Durability and stylish are what you get with the Enhanced Water- resistant Thicker Oxford fabric. The thoughtful design adds a storage bag, you can put toys and snacks for your pets and children, and the dustproof function of the seat protector pad can prevent the snack debris from contaminating the seat. It is said that the protective pad gives you more freedom of use. Xhyang car seat protectors are designed to protect your vehicle's upholstery from wear and tear. Most parents use them to protect their vehicle's seats from messy children and any potential damages and reduce mess and clean-up time as well as prevent damage, extend the life of your vehicle upholstery. The anti-skid material on the top and bottom of the seat prevents it from shifting. The car seat mat has safety straps that will tie the cover securely to the headrest, so you don't have to worry about seat protectors sliding off the seat. Attach them to achieve a perfect fit. The car seat cover is slide-proof and can be quickly installed to any car with straps that attach to the headrest. Don't worry about your child's car seat slipping from the cover because the car seat protector won't move once installed. The car seat protectors have a flap that is tucked into the seat, anti slip dots for extra grip, and safety straps that are buckled around the head rest. The seat cover is compatible with most types of cars, trucks, sedans, and SUVs, and can be carried out with ease. The cover is large enough to cover the bottom portion of the seat and the back. Attach them securely to achieve a perfect fit. The seat cover is compatible with most types of cars, trucks, sedans, and SUVs, and can be carried out with ease. The cover is large enough to cover the bottom portion of the seat and the back. Attach them securely to achieve a perfect fit.

Brand: Xhyang

👤It was used on the front seats of a Toyota to keep them clean. Very happy with them so far.

👤This is a lightweight car seat protectors that will protect the well being of your car from two things: 1. Kids wear and tear. There are permanent and semi-permanent marks in the leather. The 2nd is what worried us most, as the #1 concern is usually resolvable. These are reasonable and we've used them before. It was easy to install and it was durable enough to complete the job. There is an extra storage pouch in the front.

6. Baby Soft Hanging Chime Rattle

Baby Soft Hanging Chime Rattle

Music and bright colors will help baby to focus. It's a good baby toy. It's suited for babies up to 12 months old. The surface is wet. A special gift for a baby shower, birthday, Children's Day or Christmas. There are four different animals included in the newborn stroller car seat toy. Babies could be inspired by bright color and cute animals. The soft rattle musical toy is built into the crib and makes a soft, cozy and soothing sound. When parents play with their babies, they help strengthen their muscles and develop grab ability. The carseat toys for infants to plastic ring hook and short plush are safe and non-toxic. The ring hook is easy to hang, suitable for baby strollers, baby toys, 0-6 months clip on, activity stroller, car seat toys, hanging toys for baby gym, very easy to hang or take down. This plush animal wind chime has a teether on each interactive toy that your baby can hold and chew on to help ease baby's toothache. Babies will love and enjoy these toys, they will be a good friend of babies. A cute newborn baby activity toy is a great gift. A perfect first year toy for baby, hang it on a wall and give it as a special gift for a baby shower, birthday, children's day or christmas.

Brand: Blppldyci

👤The teether on the lion and elephant are very dangerous if the baby gets it too close to his face. They are pointed and not rounded like the picture shows, which could cause a serious injury to the baby.

👤I'm glad that they make noise because when they first arrived, you could hear what they were. I was not sure. If they made noise. He can either grab or hit the hoops on the mats if they're close enough. He loves the one that makes a chiming/ringing sound when he hits the toys. The toy will usually end up in his mouth if I just give him the toy and let him play with it. I found that these are safe for him to do. I put them in the laundry bag and put them in the washer. I hung up the toys on a hanger to let them dry, even though you could hear them making noise during the wash. I've been able to put these on his car seat, on his mat, in the playpen, and anywhere else he wants, he absolutely loves playing with them. These seem to be his favorite.

👤Excellent eye catching colors! These are perfect for small hands. They have a rattle that your baby will notice. The bright colors make it easy to focus on eye hand foot coordination. Each one has a stuffed animal. My grand baby loves them so much that her mom puts one on the stroller, bouncy chair, and tummy time mat. Good quality. A great baby shower gift!

👤These are my kid's favorite rattles. The Baby Einstein play gym is recommended by me. These two are the longest I have ever seen him play with. The rattles are long, have multiple features, and make a cute rattle noise. My 4mo enjoys how well he can maneuver them and get them to his face. There is a My only request is a way to attach them to his car seat. They need a way to hold it in place.

👤I bought these for my four month old and he absolutely loves them. He is entertained by them for a long time. We hung them off the hook above his bouncer and he would just sit there and grab and move them for a long time. As he works on his fine motor skills, he will need lots of long thin parts.

👤The gift will be used to entertain the baby while traveling.

👤Highly recommended. My babies love them. The little rattle on them is cute.

👤This is a great find. The sound of bells is very pleasing and is rare to find in infant toys. Highly recommended.

7. Evenflo Infant Weather Shield Melange

Evenflo Infant Weather Shield Melange

It protects your child from the elements. The materials are waterproof. For the best defense. The side panels are mesh. Provide air for your child. The clear front window allows you to see your little one while they are enjoying the world around them. The clear front panel allows you to reach in if you need to. The clear front panel allows you to reach in if you need to.

Brand: Evenflo

👤I bought this so that I could leave the hospital during the Pandemic and have protection for my baby. I have a graco snug ride and it fits perfectly. There is a small gap on both sides. I'm okay with that. Let it go. There is some air in. I love covering her and giving her protection. It makes me feel safer taking her out. It is very thin, but water doesn't throw it. I keep the hood of the carseat up. If someone coughs or sneezes, I know she is protected.

👤The best product for babies right now. It's perfect for going to the doctor or a stroll with my little one, we have a newborn and this is perfect. It's nice and it's Breathable. My little one doesn't complain at all, and mama approved.

👤We bought this product to give us peace of mind when we are out in public. We have a graco car seat that doesn't fit on the sides, but we expected that and it isn't a dealbreaker. It is lightweight and comfortable. There are some loose threads and the zip is cheap. I used a hair dryer to smooth the plastic when it arrived.

👤The baby was kept dry in the storm. It was worth it. I had higher hopes for it. The fabric has enough space to go over things but it needs more give. For small things it pops off. We were going to walk home with a wet baby, but luckily we were in the rain. I don't need anything else but the car seat because it's a product specifically made for my stroller, but I still feel like I need another layer of protection. It's great for some extra protection. I keep it for protection against wind and it came in handy for me, so it wasn't a waste of money.

👤I use it on my car seat because it blocks the sun from my baby's eyes when it's really sunny. I like that the cover protects my baby from cold wind, rain and the fact that not everyone wears masks makes it a big shield for my baby. This item is very good. There is a We're in the car when I go out. I always lift the cover to make sure my baby has enough air, especially when it's hot outside. Be careful with that.

👤I use this to block the wind and rain from my car seat. It fits perfectly and blocks out the elements while I can still see my baby in a car seat. The fabric matches the seat. The plastic is wrinkled when you take it out of the package but I was able to smooth it out with a blow dryer. It is difficult to make it smooth but it still looks good.

👤I really want to love this item, but it's so boring. Material is light, which can be a plus for traveling in the middle of a hot summer rain, but it feels almost too light. I wouldn't consider it cheap, but not top quality fabric. This is where it failed me. I had to tug at it in different ways to make it fit. If you're in the middle of it and trying to put it over the car seat, you'll be happy. It doesn't have enough money to stay in place.

8. Organizer Toddlers Activities Stroller Waterproof

Organizer Toddlers Activities Stroller Waterproof

Kids can play with toys, eat and drink while you can focus on driving, shopping, or resting on the plane. It can be used for a lot of things. The iPad and table holder is stylus-based. The large transparent holder is for tablets. The front panel of the iPad has hooks and loops on it. It's not necessary to keep it in place on the go. Their car tray is easy to clean and protects your loved one. The dry erase top makes it easy for parents to clean up after the kids. Simply wipe messes away with a wet rag. Storage for toys, baby books, pacifiers, crayons and snacks can be found in the spacious mesh pockets. The extra bottle holder makes it easy to reach the water bottle or thermal cup. The car tray is made for traveling and easy to fold flat. Go anywhere with one easy to install activity tray and you will have room for all your child's travel needs. The car tray is made for traveling and easy to fold flat. Go anywhere with one easy to install activity tray and you will have room for all your child's travel needs.

Brand: Buenavo

👤The product saved my daughter from boredom on the road trip. She happily colored and played on the little desk. She had a place to keep her toys and markers. We loved it when it was in the car. I put toys and snacks in the side pockets. The holder is not strong. It wasn't practical for us because of the tablet's position. It was better to use the normal case. My daughter was 800-273-3217 All over her. The desk helped contain the puke, which was priceless. The plastic on the tray was very convenient. I was able to wipe it down and get it clean after I vomited. A quick soak in the sink at home took care of the rest. My daughter got sick and we had to use the side pocket for vomit bags. She did. She threw up in the bread bag instead of all over herself as my husband pulled off the highway. My daughter outgrew it and now it is a permanent place in our car.

👤I bought this for a trip to South Carolina. My daughter is big for a rear facing car seat. My child was not okay with it sitting on their lap. She tried to throw it off of her while we were driving and it created a bigger mess.

👤I expected this to be better. My granddaughter used it in your car seat while traveling. She stopped using it after she was so excited. She couldn't use her seat if I didn't put it over at the beginning because she needed help. I gave it back with her approval.

👤I bought this for my son to use. It was perfect. He had his own zone and all his toys were contained. It doesn't secure to the tray. It was fine to move the tray because the seats were always reclining back and upright. I have a second one in my cart for my youngest son.

👤I bought these for my children's road trip and they worked perfectly. The kids were playing with toys and doing crafts on them. I am very happy with these.

👤He plays with his cars and watches his tablets. I contacted them to get a new bag because the one I got had a come apart at the seam. Right away. The customer service is great and I gave it to charity because they didn't want the other one returned.

👤My toddler kept the legs up to support the table as it slid off the car seat. It only took one trip to realize that it wasn't going to work.

👤The travel tray is amazing. We used ours for the first time and it helped keep our son occupied the whole time. He colored it and ate lunch on it, he used it to hold his iPad, and he had pockets for all the markers. I am very happy to have found this.

9. Toddler Carseat Activities Essentials Accessories

Toddler Carseat Activities Essentials Accessories

Kid Safe is a worry free design. They want you to be happy with this tray. Register your warranty and then use the code on the instruction insert. The kids' travel tray is a perfect solution for organization in-vehicle, train, or airplane. Kids use the play tray for hours of entertainment. Girls can watch iPad, draw, play, eat and drink while you can rest or drive. It's easy to clean and drink. Parents can use wet tissue to clean up while kids can draw on the dry erase board in the foldable car seat tray. The folding carseat tray can be carried on the back of the car seat with the detaching strap. Most car seats are compatible. The travel table is designed to fit most car seats and strollers. The large stand fits most tablets and keeps them from falling over on road rides. The collapsible storage compartment is designed to hold toys, snacks, and crayons, keeping them neat and clean until you reach your destination. The raised soft edges design keeps items in and avoids dropping them on the floor. Keep your car out of the mess with lots of pockets to hold small items. Their car travel accessories are safe to use. This travel tray is strong and can be used in a car, plane, stroller frequently. Children will be more comfortable with the warm design. Their car travel accessories are safe to use. This travel tray is strong and can be used in a car, plane, stroller frequently. Children will be more comfortable with the warm design.

Brand: Menzoke

👤My daughter loves this. It is great for travelling and at home. She wanted to keep using it at home because she was so attached to it. She keeps her dry erase pens in the side storage pockets. It has 3 dry erase boards. It has a cooler pocket for drinks and snacks. The main clear compartment has a cable hole that she can use to charge her tablets on long journeys. It has a carrying strap as well. I will have to buy my 3 year old son a one as he keeps trying to steal it.

👤What a great idea. We put this on her car seat and she was very excited. She can watch cartoons while she plays with her toys if she has a place for a tablet to be placed. You can keep her sippy cup within arm's reach with the pockets that it has. This is a great product. Thank you so much!

👤A nice travel set for kids. It is easy to fold. My 3 year old likes it.

👤There are great organizational pockets for art supplies. It is easy to transition from car to house desk. My child loved it and used it for a 6 hour trip.

10. Moody Park Olivia Nursing Carseat

Moody Park Olivia Nursing Carseat

There are many uses. There are baby carseats, stroller, high chair and shopping cart covers. From sneezy strangers, summer sun, light winter rain and snow, as a winter carseat cover for baby. The perfect baby shower gift is a baby car seat cover for boys or girls. There is a bag in the matching fabric. The fabric is soft and safe. Their canopy is made from soft fabric and has modern designs. There is a star constellation print on both sides. Your baby will fall to sleep when he sees the night sky. All infant car seats, high chairs, and shopping carts are covered by Universal Fit. All infant car seats, high chairs, and shopping carts are covered by Universal Fit.

Brand: Moody Park

👤I bought this car seat cover because I lost my last one and I love the color of the flowers. It is very soft and good quality. I like how it is stretchy and stays the same. The colors are gorgeous. It was packaged nicely. It comes with a small bag to hold it in. If you are looking for a cheap car seat cover for your baby, this is it. I really like it and I have a lot of praise for it as well.

👤I was concerned that "you get what you pay for" after I chose this nursing cover over another. The product meets all expectations. It's stretchy, comfortable, and the colors are very much like the picture, which doesn't always happen on Amazon. I'm very happy with this product, it's a favorite of mine.

👤I was not sure how to put this on the carseat. After seeing the pictures and having my oldest daughter help me, we figured it out. It's easy to get the seat on and off the base and shopping cart if the bottom remains uncovered. I can keep the light off her face when she is napping. I know they were not yet. I think this will be helpful during the pollen season. I'm glad I bought this.

👤After contacting the seller, they responded with a nice message, despite the issue with my order. They were very sweet and fixed it. The customer service was excellent. I bought 2 of these for a baby shower gift, but they turned out to be just as advertised. They were well packaged.

👤So cute. I love this cover. The fact that it is its own bag is very useful. We have it in the diaper bag at all times. It is soft and multi-purposeful. We use it as a nursing cover and as a car seat. It washes up well.

👤I am a first time mother. I was not sure what to expect. This item is amazing. The print is soft and beautiful in person. It was very warm in the FL. I'm in love. The price makes it even better that I want clothes and sheets made out of this stuff. Money was well spent.

👤The cover is #1. It is bigger than the one my sister gave me. It is amazing for Florida.

👤A small bag of the same material was used for storage. Doubles as a nursing/pumping cover! It is lightweight, soft, and stretchy.

👤The print is cute and it fits around my evenflow folio3 car seat perfectly.

👤It was a gift. The fabric is very soft and stretchy, and the color is beautiful. Recipient loved it! Would recommend! The Car Seat Can*py Brand was smaller and thinner than this one and lacked the stretch.

👤I'm very impressed with this! Excellent quality.

11. Diono Radian Convertible Design Across

Diono Radian Convertible Design Across

Rear-FACING FOR LONGER. The slimfit convertible car seat is designed to keep your child's rear facing up to 50 lbs. Approx. 7 kilo. 4 years old. The high back corset is made of high back material. The high back booster seat mode is now up to 120 lbs, 54 lbs. The high back booster adds protection and comfort to any child transitioning into booster mode. A car for 10 years. The radian 3R can be adjusted to fit your child from birth to 120 lbs. The ultimate protection for your child is created by the reinforced steel core, made from automotive grade high density plastic and steel. The original 3 Across is built with a radian slim fit convertible design to fit 3 across in most vehicles without compromising child or passenger comfort. It's a good idea to have your children in the backseat. The original 3 Across is built with a radian slim fit convertible design to fit 3 across in most vehicles without compromising child or passenger comfort. It's a good idea to have your children in the backseat.

Brand: Diono

👤It was not taken lightly that I had to order 3 of these carseats. We absolutely love them. They fit in the 3rd row of the car. The good is very easy to clean. The only issue is that they are very long and if you are rear facing in the photo it sticks out a lot. These are by far the hardest. I'm not sure if it was because we have so many or so close together, but if it was, uninstall it. If you have 3 under 2 like me, you should buy this carseat because it will fit 3 across and save you time trying to fit 10 other carseats.

👤The car seat is heavy. Installation was easy for a small person like me. However! I had my son in this car seat when we were t-boned. My son was behind me because it was difficult to get him out of the middle seat in a big F-150 after we were hit. I learned something. I had to have emergency surgery for a broken skull, fractured eye sockets, and brain hemorrhage. I have a long recovery ahead of me, but my son died. I think this car seat saved his life. My son came out of the wreck without any injuries. The attending EMTs told me that they were surprised to find us not dead but unharmed. This is a very sturdy car seat that is easy to install. My son is a big boy and has always been comfortable in it. My son spills everything and the cover isn't as easy to clean as I would hope for, so I wish it was made of a stronger fabric. It stands up to a delicate cycle, but some messes require more scrubbing that this cover wouldn't stand up to. I would recommend this seat. The nurses asked about the car seat when they found out my son had been in the wreck, and he was happy and healthy. I told them to use this Diono.

👤The back of the cover is ripped after one wash. How is this product supposed to last? They are waiting to hear if they will replace it.

👤The 4th seat arrived and is not an open box. Don't give up, another open box used seat arrived today. I'll keep coming back until I get a new one from Amazon. I went from four stars to one in a shabby update. My daughter in law just got one of these and wants the same set up as the others, so I bought her a spare. I can see that the seat is in a bashed up box. The packing is retaped and some bits are missing. This is shabby. I didn't buy an open box so I'm sending it back for a replacement. I'm not the only buyer to get a used seat. I bought 3 of these for a 2015 Grand Cherokee, but I wouldn't bother with the middle unless you want to be pushed up against the steering wheel. I'll get another Diono 3R for the middle forward facing position in 18 months. The seats are too tall for rear facing. Everything else is okay with the seats. Excellent build quality.


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