Best Automotive Car Seat Upholstery Fabric

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1. FH Group FB036BLACK115 Airbag Compatible

FH Group FB036BLACK115 Airbag Compatible

100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you don't like your memory foam cushion, they will reimburse you for all of your order. There are 2 front bucket covers, 1 bench cover, and 5 headrest covers. Installation, removal, and reattachment can be done with ease thanks to the concealed opening and straps. It was designed to accommodate traditional and heated seats. The cover is held in place by the non-slip interior. The back of bucket covers are made of stretchy fabric and have a pocket. The materials are made from a Breathable high quality fabric that is easy to clean and air dry. Almost all seats are compatible with the universal application. Almost all seats are compatible with the universal application.

Brand: Fh Group

👤Several straps make sure the seat covers stay in place. Look good. I am very pleased with this product. Some reviews say the backseat install was a problem. I followed directions and lined everything up with a small X on the spots where head rests are. The material was very durable and didn't try to rip or break, so the headrest and the center seatbelt were both very easy to use.

👤Every experience is different. I bought this for my car. It worked well. You need to install it to make sure it works and you need to tie the back pieces on the seats. They had to remove seats to wrap it around correctly because they had the help of another person. The back 3 seat-row was detached because it needed to be tied through the back of the car. The method worked best for him. We started cutting out the holes after they were installed. If you want to make cleaner cuts, use a box cutter or fabric scissors, or an Exact Knife, because they will make better cuts and avoid pilling of the fabric to form or shred away. I have had this for about four months and I love it! I had a brown exterior for 8 years. I am very protective of the things I own. I know that the interior will last me a long time. I would buy again if I had another color. I paid full price for this.

👤I had to cut the top of the seat cover to get my head rests back in, because the rear seat cover doesn't have openings for my seat belt buckles or rear head rests. The front seat covers have a top opening for the head rests, which is easy to install. The installation of the rear seat is not easy and it's far too much work for me to recommend these. I kept them because I needed them quickly, but I would not purchase them again and will look for something better. The waste was on a 2016 RAV4.

👤Well! Where do I start? This is a lower end product. Thin material, bad zippers and a bad fit. When buying from Amazon, it says "fits your vehicle". It barely fits. You can see the struggle when placing the covers around the seats. After being closed, the zippers popped out and apart. I use these covers to hold me over until I find a good one or I will pay a hundred dollars for a real one. I have a toddler. The covers I had from the swap meet were better quality. Better stitching and thicker material. I am sad that I bought these covers. You have to cut the slots for the head rest poles. I found the video on the internet. No one should buy them. Unless you want a cheap product to get dirty. Have at it.

👤The back of the seats are attached to the seat, so the back seat won't go all the way around the seat in my car. The straps on the seat part had to be connected to the back part of the vehicle. The covers don't stay in place when I tell the seats to go down. This isn't a deal breaker for me. They look great. The price is a great deal.

2. Leather Durable Adhesive Furniture Upholstery

Leather Durable Adhesive Furniture Upholstery

It is possible. If you don't like the boring square, you can cut the repair patch into any shape you want and put it as a decoration. Strong Stickiness Backing. The repair tape backing is strong and sticky, making it easy to fall off after fixing a damaged surface. It's easy to use and there's no need for additional tools. There are big size and multi colors. The leather patch is 60x17 inch. It's perfect for renewing old articles or repairing big area damage. beige/ ivory/ light gray/ dark gray/ black/ dark black/ coffee/ brown/ light brown/ dark brown/ khaki/ orange/ red/ navy blue are multi colors. The Quick Fix Leather Repair patch works perfectly on leather and vinyl products. It is applicable for couches, car seats, boats, car interior, recliner, furniture, bags, suitcases, belts, and down jackets. There are great solutions for leather and vinyl damages. Premium vinyl material. The self stick on leather repair kit is made from high quality synthetic leather that is very durable and friendly smell. The leather is soft and exquisite. A nice appearance is made by the lita texture surface. If you have a question about their products or want to modify the size, please contact them by clicking the button. Within 12 hours, they'll help you. They offer competitive quotation and service for renovation merchants. They'll give you a refund or free replacement if you don't like your order.

Brand: Ilofri

👤I had a lot of wear marks and this worked well.

👤The money is wroth. It does a good job.

👤I followed the directions, but it wouldn't stick.

👤The color matched up perfectly but it didn't stick, so I'm going to use 2 sided tape to hold it down.

3. Turtle Wax T440R2W Interior Multi Purpose

Turtle Wax T440R2W Interior Multi Purpose

The scrub brush is long and has a handle. The advanced cleaning formula deep cleans carpets and upholstery. Formulated with oxygenated cleaners for cleaning and stain removal. Deep cleans carpets and fabrics. Smoke, pets, food and more can cause odors. Use in the car, boat, RV and home. All-new patent micro-scrub brush cleans deep into fabric fibers and detaches for ultimate ease of use. All-new patent micro-scrub brush cleans deep into fabric fibers and detaches for ultimate ease of use.

Brand: Turtle Wax

👤Something less than ten bucks had a big impact. It is amazing. The pictures and video say it all. The stains were old and sat through many summers. Get it! Maybe you will as well, I got too excited about this product. A video of me working. Be careful with the rattling sounds. I uploaded an HD video, but it doesn't look like it now. I apologize.

👤Great product! The most important thing to do is apply the product, use the brush, and then towel off.

👤I have a Ford Fusion and have only owned it a year, but I was appalled to discover there were spots in the roof of the passenger compartment. In one spot there was a blue streak from a slightly wet nail polish, in another there was a tan foundation makeup smudge, and in the last there was a drink or soda. I researched online and tried to figure out what I could use to make it dry without washing or similar. I bought it because several people mentioned it in their own reviews, so I used it. It worked well, I applied a bit of the cleaner to the spots and let it air dry. I was a bit disappointed to see a bit of pilling or fuzziness of the headliners, but it was very minor. The edges of the scrub area can be discerned, perhaps because the surrounding headliners is now dirtier than that spot. The two minor remaining issues are better than the obvious makeup or nailpolish spots they removed.

👤Does what it is supposed to do. I don't know what the stains on the seats were, it could have been from the food in the paper bag, or the jeans, or the dirt from the dogs. This took care of all those and cleaned them up nicely. The stains have been there since before the orange stain was in the Oval Office.

👤I used this to clean the tan automotive upholstery. It didn't do a good job. The stains were reduced after a few applications and scrubbing. Still visible. The can didn't spray well if you left the scrubber attached, it fell out in big blobs. It sprays if you remove the scrubber.

👤This stuff works well, but won't fix all the stains. I bought a truck that had oil stains on the carpet and it looked like it had been there for a while. This did a good job of cleaning them up. It didn't completely remove the stains, but it made them better. It has the bristles at the top so you can really work the product into the stains. Sometimes I will spray it on a stain and let it sit for a while before I work it in. I use this for every stain, but I have yet to find a product that works as well as this one.

👤A friend of mine lent me his cans to try out in my new car, which was filthy and had really dirty carpets and seats. Oh my gosh! I couldn't believe what these people did. I didn't have to scrub that hard to get good results. A full can was used to take care of the car. There's still some left to go over a really stubborn stain. Will buy this again. You can't go bad for $5.

4. Adams Carpet Upholstery Cleaner Hypoallergenic

Adams Carpet Upholstery Cleaner Hypoallergenic

Simply the best carpet and janitorial cleaning available! Adam's carpet and upholstery cleaner breaks down dirt and stains at the source. The interior carpet cleaner is the best for cars. It's easy to use and effective on straws. Simply spray and then wipe away the stains on carpets, car seats, and headliners. No hard scrubbing needed! It's safe, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic. This formula has been in their arsenal for a long time, and it works. As the safe, hypo-allergenic chemical removes the toughest stains, watch the deep cleaning effects. Non-FOAMING FORMULA! They usually include a nice color and scent in their products, but on this they left it alone. Why? They wanted to leave your interior clean and smelling fresh because they wanted to reduce the risk of staining lighter color fabrics. USA made SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! They believe that this is the best carpet and upholstery cleaner on the market. They will do everything they can to make it right if you don't agree. You can order a bottle of Adam's Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner now.

Brand: Adam's Polishes

👤I tried to clean the stain with stuff around the house, but it only made it worse. I thought I had ruined my new couch when I made the stain bigger with a water ring. I read about the amazing reviews for this product and thought I'd give it a try. I was skeptical when I sprayed it on, but after it dried up, it was like nothing had ever happened to my couch. Thank you so much for making anzing product!

👤I received my bottle in good condition. The package contained a bottle of the carpet and upholstery cleaner, a sprayer and a bottle cap. The Sprayer has two modes: stream and spray. The scent of this thing is very neutral. A mixture of water and dishwashing liquid is the best way to describe the smell. There were stains on my roof liner. The areas were doused with the instructions on the bottle, then scrubbed and wiped dry with a microfiber cloth. The stains are gone and there is no trace of them on my roofliners.

👤It's easy to use too much because it comes out like water, and you used to see a foaming action with other products. I had to rinse my mats off with the hose after I over used them, but they looked great afterwards.

👤I have been doing the same things for years. I got into the Adam's product line after buying a new vehicle. I feel like I have been cheated for years before finding their product line. When I ordered this, I was expecting top results like all of their other products, and it did live up to that. I wiped it clean after spraying it on and agitated it with a towel. I had a small grease stain, but it was gone when it dried. That is easy. I would have taken a before and after picture. Good stuff. Works. It was easy to use. I would recommend trying it.

👤I've tried other products to remove stains. When I am an automotive technician, I can accidentally miss grease or other dirt on my arms and it ends up on the seat or arm rest. The stains came off in one attempt. The cloth armrest felt clean, unlike other products that left a greasy feel or didn't remove the stain. Would purchase again and recommend.

👤I used this on grey seats and black interior carpets and it left stains that looked like a used pizza box. I poured it out.

👤The road trip is dirty. When we got to our destination, we ordered this asap. The brush was used with the spray. The chocolate stain came off. I've used this on a 12 year old car and it made the upholstery look new. The water stains were removed from the car's seats.

👤I have two boys. Lots of eating out and picking up parts. I've tried every name brand cleaner on the market to get the seats clean. Nothing worked. There is a I was waiting to pick them up after I tried this. They remarked on how clean the seat looked after I had the back seat clean. If they are all good, you will buy more of their products. HighlyRECOMMENDED.

5. Mothers 155900 Carpet Upholstery Brush

Mothers 155900 Carpet Upholstery Brush

2 in 1 car. The double ended design cleaner helps to clean dust and dirt by using both cloth and brush. Tough bristles remove dirt. The design is comfortable.

Brand: Mothers

👤A clean freaks dream. The heavy traffic areas of my carpet make me crazy, they seem like they'd be laid flat and stiff forever. I bought this instead of the carpet rake because I didn't want to spend a lot on it. This is so versatile, it can be used to remove stains from carpets, but only after attempting to remove the stain first, don't.

👤I bought a vehicle that needed some cleaning. I bought this brush to use on the carpets and upholstery. I feel like the brush is a little stiff-bristled or aggressive for most upholstery fabrics. The fabric that was brushed in a 2006 Ford Escape has a different texture than the fabric that was scrubbed. The brushed fabric has a worn flannel look. I wish I hadn't used this brush on the seat covers.

👤I don't know what kind of upholstery most people have, but I have a pretty standard sofa from Crate and Barrel, and this brush destroyed the section that I tried it on. The bristles are very hard. I use it on a wool rug because we know we'll throw it out soon. I would never use the brush because it destroys fibers. Don't use this brush on a sofa or rug, it's not good for your health.

👤Marge Simpson left a review for a cleaning product. I like this brush. I keep it hanging from my carpet cleaning solution by putting a zip tie on it. Pets make a mess of my carpets and rugs. I have used this brush on both my rugs and carpets and it works well. A quick spray and a few light strokes can take care of most messes. There are no marks or spots left behind after cleaning. It doesn't take up every stain, but it makes them less noticeable. After a year of frequent use it is still in good shape. Homer has left a mess on the roof. Marge's time to shine!

👤The brush is good for hard jobs. This can tear up your upholstery, it can make the little fabric balls or just plain tear it up, other reviews are correct. I used this on the carpet of my car and it was very tough. This would work great for short/durable house carpet. I use this to deep clean my rubber car floor mats. It would work great for stone, cement or other durable materials.

👤Other reviewers have said that this is a very stiff bristle brush. I usually buy Mother's brand for my vehicles, but I bought this one for the carpet. It was for use after I discovered my dogs are incontinent. The Capture carpet powder and or foaming carpet sprays can be used with this brush. A light hand goes a long way in brushing the carpet. This brush is very good for the carpet. It is easy to clean and rinse.

👤Wow, such a big difference! It's the most difficult thing in the world to clean and I believe it should come with a tool to do so, but otherwise it's made my carpets so much nicer. I have had to alter the way I use it because it has different things stuck in it's hairs, I brush everything into one concentrated area so I can vacuum or wash it a little. I've never looked for a broom cleaner, but I think they'd work well on it. I'm going to have to check out what Amazon has. This thing has made cleaning my carpets worth it. I swear they look brand new. When I find something to clean it with, I'll have to post a picture.

6. Chemical Guys SPI_210_16 Interior Protector

Chemical Guys SPI_210_16 Interior Protector

Universal Fit is the type of fit. An invisible shield is created to avoid water and stains. An invisible shield is created to avoid water and stains.

Brand: Chemical Guys

👤I wanted to like it. I like their other products, but this one is an embarrassment. I thought they must have applied it wrong after reading the other mixed reviews. I applied this to my car seats the same way as shown in the video, and there was no hint of water beading. The water was very wet. I tried a variety of fabrics, varying the coat thickness, to see if there was any truth to the product's claims. Nothing works. If I used the lightest mist from the plant mister, I got no sign of beading.

👤The product did not work as advertised. Did not make any water repeal. After my soft top was cleaned with another Chemical guys product, I applied it per directions and let it cure for at least 24 hours. What was actually called "NONSENSE" was wasting time and money on something that doesn't work. I will never buy or recommend this product. I tried out their paint correction pads and compounds and they were a total waste of time and money. Meguiars is a better choice. I will be asking for a refund.

👤I guard new purchases that have fabric. I bought a new car a few days ago and was looking for a guard. I found this stuff. I did 2 quick applications and then the next morning I went to my car with a cup of water and some paper towels and the water just rolled off the fabric, it was incredible. If you want to get this stuff for your car or home, you should get half a bottle, it did the recommended double application of every fabric surface in my SUV.

👤The spray nozzle was cracked when I received it and it didn't spray right. There were small white particles at the bottom of the fluid. I made sure to shake it a lot more than I thought necessary because the instructions said to shake very well, and I was not sure how long it had been sitting. The flakes did not completely leave the mixture. I didn't know how much I used to coat my car seats. It's safe to say my seats are safe. A small area with clean water and a single drop of coffee was tested. I wiped it off. Good product. I might have gotten unlucky with an old bottle that had been dropped.

👤The fabric guard was very disapointed after being tried on a new car. I have used Scotchguard in the past but thought I would give it a try. After two coats, I tested a few spots with bottled water to see how well it repelled. I used the entire bottle on the Crew Cab truck and had the same results as before. I will not be buying this product in the future and would recommend anyone considering it to go somewhere else.

👤I've had horrible experiences with all of the Chemical guy products I've bought. You'll spend hours trying to get this stuff off your windows if you have a "total interior" cleaner. This product is supposed to repel water, but it doesn't and it collects dust and dirt. 3 thumbs down for these people.

7. EDEALYN Ultra Luxury Protection Four Door Backrest

EDEALYN Ultra Luxury Protection Four Door Backrest

The Complete Fit and Guard is a set of 3 seat covers and 4 carpet mats. Excellent material. Their car seat cover is made of high-quality PU leather, they are soft to the touch, and a little extra padding makes them very comfortable to sit on. Both sides of the seat cover have strong material and stitching, it protects against seat wear, and it covers the bottom of the seat completely. WEAR-RESISTANT & ANTI-SLIP: The material of the seat covers have excellent wear resistance and are suitable for long-term use. The car seat bottom cover is slip resistant. The front pocket design is new. They have created a small pocket with in-line front pockets for additional storage, so you can easily get your stuff from the front pocket, for your possessions that are out of sight for added security. Their seat cover size is suitable for 98% of cars, such as for Mercedes Benz C/GLA/GLC/GLK/ML, for BMW 1/3/4 Series, and for Honda Accord/Civic/ CR-V. Please measure your vehicle seats so that you can order the right size, it's most likely that it doesn't fit the seat of a Truck, supersize sedan, supersize SUV. Their seat cover size is suitable for 98% of cars, such as for Mercedes Benz C/GLA/GLC/GLK/ML, for BMW 1/3/4 Series, and for Honda Accord/Civic/ CR-V. Please measure your vehicle seats so that you can order the right size, it's most likely that it doesn't fit the seat of a Truck, supersize sedan, supersize SUV.

Brand: Edealyn

👤I ordered a set of seats for my car. The beige/tan color is very similar. The fit and finish of these seat covers were very good. The little pocket in front is a nice touch. There are two straps. There are two straps that tuck between the seat and the back of the seat that are secured underneath. I secured them to the straps under there. It takes a bit of effort to get underneath your seat from the rear. It took about 10 minutes to install them.

👤I bought this for my car. The cover was secured with elastic cords under the car seat and it was good. The seat cover has absorbed a lot of wear and tear. There is a substance that makes up the padding and support that breaks in at the beginning.

👤I bought this for my Lexus and it fits. It matches the original Lexus interior beautifully and doesn't slide while driving. It is much cheaper than other options to cover the worn spot on my driver-side seat, and it is very comfortable. I like the look of the product and feel that it is more comfortable than the original seats, so I am happy with it. I will probably cover all of the seats with this product because it looks so much better, feels great, and is not too expensive to do; it would make the car look like it was brand new. The only reason that I deducted a star was because it took nearly a month to arrive since it is a product that is made and shipped from China. It was shipped in a tarp-like bag that had a large cut in it, which is very likely to happen when shipping a product to Missouri from an international seller. It arrived with some damage, but my husband was able to remove the marks. It looks great and was easy to use on the wallet, so I wouldn't stop buying it again. I would suggest that the manufacturer choose to ship this in a box rather than in a polymailer to avoid damage during transit and that they make a list of vehicles that each of their covers fit a little more thorough and user friendly. I gambled on this product because I couldn't tell you which cover was needed, using their information. If it hadn't paid off, I would have been very upset to have waited so long for a product and then need a different size.

👤It was almost perfect until one of the clips broke. A paperclip can fix anything. The back clip should be adjusted. The cover would fit well with this option.

👤An older Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the vehicles I own. The leather on the driver's seat has torn in places due to the stiffening of the seat. I've tried a lot of different seat covers, but they never fit right and didn't look great. I decided to give it a try. I chose black because I thought it would be the closest match. The item took about a month to get to me, but it was in good shape. It looks great for a seat cover. I used zip ties on the front hooks to tighten it up because there was no adjustment allowed in the elastic length. It looks nice and gives it an oem look. I will probably order a second one for the passenger side. The pattern and color of the seat are different, but I am happy with it. My suggestion to the manufacturer is to make the front elastic connectors tighter so you can use it more.

8. Carfidant Ultimate Interior Exterior Cleaner

Carfidant Ultimate Interior Exterior Cleaner

It's easy to spray on and wipe off with the spraytrigger. The best car wash. The Ultimate Cleaner Kit will clean your interior and make it look new. It's all you need to clean your car interior. You can use it to clean leather seats, cloth and fabric seats, carpets and mats, upholstery, dashboard, vinyl, and plastic! Simply wipe it off with a microfiber towel. The ultimate exterior cleaner is easy to use and tough on dirt. Use it as a cleaner and engine degreaser to get a professional look. It can be used as bug and tar removal, bird poop cleaner, and any other contaminants that sit on your paint. You can use it to clean your wheels and tires. The Ultimate Car Cleaner was designed to be gentle and not harmful. Your interior will be clean, without any unpleasant smells or fake scent. The formula is clearcoat safe so you can use it on your painted surfaces without fear. The Ultimate Cleaner is the most versatile and easy to use cleaner for car cleaning needs. Don't take their word for it, if you are not 100% satisfied, they will give you a full refund. They are professionals. They're enthusiasts! They have spent years developing their professional automotive detailing products. They use them. Their friends use them. They will give you a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with their products. Send them a message. There are additional terms that include: leather cleaner car detailing kit, car carpet cleaner, car seat cleaner, car upholstery cleaner, engine cleaner, and car leather cleaner. There are additional terms that include: leather cleaner car detailing kit, car carpet cleaner, car seat cleaner, car upholstery cleaner, engine cleaner, and car leather cleaner.

Brand: Carfidant

👤Excellent product! 5 stars are hands down. Cleaned my beige leather without damaging it.

👤I was waiting for a nice day to try this product out because I knew if it was as good as the Carfidant Plastic Restorer, I would need some good light to show it off, and this product did not disappoint. I had gotten my air bag recal done and the new air bag made my 15 year old daily driver steering wheel look terrible, but I never cared enough to clean it until now. I started with the bad areas and after I finished the first spot, this product pulled out all the dirt that has been building up over the years. It felt like leather again. I didn't think that the old steering wheel could be revived from the dead, but it did. I was able to clean the whole wheel in a few moments. I would recommend this to anyone.

👤I just did a small test, but it has been too cold to do much. The dirt was wiped off. The results are shown in the pictures. The rag shows the dirt removed.

👤I thought about repairing the car's headliners. This product is amazing. It left my engine and headliner in good shape.

👤This is a great cleaner. I would have taken photos of my car carpet before and after this if I had known how good it was. We don't buy a car every year. We drive our cars until they die. Between kids growing up, teenagers, and grandkids, our car carpets look horrible. Drinks being spilled, food being spilled, animals in the car. You get the idea. I had read the reviews and they were all good, but I was still skeptical. I liked that the smell was not strong and that it left me with a headaches. It came with a nice cleaning cloth.

👤I have tried a few interior detailers and most of them leave a mess and give the cleaned sufaces a fake shine. I am happy that this cleaner works well on all plastic and rubber surfaces of my car, and I am happy that it doesn't do anything to hurt my car. The product quickly dries into a stock finish. The spray lock works, which is rare for most spray bottles. The product is presented well. The company should use a nicer microfiber to package it. The fact that these chemicals come with the towels is exceptional. I will be buying it again.

👤This product was very good. I used it on my interior and trim pieces. Everything looked knew.

👤I have used this cleaner several times and it works great. I mostly use it on the interior to clean up dog messes.

👤This product is amazing. I did a lot of research before buying. The result is far beyond my imagination when I first use the Merc interior. The dirt marks are easy to clean. One product can be used on the entire car interior. A big pocket for a detailer. Overall, it was worth it and highly recommended.

9. 123Repair Versatile Upholstery Affordable Patching

123Repair Versatile Upholstery Affordable Patching

Special product idea. If you want to design a unique leather product for your special friend or family, or if you want to make a thoughtful product for them, then this needle and thread kit is for you. Surprise the handyman in the family. Spread the love by sharing it. You can repair burn marks, holes, tears, and abrasions on fabric quickly with this kit. Cost-effective repair. The upholstery repair set can be used to repair carpets, furniture, and fabrics. If you want to avoid the purchase of new covers, you can repair your upholstery yourself. Do-it-yourSELF repair. This easy repair kit can be used for all furniture. Each color of your covers can be mixed and matched. Universal Studios. The repair kit is easy to use. It can be used for carpets and upholstery in a variety of places. Universal Studios. The repair kit is easy to use. It can be used for carpets and upholstery in a variety of places.

Brand: 123repair

👤The little cloth that they send is useless because it becomes useless as you try to tuck it. The video makes it look at least not for a first-timer. We'll have to see how it looks once it's dry, but it's not terrible. You definitely want to skip everything over and put on top and lightly padded down, it helped after the screen. Let's hope most of it sticks. My parents have a brand new car. If it doesn't turn out well, they'll be mad at each other, instead of just having the burn holes. I'm hoping the edge lightens up. After my parents reaction, I'll let you know the rest of the review. I might need to go to the store and buy some seat covers and say Merry Christmas.

👤You can't tell the carpet was repaired from the product.

👤If you have a good eye for color, you can make perfect patches to cover small holes and burns. I used a heat gun.

👤It's difficult to match color if your upholstery is a solid color. I couldn't get my colors to match.

👤I have some fibers from the carpet. I can't tell it's a carpet repair.

👤It is difficult to match the color. I think it would work better for black or white color, but it's hard to find a good ratio if you need to mix it.

👤I bought this to cover a burn mark. The product ruined my couch. Don't buy.

👤The color didn't match well.

👤Could it possibly work for a very small whole? Something like a cigarette burn? Anything bigger than good is worse.

👤The occasional cuts and burns disappear with this little tool.

👤Ich bin so begeistert, Ich davon die Ahnung hatte. Ihren Brandloches war hinber und I am gute Augen hat schafft es locker. Ich ist es hier. Man ist in den Bildern mittendrin und hat! The top produKT. Preis koMPLETT in Ornung ist so an Ergebnis KLASSE.

👤A light grey coat has 2 cig burns on it.

10. Leather Adhesive First Aid Upholstery Handbags

Leather Adhesive First Aid Upholstery Handbags

Their repair tape is on leather and vinyl couches, chairs, car seats, bags, purse, boots, jacket, belts, luggage, boots, auto seats, gloves, motorcycle seats, recliner, handbag, loveseat, truck seat, ottoman, and furniture. The leather patch is better than liquid repair kits. Leather repair kits for couches, easy application first-aid couch repair patch, just peel and stick, hold up well to last months. Use a scissor to cut the leather patch into any shape you please, and cover any scratches or dents with leather tape. The package has 2 leather seat patches. If you have a problem, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Hongli

👤So far, so good. The material on my chair is cheap. It was more expensive to change it. I thought I would try this. Better, cheaper alternative.

👤I have an old leather chair with an injured arm. The chair is in a finished porch, so I wasn't concerned about a perfect appearance, just a good repair. There was a swatch of leather under the chair. I slid it under the holes to provide structure, then I cut one of the sheets of patch material in half. One of them went over the worn arm and the other half repaired the torn arm. The self-adhesive has held up for over a month without any of the corners curling. I have the other sheet of material if I need to replace the patches. Extra-large patches will not be found at Home Depot or Lowe's. I know because I looked.

👤Didn't know what to expect. I've used patches before, but this was different. The dog was shot and destroyed. I couldn't replace it when I was laid off. I ordered large patches. The couch is not perfect. The patches saved me. They are strong. I put gorilla tape under them. They worked great if you put 2 on each seat cushion. The cushions on the back were more difficult. I stuffed the dog issues with tape, a roll of patch and 3 large patches because nothing I could do would make it right. The dog damage can be stopped by covering it all. I waited a long time. The patches were heavy duty and strong. They won't come loose.

👤It's easy to use and cut up, but it's not meant to patch something heavy. I didn't want to have to buy a new one since it has a lot of life left in it, and the faux leather is starting to oxidize. The edges started to lift up and leave a mess on the couch after a few days. I bought a lot of superglue to seal it back down, but I wish I didn't have to. I'll have to touch up every now and then. A better seat than a busted up one. I will tolerate seal edges every once in a while, which is better than my old black tape solution.

👤I have a large leather sectional and one part cracked after being worn and tear. Since it's only a small part of the sectional, I planned to get that section re-upholstering. I wanted a temporary patch. The color was a perfect match for me. The patch was run along the edge of the seams. I was surprised that the patch was not readable. I was able to hide the edge by running it along the seam because I was lucky to get a perfect color match. I read reviews that say it doesn't stick. I haven't experienced that problem yet. I only had it for 2 weeks so it could happen again. I waited for 3 days before using the patch. The first couple of days looked like the edge was starting to lift. I pushed the edge back down with my finger. It stopped lifting after a few days. The patch is on the seat and it's working well. It definitely exceeded my expectations and I couldn't be happier.

11. Chemical Guys Upholstery Lightning Extractor

Chemical Guys Upholstery Lightning Extractor

The water tanks are removed for easy filling and emptying. Hyper concentrated dilutable. It's great for carpets, upholstery, sneakers, fabrics, sofas and more. Carpets and upholstery are cleaned. Quality and materials of the build. Quality and materials of the build.

Brand: Chemical Guys

👤This is not a new product. I used to get it at a lower price on volume buying. You can spray it on the upholstery with water and then scrub it with a soft nylon brush, but it's only a dollar. Then you wash the upholstery with a white towel. The dirt can be washed in your washing machine with standard detergent. If you would like, you can vacuum out the invisible crystals that are left over from the sofa or car seats, even if they aren't visible to the eye. There are people that will clean your sofa for hundreds of dollars. After I left the cleaning business, I found this product on Amazon for my own use.

👤This stuff is amazing. I couldn't get out of my car because of the stains on the carpet. I sprayed it on, gave it a quick spray, and then sucked it up with the carpet cleaning attachment and it came out. It is very easy. I used it on a grey and white area rug that had a mixture of oil andtar that was easy to mix and use, and there was no issue with color or smell. This stuff really is amazing.

👤I detail cars so I'm always looking for good products that I can use on them. I try to get into my vehicle first before using it on any other car. The bristle cleaner is attached to a drill. The reviewers said it is very sudsy so use it sparingly. After using a lot, it didn't have any suds or anything to clean the cloth seats of my car. The cleaning bristle attachment was returned with a refund. The only reason I still have it is because Chemical guys told me I didn't need to return it. I will throw this away.

👤I didn't like the product. The bottle was garbage. When I applied the solution to my car's interior fabric, the liquid came out of multiple spots of the sprayer making a huge mess. It came out of the nozzle and leaked out of the top of the sprayer. It looked like the sprayer was malfunctioning. The cleaner did a good job. It's not better than other brands for half the price. It left a chemical smell in the vehicle that is not present with alternative products. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤I don't like Chem guys because their videos hype up all their products. This stuff works. I can only say that I used this for 1-Interior on Yukon. Think of kids with free reign, hot cocoa, icecream, soft drinks, and moms coffee in a stained interior. You get the picture. If you are like me, you wont have any complaints, because the good stuff is worth every dime. The dog peed and the rug looked new.

👤It has worked very well so far. A month ago, I bought a car and wanted to deep clean it. I put a small amount of water in a spray bottle and sprayed it on the fabric. Then rubbed the seats with a cloth and some sprays. There is a trouble stain that looks like someone got a little excited when vtec kicked in. If it disappears completely, the rating may be adjusted. Will report back. Car pictures show the before and the towel after. I will post updated photos one more time.


What is the best product for automotive car seat upholstery fabric?

Automotive car seat upholstery fabric products from Fh Group. In this article about automotive car seat upholstery fabric you can see why people choose the product. Ilofri and Turtle Wax are also good brands to look for when you are finding automotive car seat upholstery fabric.

What are the best brands for automotive car seat upholstery fabric?

Fh Group, Ilofri and Turtle Wax are some of the best brands that chosen by people for automotive car seat upholstery fabric. Find the detail in this article. Adam's Polishes, Mothers and Chemical Guys are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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